McAlisters Deli - Kenwood
7720 Montgomery Rd #4295, Cincinnati, OH 45236, United States
Review №1

I eat at at McAlisters pretty regularly - Kenwood, Oakley, and crescent springs locations. Tonight was by far the worst. Mayo at the bottom. No honey mustard. Poor appearance.

Review №2

Clean and well maintained place. Quick in and out, speedy service. Good food, customer service would need a push.Fresh and good quality food, service could have been better. Plenty of parking.

Review №3

I love this place! I always get the Sweet Chipotle Chicken! Never a bad time. Go here for good quick food!

Review №4

I useally don't have a bad review but today my broccoli cheddar soup was more like cheese water really runny and I received no Caesar dressing to go with my chicken Caesar salad so lunch was a bust

Review №5

Great food was the first time there.Had a Reuben sandwich. Was yummy.

Review №6

Went for lunch seemed very busy but even with long line got order taken pretty quickly and had food brought to table. Plenty of places to sit and staff were very friendly with nice atmosphere. Everything seemed very clean and had a nice relaxing lunch not feeling rushed at all. Food was good so overall experience was pretty decent no negatives

Review №7

It wasn't good there was bad services, I had mold in my applesauce, and the food was bad. I wouldn't recommend this place.

Review №8

Good food but consistently unfriendly staff on the phone and in person. Almost zero customer service efforts.

Review №9

I like this mccalisters a lot! I probably eat lunch here once or twice a month. Their Reuben sandwich is very good especially if you get it toasted. I also really like the new Yorker, and their French dip sandwich. If you like lemonade and flavored lemonades they have really good drinks! Bathrooms are pretty clean as well.

Review №10

I have never made a bad choice while eating here. Great service and products. See you again soon.

Review №11

Consistently terrible service no matter what location.

Review №12

The sandwiches are great and so is their potato salad. I had a Reuben which was the best. My husband had the King Club and it was packed with meat. So much he couldn't even finish it.

Review №13

This is basic experience. Nothing to write home about. I do feel like you get your monies worth in quantity. Just nothing special

Review №14

I love this McAlister's. The staff is always so great. I was having a bad day today, and the guy at the register's upbeat attitude was just what I needed. Thanks guy at the register! Oh yeah, and the food is so good.

Review №15

Not vegetarian price friendly. If want to remove chicken and add extra avacadoe they charge full price plus plus charge extra for replacing chicken with extra avacadoe on Southwestern salad, so vegetarian version costs more than with meat.

Review №16

Food was ready when they said it would. Everything was exactly the way i ordered it. Food was great. My kids love it! Very friendly staff.

Review №17

Love McAlisters so much! The staff were friendly and service was quick.

Review №18

Smells like Clorox... don't be fooled, that doesn't make it clean. Also, staff wasn't overly friendly... pointed out the plate to the staff when they picked it up. Got a solid eye roll and a fake smile.

Review №19

Pretty decent lunch spot. One of the better spots for a decent cold cut sandwich. The loaded potatoes a pretty filling, but lack in the seasoning area.

Review №20

Called to cancel an order because I ordered from the wrong location and the person was completely rude to me. Will not order again from here.

Review №21

Truly great sandwiches at fast food prices. Friendly, helpful staff.

Review №22

The food is always excellent. The prices are reasonable. The pickle is under the paper. ;)

Review №23

Can't really remember what I liked about it then I guess I liked it, it was just another sandwich shop to me. Good food

Review №24

So good. Friendly staff!!

Review №25

Food was great but out of brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Cook was happy to customize my order as cashier seemed either confused or non-plussed. Was hoping for peace but children were loud. Also staff gathered on phone near my seating area talking loudly with bluetooth so it was unclear who they were calling out to as they repeated hello and calling out random names. But food was really good. Thank you.

Review №26

Just ordered a pretty decent order togoList of things that were wrong:No sour cream with the baked potatoOrdered baked potato with scallions / green onions got red onions insteadOrdered a full french dip sandwich only got halfNo aus jus with my french dip Mac n cheese seemed old wasnt saucey just clumpyOverall pretty dissapointed in quality control and order accuracy

Review №27

We left some expansive sunglasses when we ate in and it was later in the day and someone stoled them. The manager thought that it was funny and said that where we were sitting at the cameras doesnt reach there. I don't like a dishonest establishment.

Review №28

I've been here for lunch so many times. So many. Today I swung by to pick up some grub for me and some co-workers. The staff was super helpful with substitutions and the manager made sure I was all set. Amazing customer service!

Review №29

Wonderful food! And I love their carrot cake.

Review №30

Awesome food :) clean, good customer service and good location

Review №31

I love the stuffed baked potatoes!! And of course their iced tea!!

Review №32

Hadn't been to McAlister's in years. So glad I tried them again. The food was delicious and the employees were friendly and attentive. Will definitely stop in more often.

Review №33

Food and service great

Review №34

Food is always great!

Review №35

Glasses was left on my table. Stolen by employee I'm sure. I talked to a manager (Keisha) that didn't come out to talk to me. Amy her manager did. And showed me a picture from the camera that coincidentally didn't catch our booth. Just terrible, will be calling cooperate

Review №36

Had the southwest chicken salad, took 20 minutes to make. There was a big catering order beforehand which is understandable, but only two people were working in the kitchen. I was not giving any dressing with the salad, and it was rather bland. Disappointed in the amount of time it took to make the order, will be back only for the lemonade and tea.

Review №37

Love love love the tea, the soup and the potatoes! They always refill your tea, too!!!

Review №38

Great deli, sandwiches are large portions with gluten free bread options. Service is fast and dining is casual. Great place to grab a quick sandwich if you are on lunch break

Review №39

Staff were great, very attentive and personable. The club sandwich I had truly hit the spot. Will return for lunch next time I am in Kenwood.

Review №40

This location has disappointed me twice, I wont go back. Lackluster service, had to ask to have a table cleaned, out of preferred soda on two different visits, and the remodel has removed all but two booths. I've always liked McAlister's but this location is lacking.

Review №41

Went with Senior Group from our Church. Bridge Of Hope. Had a great time of sharing. I got the Ceased Chicken Salad, it was very good. We'll be back again.

Review №42

First time there. Wasn't disappointed.

Review №43

Food is good, excellent iced tea and potatoes. We came at lunchtime on a weekday and they had a ton of catering orders. I think it's great that they cater but my only issue was that it felt like way more attention was being put into that, rather than my order and the one other order waiting for food. It took a bit longer than it should have for the small amount of people waiting in the store. There food turned out great, though.

Review №44

Iced tea is always good! The cashiers were beyond nice. Salad was wrong. No alvacado which is fine if they would have told us. Plastic wrap inside one sandwich. Free cookies but over all, food was not that good.

Review №45

Good sandwiches, and a variety of items. this location has good service as well.

Review №46

I enjoyed my meal. Playful and friendly atmosphere

Review №47

This location can't handle large group orders. Be warned, your lunch hour will be ruined!

Review №48

Service was friendly but slow.

Review №49

Food is good but service has been so slow both times I have been here. They also messed up my order and about 3 other people's orders while I was there last week. Disappointing because I love their tea and their salads.

Review №50

Boy do I miss real delis. Tasty sandwich but so light on the meat. Maybe three ounces? Certainly not a lot. Oh well. Hard to expect more from fast casual. I still miss real delis.

Review №51

I don't stop here often despite passing it every day. There is always a wait so time is usually an issue. I ordered ahead using the online ordering and picked it up. It was ready when I arrived. The Rueben was meaty but a little small for the $9+ price. The tortilla chips and cheese is always tasty but my to go portion was full of chip crumbs not many full chips. I was a little disappointed in this. I'm sure it was because it was carryout and not dine in. There is no way they would have sent that out to a table.There is always some reason I don't go back right away.

Review №52

Good place to take kids, plenty of seating. Even though the line seemed long when we arrived, it went very quickly and it didn't take long at all for our food to arrive at the table. Fast and friendly service. Good food, great iced tea!

Review №53

Very wonderful place. Love the company. Terrible parking area. Its not easy to find parking unless you come at an uncommon time and your lucky maybe. It is a parking lot but the area around their zone is small.

Review №54

My favorite place to meet with my little sister and her husband. Many taste alternatives on the deli style menu. Nice staff.

Review №55

Very FRESH, and hefty. McAlister's isn't stingy.

Review №56

One of my fav places too get a sandwich or sweet tea. Helpful staff and overall easy atmosphere.

Review №57

Good restaurant for quick bite. Staff is very friendly. The menu is very extensive;many vegan and vegetarian choices. Restaurant is clean and lots of seating choices.

Review №58

The food is good and a much larger selection than panera

Review №59

Great food at a very reasonable price and always fantastic customer service. I highly recommend!

Review №60

Food was awesome 1st time will definitely be back.

Review №61

We love this place,they are a great bunch,it's our little out of the way place when we have to go to Montgomery ohio.that Ruben sandwich is the bomb.the sweet tea is too.

Review №62

Love stopping in such great food for the price compared to similar foods like a Panera it's a complete win. Get anything sandwich or salad hard to be disappointed I think.

Review №63

Food was great service was just ok.

Review №64

Very good service

Review №65

Always love the food. Everytime. Great service from younger staff. Highly recommend.

Review №66

Very good food with big portions!!

Review №67

I love this place!!!! Their food is so delicious and more on the healthy side. You get a good amount of food for the price. It not super cheap but you get a good quality and quantity of food.

Review №68

Excellent as always! Great service, high quality food, tremendous ambiance!

Review №69

I had never been in McAlisters before and was quite surprised at their large menu selection. I ordered a small salad and baked potato. This was delicious! The service was friendly and fast and the cashier was very helpful and kind. I visited it on 6/19/18 at around 8am

Review №70

They took all of the best options off of their menu. You lost my business when you killed The Big Nasty.

Review №71

I spoke to the manager today. Letting them know that this place has mice, fleas, and Roaches. Manager said they know they have issues. I told the manager if they don't take care of this health problem I will call the local health office for an inspection. Don't eat there!

Review №72

We ate outside because it was very warm in the restaurant. The food is great and reasonably priced.

Review №73

Great service, food was made quickly. The veggie potato was not as good as I had hoped. It was kind of sloppy and thrown together. The tomato bisque was AMAZING! I wish there were more vegetarian choices. The restaurant was very busy but they were efficient and quick with everyone's orders.

Review №74

Cheap tasting sandwiches. No heart, all corporate.

Review №75

Food good, a little pricey. Potatoes are huge but they were out of them. Of course it was almost closing time.

Review №76

I love the food here. Their potato salad is tremendous. They are always fat at the counter and not a long wait for food.

Review №77

Good food and friendly service.

Review №78

The food is great, and prices are reasonable. Every soup on the menu is worth trying. Their salads and wraps are yummy, and they have the best tea in the world. Plus no one gets upset if you want to sit and talk to someone after you eat. I go there a lot, and even my son and grandson love it.

Review №79

I went in to pick dinner up for the household, walked up to the counter, ATTITUDE. The employees are more worried about going home. Got home, order wrong, food cold, nasty, tasteless and missing items. People are always telling me how good this place is, WRONG. I hope other locations are better, as for this one, probably wont be back and its 3 mins away.

Review №80

We went to Kenwood location after leaving movies.The cashier told us We close in 15 minutes even before taking our order? Hot sandwiches were served wrong and or cold. We were told grill was shut down so nothing could be done.Food was given back to be re made on a later visit. Upon returning I was offered $1.25 off my order instead?After much discussion they only remade my half sandwich however the order was prepared wrong.We didn't bother to send it back since the kitchen staff shot evil glares and off cuff remarks as we stood at the counter. The two males with dred locs continued until I requested corporate contact info.We left and food was left on table.We had been dining here over ten years. We won't be back. I'm not really sure what happened,in the past great food and customer service.

Review №81

Food is great service is very slow.

Review №82

We waited a while in line, even though there were only 3 people in front of us. However, once we placed our order, everything was fine. I haven't been to a McAlister's in years, as there isn't one close to me. This was a welcome change from burgers.

Review №83

They changed the veggie sandwich bread (my favorite sandwich hands down anywhere) and other locations wouldn't give me the pita style bread even though they have it oh the menu for other items. The very kind young man at this location informed me that it wasn't a problem and made the sandwich the old way. Super nice of him and I really appreciate it!!!

Review №84

Food is usually very good but unlike other McCalister's this property's quality has slipped a bit. Additionally the service is why the 3 star. You goto to casual fast food because it's to be fast. We waited almost 20 minutes only to find our food sitting in the window. Again another odd thing about this particular McCalister's. Others we have eaten at food comes out hot and quick. We enjoy eating here just need to get the standards back up.

Review №85

Some times I wish that this could take the place of Panera! Better food, better prices, and larger portion sizes.

Review №86

This is a great restaurant, the service is always phenomenal! I love coming here,I have never been disappointed with the service or food.

Review №87

Really good jalapeno turkey sandwich. Service could have been better as it seemed like the register person almost seemed like they had a chip on their shoulder.

Review №88

The sandwhiches are fabulous and the prices fair. It's clean and smells good when you walk in! Everyone is friendly and service is good. Parking is easy too.

Review №89

Best. Corn beef sandwich evet

Review №90

There was no line and the service was fast and easy. I got the French dip which was absolutely amazing and not too terribly pricey. A great place for lunch that isn't loaded with grease.

Review №91

Everything went perfectly and I heard lots of compliments on the food. You did a great job for us and I appreciate your help with the food selections. Delivery was on time, generous portions, delicious food, what more could you ask for?

Review №92

Great service

Review №93

Fast and courteous service. Good quality food at reasonable prices....

Review №94

Consistency is key in determining whether or not a customer will return to a business and in the case of this deli they consistently make good food and have polite workers upon every visit I have gone, the mobile app is well designed and easy to use making having to wait in line entirely upon the choice of the customer. Would recommend the King Club.

Review №95

The food was okay the value for the money isn't there for me at all probably wouldn't return

Review №96

Good, reliable fare. Nice people working here.

Review №97

Food and service was great

Review №98

I have visited for lunch several times and always been satisfied. The portions are fairly large and there have been times I didn't finish my meal, which is unusual for me. The food has always been delicious and I have never not enjoyed what I picked, which was something different every time. You order your food at a counter then place a number card on your table and they will deliver it to you.

Review №99

Too expensive. A grilled cheese and a bag of chips (not made in-house) is $9. The service was slow so we had to go to the counter and ask for our food.

Review №100

I absolutely love McAllister's Deli. The food is great and very reasonable. I used to eat here alot. I had to scale back because I was coming every week ( That should tell you how good the food is there). The atumm squash soup is one of the best I've ever had. The turkey cranberry sandwich is also good. Both items are seasonal though. Stop in and try these items today.

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