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9536 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241, United States
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Jeannette's charged me $1,200 two months after my wedding, at which they were paid in full. More than two weeks after the $1,200 charge and I still can't get my money back.Jeannette's catered my wedding on 9/7/19 and were paid in full on 9/1/19. After our guest count was finalized, Jeannette's actually owed me $70.28. The evening of my wedding, an employee tracked me down and asked me to settle up. I informed her that THEY owed ME money. She said the accountant would issue the refund at a later date. Not believing I'd ever see that money, I deducted it from their tip.Two month's later, I noticed a $1,200 charge come through on my debit card. I called Jeannette's several times and couldn't reach anyone. I got online and found a Better Business Bureau review that mentioned another customer had also been double charged. I reported my debit card lost/stolen so no more fraudulent charges could be processed.I finally got a hold of Jeannette via email and she stated she would refund the $1,200. She sent me a photo of the refund receipt and I checked my bank account to see the refund was Pending. Several days later, the refund was never deposited and was no longer pending. I contacted my bank and was informed that Jeannette's must have issued a stop payment on the refund. I contacted Jeannette's and she said that the money had left her bank account and it must be an issue with the credit card processor. She has since stopped responding to my emails and I still do not have my $1,200.

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I'm sure they have great pastries but aren't very good about paying companies when they utilize their services. been trying to get payment on some invoices for months and keep getting the run around, and thats when/if you can get ahold of him

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By far the WORST company and employees. You're better off going with nothing than going with them. Honestly. Run.

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We chose Jeannette's Delicacies to cater our wedding because of their variety of menu items and their relatively cheap options... I'll preface this review by saying that we called to discuss our concerns three times, left two voicemails, and did not hear back from the company. I created a list to go over with when we spoke on the phone, but since we can't get a response, here it is:1. This was the biggest issue:In our contract, it was stated that the company was to flip the room. Along with the contract, I clarified at both meetings that the room flip was in fact included in our contract. When it came time, the employees refused to flip the room.  The venue coordinator and family friends were forced to flip the entire room themselves, taking the coordinator away from her job, and family friends away from enjoying the reception. They had to rearrange 145 chairs, and set up 19 tables without any help from the company, who again, was contracted to flip the room.2. They only sent one bartender for 145 people. The bartender was cranky with guests, and seemed put off (I would be too if I was singlehandedly serving drinks). Guests had to wait in extremely long lines to get drinks. Several waited in line to get soda, just to be (rudely) told that he was not allowed to serve soda without alcohol, as it was strictly a mixer. This included him telling a pregnant woman she could only have sprite if she got alcohol as well... I had read reviews previously about the soda issue, but I was hoping it had been resolved at this point in time, or at least clarified in one of our meetings.3. The bar ran out of vodka BEFORE dinner was served, apparently he only came with two bottles.4. Some of the bridal party and myself had dirty linens at our place settings. The napkin I had looked as if someone had rubbed off their eye makeup into it. This lack of attention to detail is inexcusable.5. At our final meeting, we specifically requested no tomatoes in the chicken. The day of the wedding, there were tomatoes in the chicken. This is minor, but I figured I would add it to the list.I could also add that I thought the food wasn't great, and definitely didn't taste like the food we were served at our tastings, but that's a matter of opinion. I gave two stars because I am gluten free, and they were sensitive to my requests and made gluten free macaroni and cheese.

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I found Jeannette's Delicacies (JD) for my wedding because my original pick had been booked. We had a tasting, the food was very good, and decided to use them. They offered a verity of food on their menu and created pulled chicken. They were good on us putting a low amount down for the down payment and were not super pushy when getting the money to them until the month before the wedding. I had heard a story about the staff stealing a bride and groom's cake and became very worried. But when we went in for our final sit down, my uneasiness settled. The lady that spoke with us was wonderful. She settled our last-minute changes.On the day of, JD sent two servers to set up, serve, and breakdown. They went above and beyond on my table, making sure it looked beautiful. Other than the staff being sweet and the table looking nice, I have nothing good to say about Jeannette's Delicacies. The food should have been served at 7:30 pm. The staff had arrived at 5:00 pm before the ceremony and had plenty of time for prepping the food. The meal was delayed until 8:00 pm due to the food not being ready. We were also promised that the bride and groom's meal would be served to us at the table to ensure we were able to eat. Unfortunetly, this didn't happen.The FOOD: Was incorrect. We had chosen to do a Texas Styled BBQ. The salad was supposed to be a field greens salad with bleu cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, red wine vinaigrette. I was the first one to make my plate, and the only thing on the salad was the dressing. The mash potatoes were also incorrect. We had tried and ordered the garlic rosemary mashed potatoes. JDs served basic bland mashed potatoes on our wedding day. I will say that they went out of their way to make me green beans without bacon in them, which was surprising. Even though we wanted the Green Beans With Bacon and Onion for the wedding.THE BIGGEST ISSUE>>> Multiple things in the kitchen went missing. four-hour happy hour after the ceremony we had done a charcuterie board ourselves. It was staffed by a friend of the family. I had neglected to tell my stepmother to keep the leftover items out of the kitchen, but in case the cake incident previously mentioned would happen. My stepmom had seen the ladies looking thought the stuff. They had told her that they thought it was theirs. She informed them that it was indeed ours. The next day we noticed that our expensive chocolates and some cheeses were missing. We had a lot of lefts overs from the hour and were looking to have it for lunch when we were cleaning the venue up the next day.I would not recommend this catering services. But it looks like I am not alone. Do not just read Knots reviews. Make sure to take your time and look at these reviews to find out the truth about this catering service.

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The food was not as advertised (it was very bland). The only available drinks were lemonade, iced tea, water, & misc. alcoholic beverages. When we approached the bar to ask for Coke (which was in plain view), the bartender told us the Coke was only for mixed drinks, and did so in a very surly & rude manner.The food selection was minimal, and needed wider variety.Statistically, 5/20 reviews rated Jeannette's "1 star"; 1/20 reviews rated them "2 stars"The reviews mentioned here echo what we said above, almost verbatim.

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This caterer is absolutely the worst caterer around. As a wedding coordinator I work with dozens of caterers around the tristate and this company's employees are unprofessional, unprepared and incompetent. For my May wedding at Pyramid Hill they: gave me linens ahead of time and they were so wrinkled I had to iron them myself, on the day of they showed up late, didnt bring the salad - served store bought from a bag, mixed vegan with non vegan foods knowingly, left an hour before the end of the event to get food and came back after the event had ended, and the food was reheated and horrible. My clients were very disappointed. For my September wedding at Woodward Theatre they : showed up late, only brought appetizers and went back for food but got stuck in traffic on the way back so they were late with dinner, didnt pre-set the salads on the tables as requested, they didnt being plates or silverware with them and they refused to cut the cake, which the client paid for. This client planned their wedding from out of state and were also very disappointed. Both times I called to speak with the manager or owner about these issues. Left several messages and no one returned my calls. Ever. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Spend a little more money and get a caterer who knows what they're doing and who will do a good job for one of the most important days of your life.

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We started using Jeannette's Delicacies in 2003, when they first started out. At the beginning, they were engaged to do professional catering for my husband's business. We enjoyed their food so much that we began to use them for our holiday meals and parties. We always recommend them to friends and family whenever they need a caterer. After years of using their services, we had them cater at their venue when our oldest son got married. At the wedding reception, people came up to us all night long telling us how wonderful the food was and we knew it was an important part of making it a successful night. Their staff is professional and courteous whether working a small, intimate gathering or a large hall event. We give them 5 stars because there aren't more stars available. You won't regret engaging them for your own events.

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In truth, our catering service was practically the worst part of our day and left me more displeased than the fact that the A/C managed to go out in the hall (that's another story). Leading up to the event, we thought things were under control and well communicated. They set up the hall very well and even put out our centerpieces.However, the food was cold and tasted hardly anything like our tasting. The chicken marsala was dry and my prepared plate (for the bride and groom) had no sauce on it. The salads were over dressed and mashed potatoes tasted more like boxed potatoes. My parents went to the buffet first and had a similar experience.The wait staff was friendly and attentive but whoever asked me about saving the top layer of my cake acted appalled when I told her a couple times we did not need it. Additionally, it was frustrating to not have extra forks around for the cake and somebody took my piece before I even had the chance to get over to my table to eat it.For the bar, our concerns of running out of specific kinds of alcohol came true. The most disappointing was our request for Tito's for the groom's family, specifically the groom's father. The staff ran out to get more after my father insisted but that should have not been an issue. I know it was a special request but if it was going to be difficult to fulfill, we wished we would have known ahead of time and could have taken our business elsewhere. In addition to the Tito's, it was also disappointing to run out of bourbon, Blue Moon, Bud Light and the remainder of the other brands of vodka before last call. We expressed our concerns about events that ran out of alcohol in the past and it was a damper on our night.I was very disappointed in our experience would not recommend utilizing their services for future events.

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Jeanette and her staff were great to work with. Jeanette is quick to respond to emails and was very reasonable with pricing. She includes china with her pricing rather than a lot of places that cost extra. The guests loved the food (the cornbread stuffing is AMAZING!) and the servers were very courteous. The bar tender was a lot of fun and the servers worked hard to keep tables clear and keep the bridal party table fed.

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Jeannette's Delicacies made my wedding day nothing less than fantastic! Jeannette and her entire crew are not only trained professionals, they are quick and pay attention to every detail that made my day stress less and perfect! From the display of the room, to the taste of the beverages, the themed display of the buffet, to the absolute perfect food! We were so amazed by everything! Thank you Jeannette's Delicacies! You guys truly are phenomenal! 

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Food catered for wedding was not like the food tasted before our wedding date... It was all very cold and bland..

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I have had the pleasure of working with Jeannette and her staff several times. Jeannette is always very kind and helpful. Not to mention that their food is to die for! I would recommend Jeannette's Delicacies to anyone!

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Jeannette's Delicacies has catered many events for me over the past five years. She is always quick to respond to requests, and the prices are very reasonable. Her staff is always on time or early, and professional and the food quality is always terrific.

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I would choose Jeannette's over and over again. They helped us with all our needs and all of my guests couldn't stop talking about the food.We chose to have our wedding and rehearsal dinner at Beckett Ridge. Jeannette and her team took great care of us. Allison managed our wedding that night and when some unexpected things happened she took action right away. Jeannette did such a great job helping us customize our wedding. Like I said I would choose them over and over again! Thank you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!

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We have done many events with Jeannette's Delicacies. They always do a wonderful job and are they're fantastic to work with!

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I have used Jeanettes for one of my client accounts for almost a full year now. I use the services 1/week and everything always runs smoothly! When first approaching Jeanette, I had very little direction for her other than a weekly budget and the overall food I wanted to serve which was handhelds and little bites for people to be able to grab and go. Jeanette took everything I said and has put it into the perfect rotating menu. Weekly, she coordinates linen colors and the food menu with other promotions happening within our business. My client has been so satisfied with the food, the pricing, and the service of the staff and so have I! We wouldn't ever take our business anywhere else --

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We didn't use Jeannette's Delicacies for caterer but we booked them for bartenders. They were not our first choice for bartender services but they were our last choice. We had our reception at The Center downtown and they needed bartenders to have liability insurance which didn't leave me with many choices since most of bartenders don't have that. My guests didn't complain about anything except about the bar service. The bartenders were so rude and gave them attitudes. These guys weren't cheap , we were paying 250 per person just to bartend and I got 3. My guests deserved better treatment than those crappy bartenders that I got. We also paid 200 for mixed drinks, soda and stuff and they neverrrrrr mentioned my guests won't be able to get sodas from them. The only thing Jeannette told me something would be extra was water which would be .75 cent person so we took care of water. We had a lot of kids at the reception and to find out they didn't get to drink any soda or anything pissed us off during our reception. One of my bridesmaids also told me she heard the lady that was bartending for us complained in the restroom and said something about she was about to have a panic attack, so that was very professional too, NOT! Overall, we spent way too much money for this service to get bartenders with attitudes to our guests, no warning about pop drinks for guests and us getting stressed out during our reception.

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Great food great prices one stop shop for all your wedding needs

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Good variety, reasonable prices, helpful staff and tasty food.

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I can't write a review on the quality of food, because I never got to taste it. Here's what I can write... I had contacted this vendor via TheKnot mid March 2017, because of the AMAZING reviews. She did respond quickly, and prices seemed well within our budget. I asked to set up a tasting, and she told me she had April 1st, at 2pm available. I responded with "we will take it! April 1st, 2pm. See you then!" or something like that. She asked for us to put together a list of what we would like to taste, and submit within two days - we did. That was it. Today came, we arrived at the scheduled appointment [not having heard from/contacted the vendor since Mid March - but assuming the appt was still on, since I had confirmed and hadn't head otherwise] We got there at 1:36. Myself, my fiance and our daughter were there and we were waiting on my father, who had a 50 minute commute to get there and my future in-laws to arrive. We were all very excited - and I had full intentions of booking today, given the great reviews I had read. When we walked in, we waited for a bit and then we were greeted by a gentleman who I am assuming is the chef. He asked if he could help us, and we told him we had an appt.. he said he wasnt aware of any appt. [But the table was set with place settings, and there was a sheet with my name on it on the table...] he stepped to the back and called Jeanette. When he came back a few minutes later, he said that we were supposed to be there at 1pm, and that Jeanette had another appt and had already left. At this time, I pulled up the email conversations between me and Jeanette, and showed him that we had confirmed for 2pm. He called her once again, in the back. When he came back, he let me know that there was food there that he could REHEAT and we could try it - although it wouldnt taste the same as fresh, but he didnt have the ingredients to remake all the food I had asked to taste. It had been sitting there for an hour.. He also said that Jeanette wouldn't be coming back, as she had an appt [that was apparently more important than ours.] But she would be willing to meet with us next weekend to discuss the proposal. I never got an apology from Jeanette. She blamed the entire thing on me, saying that I was supposed to be there at 1pm - and then still expected me to book with her!? I have emails stating the appointment was at 2pm. And lets not forget - I WAS EARLY. We arrived at 1:36pm - and she was already gone. So, if she had to leave by then to get to another appointment - how was she supposed to be there for my tasting appointment?! If this is how this company handles the first encounter with a potential client, I would HATE to see how they handle your actual wedding day. I wouldnt plan on them actually being there when they say they will. Jeanette, I was ready and willing to write you a check for whatever that proposal said today - that's why my father drove 50 minutes to be there. I am sorry you werent more organized and professional. I had an interest in your company because your prices seemed great - but I am definitely willing to pay more to go somewhere where I am respected.

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Jeannette and her staff were on top of everything and made it all go smooth. The food was fantastic!

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Horrible and Rude owner.

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