Gabbys Cafe
515 W Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215, United States
Review №1

Had lunch at Gabby's today, but had not been there for more 1.5 yrs. I had the fish and chips and to my surprise both were pretty good. Although the fish batter looked greasy, the fish was meaty and the batter didn't fall apart as I ate it. The service was pretty good, but the dining room wasn't too crowded. In years past we would dine here 2-3 times a month and everything was good. I hope they continue the great service and good food for years to come.

Review №2

Was looking for a 'non chain' restaurant and Gabby's fit the bill!Quiet, downtown Wyoming setting, when you walk in off the street the decor is cool and dark. Was seated quickly and they took the drink order right away. They had a nice selection of craft beers to choose from, I chose a local.Picked the Capone pizza for my entree - it was more than enough. Hot, cheesy, really tasty!I'll recommend this place to my friends.

Review №3

Italian food, so fresh. had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. prices are decent for the quality. makes me feel like i am back in sacramento.

Review №4

I found this cafe by accident. Kristen our waiter was very friendly and attentive to our needs. I selected the design your own pizza (pepperoni and Italian sausage), which was truly amazing and a large portion.

Review №5

The wings are amazing. Some of the best bbq wings I've had. Pizza and medium Buffalo are top notch as well.

Review №6

We had two pizzas, the Capone and the Supreme. Both were just okay. They were served on regular dinner plates instead of on a pizza pan like most places. The crust quickly became soggy. I've actually had better frozen bake-at-home pizzas. Glad we were using a gift card that I won in a give away. The service was fine, but we will not be coming back.

Review №7

Placed a pick up order, I go to pick up and they weren't aware there was even an order. I wait while a simple Greek salad is made. I get home and the lif wasn't secured so salad is all over the bag. I call to say I'd like a new salad. I go back to pick up the new salad and it's not ready. I get home, this salad is nothing like the one that spilled in the bag. This is not a $10 salad. Would not recommend, very disappointed.

Review №8

I regularly arrive purchasing some food in this place. I love the prompt service and well made food. Never disappointing.

Review №9

Food was delicious . I had the beer battered fish entree. Service was spot on, and included everything that I had asked for. The in person pickup was quick, timely, and awesome! Highly recommend you give this place a shot!!

Review №10

Food was good. Great place for the family!

Review №11

Italian food, so good. Food was so tasty. Prices are reasonable.

Review №12

This restaurant is doubtless one of the most pleasant restaurants in the region. Whenever I go there I am awfully satisfied. They maintain their very high level service and the topmost level of food they serve. You definitely will enjoy this this place. Very recommended.

Review №13

Great service and great food. Can recommend the salmon burger and saratoga chips. Comfy atmosphere.

Review №14

From the moment you enter this place the waiters give you a good feeling. Very congenial crew, it is a good restaurant to enjoy with friends or with your date. tasty cooking, creative chef de cuisine, competitive price and nice service. Highly recommended.

Review №15

I adore this place very much. there is a different atmosphere. The food is good. the service is efficient and the crew is trained. The cost is modest. extremely recommend.

Review №16

Second time I've been disappointed coming here. They are very high priced for what you get. I wish I could post a pic of this $10 sandwich that should be $2-$3. No one puts any love into making the food. Ordered mayo, no mayo. Received ice cream but I did not order ice cream. What a waste of $10. Will not be coming here again.

Review №17

We came to this place for dinner. we heard about this spot from a lot of people. Well, it was very successful. The crew welcomed us with a smile and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was yummy. We loved this place a lot and we shall absolutely come back again. we highly recommend this place.

Review №18

This spot is my favorite. I go to plenty of restaurants but to this restaurant I go the most. The crew is very helpful and the cuisine they serve is so yummy. I never decline to have a nice dinner here. Highly recommended.

Review №19

Laid back local spot with a clean back room for tasty cold draught beer

Review №20

Always a good spot for straightforward food and a drink

Review №21

Very well kept and welcoming spot. They serve big meals and for economical prices. We liked the food a lot and the staff were super affable and informative. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Review №22

Excellent place to grab something when in a hurry. The customer service is swift, rates are reasonable, excellent ambience. Will visit here again

Review №23

Great bathroom, plenty of room to stretch out and really dump hard

Review №24

Awesome environment and very welcoming service. The menu was fresh and enchanting. Will definitely recommend this spot to others. Reasonable prices and generous meals. Great work.

Review №25

Great sweet tea, amazing burger.

Review №26

Good food and reasonable portions. I had the lunch lasagna. It had a nice mellow taste.4 stars because the garlic bread with the meal, while very tasty and perfectly toasted, seems way too small. Also, the place seems like it might be under staffed.

Review №27

Friendly owner & staff. yummy Italian American food. The fish sandwich is Great! It's a lightly dusted pan fried fillet on marble rye with yummy fries. Italian meals are good to but way TOO PRICY (& they don't come with salad either). It's in Wyoming but if you go for lunch it won't break the bank. 5 stars for good quality & service.

Review №28

Really cute little place near the bridle district. Perfect place to get a quiet lunch with amazing Italian food and other sandwhich and lunch options

Review №29

Good food...good service

Review №30

Just had dinner at Gabby's and I am so mad, because I always get my normal favorite meals, Fish and Chips, Turkey Rubin or Gabby's Hamburger. Tonight I had Chicken Parmesan and it was fantastic! How can I go back and order anything else but that meal!

Review №31

Been going here for years. Went again tonight and we love the atmosphere and food is delicious. Definitely worth the drive! love everything about this place - and service is excellent.

Review №32

One of biggest secrets in Cincinnati Ohio for a Italian restaurants is marvelous. The local owner and a family restaurant with great service and food that's unbelievable. Everyone has to try the Gabby's lasagna it is the best I've ever had. They sell their spaghetti sauce to and it can even pick it up at the local Jungle Jim's.Gabby's daily specials or excellent, the barbecue ribs and the fish and chips "Cod" everything they make is home Made!I am from Dayton Ohio and I go out of my way to go to Gabby's!!!

Review №33

This restaurant feels uncommitted. It used to be a lot better than it is now, better burgers, better fries, but I feel like it's pulling itself thin in terms of the variety of food it offers. It's marketed as Italian but it has gyro pitas on the menu?? (which are literally not even gyros, but just ground beef seasoned like it, so it was more like a kefta, but it was really awkward to eat because you had a round patty in a pita you had to eat like a taco. Like eating a burger in a taco shell.) it would shine if it whittled its menu down to more pastas and pizzas and sandwiches!

Review №34

Great food, wonderful atmosphere.

Review №35

Great atmosphere. Have only been here a few times since it is on the other side of the city for us living in Wedt Chester. Was surprised that there famous burgers seemed like a frozen patty that was just grilled.

Review №36

AWESOME pizza, salads AND 5 STAR +++++ homemade carrot cake!!! Pure deliciousness!

Review №37

Edit:. After my last visit. I won't be going back. This time I ordered their "famous" lasagna. When it was served, half of it was still refrigerator temperature, and the garlic bread was soggy. This was obviously microwaved, and not even microwaved properly. For the price I paid for my dinner, I could have gotten a steak elsewhere...After more visits, the service hasn't improved much, and the food has gotten much worse.----It took a while for us to be served, because it was assumed we sat at the bar (not the case, and should have checked none the less). The atmosphere, if it was properly attended to, would have been very nice, but a light was flashing on and off constantly right by our table (and had been doing that all day, yet still wasn't fixed). And the Christmas lights for the season began falling off the wall.The service once it started was great, no complaints there. They even offered us complimentary dessert due to the inconveniences.4 stars for the effort once it was known we hadn't been served. I would go back again.

Review №38

Favorite hang out place with my gal pals. Angie the waitress does a great job of waiting on us.

Review №39

Good burger but they are known for their lasagna

Review №40

Great food, great service, and a great bar menu to include wine, cocktails and draft and bottled micro brews. I would eat there often if I lived in the Queen City; it just has a wonderful neighborhood feel.

Review №41

Great food, music, and people!

Review №42

Great food and atmosphere. Friendly staff. Never disappointed.

Review №43

Good food and generous portions. I had the pasta carbonara, which was good but not as good as I've had other places. However, it was very filling and the server was friendly and knowledgeable. It also is open on Monday evenings, which is a big plus.

Review №44

Very nice server what food came out on top of each other even though they were spaced when ordering

Review №45

Fantastic etiquette. I loved the ambiance and the peacefulness of a small family owned restaurant. Even ordered a house dish of lasagna which was very tasteful and pleasing. I will be back.

Review №46

Delicious lasagna! Our waitress was great. She recommended the lasagna and it was delicious! We will definitely return!

Review №47

Went to lunch with a group of friends from church. Was my first time I had the lasagna it was pretty good.

Review №48

Great burger

Review №49

Good quality. Fresh. Pleasant atmosphere.

Review №50

Went here for burger week and had the capreese burger. It was cooked great. Also had the potato fries and loved the honey mustard dip with them. The waitress was great ad well. Will probably be back to try other things.

Review №51

The people were friendly. The food and entertainment were excellent!

Review №52

Good food,reasonable prices.

Review №53

Been coming here for years for a reason. friendly staff, great food.

Review №54

Really enjoyed the food. Server was very friendly and helpful with menu choices. Everyone had a smile on their face. Atmosphere was warm and inviting.

Review №55

Great service waitress was fantastic , reasonable price delicious food love Wyoming area

Review №56

Prompt service, always friendly and the food is great. Love the atmosphere.

Review №57

Good food for the price. Conveniently located. Welcoming staff.

Review №58

The service was extremely slow. We had people leaving before some of us had ordered. It used to be good. Not so much now. I was warned.

Review №59

Let me first preface this review by saying that I know businesses have bad days and wait staff have bad days. I understand this and I will be back. However, its always good to receive constructive criticism. Background- today was 2nd day into Cincy burger week so my friend suggested Gabbys.Pro: Nice Atmosphere, clean, good seating, bar area and meal was average but we ate so we cant complain too much>:)Cons: Service was slow, spotty and non attentivePrices a tad high, i.e on a regular day our Caprese Burger with chips $13, however, Burger week only $5. A discount of 60%. WOWWe were there from 1p to 2:10p for burger and chips. wayyyy to long!Gabby's ownership. You put your waitress Andrea in a bad situation. At 1pm, she had 4 booths with 2 people, a group of 8 ladies, plus running the bar area with 8 patrons. I felt sorry for her but on the other hand, Andrea could have made her situation better with us by saying a few helpful things like, I will be with you in a minute, or even apologize (which she did at the end) and let us know that we have not been forgotten.Here's my timeline:1pm Greeted Promptly104 sat down waiting on a friend109 friend sits and orders water129 No one came to table, no water , then I spoke to the gentleman (forgot his name) who sat us down about no service139- water comes- 30 MINUTES to get water- unacceptable in the restaurant industry---at this time we noticed 2 gentlemen at bar area sat 15 mins after us and already had their saladsAndrea takes order only for the cincy burger special. She did not ask if we wanted anything else with our meal , nor did she ask how we wanted our meat prepared. It automatically came well done151- food is finally here. Andrea sits food down and literally walks away. ( mind you is she not being mean nor did she have an "attitude", but she seemed overwhelmed)210- 20 minutes passed before she checked back with us to see if we needed anything.213 - We check out and I leave a 56% tip because I know we all have BAD DAYS but geez!! see attached pics.

Review №60

Spinach and artichoke lasagna was delicious last night. Bought a jar of homemade sauce home.

Review №61

Food was good. Portions were good. Only one issue; ordered vegetable slaw, tasted and smelled spoiled. Server was apologetic.

Review №62

My daughter's wedding reception and her gender reveal was hosted by Dino and Gabby's restaurant. Can't say enough about both catered events!! Food was spectacular for both! Highly recommend Gabby's for any event!!

Review №63

I had the Rueban Sandwich, it was de-licious!! Great Family atmosphere! Great service! Will definitely go back!

Review №64

Good food! Pizza by the slice is a great addition to their menu!

Review №65

A group of 16 went to dinner at Gabby's and they handled it very well taking orders delivering the food quickly. Had a little trouble getting the check straightened out but that's usually the case with large groups. Had a variety of food no one complained and everybody complimented the chef for the tasty treats we had

Review №66

Good environment good music

Review №67

An upscale diner in the Wyoming, a similarly upscale municipality surrounded by Greater Cincinnati, this restaurant has an interesting menu with unexpected items. The curried chicken sandwich has many fans. Quality and service are a bit undependable. The place can be a relatively expensive lunch. I wouldn't call it "Italian" I'm not sure where that comes from. Also, I have to re-iterate that Quality and Service vary a great deal depending on when you visit, which indicates a management inability to manage the kitchen and the room. Who is watching? Who is making sure service and quality of food are dependable? Nobody, it appears.

Review №68

Excellent food and service by a staff that really knows their customers. Bravo. Highly recommended by me.

Review №69

Great food and atmosphere.

Review №70

Clean and quiet cafe. The staff was very friendly with quick service. The food was fantastic! Best house side salad I have ever had - all fresh ingredients, and banana peppers. Yum! I left having over-eaten, but it was worth it! Such a great find for supper.

Review №71

Friendly service, but did not like the food at all. Generic home cooked Italian if that makes sense to anyone.

Review №72

I want to like Gabby's, but I just don't. Italian food is a delicate balance, and I feel like the owners would rather cater to American tastes than create authentic fare. This ends up making the food greasy and generally unappealing, unless you're the type of Ohioan who likes all your ethnic food to taste like Ohio.

Review №73

We had the best time, Angel was sent from above and beyond..... Totally recommend this restaurant!!!

Review №74

We loved it. First time there, we got the carbanara, which was amazing, and the eggplant parm. The eggplant was exactly how eggplant should be: crispy, full of flavor, the olives and ricotta made it amazing. And half price bottles of wine were pretty great too.

Review №75

One of my favorites.

Review №76

Had a great time here. Their service is really good. The people here are nice and they serve good food.

Review №77

Reuben was awesome. Service and atmosphere were subpar. If I were eating alone, it was so depressing, I may have finished my meal and then offed myself right there at the table. The waitress may have never known the difference and/or simply cleaned around me and put a "Gabby's" baseball cap and t-shirt on me and part of the decor. Either way.. I'll go there next time I want a Reuben sandwich or to die. Just kidding... Geez.. It was fine. Just kind of "hole in the wall" ish. I'd go back.

Review №78

I went because I seen all these pics of delicious looking food and a big veriaty of food and deserts. But I decided to take my 2 kids and I. My boys are 4 and 10 months old. The booths are uncomfortable and secondly they are not very accommodating for small children they do have a child's menu but it's very small and very generic unless you order the pizza and I assume the spaghetti and meatballs everything else looks like a come from a box or a bag. I got a Reuben and fries and my boys got a child's pepperoni pizza and for my ten-month-old I got macaroni and cheese and my kids seem to love it but I thought it was overrated and expensive. For my two children and I to eat the bill was $23 plus the $5 tip that I left so I won't be going back let's just say that

Review №79

They would have done better had they offered their SUNDAY fried chicken as advertised. Seems they just didn't order chicken because of Christmas. They also did the same on their Saratoga chips but the vegetable medley was very good.

Review №80

The food is really good. Which saved my experience. I also think it is reasonably priced.I would however suggest a complete Rehab on service. Seriously. Follow the model of any chain restaurant and implement better server training. Little things like letting me know there had been a shift change and I had a different server, letting me know why my food was taking so long and apologizing, checking back after the food was served to see if we needed anything, maybe apologizing for not doing any of these things would have made for a better experience. Good food at a reasonable price can be found anywhere in Cincinnati. Service is what makes the difference.

Review №81

Always great food and service!

Review №82

Food is good and friendly service.

Review №83

Very cute place physically, seemed clean, but deserted when it should have been busy for lunch. I got a mediocre BLT and it cost just under $9. No chips, no drink, and not much bacon for that matter. I've had better BLTs from diners for $4. Will never go back.The place doesn't seem to get a lot of business, and I'm not surprised. I suspect the negative reviews are accurate, and I really wonder about the number of positive reviews. Given price versus what you get, they seem like shills.

Review №84

Visited Gabby's for lunch. I enjoyed the caprese burger, my daughter had the fried chicken sandwich and Gramma had the Rueben. We enjoyed the fried mozzarella as an appetizer. Service was good, did was excellent. I would return if I am in the area.

Review №85

Good food, and nice people. We stopped in for burger week at last minute before they closed and they took care of us even though they closed in a half hour.

Review №86

Great neighborhood restaurant, marinara is awesome!

Review №87

Excellent food. Good service. Reasonable prices.

Review №88

It was a very friendly mom and pop Italian deli style cafe. Pizza was good.

Review №89

Delishous food, great service, good price.

Review №90

Very comfortable atmosphere, quick service good menu selection and delicious food.

Review №91

Very good food and friendly staff!

Review №92

The decor was fun but anytime you walk up to a dinner with the 3 basic food groups on the window, you can't go wrong!

Review №93

So I guess they don't do many steaks because I asked for medium rare and got almost well done. Then there was some kind of overcooked mushy cheesy rice stuff on the side but the vegetables were pretty good cooked

Review №94

Excellent food and service as always. I haven't found anything on the menu I or my dining partners haven't loved. Great little place!

Review №95

Went for Burger Week, will definitely go back again

Review №96

Food was great, service a little slow. But she was triple sat, I will give her a break.

Review №97

This place has continually gone downhill and the service and speed is ridiculously bad nowadays. Food is also not up to levels it once was and has lost us at this point. The competition is out there now with more choices. This place needs an overhaul completely.

Review №98

1st time there had the daily special of ribs. It should specify a half rack instead of the 1/3 of a rack they serve. The meat fell off the bone and had great taste.

Review №99

Please update your hours. Google says 10pm for Thursday nights but when I was greeted at the door at 8:50. I was told they close at 9pm.

Review №100

Cozy friendly place in Wyoming. Had the Fried of the best in the city (except of course, my wife's). Will go again for sure

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  • Address:515 W Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-821-6040
  • Caterer
  • American restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Takeout Restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
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  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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