Mortons The Steakhouse
441 Vine St Suite 1H, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Review №1

Great meal and service, I thought everything was cooked perfectly and came out relatively fast. This would be considered fine dining in my book and business casual attire is recommended. Prices do reflect in quality of food so prepare to pay a little more.....but worth it in my opinion!

Review №2

Morton's always delivers a fantastic dining experience. The food is incredible and the service is top notch. We love celebrating our anniversary there and Morton's always makes it memorable with a custom menu and complimentary dessert. I got the 24oz porterhouse and it was perfectly cooked. Everything on the menu is great! And the view of fountain square is the cherry on top!

Review №3

Morton's is awesome! We have that "other" Steakhouse in town but Morton's exceeds expectations. The service was tremendous, the food was prepared perfectly. Social distancing was observed with style. You felt like you were having a private dining experience. I had forgotten how great the Fountain Square view was from table. You are missing an outstanding dining experience if you don't try Morton's. The name says it all, "Morton's, THE STEAKHOUSE" in Cincinnati!

Review №4

Beautiful setting and great food. Everyone followed safety guidelines and it still flowed nicely. They had a great surf and truf for two and was not disappointed ♡. Moscow Mule was cold and balanced.

Review №5

So let me first say that while I am writing this review I am currently in the middle of dinner. I ordered the 12oz. New York strip steak medium rare and it is the best steak I've ever had!! I love my meal so much. My waiter is so sweet . And even offered a drink which I LOVE BY THE WAY!!! I highly recommend coming here for dinner! I came on a date night with my boyfriend and he got a burger which is HUGE and he loves his meal as well.

Review №6

Very delicious. The service was very friendly and attentive. This place has a cool atmosphere.

Review №7

First time there and we were impressed!They had a dinner for 2 special. We ordered the 6 oz filet with out choice of lobster tail! Delicious! It came with a salad and side dish, plus a dessert. Everything was really delicious! Even the Melbac wine to boot!

Review №8

The manager (John) at the entrance treated my boyfriend and I so badly. They didn't even allow me to enter with him and said it was because of social distancing although we had our masks on. I was appalled by how they treated us. We felt so disrespected and yet they didn't treat their other guests that way. When he called and emailed the manager about the experience he was ignored each time. We will never go there again. They are definitely not a restaurant that people of color should support, at least not the Cincinnati location.

Review №9

Service is outstanding. Atmosphere is great. Food was very good. A little on the noisy side by the kitchen.

Review №10

Visited Mortons Steakhouse for the first time dining maybe 9 years ago. Although in June 2020 I had a issue with the manager named John being very vague on why he didnt want to serve me after I'd already booked on the phone impromptu arriving. I'm a resident of the business district; not to mention I'm colored and I have a long list of transactions from the establishment. Not to mention I'd visited for my anniversary when I was told he could not seat me and the place at the location downtown cincy at the time it is empty(not a customer in sight.) Booked ahead...I was going to order the lobster, filet mignon maybe bone in ribeye cooked medium well instead instead of delivery.I usually dont come when John is there but this time John C. which is what the bartender told me his name and said she have issues with him also. She a bit older so I trust her words. Discriminated against me as a long time customer terrible. This is a respectable place in the Landrys group. Can't believe they'd allow it.Tried to ask why did not want to answer. I'd dressed very nice dress shoes matching. Totally confused...Thank you for your time and consideration!

Review №11

Great service, food was tasty and timely. Lobster special was presented beautifully, burger cooked medium as requested and steak done Pittsburg style

Review №12

Service was great. My wife had the chicken Christopher which was nicely cooked but cool to the touch like it had been either sitting somewhere waiting for awhile. I had the Bone-in-Ribeye which was Charred like someone lost control on the grill. Unhappy about that because the steak was quite nice once I cut all the char off the meat. Lost alot of the steak from cutting all the char off the top and bottom. Plus not sure if it's a practice letting your food get cold before serving you. But I thought I was paying for a hot meal. Sides also Luke warm. I think for the money spent Morton's need to offer a better service. Just feeling like I did not have a great food experience. Especially for the price.

Review №13

I love this place always quality food & service. Really nothing but good experiences here. This place has a great feel to it.

Review №14

Excellent. What to be expected. Food and service were excellent. Special attention paid to our 18 month old was much appreciated. THANK YOU MORTON'S

Review №15

Be aware-- if you order directly through them for delivery-- they will keep the tip. Had my driver check to make sure they got my tip-- and their app showed they received 0 of my $20 tip. Shady practice... guess in the future I'll have to order directly from Doordash.

Review №16

Very tasty!! A little pricey but excellent customer service!

Review №17

Excellent food! Really poor service. So disappointed in our server.

Review №18

Visited fri evening i think. feeling here is similar to a cafe in san jose i liked.

Review №19

Good place to catch up with friends. This place has a nice atmosphere.

Review №20

As soon as we walked in the front door the whole restaurant smelled like a dirty diaper. The food was decent wasn't the greatest steak but the service was awful! We was literally the only people in the whole restaurant on Father's Day and went went without a drink and without seeing a waiter or waitress for about 5-10 minutes several times when there was no one else in the restaurant! Would not go back, was the worst experience I've had at a steak house

Review №21

One of my favorite steakhouse! Good, no excellent service! Prime quality food! Worth the money! And a great view of fountain square if your lucky enough to get the seating!

Review №22

This steakhouse is my absolute favorite! From the service, to the atmosphere; you cannot go wrong when dining at Morton's.My husband and I try to make it to this steakhouse every Valentine's Day, if not at least once a year. We typically dine with Kelly M., but I am not 100% sure that she still works at this location. The service is unequivocally impeccable, as is the food.We normally get at least one crab cake, as well as a one of the chilled ocean platters for our appetizers and when I say you cannot go wrong with one and/both of these; I thoroughly mean it. When it comes to dinner, I generally stick with the 8oz filet (Oscar style) and my husband gets the 24oz Porterhouse. You honestly cannot go wrong with any of the cuts of steak that this steakhouse offers.This restaurant is absolutely amazing, and it is worth every single penny spent.

Review №23

Very memorable experience for my Nest Friend and I. May I recommend the meatball appetizer!

Review №24

Food was excellent and best server we have ever encountered!

Review №25

The food and service were beyond our expectations. We really loved the ambience of this place. Wonderful restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Review №26

Went here on Valentine's Day from out of town. We had an amazing meal. Amazing service and a wonderful evening in Cincinnati. The food was great, service was perfect and manager attentive to all our needs. This is really a five star and worth every penny.

Review №27

Wonderful experience, great food drinks and service. Will definitely be returning!

Review №28

Morton's The Steakhouse went above and beyond for us tonight! Everyone from the ladies at the check-in, to the Manager, to the serving staff, to the incredible chefs and cooks and not to mention our phenomenal waiter Rhen. They all made sure that we were taken care of tonight, especially my brother who is handicap, anything we needed they took care of it for us. The food was simply divine from the drinks and appetizers to the main dish and dessert everything was scrumptious! What a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner with my family at a very spectacular restaurant! I highly recommended Morton's and if there was a way to give them 10 stars I would!!

Review №29

Food and staff were great. We were there for a banquet for GM. Great night! Enjoyed downtown Cincy too.

Review №30

Good food. A little pricy but great for special occasions

Review №31

This site is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I I need a special dinner, this place comes right away to my head. splendid and all kinds of food and a large list of dishes.professional crew, and pleasant vibes. Also, the expence is reasonable. I recommend this place with no doubt.

Review №32

We arrived early and were seated promptly, and then it was all downhill from there. The server took forever to bring us 3 non alcoholic beverages. My husband and I ordered the filet mignon and the New York Strip, charred for flavor would be an understatement. The lobster mac and cheese was terrible... a very sweet taste? It took us approximately 15 minutes to get the dessert that we ordered to go at this point along with the check. This was a very unfortunate experience that I wish couldve been better. We hoped for the best but was extremely disappointed and won't be back nor will we reccomend this place.

Review №33

The staff was very attentive and friendly. The food was prepared perfectly to order and delicious! We received a complimentary dessert for celebrating our Anniversary and my birthday! We will be back for sure!!

Review №34

Amazing steak, world class. Sides are big enough to feed 3-4 people. Didn't try any wine, but the salmon was amazing as well. As a fan of expensive steakhouses, Morton's was definitely worth the cost. It is pricey, but you also pay for your quality and it was well deserved. Waiter was an amazing person, and the square outside had love entertainment which was easy to see and not distracting.

Review №35

We walked in and expected a high end meal with top notch steaks and had one of the most letdown experiences in the food . The steak/fillet had little to no taste , was burnt to a crisp around the edges , the sides were just very average and the service was less than ideal . Would not recommend at all .

Review №36

The service was great. The server was very knowledgeable about the food and very kind. The food was great. I would definitely come back.

Review №37

Absolutely amazing food. Amazing service. However, our entire night was ruined when we had to watch this bully of a manager belittle the bussers and wait staff out in the open. Intentionally gesticulating in order to make a scene... Chewing out a waiter (in front of all the customers) for not having the bus boy clean up fast enough.Joe (I found out your name from a waiter), you are a sorry example of a leader and a professional. You don't look tough, your restaurant doesn't look good, and you are actually a blemish on the establishment.My 5-star night turned into a 1-star night because of King Joe.

Review №38

Pricey, but the food and service were excellent!

Review №39

This site is my favorite place. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. Whenever I feel like having a superb lunch, this place comes straight to my head. good and all sorts of food and a rich cuisine.trained crew, and agreeable vibes. Not less important, the bill is good. I sent my friends to this spot with no hesitation.

Review №40

Food is always excellent. The Wagyu was great! Gouda and bacon potatoes were soooo good. May have just risen to my favorite side.The manager was amazing and the server was great. On a silly note, it was both our birthdays and most places won't let us get our free desserts at the same time. They did. Just one of many little things that add up to really feeling taken care of.

Review №41

Chocolate souffle not that great, not enough chocolate. Coffee too strong. Everything else, fantastic. Great service, great food. Chocolate mousse fantastic. Steak and shrimp fabulous.

Review №42

What a great place for a special occasion. Food was great and view over the Christmas tree on Fountain Square was beautiful. Service was top notch.

Review №43

We had a wonderful dining experience last night for my birthday celebration dinner. Our server Gareth was excellent, very knowledgeable about the food and totally attentive to our dining needs. The food was excellent, the Steaks (5 different cuts ) were all excellent. All of the side we chose were top notch. I have to mention the drinks, the best dirty martinis ever. Morton's made every aspect of our evening special . Thank you all.

Review №44

Dinner and the service were fantastic. My only regret is it took me so long before I went there for the first time.

Review №45

Ambiance: this place is on the smaller size so if you don't do a reservation you may need to wait. There is a small bench to sit but I suspect people end up standing because only about 5 people can fit on it. Right next to the door is the daily specials so check that out too. The day we went it was veal meatballs and risotto. More on that below.

Review №46

First off, most of the food ordered was fine. The issue was that it was underwhelming for what should be considered a fine dining establishment. I've been to other fine dining restaurants with comparable menu costs in other cities and this is what mainly drove my 2-star rating. This experience just didn't live up to a comparable menu at other similar type restaurants. The service was also below average as far as the table service was concerned. The waitress didn't go off script very well when asked questions. Also the buss servers cleaned the few crumbs off the table cloth from our table while we were still eating. It made us feel rushed so that they could seat the next party, even though the restaurant wasn't busy yet. We drove over 90 minutes for our holiday meal and left feeling disappointed that we didn't go to a different establishment.

Review №47

My first time and most likely last time was on 12/31/2019. I was expecting exceptional service given Morton's reputation but walked away highly disappointed. Slow and forgetful service. Forgot our bread, left us with empty wine glasses and bottle. Server walked past 3x without seeing if we needed anything. Waited 20 to 30 min on a simple desert. Not to mention a dirty dining area behind our both. No thanks when your spending hundreds of dollars. Then trying to add to our expense selling a Landrys rewards program. Plenty of other choices like Ruby's or Ruth's to spend that type of money.Update: On 1/13/2020 I spoke with a manager who reached out to me to ask about our Morton's experience. There was no attempt to get me to come back or make it right. A whole lot of thanks but no thanks. Save your money and go to a Ruby's or Walt's if your want a great steak and dining experience.

Review №48

Two words:"Superiorily Elegant"! An amazing esprit for the eyes and ears, as well as the palette. Fine dining like we had in Cincinnati in the early times.

Review №49

Very experienced but great food and service!

Review №50

Great dinner. Wonderful service.

Review №51

Mom's pre-birthday celebration

Review №52

The menu and service were beyond our expectations. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. First-rate spot to take the family out for dinner.

Review №53

Today's our four year anniversary. We were so Blessed to celebrate at Morton's. The staff greeted my husband and I with Happy Anniversary. Took our picture. Our server Rob was excellent. He made sure our night was perfect. He's very experienced with menu selections. Attentive. Respectful. Thank you Morton's. A very THANK YOU Rob

Review №54

My beautiful wife and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary at Morton's Steakhouse.When we made reservations we acknowledged to them our celebration of 37 years.When we got to Morton's we were greeted with a very sincere Happy Anniversary from the host all the way down to the water server. That was very sweet. They then has us pose for a complimentary photo which the brought out in a soft sided frame.Charles, our waiter, was excellent. He explained our options very clearly and took his time to ensure we got it right.We started with their signature Manhattan.It was very good. An excellent way to start the night.We decided on there 49.00 three course meal.There are many options on this menu.We both decided on the 8 ounce filet mignon cooked medium rare. I choose the caeser salad and my wife decided upon the wedge salad.Our vegetables were asparagus with balsamic and the brussel sprouts.Everything came out tasting delicious. I am not the biggest fan of balsamic so if I could do it over I would have had them served without.We shared 1 desert, the Carmel covered cheese cake. That was sinfully delicious.Charles was able to box up our other desert, the carrot cake, and we took that home. My wife had a little taste of that and she also loves it.We had personalized menus which we took home as a keep sake of the night along with our photo.All in all it was an anniversary dinner we won't soon forget. Thanks to all.

Review №55

I had dinner with my special friend. This was his first time there, but I have been there a couple other times and we were celebrating my birthday even though my birthday was in October. But with so many things going on. We finally had a chance to get together and celebrate my birthday. The meal was delicious and service was great. I had the porkchop and he had the filet mignon. He had the Manhattan with the steak as a garnish in the drink, which was interesting twist, but it was good.

Review №56

Service is horrible. Had to wait over 15 minutes for a drink. The bread was cooking. Never asked if I needed another drink. For the price..i expect impeccable service. Jeff Ruby's on Friday blew this place away.

Review №57

Exceptional spot to have some food when in a hurry. Their customer service is prompt, pricing is reasonable, awesome mood. Keep up the good work

Review №58

We go about 3 to 4 times a year - Always have a good time - Great steaks & food - Always great service

Review №59

My 2nd wedding anniversary was amazing! Max you are so kind for helping us make memories and helping with the wonderful menu. Our steak was perfectly cooked. The drinks were excellent. Thank you all. We love downtown Cincys location too

Review №60

This place obviously knows how to serve their clients. Constantly with a friendly mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly flavorful and neat.

Review №61

Absolutely horrible experience. The food is subpar. The only positive was our waiter, he was extremely professional. The worst steak I've ever had.

Review №62

We will definitely be back!! Food was so good! Service was flawless (Rhen) and made our night special. Ambience was romantic and made for a perfect anniversary date.

Review №63

Great food. Period

Review №64

At the moment you step in this place the personel give you a good feeling. Very warm crew, it is a lovely restaurant to go out with friends or with your date. very good meals, specialist chef de cuisine, honest price and courteous service. Highly recommended.

Review №65

This spot never disappoints. They serve great food for reasonable rates, there are no long waits even when the spot is packed.

Review №66

Second time in 10 days that I have visited this place. Second time I was extremely disappointed. Steaks are not flavorful, over cooked both times, lobster was tough and veggies were lacking anything memorable. I suggest going to Jack Ruby's.7/23/19 update-Contact by the GM. Clearly reaching out and going through his corporate follow up checklist. Customer experience recovery efforts were as tough as the steak.

Review №67

Great food, great service.

Review №68

Shout out to Charles for the astonishing service. Service from all was amazing. The salmon was cooked to perfection exhibiting a mouthwatering taste to perfection. Please to announce the newest Landry's Select Club members!! Shouting in excitement!!!

Review №69

Great food, nice service.

Review №70

I know is not a good place for vegetarians but they could have more options other than sides. The bread, baked potato and broccoli were really good. And my friend said his Salmon was good too. White Sangria and Moscow Mule were delicious.

Review №71

Incredible steaks and martinis!

Review №72

Lovely atmosphere very nice staff, had the pleasure of being waited on by Brett in the bar area

Review №73

Not much to say except I expected more. For what we paid, I felt like the server was great (It was Christmas Day and crazy busy so understandably slow) but my review is just based off the food. The food was fine, nothing was done poorly, I just think it was not as good as most restaurants where I would pay this price. Ruth's Chris, The Precinct, Seasons 52, and many others around Cincinnati had better food for the price. Simply put, everything was kinda just boring. Just honest feedback.

Review №74

My father requested we take him to Morton's The Steakhouse for his birthday on a Sunday evening a few weeks back (late January 2019).We found the dishes themselves to be good (no complaints) but that no single dish was so special as to warrant a call out here.What we did all observe was that service was not what we would consider adequate for a restaurant of this price. We expected a highly service-focused "career server" like you typically get at restaurants in this price range (think Ruth's Chris or similar) but got a typical middle-of-the-road server you'd get at a mid-range restaurant that has service staffing issues. It didn't ruin the visit, but we did leave talking about nothing but this as opposed to talking about the meal itself which I suspect is not what Morton's The Steakhouse would prefer.

Review №75

Definitely a place worth trying, the food is awesome and well prepared, the prices are convenient and it is always well organized there. Keep up the good work.

Review №76

Fernando was amazing and the food was just as good!

Review №77

Great food, wonderful service with a great location over looking fountain square at Christmas time

Review №78

Wonderful dinner, ambiance and service!!!Drinks were pretty good had a cognac sidecar then delicious Crab cocktail soooooo good them Ribeye w/ black truffle butter, sour cream mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli very delicious and my all-time Fav Creme Brulee

Review №79

Loved this place. Our waiter was awesome food amazing and the atmosphere was very nice.

Review №80

One of the best steak houses. Hands down

Review №81

We had a classic dinning experience. The drinks were served in transparent beautiful glasses. Everything was good. Deserts were all excellent and service was as expected for a fine restaurant. This is not an inexpensive place so be prepared to pay for it and you won't be disappointed.

Review №82

Updating to reflect most recent visit: The bar is closed, there are a handful of tables in that area that are available though. There is hand sanitizer available as soon as you come up the stairs for everyone to use. They were packed, and reservations were seated about half an hour after scheduled. Probably a minor issue with the online booking and reduced table numbers. Staff were nice as always, and the meat temperature perfect. It took about 10 minutes to get a drink after it was ordered, and it wasn't very well balanced, so I passed on getting a second one. There was a lobster special which seemed popular judging by how many went past me. However, I don't think people were told they'd have to break it down themselves. I know one couple had no clue and just let it sit there an hour, that's something you should warn people if they're used to having some help. The creme brulee wasn't smooth, there were small lumps from the eggs starting to scramble and the vanilla is typically more pronounced. That was disappointing. All in all, the experience has been exceptional in the past, and coming back after the COVID19 shutdown wasn't really worth it. I would wait it out until everyone's back in the swing of things or the experience might fall short of your expectations. I know they're trying, but it isn't quite back to how it used to be.

Review №83

The food was excellent. I did feel a certain kind of way. When a friend and I was sit by the door of the party room and also by the kitchen door so all traffic is passing by us. Every time the door open to party room I was hit by the door, until I moved myself to the other side of the table. Yes there was other available tables. Every time the door opened this breeze of COLD AIR came out. We was able to get the manager to shut the door. A server repeatedly opened and put the kick stand down to keep it open. Our server was nice but a little forgetful. Im sure he was overwhelmed with restaurant week. I purchased a dinner to take home for my husband. I told him the same meal I order for my to go meal. He brought it out with only the pork chops and potatoes, no salad or dessert. I ask him to get it , I get home and the salad wasn't what I ordered and neither was the dessert, he doesn't like moose and I order key lime pie. So disappointing that turned a great experience into a regular old meal.Hats off to the chefs food was so delicious.

Review №84

Food was fantastic and the service was better!!!!

Review №85

Great service and wonderful meals. Save room for the dessert tray

Review №86

From beginning to end, Rhen provided a spectacular dining experience....and the food was fantastic too. The bone-in ribeye was perfection.

Review №87

The entry way and stairwell up to the restaurant stinks really bad. Food was incredibly good. Service was impeccable. You can tell the wait staff knew the menu intimately. I can only give 4 stars for the stench in the stairwell. My wife also caught a whiff of the smell during dinner.

Review №88

Cajun ribeye delicious! Great picture for vday too

Review №89

Everything is great in here.

Review №90

They made the birthday very special. I won't ruin the surprise but if you want to celebrate a special birthday try out Morton's

Review №91

Word a decent restaurant with decent food but I would not say 5 star. Seems a little dated and service was upper marginal.

Review №92

Best steak on earth. Lov the staff worth the price.

Review №93

Great food and awesome service

Review №94

We had a wonderful time dinner was great could not ask for better service if you're ever around I suggest you go there

Review №95

My steak was very fatty, but everything else was absolutely delicious. The waiter was very professional and cute.

Review №96

The ambience and food was great. My filet was cooked perfectly and was delicious, the twice-baked potatoes au gratin were fantastic, and the service was attentive and professional. Highly recommend.

Review №97

Joe the manager and everyone of the staff is so amazing. Makes you feel so special and the food is bar none. Highly recommend to everyone!!!!

Review №98

Best steak I've ever had

Review №99

Awesome 2# lobster dinner! Joe, the manager, Bridgette and Tory (our server) made tonight a special evening.

Review №100

Food was decent but I have had far better for less $. ALL horizontal surfaces were dusty.Staff was seemingly discontented making our experience uncomfortable.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:441 Vine St Suite 1H, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States
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  • Phone:+1 513-621-3111
  • Family restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
Popular for
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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