Jimmy Johns
335 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
Review №1

The best sandwiches in town at a great value. Such a clean and friendly store. Went here all the time in college and visited again today and they didn't disappoint

Review №2

Same as most locations. Fast and reliable.

Review №3

This place used to be great but it's been really understaffed recently and it's massively affecting the delivery times. The last couple times I've gone in there's been only one guy working behind the counter and he looked exhausted. The guy was doing his best and the sandwiches still came out tasting good but until this place gets better staffing I'd recommend getting Dibella's down the street if you're in person or preparing for a long wait if you're getting delivery.

Review №4

Cool location to meet with coworkers. The staff was helpful and kind. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I loved to visit.

Review №5

Great food

Review №6

Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. the service here is attentive. it has a nice atmosphere.

Review №7

Don't fret if it's busy, it is worth the wait. I'll return with my coworkers. The bill was appropriate. Ambience is similar to Fresno's scene.

Review №8

The food was amazing. service is consistently above par. prices are reasonable.

Review №9

No wait, good food, and a good value with a sandwich chips and a cookie at 11 bucks. Jimmy johns gives penn station a run for its money!

Review №10

Bland attitudes from the guys working. I usually dont get jimmy johns because the bread is like cardboard but this time it was bread that had been sitting out all day yesterday then put back in the oven to make "fresh" again.. I will never buy jimmy johns again

Review №11

This Jimmy Johns is the best. Their GM is on top of it. Their staff is fun and quick with their sandwiches. I cannot believe how fast their delivery is! The app and their team make ordering so easy. I always can count on them in a pinch for time, even with huge orders.

Review №12

The food was great but had first ordered a sweet tea didnt have it so I wait an hour for one sandwich a drink and chips and the coke I got was warm and watered down and youd think if I had to wait an hour for the food why couldn't I get a sweet tea....

Review №13

I ordered a sub once from here which was pretty awesome, however my primary reason for coming here on a daily basis is to buy the chocolate chunk cookie. I eat one everyday! Give one a try, its worth it.

Review №14

If you want freaky fast delivery, order something else. I haven't ever waited less than 40 mins before on any order although living just a few minute drive away. Almost worth walking through the snow and rain if you really want JJ. When they cancel your order you have to argue to get a refund too.

Review №15

Best sandwiches had a really good time at this place. Fix my sandwich very fast and it tasted wonderful thank you guys

Review №16

One of the original locations and is stillmy favorite location. Nice staff fast service and nice to my boys. What more can I ask for.

Review №17

Horrible food and customer service. Don't see a store like that staying open too much longer.

Review №18

It's pretty good when they get my order right.

Review №19

Consistently over an hour for delivery. I work down the street but I can't always get away to pick it up. I always call and they give me attitude as if I'm the one at fault. Don't ever order from this location

Review №20

At 3pm on a Sunday I was told they couldn't help me. They turned away two customers, and had sub sandwiches spread out all over the counter, only one person in the shop and she wasn't even working. Disgusting service. I've never had an issue with the one on MLK, I wonder if they're totally different franchises. Not going back to this one!!

Review №21

The food is always so fresh

Review №22

Great job on our sandwiches

Review №23

Easily one of the top five best sandwiches on the planet. Or at least in Cincinnati. This location in Clifton starts open until 3 am.

Review №24

My bread was stale and hard and there was more lettuce than meat. I found 3 gnats rolled up in the wrapper. The manager was rude and told me to shut up because she knows the food was fresh. I'll pass on the store credit. Thanks anyways.

Review №25

Good spot for a quick bite

Review №26

Worst jimmy john's around UC. They will take around 90 mins to deliver a sandwich and unapologetic about it. Sometimes they might call you to tell that you are too far or out of their delivery area and they don't want to come. This is weird because if your location is out of their delivery area, jimmy johns website will not allow you to place an order request. Today I order a sandwich from there around 9:06 and it was not delivered to me until 10:40!!!

Review №27

Service is awesome

Review №28

Certainly not the Jimmy John's experience I'm used to. It was my first time visiting this location. Perhaps the last. 3 individuals working that I could see. I did not feel Welcomed at all. My large order was incorrect. The offer was made to correct it but I declined. The cold stare was enough for me to know, take my lose and go. I was not greeted nor thanked by anyone. I drove 15 minutes to this closer location. I should've driven farther to a better experience.

Review №29

The manager Mike is dope. Very good conversation and great subs, and great service. super clean, excellent 10/10 I go all the time

Review №30

If there were a zero star option that would be what I'd choose here. This store cannot handle customer service correctly. Placed an order at 1227am and still at 210am, did not have the order. Called twice and was told he delivery person was ON FOOT WALKING TO DELIVER!! Really how are you going to hire someone for a restaurant that's known for speedy delivery and then not deliver customers food. They shouldn't have been open to delivery if they wouldn't be able to deliver in a timely manner or at all! I better get my refund for my order as with the fake names of the workers they gave me they are lucky I was working! DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!!!!!

Review №31

Worst Jimmy John's over 40 min and no food. Called and they acted like I was being impatient.

Review №32

Dont like to pay their bills. No one will call back. Very unprofessional

Review №33

Super fresh bread. All around delish sandwiches! Thank you Jimmy John

Review №34

I take JJ over subway anyday. The subs are very basic with no huge selection of toppings like subway, or blimpee, but for some reason I can't quite put my finger on they are just.. better. Yummier. Maybe just better quality meats and cheeses.. who knows it just is what it is.. accept it. Resistance is futile

Review №35

The new night shift manager frizz had it very clean i'm super impressed! very freaky fast

Review №36

Ordered food 1 hr 20 ago and haven't gotten it . Used to be fast about deliveries I don't know what happened. Don't deliver from here

Review №37

An hour and a half is not an acceptable amount of time to make and deliver a sandwich less than a mile away. Congrats on eating our $40 order and losing our business.

Review №38

Food was good. But the lady working, I'm guessing the manager in charge, was EXTREMELY rude to the customers, constantly screaming at the whole room to “keep it down” and uttering rude remarks with profanity about the customers that the whole line waiting for food could hear. My experience was terrible because of the woman who is supposed to show the values that your company possesses.

Review №39

Quick and fast sandwiches. Usually in and out within 5 minutes. The day old bread is also a great deal at 45¢, and is often not even a day old.

Review №40

They have a sandwich that my whole family loves including myself it's called "Unwich" made w/ "Iceburg Lettuce" WOW! I was so suprised how it was made & items that was placed inside. The facility was very clean the atmosphere was clam& the staff was on Point in their dress code and they cleaned their work space as after making an Unchwich. They were very attendly making sure that you were happy. J Duncan

Review №41

The New manager Grizz is an awesome manager. He makes it a true Jimmy John's experience.

Review №42

This is literally the worst JJ location. I have had SEVERAL issues with them getting my orders wrong, taking over an hour and a half to deliver (not so"fast"), and super rude employees, including the managers. If you call the store regarding delivery or order issues they act very inconvenienced and are very short and rude with you as if your the one who screwed up! They have THE WORST customer service and its consistantly an issue. I recommend going to Jersey Mike's instead, they at least care about their cutomers! l

Review №43

Don't bother with delivery. It turns a $6 meal into a $10 meal with delivery fees. #9 is a good option. Quick process and nice staff.

Review №44

I called after waiting an hour and they said it was on the way and out for delivery. After 30 more minutes I called again and the manager said that they had forgot the order and it was on the way. Then when it all finally arrived 2 hours after it was ordered they forgot part of it as well. The manager credited money back to us but it was just bad service overall.

Review №45

Fast delivery depending on how busy they are. it has been as long as 30 minutes when they are slammed and as quick as 10 minutes. Delivery people are always friendly. Sandwich made they way you order it.

Review №46

This place is a joke.i called to order food for my guys at work to have it delivered and they took are order then after 30 minutes and lunch break being over they finally call to tell me they don't deliver here! you'd think they would have common sense to call you right back but I guess not

Review №47

Staff took the time to help brighten my day. Thank you JJ team!

Review №48

Very helpful and courteous!

Review №49

Service was incredible but some damn 15 person party putting a stop sign to all life as we know it

Review №50

***DO NOT GO TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT*** THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOOD! My friend was ordering food and we were waiting for her by the door. One of the employees, very rudely, told us to leave the store because we were not allowed to wait inside for her by the door. So we moved so we were not blocking the door and the same employee started to go off on us and threw a fit and said he is calling the cops on us. Non of us made any comments and we just ignored him and he kept saying that we need to show respect to him. We were not really paying attention to what he was saying, but the whole time we were waiting, he was still yelling at us, while the other people in the store were witnessing his whole fit. One of the other workers even told us to just ignore him. When he rang up my friend, he didn't even give her change back and told her to leave with us. This was perhaps the worst experience I have ever had in a food establishment, THE WORST!

Review №51

Trash service, sloppy lazy workers, unclean. do not eat here

Review №52

Might be fast fast fast, but was wrong wrong wrong.

Review №53

They're rude and not helpful at all and NEVER ANSWER THE PHONES

Review №54

Food was good, but service was awful. It was like the workers were upset that I came in.

Review №55

Unprofessional employees horrible place will never support this horrible people

Review №56

Always fast and never wrong with my order. Crew was friendly and always greeted me with a smile

Review №57

Fast service and good staff. Quality is good too.

Review №58

Good for late night food

Review №59

Amazing staff! The #9 is fire

Review №60

Ordered my food an hour ago and I'm still waiting. The only option they gave me was to cancel the order. Like really? After waiting this long for a business that prides itself on being "freaky fast" my food should be free, just sayin!

Review №61

Fast, affordable, and open late. Plus they deliver. The mayo makes the sub.

Review №62

Ordered the #12 aka the California Club.the sandwich arrived with two slices of turkey and provalone cheese, slathered in mayo slapped on some bread. Jimmy John's somehow forgot to add the tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, AND avacado spread the menu claims the sandwich comes with.the only plus side to this experience was the understanding delivery man.

Review №63

One of the best restaurants to order and get delivered while studying on Campus. Also very reasonably priced.

Review №64

They mess up something on the order about a quarter of the time. Forgetting to add extra meat/cheese, adding mayo to sandwiches that don't have it, making the wrong sandwich... Montgomery Road location is much better.

Review №65

Be careful, they will nickel and dime you! Ask for a soft drink and they sell you a large without asking what size you want. Ask for a cup of water and you'll get charged 25cents.

Review №66

One day they can deliver to you. And it takes almost an hour to get your food. Then you see 3/4 of your drink is not in the cup and there is not chips that you order in the bag. Call to let them know this. They gave me a $15 credit for the next time I order. So 2 days later I called to order and at first thay couldn't fine my credit, then I get a call back from them saying that am out of the delivery area. I work 1.3 miles from this place!

Review №67

I ordered a sandwich and a bag of chips. It has taken an hour, I still do not have my food. When called the store they said it was a busy lunch hour. We're on a college campus after the semester has ended and a week from Winter break. No one is here. Their service is terrible.

Review №68

Fast delivery and great food every time I order!

Review №69

Lazy ass night workers hang up on you or put you on hold for ten minutes because they don't wanna do delivery. Prolly why they work at jimmy johns.

Review №70

Terrible, had to wait an hour and a half to get 2 bags of chips that they forgot to deliver with my subs.... In the end I received 1 bag of chips. Paid for 2, got 1. Employees are inconsiderate and rude. This place blows.

Review №71

Best tuna salad ever

Review №72

Awful I live less than a mile away and they can't deliver!

Review №73

Ordered at 12:15 on a Tuesday. Waited an hour. Called to ask where the frick my sub was. He said it was on the road. 20 minutes later still no sub. Called back to get a refund because at this point I was ready for bed. The guy was a total ass and should be fired. As well as whoever the frick pot head employees that they hire for the night shift. Get it together JJ. Lost my business forever.

Review №74

A nice small store pack with college crowd.

Review №75

They are really fast abd delicious

Review №76

The last 4 times I've ordered online and on the phone it's taken at least 40 minutes to get my food. Fast doesn't really seem like their priority.

Review №77

Olrded three common cold cut subs for delivery within a mile of Jimmy John's and has taken over an hour.

Review №78

Sorry ,,no a good day!

Review №79

Great cold cut sandwhiches!

Review №80

I've never had good service or food here. I don't use this location anymore.

Review №81

Jimmy John's always has had great subs. But the staff here was a little rude....

Review №82

2 for 2 out the past two months I have attempted to order Jimmy Johns delivery and it's been "FREAKY SLOW". I live 3 streets away and it's taken over an hour and a half both times!!!!! What a joke of a delivery service. JOKE.

Review №83

NOT fast, or overly concerned that my order was over an hour late (the person on the phone did cheerfully tell me she made the sandwich right away....sorry...my sandwich riding around Clifton for an hour does not sweeten the deal

Review №84

I ordered a sub for delivery and after waiting an hour I called and they said it was on the way. Still never got it. I even tipped 25%. Jerks.

Review №85

They have their good night's and their bad night's, however I have noticed their delivery to have gotten better recently in terms of accuracy.

Review №86

They mess up your orders and can't deliver a damn thing. Horrible service.

Review №87

Lettuce was red.

Review №88

Great atmosphere. Friendly folks

Review №89

Awesome food

Review №90

Felt kind of unwelcome

Review №91

Freaky fast, and good!

Review №92

After calling 3 times wondering where our food was, I gave up...cancelled my order...manager responded Ok...really!. Never again!

Review №93

A little slow, it felt like the staff forgot I was waiting in line but it was late and the sandwich was good so what can you do.

Review №94

Sandwiches are ok. Cold subs and certain staff make me question the sanitation of the food.

Review №95

Freaky Slow!!

Review №96


Review №97

Average Jimmy John's

Review №98

Nice food

Review №99

Nice staff

Review №100

Great buns

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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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