Bob Evans
8057 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, United States

Review №1

We decided to order Bob Evans ' Thankgiving fully prepared meal this year. Everyone is still raving 2 days later. Everything was PERFECT. RIGHT ON TIME. Delicious, plentiful, and everyone is THANKFUL for Bob Evans on Montgomery Rd. We placed our order in advance, and we picked it up on Thanksgiving Day, at 1pm. It was actually still hot and ready to enjoy. They were extremely busy, however the staff was extremely pleasant and most kind. What a wonderful experience for our first Bob Evans ' meal. We are forever thankful and grateful to you all for your talents and kindness. The Fee Family.

Review №2

The food was delicious which was amazing that we decided to eat it at all. The servers were nice and wore masks. The cooking staff did not which I imagine was because of the heat. However the manager had to reminded by the servers-staff my daughter and myself over and over in the forty minutes that I was wear his mask. it was constantly under his chin. and he wouldn't respond immediately either..he'd just shrug.

Review №3

This is our family's truffle season so hit up Bob Evans for the first time in forever. Saturday at 6:15 for dinner was busy and our large party of ten had to wait 30 minutes in part because they were short shifted. Our waiter, Nate, was awesome and the food was good, too. Biscuits and apple butter are a tough combo to resist. If you haven't been in a while give it a try. Conveniently off expressway by Kenwood Town Center.

Review №4

Total disaster at Bob Evans Kenwood tonight (Thanksgiving). I placed an order for two dinners at about 1:30 pm, with a curbside pick up at 5:00 pm. I arrived at 5:00 pm and called the restaurant and gave my name. Whomever answered said they were running 15-20 minutes behind. I waited in my car for 20 minutes, and when no one came out with food or called I went into the restaurant. There were about 30 other people standing inside waiting for their meals. I asked someone (assistant manager?) about my meal, she took my name and started looking through a bunch of receipts randomly strewn about the counters. Other people were having the same problem. Around this time the Bob Evans employees stopped answering the phones (I heard one employee say something to the effect of "let them get their food somewhere else"). More people kept coming into the restaurant as the Bob Evans folks were not taking out curbside nor responding to phone calls. About 15 minutes later I spoke to the assistant manager again and she said she could not even find a record of my order. I showed her the email confirmation on my phone and she asked if I was at the right Bob Evans (yes...). I asked her to refund my money (I paid when I ordered) and she said she couldn't do that, I would have to "cancel" my order when I got home, which as far as I can tell I can't do. So that means tedious phone calls tomorrow trying to sort this out.Whoever manages this location needs to find a new job that does not require managerial skill.

Review №5

Bob Evans (Kenwood) Tried the Sunshine Skillet as well as the biscuits and gravy. Food was warm but not Hot. Service wasn't quick but not slow either. Person I was with had to send eggs back immediately because they were room temperature. Waitress replaced and was very friendly. Service itself was great.

Review №6

They were so unorganized. I placed my order last night for a small Thanksgiving meal. The meal was for my co-workers. Our lunch break is at 12. It was suppose to be ready at 11:45. I didnt get my food until 1:15. Food was good though. Tea was hot and not sweet at all.

Review №7

Just left Bob Evans in Kenwood, we had a really nice experience and our waiter was really fast with our order, Nathan if you see this I want you to know your one of the best waiters I've had. Great job. Wish I could've left a bigger tip.

Review №8

We ordered over a week ago a thanksgiving meal to serve 4-6 people since we are in the process of moving... this was to be picked up the day before Thanksgiving. When I got there the restaurant was an absolute disaster. They had like 30 people waiting for their food and they ran out of rolls. I was given biscuits...When I got all the food home there was barely enough to feed 2 people and the cranberry relish was absolutely just sugary syrup. Now I have no clue how I am supposed to feed 4 people for thanksgiving.What was supposed to make my life slightly less stressful has done the complete opposite. I am so disappointed and furious.

Review №9

The restaurant did not prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday or all of the pre-orders that they had for Thanksgiving meals. it was nearly 2 hours for a doordash order to be ready as the customer called me when they finally got it although I had canceled doing their order.totally unacceptable especially when they know how many orders they're going to have in at least the night before

Review №10

We ate in this location. Service was extremely slow. No one came to ask how our meal was or to see if our beverages needed refilled. I never received the Bisquits that were suppose to come with my meal. I asked for a meal to go and they put 4 fries in his order of chicken tenders and never gave us our drink . If you want to survive during covid times step it up!

Review №11

First off would like to share that when I started my order there was an option for delivery. After getting my order home I discovered that I was missing quite a few items that were essential for the meal, like syrup for pancakes and tarter sauce for fish, along with other items, as well as no plastic utensils. I don't live real close so returning was a big inconvenience. The gentleman I talked to said he'd pass my information to the manager and I could call back the following day. I asked if it would be possible for them to deliver the missing items. He said “we don't do delivery here.” I will now have to go up tomorrow to get my missing items as I did pay for them, but the meal was less than enjoyable without some of those items!

Review №12

Ate a breakfast at lunch time meet a new friend there had good service food didnt take long.was prepared well.I mean eggs are eggs but how i order is what i want.

Review №13

After ordering only 2 breakfast sandwiches one with cheese & one without they still managed to mess it up 3 times in the take out. Even the manager brought me the repaired sandwich on ICE COLD BREADthat was suppose to be toasted.. Sadly they weren't even busy.The best part of the ordeal was the coffee was great & the order taker was really y pleasant. I'm gonna just cook at home for now on. This pandemic makes places feel as if they dont have to put their BEST foot forward always & I just dont want to settle for anything anymore.

Review №14

Server went well beyond usual efforts to make my experience pleasant.

Review №15

Workers were arguing our server John was great. Food was taking long to get here. One lady was there an hour still didn't have food. Ours was ok. Cashier was really rude. Im thinking about never going back. Very bad experience.

Review №16

Good food, good service.My son loved his pig pancake.

Review №17

Food was good, waitress was slow, but they had cute stuff to buy on the way out

Review №18

Food was good. Servers were extremely friendly.

Review №19

Great food, great service, friendly staff and good social distancing in place

Review №20

Service was excellent. I ordered pancakes from the breakfast menu and also tried their cinnamon biscuits. Everything was delicious.

Review №21

Food was delicious. Service was great.

Review №22

Good food and service. Only negative: had to wipe food off the booth bench before sitting.

Review №23

Cozy home style menu. Love the salad station. Always fresh and lots to select from. Staff is always welcoming and friendly....regardless of which Bob Evens we go to. Great job Bob Evens staff! Thank you.

Review №24

The Turkey dinner is delicious.

Review №25

Nate is the BEST server we have EVER had at any restaurant!!! Because of him I give the restaurant 5 stars.

Review №26

Ordered 2 turkey dinners today picked up #478Got French fries instead of mashed potatoes turkey very salty was it brined?

Review №27

I went to the Kenwood location and my server Monica was amazing.

Review №28

Usually a pretty good place to eat however I just tried to place a carry-out order I was on hold for 15 minutes and actually drove to the store before they answered the phone to stand in line for another 10 minutes to be told that it was going to take them 40 minutes to make my carryout order and there was about 5 people sitting in the restaurant with about eight server standing around really doing nothing. So I waited 25 minutes to just walk out of the restaurant and pick somewhere else to eat

Review №29

Great food awsome service!

Review №30

Food was delicious. Waitress was very caring and friendly

Review №31

Food was good service was horrible over the phone and in person.

Review №32

I have been a customer of Bob Evans for many years. I enjoy home style good and think this is the best place to get it. The food is changing at the Bob Evans restaurantsIt isn't as good as it use to be. It doesn't taste home cooked. The portions are smaller. While I still will be a customer, I hope they will improve the food. The service is always great and the servers are always pleasant. One dish that needs to be improved is their turkey dinner. The turkey is always terrible. Hope things change I

Review №33

The food and service was good, as usual. Everyone was wearing masks and customers were seated away from each other.

Review №34

Hamburger looked completely uncooked through the inside. Uhg. I had it delivered so I couldn't have checked it beforehand.

Review №35

Great country fried steak and eggs

Review №36

Great service, always good food.

Review №37

Great food & great service

Review №38

Great service place seemed to be very clean

Review №39

I thought the tables could have been a little cleaner. Service was okay but the food was not as good as it usually is

Review №40

Had a great small breakfast on a snowy day! Plenty of regulars fo their. The waitress knew there names and orders, kinda made it feel like family.

Review №41

Food was ok but that Bannana bread was banging

Review №42

Terrible serviceThese ppl are RUDE and do not care. Some of them look to be on Drugs

Review №43

Since the family sold the business, the quality had gone down and the prices skyrocketed. It's no longer an affordable breakfast or dinner place. The food is nowhere near as good. The biscuits are smaller are are usually hockey pucks. It's just sad.

Review №44

Went to this location for breakfast. Ordered a hot chocolate for my son that tasted like water. After she checked on us ten minutes later we asked for a caramel mocha instead. It was watery as well and did not taste like coffee at all.Waited twenty minutes for food. Every time we order waffles it takes a long time. The restaurant was not busy. My eggs, which were scrambled and premixed, came out done except somehow there were raw egg whites attached to it.The waitress went to take it off my bill. I saw her discuss it with her manager. I never got my bill back. I went up to pay the manager checked me out. she said oh oh you were the problem with the eggs. She said I'm going to have to look into that because there shouldn't be any egg whites and are scrambled eggs because it's a premix. she had her opportunity to come look at my plate before that and she was completely apathetic.I tried to go to the bathroom before we left. The bathroom was so disgusting I had to walk back out. All the waitresses were standing around texting and talking. The cooks in the back we're doing the same. I will not be back.

Review №45

It's Bob Evans.....but the service was great!!!

Review №46

Disaster. Why are all Bob Evans so poorly run?

Review №47

Our server was Victoria (AKA-Tori). She is an A+++ when it comes to customer service! Her smile, caring personality, and sincerity made my day. We will definitely return again.

Review №48

This Bob Evans was on the same scale as any other Bob Evans. The structure has a familiar design and the inside is well maintained. The food was delicious, just as expected. The waitress I had was great but the woman who helped me cash out my ticket seemed to be annoyed she had to help me.Overall I'm sure I'll be back at some point.

Review №49

Good food.

Review №50

Clean, comfortable environment. Friendly staff.

Review №51

Friendly and fast. Took all precautions with Covid pandemic

Review №52

The everything breakfast was AMAZING

Review №53

Great comfort food. Wonderful environment. Friendly Staff. $$

Review №54

One of our favorite places to catch a meal. Great service. However, sooooo disappointed by the chicken salad and fresh fruit plate. The dish is already loaded with grapes, so why do we need to have the chicken salad loaded with them, too? By the time I flicked all of the grapes out of it, I had about a 1/4 cup or less of chicken salad left! Major bummer!

Review №55

Good food better service

Review №56

Good service, friendly waitress, decent food. Kinda pricey, though. Not a bad experience.

Review №57

If the Heath Department Reads Reviews here's a good one!If you happen to find yourself at this branch of Bob Evans, I just want to inform you and your safety that it is more then worth the drive to the next one!No only did Jon, our waiter not know what he was doing. Jason, The General Manager also had no idea what he was doing with customer service.We where served the WRONG plate of food, Jon took the plate back, put it on the heating rack and grabbed the proper plate.... To make the issue even more of an ISSUE! They then continued to serve that plate to another customer a few tables across from us.... That we had just poked through........As we address this situation with Jason he acted as if this some how is our fault that food is not prepared, cooked, or sought after in a healthy safe manner.I hope this sways individuals, and the Health department to think twice about this location.

Review №58

Good food

Review №59

Most always a good place for a good meal. Good for the kids. Have to be careful which one you go to though.

Review №60

Tasty food, good service, a little pricey

Review №61

Great comfort food, Great service

Review №62

Had tooo waite 20 mins to get an order of coleslaw and rolls one person said i will get right away and anuther person said no she will waite sooo i waited

Review №63

Always rasty.

Review №64

They don't look at what you write on the online form. I requested certain items that were ignored. Blue Ash Bob Evans is way better.

Review №65

Food is always good and usually the services to and today was no exception

Review №66

Just what I wanted for lunch a combo half sandwich and soup I had a great sandwich which was a pot roast beef sandwich and a bowl of vegetable soup that hit the spot

Review №67

Food was great and staff was very friendly even with the overwhelming amount of orders they were trying to get out at the time.

Review №68

I came here at like 7:40 in the morning and I ordered hash browns. They were raw though. I told Barbara, our waitress, my potatoes were raw. But she claimed they were cooked. I had my boyfriend taste them too. And he said they were also raw. Our waitress said they were cooked and asked if I wanted them extra brown. I said sure. The potatoes come back and they're still raw but just warmer. The waitress seemed very angry at me because I didn't specify that I wanted them more brown. Sorry I didn't specify that I wanted my potatoes cooked. I thought it was assumed. And she didn't refill our water.

Review №69

Wonderful tasting food. Almost like home.

Review №70

Great food cery clean

Review №71

Looking for the world's best comfort food breakfast and not counting calories, this is the only place to go! Food and service top notch, the only drag is usually a significant wait for a table.

Review №72

They have their moments when you can tell they're overwhelmed, but let's thing about that. That means they're doing something right. I would say 80% of the time you can expect everything to be perfect!!!

Review №73

Despite the wait, which we expected since it was late Sunday morning, we were seated pretty quickly. Our server was friendly and very accommodating and the food arrived quickly and perfectly prepared. Dining here is always a pleasure.

Review №74

Value priced quality good and excellent service!

Review №75

This Bob Evans used to be so wonderful. This is a pig sty. The manager and staff just stood and talked while all the tables needed to be cleaned. I counted 13 tables that had to be cleared. Food came out cold. This was a Thursday evening at 7:30. I think the board of health needs to shut them down!

Review №76

No flavor, mediocre service, I ordered my sausage well done and butterflied. Came out as neither. I took a bite and cut it up, she took it back to gave it recooked. Not brought out new sausage. First time I experiencing that. Worst Bob Evans I've been too

Review №77

Top-notch quality food, friendly staff.

Review №78

Comfort food and feel-good atmosphere, what more could you ask for? This location is clean, service is quick and friendly, and food is great. The location can be a little tricky getting in and out of depending on what direction you're going.

Review №79

Fast dine in service, friendly staff, eggs were a little skimpy but the good was nice and fresh.

Review №80

Good food,good prices, great service. Heidi, who was training Arianna, was attentive, prompt and friendly.

Review №81

Came here with the family for my first ever visit to Bob Evan's. I expected a generic Ihop/Dennys experience and was surprised with how good the service and food was! I ordered the biscuits and sausage gravy and was immediately transported back to my grandmother's kitchen, sitting in front of her homemade biscuits and thick delicious sausage gravy. I was in heaven! The bacon was crisp and well cooked without being burnt. My children ordered from the kids menu, and enjoyed their pancakes so much they were stuffed by the end of the meal! Knowing my kids it's hard to ever get them to sit and finish a meal! My husbands eggs were cooked perfectly (which IHOP can never do right), along with the rest of his huge meal. The restaurant was clean, quiet, and warm. Our food was served promptly, and our server was friendly and attentive. For the quality of this meal I would have paid double what we paid, which was less than half of IHOP's price even with kids eating free! Do yourself a favor and try this location for good food and friendly service!

Review №82

I've only eaten at Bob Evans a few times. My wife and I dined this time with our two children and had a great experience. Service was very friendly and fast. The food was hot. I was especially impressed by the sirloin on the steak and eggs platter. It was quite tender and well seasoned. The biscuits are probably some of the best we've had in a while: soft and buttery. We'll definitely return.

Review №83

With a party of 10, I must say we had the most diligent and helpful server. Will go again if only to enjoy the service.

Review №84

Great service and food in an un-rushed environment. Very nice!

Review №85

They are always friendly and the food always tastes great!

Review №86

The service was greatThe food was cooked to order. The atomosphere was pleasant. It was clean.

Review №87

Had a drink before my coat was off and my order was taken right away. Over-easy eggs were perfect and service was attentive and prompt.

Review №88

Food was good it arrived quickly and the waitress was excellent she even told us about a coupon on their website

Review №89

Service was good but it took me 40 minutes to get my food and it was sent back cause everything was cold..then it took another 16 minutes to get my meal back..i had to ask for clean spoon an a refill for my coffee.. Told the person ringing up my meal about it an speak to mgr that was standing there an she never told the mgr..disappointed..Got severe food poisoning at the northern KY. Location..the sausage was rotten..sick for 6 days..

Review №90

Great food and great service

Review №91

Service was great our server was kind and helpful she even gave us a coupon for 15% off and the steak was cooked perfectly

Review №92

This location was overwhelmed with Thanksgiving orders and it clearly showed in how phone calls were handled and even when in person. I waited over 30 minutes on the phone for cooking instructions for the Turkey breast because it was not included with the original order. Overall, I was not satisfied with the order or the experience with customer service and will most likely not patronize this location again.

Review №93

Server was wonderful. Kitchen sucked. Management sucks. Corporate has cut labor to the point where whole experience sucks.

Review №94

Service and the food was bad

Review №95

Found myself eating at Bob Evans on Thanksgiving Day.... I was pleasantly surprised just how good it was. Way to go Bob Evans

Review №96

A great inexpensive place!

Review №97

Barb & Jim were so Great! Jim made my own tea concoction for my cold! Barb, the waitress gave me grandmotherly love. Even the cook came out to tell us bye!!

Review №98

Had the pot roast with fresh diced onions, carrots and mashed potatoes, all very good. Picked up delicious lemon bars on the way out that were on sale. The service was excellent.

Review №99

Great Southern Breakfasts! The grits are great, but the fried mush is awsome!! Lunch & dinner served as well......

Review №100

Very good and very friendly ppl

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