Melt Bar and Grilled
13463 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

Melt had it's time. Never really took off in the Heights. Tough to make a restaurant work here. Food was all bread for the most part. I'm sure another asian restaurant will take it's place. Just what we need.

Review №2

Melt is a classic Cleveland restaurant known for their meaty and cheesy sandwiches with thick, toasted bread. They have a lot of great options on the menu like the Wet Hot Buffalo Chicken, the Big Fat Gyro (pictured), and the peanut butter bacon burger (my personal favorite item on the menu). I think it is a place worth trying, but the prices run a little higher than expected, the serving sizes (previously huge) sometimes leave me hungry, and the services can sometimes be slow though this is often because of how popular and busy Melt tends to be.

Review №3

Salad was really good and fresh. The barbecue nachos were ok. The macaroni and cheese seemed a little hard and chewey however the flavor wasn't bad. The cheesesteak and the burger I got were both very salty. The tomato soup was really flavorful. The sandwiches to me were very overpriced for the amount you get . The waitress was very friendly. It did though take the cooks a long time to get the food out.

Review №4

Delicious, unique food. I got the grilled cheese lasagna - very filling. Some neat drink options as well. The server was very honest about how good (or not good) menu items were. My drink was a little overpriced and it was a bit chilly in the restaurant - fans were blasting which made my food a bit cold but otherwise, a good hangout spot.

Review №5

I come here every time I am in Cleveland for work. The service is good, prices are fair. The sandwiches are HUGE and very tasty. I had the pulled pork BBQ this time. I feel it had too much going on, will probably keep it simple next time. The watermelon salad is amazing

Review №6

Arrived to a small and cold (in climate) location, and then was seated at one of the seven round tables (each of which seat 4). At first I was a little bit worried about the length of time you had to wait prior to placing the order (10-12 minutes), however, was impressed with the way the waitress was able to take the order without pen/pad. Food arrived looking very appetizing! And the taste complimented as well! Because of the extensive and elaborate menu, hard to say that the food is overall good because there's so much to try. But I can say that what I had was very good! I liked the various options of add-ons to make your dish YOURS! Would want to come back many times (as long as service is good) to try other creations.

Review №7

Visited here out of spontaneity on Thursday night. Surprisingly they were not slammed, as they normally are. The server was excellent, she was very friendly and was on top of things, we never had to ask for additional refills. The food was extra salty for some reason, but we did take it home for lunch the next day. Tasted even better than the day it was made.

Review №8

Wait for at least 45 minutes for a table. Wait another 45 minutes to get a grilled cheese and tomato soup to the table. The soup is more than disappointing. It tasted like pasta sauce. I know they don't want to be Campbell's but why does it taste like pasta sauce? I expected what I grew up with upscale, better quality and better ingredients. I didn't expect it to be completely reinvented. You pay top dollar for a plate full of sadness. One of the most disappointing experiences at a restaurant that everyone raves about and worships.

Review №9

Omg... I can not believe the food that was served from Melt. First waffle was brunt. Second the chicken was over cooked, hard as a brick. The syrup they put in the lid was not closed and it spilled everywhere. And the other sauce that was to be on the sandwhich was just totally missing. I'm just in complete shock this came out of their kitchen.

Review №10

Great place for comfort food! You'd be surprised at the amount of variety that can come from grilled cheese or Mac and cheese. There are even vegan/vegetarian options! This place gets busy and parking is in the back. Definitely recommend!

Review №11

Was ok, yes just "ok". Service was slow and the food was what it was; nothing special. They do have a lot of options when it comes to grilled cheese, but I was not impressed. The atmosphere was fun and upbeat, good for a one time visit but not a place I would frequent.

Review №12

Huge servings little more on pricey side but well worth it. Always try and seek out a grilled cheese place on trips. Had the buffalo chicken chowder and Cleveland cheesesteak. Both very good. Also has good beer selection

Review №13

I'm starting to get sick of their slow service. This is probably the 3rd time this has happened at this location. All the other locations are great but this one is just horrible. I called for a pick up, ordered, and was told the wait would be 20-25 minutes, so I got there in 20 minutes. I was waiting for a good freaking 15 minutes until someone actually got to me. Plus the place wasn't even packed. Meanwhile my order was sitting right there in front of me the entire time. once I felt the box I knew for sure it was sitting there longer than that. Melts food is great but its very unpredictable thinking about if you're going to receive good service or not. They need to get their sh*t together.

Review №14

This place is a must visit if you are in the Cleveland area. The food is plentiful and awesome! Seen this on Diners, Drive ins and Dives and had to taste! I get The Dude Abides alot and cannot finish in one seating. There are always leftovers!

Review №15

Waitress was off today. My friends order all messed up n overcooked spicey. My food was good. Very small sandwich portions on both.

Review №16

Cheese is not a substitution for quality or flavor. The food is was served hot, but not fresh. I had the Gyro sandwich and my mom has the mac & cheese sandwich. The gyro meet was dry and the amount of feta and Muenster used was overwhelming. You could not taste the yogurt sauce and the sandwich was dead on arrival. The cheese wedges have the wrong batter and it tastes to greasy. Honestly, I'm confused how you can butcher the American classic so badly. The Mac & cheese was deep fried velveeta. It's good for 2 bites before you give up hope on life. I would never recommend this restaurant. In fact, I can't believe it has been able to open more than one location.

Review №17

Never actually got to eat here. drove from Youngstown to find they were closed even though the website says open for take out.

Review №18

Food was really good and friendly staff! Got the Korean War Pig and fried pickles. The pickles were fried a little hard, but had good taste with the accompanying dip. Recommend to give it a try!

Review №19

Good prices haha Child please stop the madness.Y'all dead wrong.

Review №20

Best sandwiches in Cleveland. Never disappoints!!

Review №21

No bad feelings about this spot! Good food

Review №22

Great service and food. I came all the way from chicago for the weekend and everytime I come i get melt at lest 2 times during my stay. absolutely love this place

Review №23

The decor is awesome and so much do to besides eat... Play video games, watch sports, etc. Very fascinating art and things concerning our city you'll find hanging from walls and ceilings.

Review №24

Overall the food was excellent and the ambiance was great. However, on a Thursday night we waited 40 minutes for a table while several empty tables set idle and our food from ordering delivery took over 30 minutes. if you have young kids and are looking for a quick bite to eat I would suggest other nearby restaurants. If you have time and want great food you won't be disappointed!

Review №25

Eclectic, retro 80s ambiance in a bar/restaurant with arcade games. It is no Dave & Buster's, but it the layout supports casual get-togethers. Everytime that I visit the place, they have updated and rearranged things, which is kinda cool.I ordered the tasty tomato basil soup along with the sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich. To wash it down, I drank the cactus mule, which was a bit dry yet potent.

Review №26

Cool place, good food, best drink I've ever had

Review №27

NOT FRIENDLY! If you would like food in a reasonable period of time or would like to be treated like a decent human being.... DONT COME HERE!

Review №28

I feel like Melt Bar and Grilled has stepped up their game recently. We recently returned to Melt after at least a year long hiatus and I'm so happy that we did. Usually I associate Melt with excess, and it is excessive, but my most recent Kindergarten Combo was much more restrained. In general, a half sandwich here is sufficient for me, and sometimes I just really want a good grilled cheese. The kindergarten is a great option- just a plain grilled cheese sandwich (and you get to pick your cheese).

Review №29

We had a great time. No wait for a table. Get in to try one of their special burgers before they rotate out again.

Review №30

Can't stop eating the mac and cheese! So delicious!! I try to get something new whenever I go in and I'm always satisfied! Also, they have the most extensive vegan/vegetarian/gluten free menu I have ever seen, which makes this the ideal spot for dates with my vegetarian girlfriend. I have never had a problem with the service from Melt and the atmosphere is amazing as well!!

Review №31

First time here and was drawn in by the old school arcade games and overall deco of the place. Sat down and was immediately greeted with a badass bartender named Gabe, and one of the coolest menus I've ever seen. Decided on the "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" and am currently sitting at the bar contemplating if I should "purge" myself in order to be able to finish off this absolute MASTERPIECE of Sandwich Wonder. So I'll go ahead and give this place an 11/5 star review because I'm currently looking up Marriage Laws, and if it's legal to Tie The Knot with an Eatery.

Review №32

Fun menu, fun decor, huge delicious sandwiches. They give you the option to do whole or half sandwiches. Even the half sandwiches are very filling. Would go back again.

Review №33

Great Service..Food is Fantastic

Review №34

Disgusting food along with terrible service. The waitresses I had each time I went there were awful. They were rude, slow, left food sitting to bring to the table so long it was ice cold when it got to us. Food is awful. Super greasy. I got tomato soup with a grilled cheese and there was no soup! It was chunky tomato sauce.

Review №35

Good food, great atmosphere!

Review №36

The kitchen needs to call "Food in the Window " General Manager was not professional....Did not care our food was cold. 8 guest and only two were satisfied with their meals. Mac and cheese. No taste. No flavor. And COLD....temperature?

Review №37

Kind of small but a nice place to eat and play a few video games. Food was okay. Waitress was nice.

Review №38

I was really impressed by their HUGE vegan menu! That's a rare find. Food and service were top notch.

Review №39

Amazing place and food, but always have to have several weeks between visits due to such large amounts of greasy food. Often a long wait, and poor planning means seats are often left open while there's a lot of people waiting...

Review №40

The service was good and the food was great. My wife and I both enjoyed the food.It is definitely an indulgence and not something you would want to eat on a regular basis, but if you are wanting to splurge and try something that is delicious, then this is a great place to do it.Pretty good beer selection as well.

Review №41

Wasn't even too packed and our food didn't even take that long and they gave us a free app for the wait and were super nice! Manager made rounds checking on tables, always a nice touch. Good tap selection

Review №42

Couldn't get my order correct after sending it back twice. The other sandwiches ordered by my party, the bread looked barely cooked. Not enough service and not the first time this location has been disappointed. Don't bother with Melt's customer service at corporate either. They didn't even take the time to at least apologize.

Review №43

I had the Cheeseburger Melt w/extra cheese and it was wonderful. Great food

Review №44

I am a dorr dash delivery and this place was always a gr8 pickup n go. Someday I gotta eat there myself.

Review №45

Absolutely fantastic food and service

Review №46

I'm really not into all that bread and I had some bad experiences with there service tried twice I'm done.

Review №47

Good food. Bread pudding to die for. My son loved the games.

Review №48

Service was super slow, that's what happens when a slow bartender tries to also take dining tables. Food was decent, my mom got the fish sandwich and it was very plain and kind of gross to be honest.

Review №49

Good food, good service. Great beer selection

Review №50

I really want to like Melt. I've tried three times now. I really love the look. I love the creative menu. I love the Cleveland nostalgia. That said, the food just isn't that good. I've tried macaroni and cheese, and two grilled cheese sandwiches. Nothing was ever memorable. The bread is always kind of soggy. The fries are boring and one time bitter (never had that before?) I've also never had the best service. I usually wait a long time for someone to come by and a long time for food. Once my appetizer showed up after the meal.I really do want to like Melt. The food and service are holding it back.

Review №51

I had some of the worst service of my life here last night. I sat at the bar to wait for a friend and it took the bartender 10 minutes to come put a menu in front of me... There were only 3 other girls at the bar, who were waiting to order. If it wasn't for my friend arriving, I would have left. The bartender was cold, impersonal, and a little rude. When I did get a menu, she literally just said hi and walked away. It took another 5 minutes for her to come back and ask if I wanted a drink. Once my friend arrived, it took us another 3-5 minutes for her to come back over and ask what he wanted.I had to ask for another menu to be able to order food because she never gave us one. She acted annoyed when we took awhile to order, because we were catching up. My water stayed empty for a good 20 minutes every time, while she had a water pitcher just a few stools away from me. She was on her phone the whole time, and we had to wait long periods to order drinks, she never even asked if we wanted another one, I had to get her attention to grab another. And my favorite, at the end of the night, she literally threw the check down for us. We didn't realize how late it was towards the end, and she never mentioned they were closing (I believe it was 10), she just threw the check down, turned on the lights, and put up all the bar stools around us.I have served and bartended for over 15 years, how this lady can make a living here surprises the hell out of me. Keep in mind, this place was dead. We were basically the only people at the bar the whole night. Another couple and single dude came in later on and another single lady. That was it. There were only about 3-4 tables going at a time the whole night too. If they were busy or if she would have apologized for the waits or anything else I would have been happy, but she couldn't even be bothered to do her job.I do not expect amazing service, and I will be the nicest customer you can ever get, so there was literally no reason for her to act rude to me.Food wise, I tried one of the new vegan Macs, the "cheese" sauce was pretty bland, but I just added some hot sauce and it became pretty damn good. The food came out hot and fresh for both my friend and I, the wait to get it was pretty quick as well.

Review №52

OMG.... Amazing Vegan Entrée...I had the Chicken BBQ and the Christmas Ale.... It was simply Divine!!Thank you for a job executed excellently!!

Review №53

I got a plain grilled cheese.. I should have selected a specialty sandwich . Mine was good but not as good as my own. I just thought the first time I went I should have a plain grilled cheese .. Don't do that .. try something unique :)Next time I'm getting the Lasagna one :)Our waiter was great! He was attentive and knowledgeable about the sandwiches.. he was really nice and we never were without a beverage:)

Review №54

This place is absolutely disgusting and poorly ran. I ordered the chicken tenders and my husband ordered a burger. Whenever you can't eat something as basic as chicken tenders..... that's a problem. We had an unnecessary wait to sit down, and our food took forever to come out. It was a fried unflavored mess. We ordered the Mac and cheese for our 3 year tasted like kraft macaroni and cheese....I just expected more from this place. Truly the worst restaurant I've ever ate at.

Review №55

Food was up to par and tasty for once. I ordered food in before here for pickup and wasnt that satisfied because the food was sauggy and thrown together. But, when I just dined in with family it was hot and tasty! Thank you!

Review №56

I only stopped in for a drink while waiting for a reservation, but service was great and calming before my date!

Review №57

A must when in CLEVELAND.. Amzing food and fun atmosphere

Review №58

Our sandwiches were delicious, the tomato soup was perfect for a chilly day and the fried macaroni & cheese bites were heavenly!

Review №59

I love the drinks Melt serves they are delicious and the food portion is enough to keep me full for a whole weekend. Gabe was my bartender and he made my night better by making me a special drink, the drink I wanted wasn't being served.

Review №60

I've been here before and enjoyed it, but my most recent experience left much to be desired. We ordered two appetizers, and one of them tasted rancid (I think the parmesan cheese might have gone bad). The numerous arcade games made the atmosphere feel like a dive bar, but you're not paying dive bar prices, that's for sure. Three stars because the service was good, but I won't be going back.

Review №61

Cozy restaurant sharing space with a amusement company. Stick to your ribs food.

Review №62

Went for happy hour- they advertise $3 draft beers. When my bill said $7 for a beer, they only then told me it was bud & miller light only. More honest advertising would be appreciated.

Review №63

Second time to this location, always a must when we stop in Cleveland, I guess you can say it's tradition now lol. Last year I came here with some friend and it was my first time. They talked about this place so much I just couldn't wait to try it. Man oh man we're they right! Now I'm officially hook on the melt bar!

Review №64

Cold mac and cheese food sitting in the window no food runner gm overwhelmed . 8 people 3 people served 15 minutes later others served. Had to give kitchen stink eye to get food out of window. I do like the policy temake not microwave but come on its mac n cheese

Review №65

I came here for lunch and wasn't disappointed because they literally make the largest and tastiest sandwiches in Cleveland. They are known for piling cheese and other ingredients like French fries into your sandwich and it is delicious. The one downside is it made me extremely full and tired when I went back to work and that was not a great feeling to have, but that's my fault for pigging out.

Review №66

If you like Mac & Cheese or Grilled Cheese, this is the place. Lots of vegetarian and vegan options too!

Review №67

Used to be amazing now its just very disappointing. Sandwiches are half the size they used to be and they have less options and worse service for a more expensive price. It makes me sad to be a tattoo member. The sandwiches are now often burnt and missing things even had wax paper in mine once. Will be finding a new place to go and not recommending melt anymore. Very sad!

Review №68

Last time I was there (like 4 years ago) I got one of the sandwiches and remember liking it. This time I got pesto pasta and it was pretty bleurgh

Review №69

Love this place and the food

Review №70

Visited on my way through Cleveland on a road trip. The vegan options are amazing! My server, Brittany, at the bar was excellent! Nothing but good things to say about this place. Wish they'd expand to NH so I could go again.

Review №71

You guys are all stars at what you do. Always fresh, always friendly, and the portion size is CRAZY! Eat here pretty often now, and every time my friends come back from college. See you guys next Thursday- Can't wait.

Review №72

Great great food. Great service. Great prices. If you want a great local place, this is it.

Review №73

This restaurant is a must if you are visiting Cleveland. There are ample menu items for all tastes, but I personally recommend the "hot Italian." For those who are gluten-free such as myself, watch out for the fries as they can be cross-contaminated; the slaw is a fantastic alternative. They do have a wonderful gluten-free bread, though, and even offer a gluten-free menu so you can make sure that you are picking a celiac-friendly meal. My only other advice is to skip lunch, as this meal will fill you up for a day!

Review №74

The food is amazing and this place has an arcade oh my God this is the bomb diggity Diggity Bang Bang

Review №75

Took my girlfriend from out of town here & she loved it!

Review №76

Food so good, I have to visit Everytime I'm in town

Review №77

Nice and spacious dining room, friendly and attentive wait staff. Always great food. I usually get the Mom's Meatloaf and I am never disappointed.

Review №78

One of the best places to eat,employees are super friendly,food is delicious and food always comes in a timely manner no matter how busy

Review №79

Great food, service and atmosphere. Love going to Melt!!

Review №80

What a delight! I stopped eating cheese when I was 6, and have been pretty much vegan for 30 years. What an absolute joy to have my first grilled cheese sandwich in 40 years! Delicious. The vegan menu is impressive, they have a wonderful gluten free menu as well. It was wonderful, the portions are generous, prices worth it, and the whole vibe is great. First dinner out in Cleveland and I am so glad I went.

Review №81


Review №82

Great service, and a cool place. Melt offers hefty portions as grilled cheese based meals. Also they have an excellent set of beers on tap. Offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

Review №83

I ate the fried pickles way too fast and mercilessly burned my mouth. Still incredible! The meatloaf sandwich is so good I anguish between that and something new Everytime.

Review №84

The atmosphere was good. Our parties sandwiches were warm. We were given 1 order of chips that was overcooked amd the was and very salty. Many of them were. The kitchen door was open as we walked in.My sister later said it looked dirty and she would never eat there again.

Review №85

I will write an updated review if I go again, but all I can do now is judge by the one time I have been there. Things have probably changed because this was a while ago. Really cool looking place, the decor was amazing and I loved it. The wait for a table was pretty long, it was after 6:30 so we expected a small wait, but it was weekday. The problem started once we got to our table. We had to wait a bit to be served, and a bit more to get drinks. The waitress was very nice and trying her best but it was obvious they were understaffed. I felt sooo bad for her. The real problem was that it took over two and a half hours to get our food. I am pretty patient, but I was getting hungry. I had heard such great things about the vegan menu and really wanted to try it, I miss grilled cheese sandwiches so much! We were just visiting Cleveland and were so excited to try it. Like I said I'm patient but some of the other people I was with were getting very annoyed. When the food finally came it was good...but not mind blowing. I am willing to give this place another shot, I think I just happened to visit on a very bad night, perhaps people called off or they had just lost people and didn't have time yet to restaff. It was good enough definitely to eat again. I may try the Columbus location out. It was kind of sad that the service was ridiculously slow, and they offered no sort of discount or real apology until the people I was with brought it up. We didn't want to complain to the waitress, like I said she was trying her best and it wasn't her the people with me went to manager. I probably wouldn't have complained but I think I may be too patient. Will update hopefully after next trip.

Review №86

The food here is great with it's own unique spin on things! Nice chill spot with an arcade!

Review №87

This too shall pass...Waitingand waitingand waiting some moreVery underwhelming experienceWaiting for the table in the half empty (or half-full) restaurantWaiting for the waiting staff to show up at the tableWaiting for drinksWaiting for the order to be placedWaiting for the food to be servedWaiting for the receiptWaiting for the payment to be collectedWaiting for the receipt and the changeWaiting to Get Out As Soon As Possible!!!Food just edible but slightly rancid tasting :/ too expensive for the quality.Highly overrated place. The best part of the visit; it really did pass!

Review №88

Very large sandwiches that are also very tasty.

Review №89

We love the food here and the service was great too!

Review №90

Food anyone in the family will like. Great service and fun games to play too. Good selection of beers.

Review №91

Couldnt have been any better. I went their with some expectations from the photos on their menu and was shocked at how good it was. I would eat their every day if I was sure it wouldn't give me a heart attack after a week. I will be back. (I had the monte Cristo)

Review №92

The food is good the service has always been horrible.Ask for straws, never came had to get them myself. Ordered an appetizer and it came without any plates for the group to eat them on. Asked for plates and they brought out dirty plates. Spoke to the manager about getting clean plates and ge actually inspected the plates like I was lying to him.Really have no desire to go back. Plenty of other places that actually want your business.

Review №93

Been here twice and I am not impressed as I wanted to be. Maybe next time

Review №94

Delicious just so much food

Review №95

Great Food. Fantastic Atmosphere.

Review №96

Fun place with creative grilled cheese sandwiches. I had the fried green tomato sandwich (a twist on a BLT). The favorite at the table was the chicken parmesan grilled cheese on garlic bread.

Review №97

Food was great. Loss of star for waiter charging me for a beer I never had and then took 15 minutes to fix it.

Review №98

The food was very filling and the prices weren't bad, will go back soon.

Review №99

Truly the service has always been good here, but the food has not lived up to the hype. Fairly bland sandwiches and apps over the 5 or so times I've been, but I do appreciate the draft selection as it's constantly rotating and featuring exclusive stuff. Find a menu unicorn and you're in for a good experience, I just haven't found it yet.

Review №100

The food was so-so and HIGH priced. The service was terrible! Waitress was rude and our food sat at the pickup window for over 10 min while the waitress sat at the bar talking to the other staff. STEER CLEAR!

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:13463 Cedar Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 216-965-0988
  • American restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
  • Bar
  • Bar & grill
  • Gluten-free restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Soul food restaurant
  • Vegan restaurant
  • Vegetarian restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:3–9PM
  • Tuesday:3–9PM
  • Wednesday:3–9PM
  • Thursday:3–9PM
  • Friday:3–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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