City & East Hookah Bar
2781 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106, United States
Review №1

This is my favorite place ever... Im here every other week, the employees know me when they see me. Everything about this place is lit!!! I come back week after week, I've had at least five birthday parties here, it's a great chill and kick it spot. The music stay going and I'd recommend this place to the world!! Keep it up... Y'all doing an amazing job

Review №2

This hookah bar is decent and it attracts a decent crowd but having another attraction/ option, in addition to hookah, would be nice.

Review №3

My favorite place to hangout and chill. Only problem is the servers never really come and ash the coals on the hookah and only a few workers really tend to customers as they should.

Review №4

Dress code a little strict but understandable. Love it! Their workers are really cool and friendly! They even remember who you are after a while. I tend to go there for drinks every once in a while. Fridays are pretty good day to go. Not too dead but not too packed either.

Review №5

Nice vibes and music(old hip hop, r&b, pop)...amazing customer service, like talking to friends...and sports are always on...super politics.just relaxation

Review №6

Wayne and Walt are great guys and are always friendly. Sometimes the service is a little slow, but they've always got you. I go on monday when they offer half-priced premium hookah all night. At half price it's 8 dollars instead of 16. Pretty sure they offer half-price hookah during happy hour 7-9pm on other days, but I'm not positive. The website is up to date on what their nightly specials are and lists their hours. I don't drink, but my friends do and have said their drinks are very good and a good price. It has a nice, low-light atmosphere and has good music. It's usually pretty quiet if you get there before 10.

Review №7

Could be better their really picky about what you wear!

Review №8

Nice place good vibe...I wish the space was bigger.

Review №9

In terms of a hookah bar, great place to go to smoke and have good drinks with friends on the weekend. Great cocktails and hookah flavors. Excellent choice of music and a chill, adult environment. A well established website as well. Just one major problem, the dress code. Since when did boots and white tees become an issue. The dress code needs serious changes and updates on the site as well. Needs to be way more in detail what you can and cannot wear. Too general and the bouncers misuse their discretion with the dress code, letting some in while others can't bc of something stupid on code. Dress code majorly needs addressing, besides that a great place.

Review №10

Idk why I was asked to rate this twice. This place is very boring.

Review №11

Super dope the vide was definitely cool, no haters definitely the 21 and older I'd at the door & scanning is as well to make sure it valid , pretty cool place. It was the younger crowd definitely 20's

Review №12

A great spot with decent hookah. I like all the servers and bartenders. Always a good night on Friday nights.

Review №13

It's cool if you like tide-pod rap. My feelings are mixed because I'm not trying listen to music that makes me feel like "a boss" while enjoying myself. If I smoke hookah, I'm trying to drink and relax. C-

Review №14

Tuesday nights at City & East are wonderfully designed for craft beer fans and hookah fans, alike! $3 craft beer options are available, dimly-lit inside, with fun hip-hop & R&B HITS while you sit in luxury!

Review №15

Nice atmosphere but it's not really tobacco

Review №16

THE RULES MAKES NO SENSE. If you are 21 and dont have your actual ID they want you to have the paper and your old expired ID. On top of it we had a picture of her ID and they wouldn't even take it! Her old ID says shes over 18 also! Recommend not to come to this place! If you wanna have a fun time! If I could give it 0 stars I would. Terrible.

Review №17

Pretty lit spot. Not too crowded & not too crazy

Review №18

It is a nice place to hang out with friends and enjoy good music and a hookah. It was funny that we had to chase down the waiter when we were leaving, so we could pay our check. But great service and great place. I will definitely visit if I'll be in the area

Review №19

Decent place. I'd go back...

Review №20

I love this place. Good drinks great music always run into somebody I know

Review №21

I don't live in Cleveland but I come here to visit and I brought my husband here in cold December who is in the military and was just here visiting as well and we were turned away because he had on boots! Now I can understand if this was the summer time but come on you're telling me in the winter time in Cleveland Oh boots are not allowed? So I guess flip flops and sandals are ok for this time of year? Y'all need to do better ya place ain't all that to be that strict!

Review №22

Went here on a Monday very intimate night

Review №23

Really cool place good place to meet someone

Review №24

It's was $10 to get in if you're not 21+. I had to be put on a waitlist because they didn't have enough hookahs. I arrived at 10:30 and never was called on next for my spot of hookah. Luckily I was invited to someone's section and got free hookah. So I guess it was a slight win. However the hookah was trash. I've had amazing hookah in my life and this has to be one of the worst and weakest ones I had. They played a variety of music but a lot of the songs were really old. If you're from the south like me hospitality is everywhere from everyone. However this was not the case. It wasn't the males who weren't giving the hospitality but rather the females. The messed up attitudes resulted in the club mood and I was not here for it. If you wanna try it be my guess but I most likely won't be back.

Review №25

I like the place but the dj ruins the mood.. I get keeping the variety of music for people who like different genres but make it mostly hip hop and r&b.. not saying turn it into a club but if u gone dj some music do the most popular .. last few times been a disappointment

Review №26

Best hookah bar around! Great bartenders & service. Good music fun people!

Review №27

It was a nice environment, they really need to update their website though. My daughters and I had planned a birthday gathering at this establishment and the prices were not the same as online for anything. We traveled a long distance to do so.. and the door guy was not nice and could care less about anything and managment barely offered a discount from the back room. Also, I didn't taste much flavor in the hookah. I didn't want to ruin my Daughter's night with a scene but needless to say I wont be back.

Review №28

Awesome place for hookah! Best prices and the best environment!

Review №29

Nice place but to small and no top shelf liquor.

Review №30

First off, 10$ to enter which wasn't a problem but they have no sense of order, we waited for 1 hour table.

Review №31

This place is very boring.

Review №32

I love going on dates here. This is my go to spot for a nice relaxing unwind! The music is good and the atmosphere is even better

Review №33

Don't get me wrong this place has a nice vibe, but to get in is difficult. they have these "rules" that really don't make a lick of sense. I came in with some friends, one wearing boots other has a headscarf. first they say she cannot wear boots, but another friend of ours was wearing boots as well and she was already let in, so they need to be more specific on WHAT KIND of boots are acceptable. my other friend with said headscarf (topbun) wears it for religious beliefs. "John" said she couldn't wear it and we explained why she wears it and he did not listen and was very rude. She had also been in before with her headwrap too, so we were confused on WHY it was such a problem. She also has it displayed on her ID where she's wearing a headscarf. They're so worried about safety, but I, myself was wearing a whole bodysuit with a pouch, I could have had anything on me. If there's such a problem with headwraps, make the girls take off their wigs ...just saying.

Review №34

We was having a great time. Only problem feel like u had to tip yo person to get faster service

Review №35

They have a dress code that seems to target the attire of certian people mainly young black males...since when did boots and white t-shirts pose a danger to smoking flavored tobacco...outside of the racist overtones presented by the dress stipulations...they dont even make a decent hookah...if you are a novice then that part doesnt matter but for seasoned hookah smokers please...CHOOSE AN ALTERNATIVE

Review №36

Very nice place. Hookah is real good and cheap drinks. Ask for Walter he is the best. There is one guy may be British with lots of tattoos on his hand very rude and have an attitude issue with the customer I do not know why, I hope the owner will take care of this otherwise I am not going there next time. Thanks!

Review №37

Nice I'll be back

Review №38

It was a cool place to hang out and many other people showed seemed like a popular place...service was good and we were attended to even though there were many other people there but one fact still remains...THE HOOKAH SUCKED!!!..not sure if it was the person who made it or what but I can tell that it was not made properly and the table next to ours said their hookah was also not good...not the kind of place you go for the hookah

Review №39

Nice atmosphere, and many variety of hookahs. Very inexpensive to hangout, drink, dance and smoke all in one place. Will definitely be coming back again soon.

Review №40

They would not let me wear my kufi even when I tryed to tell them it was apart of my religion (muslim). They told me to take it off or leave.

Review №41

Great service

Review №42

Not allowed to wear even nice boots. Dress code is ridiculous.

Review №43

Great time young crowd

Review №44

Seems like a nice place, would be great to make it clear how this place is 21+ for guys on Thursdays

Review №45

Nice atmosphere in the place, really polite workers there. The music is usually pretty good, but if you don't buy another round of hookahs after about 45 minutes they politely kick you out, especially on really busy nights. Its a nice hangout spot for people with at least a remote sense of class.

Review №46

Great place for a younger crowd (18-25). If your under 18 you have to pay to get in. Great music and great vibes . Go on a Thursday it be Lit

Review №47

This place is very popular amongst young locals so it is usually very crowded. The lack of space to serve as a dance floor makes this place not quite enjoyable as a nightclub and their subpar hookahs make for a hookah experience that leaves much to be desired. Overall it is a fun place to hang out mainly because of it's popularity which results from a lack of alternative options in the area. Not the greatest nightclub experience not the greatest hookah experience, but at present the only option for those who see both

Review №48

I've been a couple times. The 1st time it was great and that's why we decided to try it out again. The service was excellent, the music was on point and it was just enough people to make it feel clubbish without feeling over crowded. The 2nd time not at all what we were expecting. It's like the 1st time we walked into a hidden gem/well kept secret. 2nd time it was like someone made an announcement at every high school in the state. You have to be 21 over to get in but I don't think everyone was of age or at least their maturity level hadn't caught up with them. One things for sure I won't be going back again. If you're under the age of 25 and love hanging with your peers to over compacity then this is the place for you.

Review №49

Over All A Great Place But I Love Monday Nights The Most It's Calm And Cool A Great Place To Vibe In And Relax With Great Drinks And Hookah

Review №50

Great place nice environment

Review №51

I do not smoke hookah but I love this place

Review №52

No this is not good for parties and yes there is a strict dress code. Is hard to get a table even when you wait for a while. One person a few drinks 30 to $40

Review №53

The front door bouncers acted as tho we didn't existed: never asking us if we wanted to be on the waiting list for a hookah. We had to find our servers every time our hookah was burning down and they were annoyed when we needed help. 2 stars because it's still a beautiful space.

Review №54

The place is actually one of the safest, fun, and good vibe club you can go to in Cleveland. The service is okay, the music has gotten way better, and the people there are always turnt. By the way if you go make sure its on Thursday!

Review №55

Small space for a club , long wait lines on busy days due to poor line management , usually has good security present and police outside occasionally for security purposes.

Review №56

Good music, great drinks, and hookah what more could you ask for.

Review №57

It was good but at the end of the night the security guard didn't let us wait at the end of the stairs because we were being harassed by people outside. He told us to get the f*** out because it's closed. We did not feel safe. It was just irresponsible and disrespectful. Never trusting this place again. Rude and disrespectful.

Review №58

Good hookah. Good drinks. Good atmosphere.

Review №59

Unacceptabpe. We waited 2 hours for a table. It took consistency in approaching the bouncer to actually get people to get up from their table. I understand the difficulty in getting someone a table but why not have an actually acceptable business model. Have a time limit on each table. Let people know ahead of time before having to pay the service fee. I essentially paid $5 to enter an area to wait 2 hours for you to deliver your service. Absolutely unacceptable.

Review №60

This place is cool and laid back during the weekday but Friday night is always a party.. I love it

Review №61

Was here for a Thursday night out. No other Thursday night spot in the Cleveland area is as fun as City & East! Young and attractive crowd, excellent DJ and the staff was excellent! Not a fan of Coventry overall but definitely give this place 5 stars!

Review №62

Dont go on a thurday its too packed

Review №63

Worst bar I've been in. Stay away from it if you don't like fights and aggressive drunk people. Good luck stayin unharmed in there! There is at least one fight every day of the weekebd and cops showing up.

Review №64

I love going to the hookah bar especially on Thursday night is college night and especially on Friday night it's hip hop night so it is a great place to go you don't even have a whole lot of drama there

Review №65

Love hookah

Review №66

Awesome ! Just make sure you get there before 11pm . It gets packed quickly .

Review №67

2 stars for the 2 times a group of my friends and I have been able to successful get in to this place without at least one of us getting turned away. Over the most petty reasons like shorts that weren't cargo.

Review №68

I've never hated a DJ this much till today... He is more ass than the ones used to share crop. If someone had a Bluetooth speaker and just played Pandora it would be better. He looks sad and upset to be here and you can tell in his selection of music... the only reason I'm here is for $5 pitchers

Review №69

Dj on may 18th was nice... He really knew how to dj were you NEVER have the thought of "wheres the aux cord"

Review №70

Loved the Atmosphere!!! DJ as also pretty great...

Review №71

Great service. Nice atmosphere.

Review №72

Needs more group activities. Like a pool table etc. Good hookah, cheap during happy hour.

Review №73

The Dj sucks, he plays snippets of popular songs. The serveice is always good though.

Review №74

I love this place. I normally go with my sister but, now I'll invite whoever whenever!!! The music is good, the drinks is kewl, and the vibes are off the chain!!!

Review №75

I go every weekend just about. I love going because it's fun and the people are great. It can get crowded some days and sometimes you can't get a table but other than that like it.

Review №76

I love it here but sometimes it gets a little crowded but it's a club type hookah experienceSo it's to be expected

Review №77

Nice Quiet Clean Place. 20$ Hooka No Admis fee

Review №78

Kicked me out because me and my friends spoke Spanish

Review №79

Very nice hookah bar in the heart of Coventry. Relaxed atmosphere and very nice staff.

Review №80

Surprised my best friend by having her bachelorett party here, we will definitely be back.

Review №81

Prices changed and gets ghetto

Review №82

Terrible service, needs bigger club to accommodate all customers

Review №83

The owner does not want to hear about the poor customer service. I was attacked by a male member of the staff have itnon video and the owner did not want to see it. Instead they band me for cursing. The owner also stood behind the employee that was on video taking my phone and pushing me this is unacceptable.

Review №84

Great place, Great atmosphere , Great people

Review №85

It's a nice look and feel but the hookah was kinda pricey for a group of 4 it was $20 for 1 hookah that lacked flavor and server was mad every time I asked them to fix it or adjust it.....I have a good time 5 outta 10 times so it's cool

Review №86

Hookah lacks in flavor throught the assortment. Service is slow but the place does have a nice vibe.

Review №87

Definitely a racist establishment. Ask any person of color!

Review №88

Hookah Tasted funny and the lady who was helping us suddenly disappeared

Review №89

The website needs to be updated. Only two standard flavors are available for $13, double apple and mint, the rest are $16.

Review №90

Great place to smoke Hookah and Mondays are half price on hookas

Review №91

Best place to turn up on Thursday nights.

Review №92

More of a club than a hookah bar, but really fun!

Review №93

One of my favorite places. Ask for Walt

Review №94

Good vibes and great music

Review №95

Good hookah, above average service

Review №96

RACIST AND PREJUDICE!!! I was called a "monkey n***er b****" Bouncer put his hands on me and Physically assaulted me!! I have a black swollen eye! And scratches all over my face!!!

Review №97

Didn't like the fact that we had to wait hours to actually be seated at a table with a hooka

Review №98

The worst place! 40 minutes waiting and they never took us the hooka or the drinks

Review №99

Excellent service, wonderful product.

Review №100

Almost no service unless you're at the bar. I had to go track down a server everytime.

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