Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe - Kenwood
7331 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, United States

Review №1

Went there a few days ago and ordered takeout via phone. We got lamb and grilled chicken gyro. We also got the whipped feta appetizer. All were great! They had plenty of meat and ingredients. My wife was able to make another gyro out of all of the meat. Do yourself a favor and try the whipped feta. Awesome!

Review №2

My wife and I tried this instead of Wendy's, and my GOD, it was the right choice. Fresh, REAL food, made to order. Price was a bit high but that is what it takes to get such good food. Service is amazing as well. We will definitely be back.

Review №3

Taziki's food is so fresh. I always get the lamb gyro and am never disappointed. The meat is tender and juicy, cooked to order. The pita is soft and warm. All the vegetables are fresh. The cucumber and tomato salad has a light dressing and isn't to strong with vinegar. The hummus is tasty as well. I believe you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Service is efficient and friendly. Don't be afraid to stop by and give them a try.

Review №4

Delicious quality food. We have done carry out and have eaten inside. Both are done with great care for social distancing. They have a semi enclosed porch area that we want to try out next time. The "lamb feast" is a well balanced dinner, although not cheap. Well worth it.

Review №5

Delicious & healthy. Love the quality & care they take even on to go orders. The food was still warm because they packed it so properly. The hummus doesn't taste like store bought hummus so Im assuming that it's authentic. Hummus is still delicious & the pita bread with it is perfect. The Rice is funny tho, maybe too much seasoning & it was a bit overpowering. But mixed with everything else, not bad. The Taziki sauce itself, I did not enjoy. But overall good quality food & tasty enough.

Review №6

Stopped in tonight, first time customer. Fast, courteous service. Chicken and potatoes were excellent. Will definitely eat at this establishment again.

Review №7

This was my 2nd visit, my sister's 1st. We both agreed that the order taker was off, in the sense of service. Not friendly, didn't offer suggestions, she seemed exhausted mentally. She never removed dirty dishes from the table. My sister said she felt rushed and not valued as a customer. She later started sweeping the floor towards our table. She was oblivious to the needs of the customers. Thinking back we should have asked to speak with a manager. What balanced out the experience for me was her co worker who was the total opposite in every way too her. Our visit was on Oct 25th, 2020 @ 5:54 p.m. the Kenwood location. Ticket #8 Bill amt. $14.10 Veggie Feast sub soup - bye the way I didn't like the lemon soup, the lemon was too over powering. My sister ordered the lamb feast with the rice. She wasn't asked how she wanted her lamb cooked by the same order taker. She said the portion size doesn't match the price point.

Review №8

My husband and I had the Steak Gyro with red skin potatoes. OMG! The potatoes are delicious. Full of flavor. A must try.

Review №9

Salad was great. However, the gyros were not that good. Service was so so. After we got food the waiter disappeared.

Review №10

I didn't get a chance to try the food here. I made an attempt to order the grill chicken. I was told by the cashier that they were out of roast potatoes and it will be a wait for rice. I simply ask how long will the wait be? A very rude manger replied with " the rice ain't on a timer and it will take as long as it takes!"I will will never come back here!! There was no reason to be rude.

Review №11

We tried for the first time today. Friendly and clean atmosphere. The food was good and very fresh tasting. Look forward to our next visit.

Review №12

Very good, healthy, Mediterranean cuisine. Offers a wide variety of food, salads, kebabs, seafood, gyros, and, of course, their feasts! This location has a drive-though and offers curbside pickup.

Review №13

Nice open space, large windows, nice lighting. Clean appearance. Order when you walk in, find your own seat, and wait for someone to bring your food to you. The wait for the meal was a little long. Four parties behind us got their meals before us. I hate when that happens. We ordered the salmon salad and the Mediterranean kabob salad. Both salads were delicious. We were told certain dishes take longer to make. The seating area temperature was cold. I wore my coat the whole time while eating.

Review №14

Tazikis is one of the better franchise restaurants available. The food is fresh, flavorful and healthy. Even if you're not traditionally into Mediterranean food, there is plenty of options on the menu that will cause you to forget that it is billed as such.

Review №15

This is my new favorite spot, after a good workout. Fast friendly service, and delicious food

Review №16

Good food; tastes fresh , friendly service.

Review №17

Excellent food and fast friendly service. Tomato cucumber salad was fantastic!

Review №18

Great food and excellent management. Had a small issue with my food order and they went above and beyond to fix it. Will defnitely be back.

Review №19

It was nice to stop in again. My work's office is right around the corner, but have not been in the area since mid-March. Always enjoy my meal.

Review №20

How tf my phone know I was here this why I don't trust the government

Review №21

I like Zorba's better. They've more choices on their menu.Taziki's is alright.

Review №22

We stopped by the other day for lunch and was impressed. It's a bright, clean, and warm facility. The menu is a diverse Mediterranean fare. I prefer the traditional gyro which is quite delicious. The meat is tender. The seasoning and sauce is traditional Greek. The rice is amazing! My wife enjoyed a salad and soup. I tried both and wished I had a bigger stomach to eat more! We plan to dine there again.

Review №23

We love Taziki's. We are so happy that you have outdoor seating open again. Food is always so good, healthy and fresh. It is our family's go to healthy dinner. We are in the middle of having our house remodeled, so our kitchen has been in operable for the past month (and it looks like it will be for another month, too!) Tazikis has been there to get us through so we don't have to eat fast food. Uggg.

Review №24

My first time there and was very pleased. Absolutely delicious lamb gyro, rice and tomato/cucumber salad. Fun staff, too. Clean atmosphere. Fair prices.

Review №25

Food was very good! I would definitely eat there again.

Review №26

The food was good. Very fresh. No problem with that at all. The price is the biggest factor in my star choice. The quality is great. The quantity, however, not so. I ordered the Lamb plate. Cooked amazingly, but only 3 little slivers of meat on a mountain of rice and salad. Again, all great, but very little of what I actually wanted. The only reasons why I'll never eat here again is because of the price and drive. The wait staff were all great, save for the ill looking female cashier at this location. Kinda tweaky honestly, but nice nonetheless. The place is clean otherwise. Just not worth the drive and extra cash for this classy fast food at this price.

Review №27

A healthy and quick lunch of hummus and grilled chicken. Mmm

Review №28

We ordered pickup for lunch. I had the chicken basil pesto gyro and tomato salad. My coworker had the lamb gyro. Food was ready on time for pickup and definitely did not disappoint! Both of our orders were absolutely delicious absolutely worth a visit!

Review №29

This was my first time trying a gyro... the lamb was not seasoned at all. The taziki sauce was really overpowered with dill. The rice was smothered in a mountain of cilantro... a little goes a long way. The roasted potatoes not only tasted dirty they were also undercooked. My friends potatoes tasted like soap... idk man... idk.

Review №30

Great food. Great service. Terrific atmosphere.

Review №31

This location is okay... Customer service can be a little sloppy sometimes and they don't keep things as clean as the other locations and the food quality can be unpredictable. I like the Mason location better.

Review №32

I was a little upset they were out of cake. But they gave me cookies and baklava. The food was phenomenal. Meat perfectly seasoned and cooked. Potato's were delicious. Asparagus and shrimp were the best. Rice and salad were okay, nothing to write home to ma about, but still good. Definitely going back.

Review №33

First time eating at this restaurant. Lunch was very good. I will go back.

Review №34

I'm so glad they built one of these next to Kenwood Town Centre. This location replaced the Burger King on Kenwood Rd. and was incredibly bright and clean. I mean really - it felt like one of the cleanest fast casual restaurants I've been in despite a pretty heavy lunch crowd.Our kids loved the chicken, rice and fruit and my wife and I both had a gyro (one lamb and one chicken). Everything was freshly prepared and tasty - including the side of potatoes and rice.

Review №35

I was very excited when this location. Opened in Kenwood. The food is fresh and very tasty. I had the lamb gyro. The lamb was well seasoned and tender,the pita was warm and soft and the sauce was just the right amount to add the perfect flavor. I also had the cucumber and tomato salad and it was delicious. Not too sweet and the right amount of vinegar. I only have 4 stars because that was considerable confusions with our orders. They were incorrect when they arrived at our table but they were quickly fix. I believe it was because they had only been open a week and were getting used to everything. No worries. I look forward to returning.

Review №36

I loved this place! They have the best food and I highly recommended this restaurant. It was my first time going there and I have to say it was amazing. The smell of the freshly made food is awesome. There's nothing better!

Review №37

I love their healthy Mediterranean food

Review №38

Mediterranean chicken salad was great. I wish they had the classic lamb gyro meat, but regardless, I will definitely be back soon. Great kid options too!

Review №39

Meh.Edit: To be more specific, the reason I give 3/5 is not because of drink selections or wait-staff service, which we're both great. I simply didn't feel the food quality / tastiness was equivalent to the price tag. It was simply not a good deal compared to other similar restaurants relatively close by.

Review №40

Food was good, price reasonable, fast service

Review №41

Bizarre framework for a restaurant, even more strange was the menu options. For a Greek theme, it left a lot (LOT) to be desired at the price point.

Review №42

Portions were good, except I burn calories like nothing so I ate two servings of Basmati Rice. And the Lamb Gyro was yummy, could of definitely used some seasonings. I mean seasoning is not bad for you, canola oil and vegetable oil is.

Review №43

Ok cucumber sauce not good

Review №44

The first time I was here the experience was fine. Second time, we waited 45 minutes for two simple meals with not much apology and no explanation. We did get a refund but I had to ASK for the refund before we left since we were told we would get a refund but no one sought us out to make it happen. Thumbs down

Review №45

Chicken feast tastes poor, old and re-heated. Was changed from its previously tastier Shish Taouk style skewers, to strips, without notice. when asked about this, employee completely denied that skewers were part of the menu, and couldn't care less about the feedback about how poor it tasted.

Review №46

Good, fresh food. Fast and easy to order. Food was delivered quickly. Great atmosphere for a fast food place!

Review №47

I've been anticipating trying this place out for months and let me tell you, I am blown away!!! Excellent customer service as soon as I walked in the door! The menu was explained to me — which I really appreciated since it was my first time dining here. It was pretty busy as it was around 12:30 and lunch rush, but I was only in line maybe 5 or 6 minutes and then only had to wait for my fresh cooked lunch another 5 minutes! With this being a brand new restaurant I'm very impressed! Usually wait times (especially during lunch!) are longer and seems chaotic, but the staff worked together and communicated well! Every employee I interacted with was polite and helpful! As for the food, I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!! I got the grilled chicken Taziki's Feast with a Greek salad and basmati rice to go. SO GOOD!!! Honestly, the rice was probably my favorite part of the dish, although it was all great! Don't sleep on this place!! I can't wait to try more from the menu! Great job!!!

Review №48

Love this place. They have a wide selection in their menu but I've only had the veggie gyro, it's so delicious I don't want to order anything else. Friendly staff. Food is made to order so while it takes a little longer than a fast food restaurant it's definitely worth it.

Review №49

Good selection of Mediterranean-Greek food, nice atmosphere, ordering is cafe-line style, then you sit and they bring food to you. Not impressive, but reasonable pricing and good quality for 'fast-casual' style dining. They also serve a small selection of draft beer and wine by the glass.

Review №50

1st time here. Amazing food and hospitality.

Review №51

It was a nice experience. The food was fresh and tasty. I expected a little more herbs and spices for flavor. I was pleased overall...

Review №52

My daughter brought me here and I loved it. Today I brought my husband. I got chicken in a pita. He got the same. It had chips and a side. I got new potatoes which were really good . My hubs got salad of tomatoes, cukes and onions. He said the salad and dressing was totally awesome! Yummy

Review №53

Fresh, high quality, healthy food. Also super delicious!

Review №54

Nice establishment. Friendly helpful service to a first time buyer. I ordered to go: my lamb gyro was hard to chew, had fatty pieces, and was cold. My grilled shrimp was also cold, but tasty. Basmati rice and salad were delicious.

Review №55

Rude , Unprofessional and the employee that went to his car in his blue gloves and returned to the store in the same gloves after opening and closing doors and car doors unsanitary.I wonder if the manager was the blonde that opened the window rolled her eyes and sent the younger kid to the window yelling you just need to take this order. Oh we are closing at pm @ 735 pm I guess it is not fast food.

Review №56

Got carry out for my family. The food was awesome. I can never get my husband to try new foods. He's super picky with a generally bland palate. He loved his gyro. But I had to knock a star because I'm a huge baklava lover. I was so excited to get my fix but let me tell ya, i didn't find it there. It was drenched in some kind of watered down honey. No crunch just yuck. I honestly feel it's a crime to the baklava name. But other than that all thumbs up.

Review №57

Excellent gyro at this new place! When you first walk in, it smells wonderful because they have an open kitchen. The people were very friendly and nice. My gyro had more than meat and sauce; there were grilled veggies, too. Very flavorful. My friend said her roasted lamb was teriffic. We'll be back.

Review №58

Very tasty pork sandwich and the side of Cucumber and tomatoes was marinated perfectly. I will try more of their menu soon.

Review №59

I was underwhelmed by the lamb gyro purchased yesterday. Fresh ingredients...yes. a long time fan of gyros I was surprised to find theirs "boring" ...perhaps the young lady working the grill forgot to add seasoning to the meat (?)The pasta salad side was quite good - much tastier than the gyro.

Review №60

GREAT SERVICE and very good food! For those not familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, you will not be intimidated. There are many options that are easy to understand and it's easy to make choices. I had a salmon entre with potatoes and a fabulous piece of chocolate cake. I'll be back.

Review №61

Everything was very reasonable priced and very taste. The reason I'm not giving it 4 stars is because I was really hoping for authentic Greek cuisine and was closer to Mediterranean American food. They served potato chips with the gyros which is kind of odd but for $8 I'd go again.

Review №62

Great food. A little on the pricey side, but not bad when you consider the quality of food you're getting.

Review №63

Try the basil pesto chicken gyro. Very good. Nice place, fast and friendly too.

Review №64

Food is good. Unsweetened tea is great - no added flavorings. Service was quick. Hummus was midly spicy.

Review №65

Quick, tasty and pleasant.

Review №66

Nice restaurant. Just opened and a bit busy, but the food was good. Staff was very helpful. Will go back.

Review №67

Great food but no falafel

Review №68

Great real meat gyros!

Review №69

Great place for lunch or dinner. Lamb entree was delicious! Helpful, friendly staff! Will definitely return and recommend to family and friends.

Review №70

Excellent food. Clean new space. Going back.

Review №71

Mediterranean salad was delicious but lemony chicken soup would have been tastier with less lemon

Review №72

The food was decent (the lamb was delicious); the wait was long; and two days after I gave my number for their rewards program, I received tons of spam calls (they must sell your number). The manager(?) and the cook had their hair hanging over the food they were prepping, gross. Yes, they both had ponytails, but the cook's long blonde hair was hanging over her shoulder and above the food, and the manager's was so messy that loose hair was everywhere. Overall, it's decent Mediterranean fast food for a nicer restaurant's prices in a less than ideal environment. Did I mention they had bathroom paper towels out as napkins by the drink machine? Also, they must use more sugar than honey in their baclava to save money, but it makes it less authentic and less delicious (still tasty though).

Review №73

Soup n salad (Greek)...really good.

Review №74

Just ordered and picked up a Greek salad with lamb. It is tasty but it is missing the kalamata olives and pepperocini️ what is a Greek salad without these 2 ingredients!! The menu lists both as being in the salad, very dissatisfied!

Review №75

Amazing food, amazing staff. Great prices. Wonderful time.

Review №76

Just had the veggie gyro, the veggies were cooked perfectly and the portions are great for the price without lacking in quality. All the the employees were delightful, 10/10 would recommend.

Review №77

Meat was a bit tough and not much of it compared to other gyros I have had so I don't think I will go back. Restaurant is nice and clean with good service.

Review №78

This Kenwood location is not very good. Food is fine, but multiple attempts at seeing if they have gotten better have left me frustrated. I'd much rather drive to fields ertle and know the order is on time and correct than deal with the unknown.

Review №79

Good menu with healthy options & friendly staff

Review №80

Service and food outstanding & a great value!

Review №81

This place has amazing food! Staff is friendly and polite. The dinning room was clean.

Review №82

Excellent Mediterranean food. I had the grilled lamb Gyro and spicy pimento dip. Looks like a great selection. Look forward to trying something new next time.

Review №83

Missed my fiance's order even though it has some modifications and the cashier seemed to get it. Didn't charge us for it and brought it right out with an apology. Great customer service!

Review №84

Had high hopes as I love Greek food! We ordered green salads with lamb meat and pimento cheese. Worst meat I've ever had in my life, but the pimento cheese it self was okay; the pita bread left much to be desired. Felt ill afterwards due to the taste of the meat - would not recommend to anyone!

Review №85

Fresh, delicious, friendly. Good price great quality

Review №86

The ONLY good thing about this place is the building that it is in. The food was not good at all. Service was ok but I would definitely not recommend eating here.

Review №87

The first few visits at other branches were good the last two visits at the Kenwood store have been mediocre. It's very inconvenient to reach given the dividie in the middle of Kenwood Road. Portion for the price is a bit steep.

Review №88

Better than last time. I enjoy the atmosphere, yet the food can be hot or miss depending on what you get.

Review №89

Clean, price right and Delish

Review №90

It taste ok... Nothing remarkable and a little overpriced it wasn't a satisfying meal I'd just as soon go somewhere else Cincinnati has plenty of Greek places to go to

Review №91

Clean, nice restaurant! Wonderful food

Review №92

Convenient Mediterranean spot that doesnt take long to grab and go. Pretty cool atmosphere for dining in as well.

Review №93

Great service and food

Review №94

Self-seating after one orders from a delicious Greek menu at the window. It is like upscale fastfood, though there is nothing "fastfood" about the offerings! Their lamb is amazing!

Review №95

A little disappointed. I have eaten at the Tazikis in Indianapolis and know they have good food. I stopped in with my wife for a quick bite and was disappointed in the hummus. Very thin and served in a small styrofoamg bowl while my pitas were in anactual dish.the celery had some brown scuffings on the celery

Review №96

Fast service. Clean restaurant. Delicious gyros!

Review №97

I popped by there on Monday when they were conducting their pre-grand opening run, before officially opening up on 7/23. It was a bit chaotic as they were walking through the process and getting all the staff trained up, that said, they provided free meals to all their customers that day and they were engaged and friendly to all the customers.I've since been back twice this week, as it is a very healthy option in the area. On Wednesday, the crowd was down from the first day, they food was excellent and it was very quick. What was pleasant to see was the staff was extremely engaged with all the customers and very friendly.On Thursday, I had the same great experience.I usually swing by the Taziki's in Westchester on my way home to grab food for the family, and they are great too, but I will say the Kenwood location has a great space, great staff, and great healthy food options. I highly recommend this place. Five stars.

Review №98

This is a nice place, but the food could be better.

Review №99

It's the best ever I love the ppl there

Review №100

Why doesn't have to be close at 1 am Friday and Saturday night? They need give extra more time... first time I order my foods soo cold!

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  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
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