Toppers Pizza
345 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
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As a first timer i was disappointed. My whole entire order was wrong. I got a half and half pizza and they got most of the toppings wrong. One side was supposed to be spinach, mushroom, sausage, and green peppers and the other side double pepperoni & roasted garlic. The entire pizza was sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, RED peppers & spinach. It's like the cooks were trying to play a little joke or something. Wings were soggy, Waste of $30. The young women up front was super polite and welcoming, but that's the only positive thing i can say. She deserves recognition and praise. This happened 10/11/20 at around 10:30pm. I didn't catch her name.

Review №2

Was really surprised how good the pizza was. The employee was friendly in taking our order and the pizza was ready quickly. We dined in and ordered the pizza with tots on it. Didn't have any issues, despite what other reviews mention. This place is worth trying, they have a lot of specials they run so it seems like a good value too.

Review №3

I want to give this place 5 stars because I LOVE their food. However, their delivery is the worst I've ever witnessed. Their drivers are slow and don't tell you an update on your food, your food ends up being half an hour late than the estimated time, and they don't care. Need to fix the delivery. My latest order was an HOUR behind from the ETA, I ended up just cancelling it.

Review №4

I was happy with the pizza itself but when your doing doordash or other delivery apps you should at least put tamper proof stickers on the pizza boxes so the customer know that their food wasn't tampered with but even if it was tampered with the pizza was still good

Review №5

Good pizza options in the place. I like the fact they have tater tots as toppings. Take out or delivery is better. The place is not good for dine in as it's small and has some construction right outside of it.

Review №6

It's pizza in a college town, it's gonna be busy and it's open later than most places. If you don't like the wait go to wendys or white castle or go get the food yourself. My food was good and arrived as ordered.

Review №7

Last time I ordered pizza here it was quick and efficient. The worker who helped me was very kind. The morning after it was even better cold! Thank you

Review №8

My family and I, love Toppers pizza! I always get in and out, no problem. I have also doordashed orders from Toppers and the food is always on time. Great customer service.

Review №9

Me and my boyfriend came down to visit family from Milwaukee and saw there was a toppers so we went to get a loaded totza (our favorite pizza) and instantly we walked in the store and felt the high energy from the staff. Turns out the surprisingly young manager was from Milwaukee too so we had a good conversation while waiting for our pizza, good to see toppers is good no matter where you are!

Review №10

We placed an order for a large pizza and wings at 10:14 and order was supposed to arrive at 10:40. The pizza and wings didn't get to my door step until 11:30. And to top it off, a cold pizza that was poorly cut and hardly baked wings. Would not recommend.

Review №11

I was trying to pick up 2 orders for Uber Eats delivery the other night. The store was packed so there was no social distancing at all. I waited for almost an hour and even then the orders weren't ready. I'm never picking up orders from here ever again.

Review №12

I have trouble containing myself every single time I taste this amazing creation. I love toppers more than my entire family. I must say. My mom is great... but toppers is better. Thank you for being the heart of this amazing city :)

Review №13

It's okay for a quick bite of Tiny Chicken Wings

Review №14

I had the best experience at toppers pizza. They food is amazing and the workers are great. They are quick with your deliveries. I would recommend people to eat here it's so good.

Review №15

The pizza is delicious! I also love the topperstix.Great product, I recommend

Review №16

Ordered 2 pizzas no cheese, both came with cheese. instead of simply sending two more pizzas back out, manager John wanted my payment info to pay for 2 more pizzas and was very rude and did not want to take responsibility 4 his mistake of putting cheese on the pizzas. After telling me he was manager and that he personally made my pizzas he hung up on me. i called back and cancelled just got papa johns or something not worth the hassle

Review №17

Placed our order online for pickup at 6:30. Arrived at 6:25 and they couldn't find it. Then suddenly the cook could find it. I waited for a few minutes then the clerk came back again and said oh the website is broken and we never got your order. I placed a new order and had to give it to the clerk 3 times and it still came out wrong. Very disappointed! To make it worse I was told it would take 10 minutes, closer to 30. No apologies!

Review №18

This place is literally heaven on earth. It reminds me of why I was placed on this planet. Best thing to happen to the Cincy Area since sliced bread. I miss you already toppers and I haven't even had your sweet grace tonight, yet. Love u

Review №19

Amazing (and CHEAP) pizza place that's open late every night!

Review №20

Pizza always very good. Always done fast and they have great deals

Review №21

Love all their options! They usually have deals going on that are super cheap too. Super fast delivery always!

Review №22

Great location, reliable food, diligent workers looking to provide to customers! Appreciate everything they do!!

Review №23

Food is always great, but cant trust that it's safe to eat right now. We are in a state of emergency and only 1 out of 5 employees are wearing masks. Not great behavior during a national emergency

Review №24

Ordered from them a few days ago, took 2 hours to get to us and it charged my card multiple times. Highly unhappy

Review №25

I really like that it is open so late!

Review №26

I live close to topper and it's always a good food option. It's open late every night so when others are closed, this place is open. Good food, clean restaurant, reliable service. Couldn't ask for more

Review №27

Great place and great prices, wait times are more than reasonable and I mean hey when you live right above the joint where else you gonna go for your midnight snack.

Review №28

How do you hand out my order twice to the wrong person.... Waited an hour in a half for food!!! If there weren't the only place open I would have went elsewhere..

Review №29

I have never experienced pizza like topper's pizza before. If you want speedy and delicious service you come to topper's!!! Thanks for serving our City!!!

Review №30

The best pizza i've had in cincinnati. the flexible hours make it the best.

Review №31

Good pizza place. i live close to it and they are very fast favorite food!

Review №32

Incredible wait times! I've been here 45 minutes for a pizza and wings! My order said ready ten minutes ago yet no order!

Review №33

I deliver for door dash / Uber eats / GrubHub. Any time I have ever come to this location they have been very friendly, food is always correct and ready when expected! Definitely recommend!

Review №34

I really love toppers. Their hours are the most convenient for late night snacking! Prefect for me and my friends.

Review №35

Fast delivery & amazing specialty pizzas. The baked Mac and cheese slaps too.

Review №36

The beat pizza I've had in Clifton! always great and fast service. Yessir

Review №37

Love this place!!!! Staff is amazing and food is always fresh and order is always exactly the way its ordered.

Review №38

First off they took way too long for my delivery. Then when I called to check they said they were on their way, even more time went by. I called again, they said the driver called me and I didn't answer so they came back to the store, (mind you my boyfriend and his friend were standing outside waiting the whole time and did not see anyone stop or go by the house ) I told them I had no missed calls and they asked me if they wanted the driver to come back out with my food. I decided to try it it because friends said it was good. I was disappointed, It was soggy and they didn't offer a discount or anything. Never have I been here before now and probably won't again. We spent over $30 and it wasn't that great.Expected delivery: 114amActual delivery: 217am

Review №39

Great place to eat. quick and friendly service

Review №40

Food is bomb great variety ! Great delivery drivers ! Great cooks ! Decent price. !

Review №41

Nicely set up restaurant! The pizza smells delicious!

Review №42

Reminds me of pizza I used to eat in the North country. It's all fresh, I think they make their own sauce. If you looking for something different you can't go wrong at Toppers..

Review №43

Luv the pizza, the boom boom sauce on point and the desserts are kool.

Review №44

Shout out to John for great service and quality food

Review №45

Amazing pizza, great service, on time!! Would recommend to family and friends any day!!

Review №46

I actually like the food and service, excellent location nearby to my residence. The cashiers are always super friendly. Will come back again.

Review №47

My son order the boneless chicken and my daughter in law order the pizza with pineapples. Both was delicious

Review №48

I'm giving 1 star because 0 is not an option. Worst food ever. Ugh, I'm literally nauseous.

Review №49

Sometimes it's good.. sometimes it's o k....but hey it's open late..

Review №50

Love the people they are hard work and get their food out fast. 5/5.

Review №51

Didn't get pizza. And I've been waiting for 2 hours and have not heard a single thing. Just terrible service.

Review №52

Lived in Clifton for a long time but never tried it it was way better than I thought. I definitely will be ordering again!!!

Review №53

Im from Indiana ,they told me at 1122 it be 30-35 min at 1216am still no pizza. When I called after they said we only have one driver. I would not ever order from here again

Review №54

Good quality pizza and I'm getting it for free

Review №55

Good food best pizza good service

Review №56

I simply enjoyed their food. I always get fantastic customer service there. The place is well kept and the employees are always super nice. I highly recommend this place.

Review №57


Review №58

Great customer service! Awesome food!

Review №59

Are you staring at the wings weren'tvery crispy there more in the soggy side I'm assuming from being in the box possibly most likely and we caught her order in when we got there the only thing was a border with the wings not the pizza but I'm not a cry babywe just ordered the pizza when we got there and then we waited it out and just got done eating and it was pretty good

Review №60

My first time trying Toppers is when I moved to Cincinnati. The food is great & the service is fast.

Review №61

Great pizza and topper sticks. Very nice and personal workers (especially the blonde cashier named Sarah).

Review №62

Toppers is my ultimate favorite pizza place. Pizza is good, wings are banging and topper sticks have no competition.

Review №63

I ordered the original toppers cheese breadsticks through the Doordash app. Upon arrival, I opened the box and going only 3 of my breadsticks had cheese on them and it was cold. I wasn't too concerned with the temp because I can just pop it in the microwave. I contacted the restaurant and spoke with the manager John. Trying to get a replacement and give the restaurant a chance to redeem itself. The manager could care less about working this issue out and told me to file a complaint with door dash. The food was obviously made with no attention or care. I am starting to believe that some of these restaurants are taking advantage of how difficult it is to ask for a refund or exchange the meals when they are incorrect. They said if I didn't order through DoorDash they could have helped me and I found that to be unacceptable. Poor food is the restaurants responsibility not DoorDash.

Review №64

Best pizza place good service and amazing food

Review №65

Kitchen staff is great, counter staff needs to be more attentive to customers.

Review №66

Toppers has great pizza and the topper stix are my favorite! Always good late night food

Review №67

Very clean store, employees are nice.

Review №68

Over two hours & the pizza never came

Review №69

Great pizza and even better service! :)

Review №70

Great service, food, and prices!

Review №71

Great food. Fast deliveries.

Review №72

Honestly, they are so kind. really nice for a college eatery 10/10

Review №73

Ordered food at about 1:20am. Called at about 2:20am to check on the delivery and was told it was on the way. Tried calling back at 3am when nobody showed but they closed down and wouldn't answer the phone even though the hours posted said they closed at 3:30. So now I have no food and am out however much money the food was until I go and get a refund tomorrow when they open back up. Clearly their delivery drivers aren't in good shape since this isn't the first review stating the same

Review №74

Monkey bread was on point. Late night Fri

Review №75

Best pizza I've ever had

Review №76

I love toppers! My all time favorite pizza place.

Review №77

I just cancelled the last order I'll make here. They're never on time, the pizza is lukewarm when it gets here and they offer no apologies, let alone make it up to you. It's "okay" pizza at best and that's when you pick it up fresh yourself. Anywhere else is better.Reason; I ordered a single medium pizza at 703. I called at 758 and was told it was "on it's way out the door." 11 minutes later I called back to cancel. "Alright..........did you want anything else?" And an abrupt end. Fine. Incidentally, I've never tipped you kids less than 30%. You guys need to work on your business. It sucks.

Review №78

Toppers is the best late night Clifton bite! Open late and always great quality

Review №79

Excellent pizza.

Review №80

I love the loaded tatza pizza a favorite!

Review №81

I have eaten here many times and I love it. The service is always prompt and polite.

Review №82

Pizza was New York style, and great. If your a true NORTHERN, and getting a little homesick and want some great homestyle pizza get here NOW...

Review №83

They were not trying to minimize customers waiting inside at all.

Review №84

Friendly employees and great food!

Review №85

Wow I love toppers more than the 2019 best picture parasite

Review №86

Pizza taste great and the service is just as good!!

Review №87

Great pizza joint and one of my favorite late night go to's. Can't go wrong with the topper stix

Review №88

Love it here. It is a great late night snack!

Review №89

Toppers pizza in Cliton is the place to enjoy great pizza and service

Review №90

Toppers is awesome! Definitely my favorite restaurant in Clifton.

Review №91

Great pizza!

Review №92

Always great experience and amazing pizza. Love Toppers!

Review №93

Was wary of the many negative reviews, but took a chance and the food and service was top notch! Ordered carryout and was helped by a gentleman with braces who was extremely pleasant and polite. Made sure out order was correct before we left and I was very impressed with his energy and attitude, especially since he seemed to be the only one working there at the time. Would order from here again!

Review №94

Easily the best pizza place in cuf. Pepperoni stix always a good call.

Review №95

Ordered twice from here. Both times they made my food wrong. I simply asked for no bacon on it and i got extra bacon. Then when i called to talk to someone the lady hung up on me.

Review №96

Toppers has the best pizza I've ever tasted, dominos sucks

Review №97

Great pizza, fast service and delivery

Review №98

Good place for pizza and good deals !

Review №99

Delicious! Got to respect the self-awareness of a place that offers bacon tots mac & cheese pizza. Midwestern decadence at college student prices. Definitely worth trying it out.

Review №100

BEST food in town!! they are always professional and friendly!

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  • Address:345 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-475-9999
  • Caterer
  • American restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Chicken wings restaurant
  • Pizza delivery
  • Pizza Takeout
Working hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–3:30AM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–3:30AM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–3:30AM
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  • Friday:10:30AM–3:30AM
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  • Sunday:10:30AM–3:30AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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