Dianes Restaurant
1951 Anderson Ferry Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States

Review №1

Fabulous,best family style restaurant.Good food, great service. Will visit here again when I'm back in this area again.Thank you "Diane's Restaurant" for a wonderful experience.

Review №2

Consistently good food and hands down the BEST service I've experienced in a while! This is a family owned restaurant offering a good classic breakfast! The dining room is clean and spacious. Chocolate chip cookies are just like the ones my mom used to make and only 0.50!!!

Review №3

Old people know what's up.Quite, great decor, staff are helpful but respect your space, good view from the window.The dinner meals are FANTASTIC. Salmon, steak, liver and onions. Great cooks. And old people REALLY like to dine there.Dress up a bit, but a suit isn't needed

Review №4

Always have a wonderful dinner at Diane's never had a bad meal and the wait staff is excellent

Review №5

Always a delicious meal at this family-owned restaurant.

Review №6

They actually don't open until 830 7 days a week.Food is great. Highly recommend as an alternative to IHOP or Bob Evans.

Review №7

Everyone was so nice and helpful made us all feel at home.

Review №8

My dad and I love Diane's. Every time he's on this side of town we always stop in and enjoy friendly faces and some delicious home cooked meals.

Review №9

We had a wonderful lunch. We will be back.

Review №10

Great food, great service. Meatloaf was very delicious. However not long ago when I had stopped in there was a younger gentlemen (whom I assume was a manager based off his attire) working the register that seemed to be drunk.. maybe I am wrong and he was just tired but I am unsure as he had slurred speech, very low eyes, and was not fully there. I hope to be wrong as this seems like it would be a wonderful restaurant to bring my family to it otherwise..

Review №11

Ordered chicken wings. They were ice cold! I use to really like this place but like most places they have went down hill.

Review №12

Happy friendly place with good food. Support your local businesses they depend on YOU!

Review №13

The ladies working were friendly the meal was made to perfection. Thank you for a great dining experience.

Review №14

The food is great! Service is great! They bend over backwards to make you satisfied!

Review №15

Fast service, nice staff, burger was a little bland, but all in all a good meal

Review №16

Great food and excellent service at a low price.

Review №17

Great food... Great service... Will be back

Review №18

Really enjoyed lunch. Food was very good. Everyone super friendly. Made us feel very much at home.

Review №19

Great food....nice atmosphere... excellent service... reasonable pricing...will definitely be returning

Review №20

I very seldom leave reviews or take surveys. I usually have better things to do with my time. However, I was very impressed with the burgers and Rubens from Diane's. This is my first time eating here. My hamburger was real meat, cooked well done but not overcooked and the tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles were fresh. My son's Ruben was par excellence, and with his Autism he is very picky about his food. At first I was little thrown by the decor, but pleasantly surprised by the food.

Review №21

Excellent customer service and food was great!!

Review №22

Meatloaf... I crave it. That is a fantastic recipe and never change it.

Review №23

The friendly greeting we received when we entered started the dining experience off right. The Philly cheesesteak may not have been made in traditional fashion but it had nice tender thinly sliced steak and the banana peppers were a welcome addition. The price was also good for the amount of food served.

Review №24

They love there customers .they are very polite

Review №25

The neal was great. The precautions they are taking made us feel very comfortable. Thanks everyone.

Review №26

Beautiful and delicious meatloaf was great

Review №27

I am sorry for your actions,please forward my memo to the correct section of googleIt was meant for.....thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Philip

Review №28

So, I was sorely disappointed based on my expectations from the other reviews. Started off with the cheese sticks that were undercooked and bland, with fast food marinara sauce containers like at white castle. The salad was the only thing that didn't taste like it came from a freezer or a can and heated in a microwave. The SantaCruz croissant was 2 slices of deli turkey on a Kroger croissant, with a pile of bean sprouts that smelled like lawn clippings. Did have a handful of sliced almonds in it, so that was nice. The country fried steak was reminiscent of elementary school cafeteria food, replete with green beans and corn fresh from the can. The mashed potato just tasted off.While pleasant, the waitress decided to vacuum the store while dinner was being served, and locking the doors before the closing time which definitely put a cherry on top of the ambiance. I have no idea what "fresh"ingredients people are talking about.

Review №29

Staff is lovely. Very attentive. Food was great. Fresh food is rare. So many restaurants choose frozen. I understand convenience but something gets lost in all of that convenience. Prices were very reasonable considering the quality and amount. My family will definitely return.

Review №30

Great food. Prices were reasonable and a very extensive menu. The server attended to our every need.

Review №31

Very good food and service just wish they get different vegetables for sides

Review №32

Great homemade food at reasonable prices and excellent service!

Review №33

The food is always excellent and quality is great also. It is like good home cooking! The owners and staff go above and beyond.

Review №34

Clean kitchen award every year!Nice people, good food.Get the sausage,egg and cheese croissant with fruit for breakfast!!!!

Review №35

Fantastic friendly staff, delicious food, and comfortable place to eat. Best steak fries ever .... Seriously, don't even bother with the steak fries from the other guys.

Review №36

Good food. Very nice atmosphere. I always have the Guetta. This is where I go when I visit from Georgia.

Review №37

This place gets the Clean Restaurant award every year for a reason. Food is great, service is great and atmosphere is wonderful. Love the hidden booth. Its my fav. A little pricey but it's because it takes money to maintain this quality

Review №38

Food was delicious. All made on -site. Everything served at correct temperature. Very inviting. Owner was very friendly.

Review №39

Enjoyed the chicken fried steak special. Very good. Very clean restaurant, nicely decorated. Courteous staff. Recommend!

Review №40

Very good hand-crafted meals provided by a terrific staff. Always friendly and leave me satisfied and smiling. Not to mention the great food always provided with high quality and care. A bargain price for a great home style meal and restaurant feel. One employee was the apple of my eye that day he came out of the kitchen, and served me hand and foot. I believe his name was Aaron if my memory serves me correctly. Great people, great restaurant, and even greater employees. 4/5

Review №41

Nice people working there. Our waitress kept the coffee coming,and the goetta omelet was delicious!

Review №42

Great service and Homestyle Cooking

Review №43

Very nice, awesome soup. We split a ruben. The fries were yummy.

Review №44

The owners have always been great to my family. We have two young boys and they treat us like family. Gone many times and plan to go many more. Great food and great service

Review №45

I had higher expectations with the reviews I saw going into the place. The staff was not very attentive at all despite us being the only ones there. The food looked great when it came out and the sides shined through while the entrees, which are supposed to be the best sellers there by the way, were totally overcooked. The meatloaf was very dry and the burger was supposed to be medium but came out well done, albeit the burger still tasted decent and fresh. We came at a shift change and with the new girl we saw her once and had to find her when we were done to pay. I made sure to let her know to give the cook a heads up that the meats were overdone and didn't ask for anything in return. Very disappointing experience for us unfortunately as we had high hopes.

Review №46

Delicious food!! Excellent customer service !!

Review №47

Wonderful dining, excellent food and fast service.

Review №48

I honestly wanted to give this place a good review, but we couldn't even eat our meals due to poor quality meat. And way overpriced. Sorry dianes

Review №49

Lovely local spot. The food is generous portions, and very flavorful. Pictures just dint convey how tasty it really is. Friendly service. Clean environment.

Review №50

Diane's restaurant is a local west side place that is owned by Diane and Alan who will personally great you as a customer. They are gracious and down to earth. Food such as the meatloaf and tuna melt is very tasty, well prepared along with large portions. Food is very home cool meal oriented. Menu is inexpensive with the value being fantastic. Service is prompt, friendly and personable. Highly recommend you try this place out.

Review №51

Friendly service, hamburger overcooked, but ok, chicken tenders good, fries ok.

Review №52

This is an amazing restaurant. The food and service are amazing, and they even won the Cleanest Kitchen Award 6 years in a row. I also really like the elegant atmosphere.

Review №53

First time there and was a great experience. Food was fresh and serves was fast. Will definitely be going back.

Review №54

Nice restaurant, decent food and friendly service. I had the Smothered chicken, a chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and onions with mozzarella served over wild rice (or baked potato) and with a toss salad. Felt the salad was a bit lacking, small salad with a slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato. Served with croutons that were very good and seemed fresh made. Lots of rice, easily feed 2, with a small chicken breast, thinking about 4 oz of chicken, a few mushrooms and onions and topped with cheese. Wouldn't exactly consider it smothered. Served with a dinner roll for $9.95. My wife had the daily special BBQ ribs with baked potato, salad and roll for $13.95. She thought the ribs were prepared well and enjoyed them. Service was very good and the owner came out to check on us. It didn't seem to be busy on a Sunday night at 6 p.m. The menu had several 'homemade' type foods including meatloaf, pot roast, liver and onions and more. They also had burgers, salads, wings along with other sandwiches. Breakfast menu options looked good, wish they served it all day. I had a Groupon that saved a few bucks. I'll give them another try the next time I'm on the Westside but I'll skip the Smothered chicken. Give Diane's a try.

Review №55

Delicious fresh meals with generous portions! Nice comfortable atmosphere.

Review №56

Very cozy, the owners are friendly and good people and they take good care of my dad, they make his meals especially made for him, satisfied customer

Review №57

Family friendly style. Good bacon cheese burger and chicken/fruit salad plate. Nice value and nice owners/ servers.

Review №58

Always a good meal simple fair good service

Review №59

Nice family style restaurant! Enjoyed lunch with my family.

Review №60

The decor is a little outdated. The employees were very friendly and provided good service. Food was good. We all got hamburgers, good size and fresh toppings. I had the onion rings, very crisp and tasty. It's a local restaurant and it's worth a try if you are in the area.

Review №61

Decent food. Great service.

Review №62

Wonderful owners, good food, reasonable prices.

Review №63

Clean, pleasant environment. Courteous staff. Delicious, well-portioned food, cooked to perfection. Fair price for excellent service!

Review №64

Great customer service and the best grilled cheese ever!

Review №65

I love Diane's. The food is very good. I've never had a bad meal. The server's are nice.

Review №66

My wife and I went for the first time today. It was Sunday, at 1 pm. They were busy. This did not affect the excellent service. Staff were amazing. Food was great for fair prices. Good specials. This will not be the last time we go.This is a real find. Please check them out.

Review №67

Awesome food and great service

Review №68

Diane's is a West Side staple. Great place for comfort food. I particularly enjoy the hamburger and the generous portion of steak fries. Plus, Alan and Diane, the owners, are genuinely nice people who care about their customers.

Review №69

The pot roast was so tender

Review №70

First time, good food and service. Nice atmosphere

Review №71

So friendly. Staff is polite. Food is great and usually comes out in a timely manner. Prices are decent too.

Review №72

Extremely good food. Fast friendly service. Great prices.

Review №73

A great place for a home cooked meal.

Review №74

It is a very nice restaurant. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The food tastes like it was made at home. Definitely going back.

Review №75

The staff here are awesome. My little girl hurt herself on accident. They stepped up and helped as best they could. Brought us first aid and gave her a cookie to make her feel better.

Review №76

First time there food was good ,all the employees were excellent friendly , very relaxing atmosphere, prices were very reasonable. Clean . Thanks y'all for a very nice evening

Review №77

Not very good for the price. I wanted to like it better than Bob Evans but it's not even close

Review №78

Excellent service! Very good diner style menu and food! We will definitely return!

Review №79

The owners and staff are very kind and the food is excellent! Love going there after church on Sunday. Pancakes are light and fluffy! Yum...

Review №80

There liver and onions are.great

Review №81

Very family friendly. Super nice staff , with a very satisfying menu.

Review №82

First visit...breakfast...great tasting, friendly waitress, host were kind...will return

Review №83

I love Diane's. Always good food, beautiful clean atmosphere. I especially like breakfast there. They have the best hash browns.

Review №84

Family owned. Good food. Great service. Clean kitchen!

Review №85

Great food and service

Review №86

Good comfort food with a friendly staff. Breakfast is their best choice here. Eat the dinners if you are hungry and not expecting top quality meats. I've had their dinners a few times and I'm convinced it comes from Stouffers frozen meal selection. Then they will add some canned veggies and a fresh side salad to the meal. If you get mashed potatoes, it is most likely instant variety. It is good food but I wish they would dress it up a bit to add to the presentation. The food portions are perfect and the meals are brought out in a timely manner. I'd give it a 2 for dinners and 5 for breakfast if I were to sub-divide the score.

Review №87

Best taco salad around!

Review №88

Love, love, love, this little gem of a restaurant! Our very first visit today. We had breakfast and everything was cooked to perfection. We were surprised by the elegance of the interior. I think we were expecting more of a checkered table cloth kind of atmosphere, as we read the menu online before going. Wow! The ambience paired with the home cooked food is absolutely delightful. I am looking forward to our next visit and can't wait to enjoy dinner.

Review №89

Local family restaurant. The seasonal fruit salad is so fresh with a choice of chicken or tuna salad. The owner checks on the customers to make sure they are happy. Never had a bad meal.

Review №90

I love this restaurant! Prices are reasonable, food is amazing, AND the coffee is good!Quiet little restaurant with pleasant atmosphere and family friendly staff.Plus, they serve the rarest of breakfast foods: Goetta!

Review №91

Great food and service

Review №92

What a wonderful little place. Very homey and the food was delicious! We stopped there while we were out for my 60th birthday and it made my day. Diane herself came and talked to us for quit a while and then gave me some wonderful muffins for my special day. Thanks to Diane and her staff for making our dinner so special!

Review №93

Loved the breakfast, service is friendly and fast

Review №94

Diane's is a local, family owned restaurant. I meet a friend there for breakfast twice a month. Food is no frills, but good. Service is very good. Owners are nice people too.

Review №95

A pleasant, family--run restaurant specializing in comfort food. I had the country-fried steak, mashed potatoes and cut corn. The food was good, and the service was very good

Review №96

Great food. Prompt service.

Review №97

Service and food are excellent! Owner greets you at the door, makes you feel like family.

Review №98

We have come to Dianes a couple of times and the service and food is usually fantastic. However, our last visit left us quite disappointed. Our server was a younger red headed girl who was very inattentive to my husband and I and it was not a very busy night. Our drinks were not refilled and she simply did not provide the friendly service we have received at our past visits and our food was cold by the time we received it. It was upsetting because during our past experiences everything was beyond expectation. We will give it another shot in hopes of better service next time.

Review №99

Excellent food with great variety and choices! The wait staff is very friendly, location is good and atmosphere warm and inviting. Best deserts in town too !

Review №100

Wonderful food, nice and hot. Plenty to eat and I would highly recommend it!!

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:1951 Anderson Ferry Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-451-6500
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Braille menu:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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