Tree Country Bistro
1803 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

Like the fried chicken with sweet sour sauce on the fried rice! It deserves a five-star!But the eggplant does not have much flavor actually. I could only feel the taste of too much oil

Review №2

We came to this restaurant for lunch. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was very nice. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we had a fantastic feeling. The food was just great. We enjoyed every moment and we will visit this place again. Recommended.

Review №3

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is tasty and the team is welcoming and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we enjoy a cheerful time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №4

The only Thai food on the East side worth eating. Consistently good for years. Excellent service. Amazing staff. Will eat here as long as I live near by and want some Thai

Review №5

A new place for me. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with their lunch.I chose a familiar dish, Cashew Chicken. The plate was served with a good serving of white rice. Plenty of vegetables and cashews included.The soup that comes with the lunch dish was very tasty.I'll be back to try some other dishes.

Review №6

Had a great experience here with my son. The food came fast and the service is just good. Prices are convenient.

Review №7

Extensive menu including chicken, pork, and beef dishes as well as vegetarian options. Delicious sushi with lots of roll options! Service is always friendly, even when they're crazy busy. They also have a bar and alcoholic beverages.

Review №8

I dont often enjoy Thai food, but this place surprised me. Excellent pad thai, and the country fried rice is quite tasty. I tried the bubble tea smoothie which was decent. Appetizers like crab rangoons and scallion pancakes are impressive. The prices are reasonable, especially on noodle dishes, and even cheaper during lunchtime. Portion sizes are massive, so expect to take leftovers home with you.

Review №9

I live and Coventry Village and go to Tree Country regularly. My favorite asian food in Cleveland. Great sushi, great curry, great stir fry.

Review №10

This placeis dusty, inclosed, and out dated! And on top of that the Asia cashier's are rude and disrespectful!!!!! smells old

Review №11

Best curry anywhere. I always stop by when I in Cleveland.

Review №12

Absolutely love this place. The Menu is pack full of real Asian dishes. All of the dishes are cooked perfectly and with well placement. The service is fantastic.

Review №13

Great food.Try the mango curry chicken on 7

Review №14

My brother and I went to this place last night and I was totally happy with everything about this restaurant. Being an Asian fusion restaurant, they have a variety of Thai, Japanese and Korean dishes on their menu. They also have vegetarian options available so, this place is vegetarian friendly. I ordered Tofu Triangles and Basil Fried Rice without eggs. I enjoyed both the dishes and really liked the Basil Fried Rice. My brother ordered for Vegetable Soup, Spicy Salmon Maki and a House Fried Rice. He said they were great too. Their service was good and fast. I also liked the ambience of the place. Their dishes are reasonably priced and I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to try some good Asian food.

Review №15

I think that Tree Country is the best on the east side. Today's sushi was super fresh and tasty, and the 'crazy noodles' were excellent.The people here also are very cool and I can't say enough. Great and fun.

Review №16

Good meal, good choice and nice atmosphere. I was there twice and have tasty dinner

Review №17

Excellent food, terrific service.

Review №18

Everything is great. The food. The variety. The service. Our favorite ethnic restaurant in the Heights...and that is a high bar. Thai, Korean, sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Review №19

Delicious food, great service!

Review №20

Love the Indonesian fried rice!!

Review №21

Good fresh food really great staff.

Review №22

First time to this place the food is fresh and very good! The service was great and everything tasted really authentic!

Review №23

I come here for lunch periodically and it's good fresh Chinese food! I loved the Shrimp Jade noodle and it's delicious. They have a lot of stuff to choose from. Prices aren't to bad. Depends on what you want. Most ppl like to dine in but I always get mine to go! Gets crowded more in the evenings. There's like 4 other Asian restaurants on the same street and this one is second best on my the list.

Review №24

Great service! wonderful food, very very tasty. portions are great and a good price! will defiantly come again.

Review №25

Great service & food is consistently fantastic!

Review №26

Waiter was nice but the food they claim is “vegetarian” has fish sauce in it. This is not stated in the menu and they didn't tell me this until I tasted fish and asked why. I am allergic to shellfish, but fortunately I didn't have an allergic reaction from their fish sauce

Review №27

The flavors are great and the staff was very kind! They were open memorial day which was awesome since a lot of places were closed for the holiday. Unfortunately the meat we got in our dishes were cooked too long and was very tough. I don't know if this is an every day thing or maybe just a new cook! I would still be willing to come back and try again. They have a lot of stuff on their menu that I'm interested in!

Review №28

Outstanding! This is a great place. The restaurant is cozy and comfortable and the prices are reasonable. They have an amazing menu that includes Korean, Chinese and Thai dishes. There is something for everyone. Their Thai iced coffee is sweet and delicious. The wait staff is helpful and friendly. If you love Asian food, you will love Tree Country Bistro.

Review №29

You can always expect great food & even better service. The Crispy Basil Chicken is a must.

Review №30

Love the Country Pad Thai just did pick up as we were passing through town. But this meal never lets me down with just the right amount of kick to classic Pad Thai.

Review №31

Consistently delicious food. I've liked everything I've tried. Have been a patron for over 10 years, so I've tried a lot! There is literally no wrong choice here.

Review №32

Went here and was thrilled with the service and thoughtfulness of our waiter! Highly recommend! Food was DALISH

Review №33

The staff is very personal and professional. The food was awesome!!

Review №34

Possibly my favorite place in the world. Best pad thai I've ever had. Best wait staff ever. They know me and my order and always make it a pleasant experience. If I could go every day, I would.

Review №35

Food is great and the service is better! Large portions and quality ingredients.

Review №36

Food is excellent and large portions.

Review №37

Really delicious food and large portions for a affordable price. Favorite restaurant.

Review №38

AMAZING food and flavor, Thank you Steve for the service and suggestions!

Review №39

This Thai shop seems little known, but the food is excellent and the servers can be a lot of fun. Try the crazy noodle and mango sweet rice.

Review №40

We've had sushi takeaway from here many time before and it's always excellent. Today we ate in the restaurant. The bento box was terrific and a great value. 10 dollars for miso soup, salad, a maki roll, and some vegetable pad Thai. I recommend.

Review №41

Love this place food is delicious, love the decor and the service is excellent

Review №42

Great food and prices

Review №43

Good portion

Review №44

My friends like to surf the apps me u and get soup and call it grazing - I just come for the signature Asian dishes like pad Thai chicken, etc, and it's always delicious. Service is great, haven't tried any Korean dishes but the rest of the fusion cuisine is yummy

Review №45

Great asian food with friendly staff. Huge portions at a reasonable price. A good bang for your buck asian style

Review №46

Very tasty food! We especially love the fried dumplings (goyetza) and the Indonesian fried rice!

Review №47

One waiter, who was friendly but overwhelmed. with the entire restaurant to take care of, food took forever to come out and when it did was soggy and tepid. Tea was also tepid so asked for hotter , came back scalding, so this Asian restaurant has no idea how to make Green tea. Phone signal is blocked, no wifi. Waiter said the have it but boss doesn't want customers using it. Came for relaxing at a cafe and had the worst experience imaginable. Will never go back.

Review №48

They have a wide selection of Asian cuisines

Review №49

Awesome food!!

Review №50

Food is more enjoyable then service but not horrible

Review №51

Delicious food, friendly helpful staff. Great ambient music.Street parking can be a challenge, bring quarters. Cops pretty on expires meters on Coventry. Don't let a ticket ruin this unique diner experience.

Review №52

My all-time favorite restaurant. I vote to go here for every special occasion or family dinner. Their food is awesome, their staff is awesome, their drinks, appetizers, curry, soup, sushi... all of it! 10/10 I love tree country!!! I love their spicy eggplant basil dish with tofu. My favorite thing in the world to eat :)

Review №53

Great food with outstanding service!

Review №54

I had a two nasty experiences with this place with an older woman who ran the front counter. However, my last experience made me never return. The older women rudely took my order. She was short and frank. When I paid. She slammed my credit car on the table, it was obvious she didn't want to touch my hand. I sat down, waited for my food. A white male then came into to pick up his order, the older woman immediately turned friendly and handed his money to him in hand. I've never returned some. I am an African American female so it appeared to be a blatant discriminatory gesture. I read prior reviews for this place, mostly good and all white. Black people keep your dollar when it comes to this place. Unfortunately I had a similar experience with Pho n Rice down the street. If your in the area and have a taste for Asian cuisine, go to Pacific East for sushi. They provide great customer service to everyone.

Review №55

Holy mango-fried-rice Batman! This place is amazing! Seriously, order the fried rice, you won't be disappointed. I'm pretty sure it cured my cancer.

Review №56

This location is local for me, and is a hidden gem on Coventry Rd.! From the Japanese competition they have on sushi with Pacific East to the Chinese competition on fried rice with Human across the street, this mixed South-Asian restaurant has whatever you crave in that department. The staff is nice and remembers you, the establishment is clean, and most of all the food is delicious. If you are looking for a somewhat sweet and delicious take on fried rice, Tree Country is the place to go!They play popular on the television and have a sushi bar, as well as tables that look onto Coventry. Next to City Buddha.

Review №57

Excellent place for tasty thai food. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. It has a nice feel to it.

Review №58

Good food, neat atmosphere. A good choice of the many restaurants on Larchmere!

Review №59

Food was delicious and the service was great!

Review №60

Big portions, good food, good service.

Review №61

Thai food... so good. Super delicious. Service is typically good.

Review №62

Tree Country has a large menu with tasty offerings from Korea, Thailand, and Japan. The orders are large, well prepared, and well presented. - A great place to go when you want a variety of choices.

Review №63

I have been going to Tree Country for years so I am already biased. They serve Thai, Japanese and Korean and do all of them well surprisingly. Whenever I am feeling like Asian cuisine, this is where I go.

Review №64

Most comfortable Asian restaurant on the strip, with the second best food. Great place to go when you're tired of Pacific East.

Review №65

We love coming here! Their extensive and diverse menu has something for everyone. Our faves include the Indonesian Fried Rice, Hot Basil, Crispy Duck and Country Pad Thai. Lots of food so you can enjoy it again tomorrow!

Review №66

The Paradise roll and mango ebi roll were delicious!

Review №67

Tree Country is the best lunch I have had in a long time. The Thai coffee and Pad Thai were both outstanding. My server was also a pleasure to chat with and an all around cool person. Great place for Thai!

Review №68

My husband and I went there for the first time and I'm vegetarian and we kindly told the manager to redo my meal in vegan ( pad thai ) without the fish oil they use (which by the way ..I didn't know & they use the same utensils to cook with meats as well ) . The manager was rude to me after I told her "I feel sick" and said to me "You need to go to the hospital !" Remember this viewer ...this was our VERY FIRST TIME here snd the servers were nice , but didn't check in with us to see how was our meal , but they were nice . But the manager's attitude tonight was disrespectful.

Review №69

Meant to give 5 stars and you can't edit your rating without posting a review. Great place and friendly service! Don't get the Joy sake tho cuz those are mine

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Review №71

I frequent Tree Country and love it. It's within walking distance and reasonably priced.

Review №72

Service was nice and quick, portions are big, and prices are average.

Review №73

The food here is really good. The service, however, is hit or miss. I often order for pick up and have gotten my food in fifteen minutes, while other times I have waited over an hour. It really depends whose in the kitchen and running the front. Normally I'd give a place the benefit of the doubt but the business of the dining room doesn't seem to correlate with the wait on the pick-up. I really enjoy this place and often go out of my way to eat there, but after consecutive longer waits than given I may have to find another place.

Review №74

Food is usually very good. Good sushi chef. Had a couple instances where my noodles had very little sauce and my Thai iced tea with boba had unmistakably old, dry tapioca pearls. Service, as others have said, is hit or miss. The younger servers are friendly and attentive. The older ladies, not so much.

Review №75

One of my favorite spots for good sushi

Review №76

So I personally enjoy the sushi options here more than Pacific East. However, service and quality seems to be hit or miss here. The first time we went, my husband and I enjoyed it. The second time, though they were only somewhat busy, the server didn't provide straws, utensils or napkins. When we were finally served, the dishes were wrong and they had forgotten the sauce on top of the sushi. We asked for it to be put on, and when it was brought back, someone had just dumped sauce on.

Review №77

Awesome place, I've been going here since about 2010. Specialty sushi rolls are great (B52!!!) and their Country Pad Thai is also excellent.

Review №78

Amazing food and service!

Review №79

Another decent Asian restaurant in Coventry. I like getting lunch here if I happen to be in the area since the service is quick and friendly. Menu is varied and I particular like their pad thai. Would definitely go again!

Review №80

Good place if you are looking for a variety of Asian foods under one roof. Thai food options aren't as good as High Thai'd in my opinion, but I often go here if I want sushi and the wife wants something else. The sushi is good and the staff were friendly. Service was very quick.

Review №81

Both the country pad Thai and Indonesian fried rice dishes are excellent. My girlfriend got the teriyaki chicken last time we went and it was delicious. The sushi isn't bad either, but doesn't compare to Pacific east down the street.

Review №82

Great place but a bit small. I loved the location and food was very tasty. Thai curry duck was amazing..

Review №83

A surprisingly pan-Asian menu, quite affordable with good hearted service, soups, sushi /sashimi. When I visited they were exquisite! 4.3

Review №84

Great dining at a decent price point. The menu is fairly diverse and the service was excellent! I intend on eating here again to try more of the menu during future trips to the area.

Review №85

Tree Country Bistro has great food, however, they are understaffed. Thus wait times may be a little longer than usual. I did notice that management is not very helpful to their employees. Nonetheless, I recomend that you check this place out..Ask for Pinky he is awesome...btw.

Review №86

Great spring rolls !

Review №87

Great food and great service

Review №88

Menu is all over the place. What are they serving, Thia, Korean, Chinese or Japanese!! I ordered sushi and the rice was extremely over cooked. I also ordered Tom Yum Soup and it was something other than what I ordered. The staff was friendly but the food is not well executed. Do one style and do it well!

Review №89

Not a bad place for Sushi. Our server was very nice and the atmosphere was nice. Bathrooms were gross. Typical Asian cuisine.

Review №90

Very nice food, not too expensive ($$). They do have good varieties, Thai, Japanese and Indonesian. Some wait time. Only drawback is that there is no parking structure outside.

Review №91

Waitress was friendly. Nice ambience. Had vegetable rolls and drunken chicken. Food was good but nothing amazing. Restaurant is not super expensive but you can get better Thai food for cheaper in other Thai reataurants

Review №92

This place makes their food actually spicy. Make sure you can handle a 5 if you order 5 out of 5 spice level. Delicious pad thai and curries!

Review №93

Excellent food and service

Review №94

Tree Country is near my apartment, but I used to journey there as it was the closest place that served my two favorite Asian meals: Dolsot Bibimbap (they call it Okdol Bibimbap, but any way you name it- it's a hot stone bowl, sizzling full of rice, meat, veg, kimchi, and spicy sauce) and Indonesian Fried rice. I only order those two things here, and maybe some appetizers. Sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes not so much. One time, 5 years ago, I saw a rat! I've had weirdly intense servers here that invited me to their birthday party, and basically it was all ok, because I took it in the spirit of Coventry.Get the indo fried rice, or the okdol bibimbap- anything else is on you!

Review №95

Went on a Sunday, sashimi wasn't fresh and fried chicken was too dried and hard. Service was ok.

Review №96

The food is incredible but I only ever order take out and every other time my order is wrong. I put the instructions in all caps praying it will draw their attention and still my order comes wrong. The food is so good so when you get it messed up is incredibly disappointing.

Review №97

Food was fresh and well prepared. Prices were reasonable. The service left a lot to be desired.

Review №98

Decent food and big portions. The sushi wasn't the best, but it was good. Stick to curry dishes and you won't be disappointed.

Review №99

Good food and friendly service. One of the best places to eat on Conventry.

Review №100

It was wonderful! My husband and I are here from O.C. Pa. We stopped in on a whim because we were not from around here and it was good authentic Thai! Great prices too!

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  • Comfort food:Yes
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  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
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  • College students:Yes
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  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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