Coventry Paninis Grill
1825 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Coventry Paninis Grill
Review №1

Dishes are large, tasty food. Good atmosphere. Don't like fried potatoes, look at the pic, it's strange colour)

Review №2

One of the best Reubens I've had in a long time. Very good service, excellent music.

Review №3

The spinach artichoke dip was very slight. It only covered the bottom of a dish. I asked the server where the rest of it was, Haha. It also cost 9.99. I've never seen that small of an amount served anywhere. From here to So.Cal. where I'm from. Other than that, the food is good. Especially their pizza. I think the drinks for this type of place are a bit pricey.

Review №4

Great place! I'll admit I tend to leave more bad reviews than good, but this place was great. We came during the Ohio State-Michigan game and it was packed. We happened to be there for a hockey tournament and wanted to go somewhere we could catch the game. Ruth was our bartender/server and she was excellent. She never stopped moving and made sure all of her patrons were taken care of. Two thumbs up. I wish it were closer to home.

Review №5

There jumbo wings were the smallest example of chicken sadness. Never again. We waited a long time and they were not even crispy. Bartender was great.

Review №6

As beloved haunts continue to be shuttered up and down Coventry (folks still shed tears for La Cave), its more important than ever to support reliable watering holes like Panini's. When it comes to food & drink, sports bars live and die by the quality of two things: their keg lines and their fry oil. At Panini's, both seem to be changed frequently because the beer is always crisp and the fries and rings are exquisite. The chicken sandwich is also a tender and juicy marvel. Re staff: the bartenders are all affable and attentive. Swing by soon to watch a game or merely to gab with the locals. You definitely won't regret it.

Review №7

We are repeat diners. Really nice staff that works well together as a team. We like to sit in the patio with our dog.We went for lunch today when they opened up and they bring brought water for our dog right away. The food was delicious. This time tried the capicola sandwich. Was excellent - the spicy sandwich paired nicely with the beer. The fries and onion rings were excellent too.I have been to a few Panini's and I haven't been to a Panini's that I didn't like. Glad that we live close to this dog-friendly location.

Review №8

The Garlic Panini bread adds an extra unique pizzaz to the favors of the sandwiches

Review №9

Great place to watch your favorite sports. Food is great as well. Atmosphere and staff are kind. they will take care of you well

Review №10

Ordinary, plain, prosaic. I was trying to think of words to describe this place and that's what I came up with. This is the place to go if you want to eat boardom. I went lunch and wasn't disappointed or thrilled. My salad was mostly iceberg lettuce and my boyfriend's philly steak sandwich was more of a steak sandwich, no philly. Not bad, not good. The service was great and I loved the patio, but the food was underwhelming and overpriced. 2 meals and one pop was almost 29 bucks.

Review №11

We ordered I food did not receive are sandwich. The receipt that was attached to the bag was not are complete order. The lady on the phone with my husband yelling and screaming than finally calm down. She stated you ordered through door dash it's nothing we can do, we have proof mistake was made on their end. Poor customer skills/ services. Especially when you find the correct receipt with are order. One star do not justify how I feel.This is for the owner and his response Door dash did not cook my food!!!/ bagged it. For as the so call crying person, was very mouthy I had a several people over to my that heard the conversation on speaker phone. Far as I'm concerned your business and door dash played a part. What I'm not going to do is go back and forth about who wrong or right, with you on the internet. It is apparent that you don't know who to speak to customers. Wish all the best

Review №12

Went here to kill time while waiting on our candles from cle candle co. As a frequent Paninis goer, this location only deserves one star. The food was good as always however the service was absolutely terrible. It took 10 minutes for someone to even take our drink order, 20 minutes for our appetizer to come, and our waitress didn't check on us once. Upon completing our dinner, we were waiting another 15 minutes to even get asked if we wanted our check. We will definitely not be back.

Review №13

Placed a takeout order today and went in to pick it up. Bartender was very rude and lied saying the food wasn't ready yet. Watched her pick it up and bring it over 20 mins later after it sat there getting cold. Provolone wedges are awful when they are cold. The sandwich wasn't what it used to be either. Will not come back again. Sorry- your staff is terrible and the food has gone down hill...

Review №14

The food is top notch stuff, I had the overstuffed potato skins and a few cans of domestic beer for a late lunch, service is a little slow but they are all very friendly. Atmosphere is great, feels like a traditional sports bar.

Review №15

Lunch specials. Different one everyday of the week. Went on taco Tuesday...tacos $1 each .. Good service.

Review №16

Great food & nice atmosphere. Waiting on the Christmas ale next week!!!

Review №17

Service was really bad. We came for a Browns game, but they weren't that busy - there were still empty tables. Our first food order took over 45 minutes, and one item was wrong. It took nearly an hour to get the correct dish out. At first they wouldn't tell us why there was a delay, then they insisted it was because it they were too busy, which was obviously false.The food itself was just okay. Fries were really greasy, some were nearly unsalted, others were inedibly salty. The one order that took 2 hours was comped, but nothing else. We were almost overcharged for drinks too, but they fixed the error after we pointed it out.

Review №18

Tasty lunch special. Friendly staff. Quick service.

Review №19

I was at Panini's over the weekend. It was a blast! The male bartender Dillion was amazing. The drinks he made and served were fantastic. I overheard the blonde bartender also call Dillion primetime. That name is well deserved for Dillion. Hands down best bartender! I will be back again!

Review №20

Very lame New Year's Eve. Kitchen closed at midnight. Wanted to stay close to home, but it was boring. I have to say however that the guy bartender w/ dark hair who wears glasses makes an excellent dirty martini!

Review №21

Was worth going but dont like some of the staff they are rude and obnoxious

Review №22

Great music and food

Review №23

Its funny because this joint has been terrible forever, but Melissa, Candy, and La Croix are amazing. Beyond welcoming they make everyone feel like you should have been there before you came.

Review №24

My friends and I order 2 appetizers and 1 pizza. We waited 12 minutes just to get our waters, then we waited an additional 10 minutes for our orders taken. 40 minutes went by and it took us to get the managers attention 2 times and just for her to get defensive and tell us a pizza takes 20 minutes. I will never come back!

Review №25

Nice calm and quiet. Food was good. Pizza was so delicious. Pretzel be n for the burger was awesome.

Review №26

I'm only giving them a star due to the fact that my meal was satisfying. My boyfriend and I walked into the restaurant and we weren't greeted, but we thought it was normal. Then we soon realized that other people were being greeted as they entered the restaurant after us. We ordered a starter and our entree and was waiting 30 minutes and was brought only our entree. We were puzzled because we didn't receive our starter and we were told that it wasn't put into the system. My drink also took 20 minutes to reach our table because the waiters don't take down your order they just try to memorize it, which is unprofessional. I'll only recommend this place if you have a lot of spare time to kill, but if you want to get in and out then I wouldn't recommend Panini's.***************************************************This portion of my review is in response to your counter claim. The fact that you are calling your customers “judgmental” speaks volume to what kind of restaurant you guys run. Just very unprofessional and I hope every sees that. We waited for about 6 minutes and thought we had to seat ourselves because of your workers. One day I hope you guys realize your wrong doing and stop blaming your customers.

Review №27

I had lived in Cleveland for a year before and never visited. This is an affordable place to go with friends. The service and drinks was on point. There is one vegetarian option, the veggie burger, which was good. Even the mac and cheese was savory. #ditchthestraw

Review №28

Had a lovely server ... the food was good first time eating there .. definitely plan to stop back in .

Review №29

Very comfortable atmosphere accompanied by decently prepared pub food, good service and reasonable prices. Great picture windows through which to watch the Coventry scene. Good spicy black bean burger, cole slaw and lots of other food options. The inside of the restaurant is smoke free while the outside patio is smoke allowed: choose your table location based on your smoke preference. Worth visiting and returning to amidst all the fine choices in Coventry.

Review №30

Waited 45 minutes for two pizzas that were lukewarm. Manager was quite rude and made me pay for the one beer I had when I first walked in. Add to the fact my pregnant wife and I had to endure constant cigarette smoke. I will never set foot in such an unprofessional establishment again.

Review №31

Service was decent. Drinks were good. Good place to go on a chill night.

Review №32

Super chill spot. All types of interesting people!

Review №33

Pet friendly location. Food was great, and the staff delivered excellent service. They even brought out a carrot treat for my bunny.

Review №34

It had some vegan options, but not many, and not clearly labeled. The food was okay. The heated porch was nice.

Review №35

The food is always good the service is great along with the atmosphere. The drink list is lacking but not terrible.

Review №36

Tons of TVs any sports you like you can watch. Oh and the food is good too

Review №37

Had an awsome Saucem time watching the Superbowl...

Review №38

Great food, huge servings, engaging and funny waiter!

Review №39

Went there and ordered two pizza to go and waited 45 mins just for the pizzas to be cold . We asked for a refund and the manager had an attitude. Never again will we go to that restaurant. I've had better service at other paninis.

Review №40

The fries were excellent service was very good.

Review №41

They are extremely rude. Makes me sad that people are like that!

Review №42

Cool spot to drink and watch sports. They allow dogs on the patio and have ended up caring about my dog more than me. He is cute so I don't blame them.

Review №43

Having waitress give out free drinks all around you as you pay full expensive price on a Friday evening is a straight up slap to the face. I fully understand servers have regulars that they will hook up.That's every bar in America. But when it reaches the point of everyone around you getting free shots and beers it becomes simply insulting. Even the customers would look up and say “ I don't want this” and workers will say back “ don't what what :), it's cause I love you” I mean why would a new customer come in and stay? I certainly won't!

Review №44

I live the location, service, food, and prices! Even my puppy was served a water and a treat! Definitely will be going back!

Review №45

The waitress was the best! The atmosphere was service was good ...Thank You,DC

Review №46

A nice little place to have drinks and eat wings. I usually order the chicken wings when I go and I also order soup (which are both delicious). They have greatly improved their customer service and it looks like they decided to get some better quality wings too. It's a nice place if you want to hang out with friends and family. It has a pub feel to it. I have never been mistreated and any problem that I have ever had they quickly resolved it.

Review №47

Great pulled pork and fresh cut fries. The bartender and waitress we're very friendly and did a great job

Review №48

TARRIA you were awesome patient and kind..all the things I value in people..keep up great work Tarria!!

Review №49

Great food, wonderful friendly service

Review №50

Seriously may be the worst service ordered food waited 30 minutes manager and bartender I had to flag down received my to go order brought it home wings without any sauce really there was 10 people there it wasn't as if it was extremely busy

Review №51

Nice atmosphere and the food was awesome. Great place to hang out on Coventry

Review №52

I really like the pizza. The service was decent.

Review №53

I rate this with two stars only because the food wasn't bad. However, my experience here was not the best. I waited a long time to even get acknowledged by a waiter. Also, the waitress had got my order wrong and forgot my appetizer. Once I had brought it up nobody really took the initiative to correct it or get my order corrected. I will not be returning to this location again, due to the lack of customer service and the lack of willingness to serve and take care of the guests.

Review №54

Everything is good .

Review №55

The staff is always so nice and the food is great! Beer is cheap, and I always have a nice time. Sometimes they can take some time to come get your order, but usually there are only a few servers during a full house, so I usually give them a break. Great place!

Review №56

Patio is one of the best on the Eastside. Also tight to late night menu!

Review №57

The staff takes time to get to know me, is always friendly, and comes to work ready to work. Panini's Coventry is a great location to catch a local sports game with great food and a full bar, with craft beers as well. With pitcher and bucket specials, it's great to bring friends and enjoy your free time.

Review №58

Food was good but took a while

Review №59

I have been going to this place for years and never had a issue. And since I work at Motorcars Toyota and Honda around the corner never been a issue ever. But tonight was my 1st issue and I dont know how many times it has happen. So I did a call in order around 748pm and the lady that answered my call took it amd said that it will be ready in 20 mins. And when I got there well over 20 mins my older was never out in with the name that I gave her. Her excuse was they made the wrong order and wings. But brings out a bag before that like where is this customers order. And I am looking at her be honest you never put it in, in the first place. Haha. So after about another 15 mins went by, she comes back and said that we can pay for half of your order and will that work for you? And I said okay. But the one thing about being in the industry of customer service, you have to be honest and let the customer know what happen amd try to fix it as fast as possible instead of moving around like the kitchen messed up. No honey you messed up. So moving forward, please have the right person take phone orders the right, cause if not, you will lose a loyal customer who loves coming there for lunch and happy hour. Just saying.

Review №60

Two stars instead of one because the food was, at best, average. The order was mostly correct, but I got undercooked fries when I'd asked for them to be crispy and the steak sandwich was dry. I can get past that, though. Why the negative review? The service was sub-par and neglectful. It took 25 minutes to get an appetizer. No one ever came to check on us/refill drinks. And when the meal was brought, I asked for something small (salsa), but it never came. I eventually had to go ask at the bar for the check because no one ever brought it. We were then going to pay with a debit card, but no one came for that, so we just left cash and walked out. We won't be back.For what it's worth, I do leave positive reviews when service is good.

Review №61

Decent food. Pricey drinks. Great service

Review №62

Like all the other paninis it is rather consistent

Review №63

We went for a late lunch. My veggie burger was really good and the guacamole on it was bomb

Review №64

There was only one server, as far as I could tell. We waited a long time for our food and for her to pick up the check. The food was good, service not so much.

Review №65

I'm completely changing my review after today. The staff has pretty much completely rolled over to the point where I don't recognize anyone and they're a lot less friendly. Quality of service has diminished and prices have increased. I used to like the place because it's so close and some people. I won't be back.

Review №66

Must have been one of those days people didn't want to work. 2 parties got there food before us when we were there at least 10 minutes before both parties. GO FIGURE. I definitely won't go back

Review №67

The service is alright but the food is good and the portions are huge! Also they have some really cheap specials on food and drinks throughout the week!

Review №68

I only ordered a water and an appetizer. The water glass smelled heavily of perfume, which tainted the water. I asked for a clean cup, which I received with no issues. The mozzarella wedges were not very good. They were bland and tasted like the oil in the fryer needed changed. My friend ordered a bowl of chili, which she described as bland and boring. The waitress was very nice and the atmosphere was pleasant. I would probably not visit this location again, though. Being that it's also pay to park and the food was not good, it wouldn't be worth it.

Review №69

Food was excellent and our waiter was a beast taking care of everyone.

Review №70

The best Panini's I've ever been to

Review №71

Patio in the summer and early fall is awesome! Staff and service on point.

Review №72

Good food,lots of drink

Review №73

Great environment for a quick bite and reasonable drinks

Review №74

Very good food better panini than any other one we have had.

Review №75

Good food, even better prices.

Review №76

The food is always good, however, since you are the only game in town on Coventry you can always afford to give horrible service. Service was slow as usual and it is usually because your waitress is slow to provide service except for the usual customers. If you are a regular there the waitress will be more than happy to sit and joke with you. If you're not a regular you have to wait for them to eventually come to you. Many times I have arrived sitting at the bar and it will take a good 15 to 20 minutes for the waitress or barmaid to find the time to ask me if I wanted anything. This has been an ongoing issue of so therefore no doubt you do not care. It was a sad day when the wing place up the street left Coventry because we were forced pretty much to come to you for your crappy service

Review №77

Service was terrible from bartender and waitress I had to send my food back because it wasn't properly cooked .... I will

Review №78

Nice people, very welcoming experience!

Review №79

The interior looks gloomy and looks dirty. The staff was less then enthusiastic. They told us that it would be a long while for them to serve our food, even though it was empty. The tables were dirty and the menus were ripped. Just got drinks and the water was disgusting and so was the coffee.

Review №80

The 6 pepper wings are the best

Review №81

This place always has good along with a decent crowed

Review №82

Love the cobb salad. The best part is the guacamole.

Review №83

Great outdoor seating area that allows dogs. I actually haven't been inside. They have a good assortment of craft beers in bottles or cans and a few on tap. The food is Applebees style/quality but the service is far better. Good place to watch a game, have a few, and maybe get a burger.

Review №84

Outside patio is amazing in the summer! Food is consistently yummy bar food. Service has been good every time, although sometimes takes a while to get a drink when it's busy. That is to be expected. Manager came around while we were eating to check on us, that was so nice! Servers are kind. Great spring/summer hang out.

Review №85

I went there with hubby today and their chili was DA BOMB, do u hear me? DA BOMB!!! I told my hubby that I want to go there again next week! There humus and pita bread was hot and soft. I will definitely be back!!!!!

Review №86

The service was poor and the food is pretty good but you have to wait so long for expensive food and drinks from stragglers who treat you like your bothering them , I was really disappointed, and I won't ever return to place , it's always super packed for the most part under staffed and poor services and expensive drinks with a short selection two thumbs down

Review №87

Great service. Nice patio

Review №88

Food good service not as good

Review №89

Pretty cool place had a good time!!!

Review №90

The only one that does Taco Tuesday! $1 tacos!

Review №91

Nice beer selection, good service, excellent spicy wings

Review №92

Last time I was here I had an awesome experience! New management is awesome and always attentive. They came to our table asked me how our food was and wanted to get to know us! I see this place as a great place to watch any Cleveland sporting event. My patty melt was superb!

Review №93

Great food, nice atmosphere. Staff was a bit sparse, but I had a good evening there.

Review №94

We threw my brother a surprise 30th birthday party at the Coventry Panini's and had a great experience. Jeremy helped me coordinate and plan the event. He was easy to work with and very responsive. They even closed off half of the bar for the party which worked out great. Food was good. Evan was responsible for us that night and he did an excellent job. He kept checking in to make sure everything was okay. We never had any problems. I would recommend this bar if you want to have a laid back fun party.

Review №95

Great place to go for good food and a good time! Karaoke every Wednesday night. So fun! Staff are great and you can tell they love their jobs!

Review №96

Good food, nice service and karaoke on Wednesday but not during winter.

Review №97

They jack the music up so loud, I really cant blame the wait staff for getting every order wrong. I can't hear the person shouting next to me.

Review №98

It was amazing me my husband and the kids went great service nice karaoke the waitress Rose was so nice very respectful helpful

Review №99

Awesome place to hang with Friends. Very good food.

Review №100

Great little bar! They stop serving food around 10pm but the drinks are great and the atmosphere is very casual and fun!

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:1825 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
  • Phone:+1 216-321-6444
  • Bar & grill
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–2:30AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2:30AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–12AM
  • Saturday:11AM–12AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Karaoke:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Trivia night:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Cash-only:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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