Grog Shop
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106, United States
Review №1

LOVED this venue. Went to see bbno$ for the first time and my first seeing a concert by myself. I had SUCH a great time. Nice staff and an all around amazing experience. Will definitely return for another show or even just in the area! Highly reccomend

Review №2

What a fantastic place to see a band. If you ever hear that Local H is playing, go watch them. The are unbelievable. The venue allowed me to take my 8 year old niece and Nephew to see them. They had a water stand set up and we were so close to the stage that the band interacted with the twins. I can't think of a better place to have taken them to their first concert. I wish I could give the Grog Shop more stars. Thank you

Review №3

Pretty nice place here. The bands that were up were pretty good and the setup and atmosphere was very chill. I'd definitely come back again for more gigs and to get to learn about more bands and stuff. It's nice overall

Review №4

Had an awesome time!! Great place for live music...went to see jj wilde

Review №5

Visiting the grog shop is like stepping back to a simpler time in America. There is no better venue to watch a concert. They have everything one could request when watching live music: drinks, an area to stand, and band stickers everywhere. I would suggest to all of my friends to get to a show early and embrace the ambiance of such a marvel.

Review №6

Small, close quarters. The people are pretty laid back. Depends on whose performing. Great talent on that stage. You won't be disappointed. It's almost like the basement where your band is making the their next big hit. Great for local bands and up and coming talent. As well as people who just want to put on a great show with cool people.

Review №7

Great venue! Everything is general admission so come early and hold your ground at the front of the stage if its a bigger name!

Review №8

Great live music venue with an intimate stage. You can approach the stage on two sides, which allows for great views wherever you decide to stand. The full service bar in the back is usually very efficient and wait times for drinks have always been minimal when I have been here.

Review №9

The Grog Shop is a great place. I played there last Saturday with the reggae band I've been with for years. It's a wonderful place to play. Great room for live music. Extremely well run bar. They offer a great diverse line up of different types of music. People watching is great in there. Great food choices in the area. Go there !!!!

Review №10

Great little bar with outstanding pice musical performances.

Review №11

Pretty small venue but that just means you get to be closer with the artists. Drink are reasonably priced too loved it.

Review №12

Quick stop to record a band set during a weeknight...Being a small live music room, it is open and uncluttered because there are no tables/chairs on the floor. There are a couple of seating areas along the wall, and of course the bar. Good for a packed night, bare otherwise. Comfortable atmosphere. Sound quality is dependent upon music genre and technicians. It's a busy area typically, with parking street meters taken first... but there was plenty of parking available in quarter meter lots within a short walk, convenient even in cold weather. Only a few dollars (bring quarters) for the parking meter. (Google the area to view the locations of the lots within a few buildings' distance). Large restrooms. Generally a comfortable dive, small music venue, in the artsy Coventry area of Cleveland.

Review №13

The Grog is so cozy. It's a great blend of hipster vibes, trendy beer, and great music. I love going to a packed show there and having the older guy in the backwards hat sift through the crowd to find underage drinkers. It's always a fun time when you get to see him kick some teeny bopper out!

Review №14

Went to see Twista it was so much fun it was my birthday I had a blast

Review №15

Went to see Art Alexakis at the Grog Shop. The show was amazing! The Grog Shop is a throwback to what a rock bar should be. A great atmosphere, with some of the best bartenders around. The beer selection is amazing with helpful bartenders to guide you to the beer of your dreams. If you have the chance to see a band at the Grog Shop, I highly suggest you jump on it before places like this disappear.

Review №16

Great drag shows once a month, but a great staff every day!

Review №17

Great venue to see a band. I've seen 2 sold out shows here and met the artists both times. Staff and bartenders are very friendly.

Review №18

What's not to love about this venue? Reasonably priced cover and drinks. Intimate stage setup. Great names pass through those doors. If you haven't been to a show at the Grog Shop you are missing out.

Review №19

For a small venue the sound is surprisingly good. Was at a sold out show and didn't have to wait long for a drink. Place gets national acts. Bathroom wait sucks lol. No on site parking. Pictures are from Voivod show March 2019, which was amazing

Review №20

Radical small venue!! Sound great and a great bar with a good selection of drinks.

Review №21

Great bar. Very nice venue. All the employees were friendly and helpful. They have a good selection of local brews and great flavors. Lots of on street parking all around.

Review №22

For an old guy like me, I prefer a different style of venue. Not bad for young kids though.

Review №23

Seen rapsody, saroc,and heather Victoria great show. High energy great Vibrations great spirits! I truly enjoyed the show and venue.

Review №24

Sound system & acoustics seemed far better than several other small venues we have been to recently. Scutoid ruled!

Review №25

This place books the best shows, everyone that works here is very involved in music, a real-deal, OG crew.

Review №26

Excellent concert venue. Buy earplugs!

Review №27

Great venue n amazing performance

Review №28

A lovely venue. They gave us free pizza before the show at the bar downstairs, where a slam poetry competition was happening!

Review №29

I had such a great time at the silent music party. It was a bit pricey but the selection of music was awesome and the DJ was very entertaining. I would definitely go back.

Review №30

This was a great venue. I haven't been to a place like this in quite sometime. Exposed interior made for a nice underground atmosphere which was perfect for the show.

Review №31

Pretty amazing spot. Historical landmark, "gateway for the up and coming" and real cool venue. Go check it out

Review №32

Saw Jonathan Richman, great show, friendly staff. No problems! Enjoyed!

Review №33

Love The Grog Shop. Any chance I get to see a gig I'm there!

Review №34

Very good staff and I really enjoyed this venue. First time ever seeing the Legendary Pink Dots in person. Very entertaining and incredible experience.

Review №35

A great nightclub bar. Small enough to be intimate without feeling crowded. The comedy show was fantastic! I enjoyed performing as well.

Review №36

Went here to see Scarface and Devin the dude. Other then things not starting on time it was an amazing experience. For Devin the fire department had to be called because we smoked out the concert. Overall nice place to listen to your favorite artist.

Review №37

Pretty small stage still a dope place to watch a concert

Review №38

Had a wonderful time.. Raspody was beautiful

Review №39

Love going here, it's a perfect place for a punk show

Review №40

Great place to watch a show. There isn't a bad vantage point to see the band's playing in the whole place.

Review №41

Really good show!

Review №42

Amazing place. So chill. Been waiting a year to see sasha again. And I cried seeing her on stage again.

Review №43

One of my favorite venues I've been to. Great little place, it's dark and small and there's no barricade so every show feels very intimate. Best place to see metal/punk shows.

Review №44

Had a blast. Easy access to parking. Friendly staff. Unlike some small music venues, the sound quality was excellent.

Review №45

It's a dive bar and everything you'd expect from one. Been coming here for shows for years. No food at the bar, but plenty of choices nearby. Awesome spot for put of the ordinary shows.

Review №46

Great live music venue $4 pbr tall boys

Review №47

Kikagaku Moyo was amazing live! Fun venue where you can get close to the band. Good beer selection too.

Review №48

Really cool venue for smaller shows. My band has played here a few times and the sound has been great. I've also seen many shows here over the years that were also great. The staff is really cool, too.

Review №49

I've seen so many awesome bands here over the years. Smaller venue with a lot of character. Probably my favorite place to catch a band at in Cleveland (Agora, Beachland, etc are all awesome as well).

Review №50

The Grog Shop is a Cleveland institution. The old location at the other end of Coventry was great but the new one is better. Amazing shows almost every night and, in my opinion, also one of the best places to see comedy in the city. Great drink prices, underagers make sure you find the water jug and there are some snacks. No seating (except limited bar) and it's almost always packed shoulder to shoulder but that's the fun! Become a regular and they might let you hang out after closing, allegedly.

Review №51

The Grog Shop is easily one of my favorite venue to see a band! The small bar atmosphere creates such an intimate show experience. Being able to stand mere feet away from the band as they rock out on the short stage is amazing! Feeling the energy of the band up so close and being able to give that energy right back to them as an audience member, makes the concert so much more fun.The bar staff are very friendly and I received quick service each time I needed a drink. They have a great selection of drinks including a delicious pineapple cider for 5$.

Review №52

Very chill atmosphere. Good sound. Beer prices are good as well

Review №53

Great little bar to see a band - great selection of beers, good prices and decent sound.

Review №54

Supports local artists from all over Cleveland and Ohio. The venue is clean and well kept. Definitely worth coming here for a show or to hangout at the bar with friends. Definitely coming back here in the future for more live music.

Review №55

It was a cool atmosphere, seen Tobe and kicked it down, with a cool group of solo ticket woman. Great Vibe

Review №56

This is where you want to see your favorite band. Small, grubby, perfect.

Review №57

Saw Harley Poe and Amigo The Devil here, amazing! Love all the graffiti in the bathrooms!

Review №58

I recently visited the Grog Shop for the Coathangers concert. As venues go, it's very personal (by which I mean on the small side), which can be good or bad depending on the artist. It would be a decent place to see a quieter act, as the smaller space would permit the sound to carry. For a loud band, the smaller space quickly fills with a deafening volume. Still, even if you can't clearly make out lyrics, at least you'll have a good view of the band.

Review №59

The owner and their workers have all been awesome and helpful! Great shows!

Review №60

Saw The Whiskey Hollow, great show !!

Review №61

I had a good time& I love live music

Review №62

Small but lively venue. Great music and drink choice

Review №63

I visited from Chicago specifically to see a band play here. It has a dive bar kind of feel without the grime that comes along with it. Super intimate venue with maybe a capacity of 400 and a small stage in the corner. They have cheap drink specials, I was able to get a pbr tallboy for $4.

Review №64

Best live venue around. Intimate sets, cool staff.

Review №65

Comedy every Monday night... Fun place!

Review №66

Comedy at the Grog ShopFront row at some of the best comedy I've seen in a long time. Sure, they are not always the most seasoned comics, but the atmosphere, the price, the opportunity to help an act hone their materials, all makes this cheap ticket price, dive bar feel, and Cleveland crowd worth the experience. Go or be forever sad.

Review №67

Really dope place to go for a concert. The small venue gives you a great spot no matter where you are in the bar. Also drinks are really cheap there as well. All in all its great spot to watch a good con and get up near the artist preforming.

Review №68

Much better than I assume. Get price on Drinks and it's a for sure a Rock Club

Review №69

Saw ghostemane at this venue. Sound quality was great. Drink prices were good. The area is spacious, and the air conditioning cranks.

Review №70

Great venue with perfect sound and visual.

Review №71

I'm an out of towner from Buffalo and this was a really cool venue. They kept the place nice and cool and it was smaller so it was an intimate setting with a large bar.

Review №72

A grody bar with a musical legacy that helped define Rock City. Yeah, they played here before they were famous! Whom? Everyone that's a legend now.

Review №73

Always a great venue for shows. B-side is right beneath so you have something to do while you're waiting for the doors. Watch where you stand if you're trying to be up front, the way the PAs are pointed makes it tough to hear the vocalist sometimes.

Review №74

Good venue. Not really close to a freeway, but still worth the drive.

Review №75

I came to see Alex Cameron, I really liked the atmosphere here. Really cool art and decor. The graffiti art in the ladies restroom is such a unique piece of history and restroom was nice and clean. The bar tender was really nice and did a great job too. I had alot of fun and will come back here again.

Review №76

Great venue to listen to some other music.

Review №77

I don't know if, at this point, the you must be ceiling is a deliberate choice, but they always host the best experimental bands, and there's a parking garage close by; not to mention a load of good food to eat at both before and after the show. This bar feels like it was made specifically for hosting concerts. I can't speak for how it performs as a bar, because I only came here for shows

Review №78

Would have given a 5 star,but the bathroom's could use some love. Bartenders are excellent and venue is fantastic

Review №79

Great little venue in Cleveland! Although standing right in front of the stage makes the show sound mediocre since you are pretty much in front of the speakers. Possible sound upgrade soon? Another downside is that there is meter parking everywhere. But other than that its very clean and staff is great!

Review №80

It's the Grog. You know what you're getting when you go there and that's what makes it such a special place. Nothing ever changes and that is okay. I hope the Grog never changes :) cheap drinks and always a good time.

Review №81

Went for a drag show. I enjoyed the all gender bathrooms, and the show was pretty good.

Review №82

Went and saw Plague Vendor. Epic show! Great venue.

Review №83

Great intimate venue. Great sound and good priced drinks.

Review №84

This is one of the great Cleveland concert venues. The best thing about Grog Shop is the wide range of acts it gets. I came to see Castle Comer and Magic Giant recently. They do a great job of getting the large acts as well as local groups. My two piece band Popio Modena will be playing there.

Review №85

Always good for a show. Good drink selection.

Review №86

Loved the grog shop. Had a great experience there!

Review №87

Old man grog wasn't yelling at anyone during the show, was just wandering around in his new pbr hat. Felt weird that he wasnt yelling at anyone, I hope he's okay. Still the best venue in Cleveland.

Review №88


Review №89

Nice place enjoyed my definitely

Review №90

This music venue gets a ton of great acts. Unfortunately parking can be a pain to find sometimes. The sound can vary, usually better than worse. Layout allows you to watch the show from the front, side and from the bar. Drink prices are reasonable. Shows can sellout so if you are planning to buy a ticket day of show it is recommended to call ahead. Staff is great.

Review №91

Had a ball out in Ohio with the whole team #GriseldaRecords #BennyTheButcher #WestsideGunn #RickHyde.... Definitely appreciate Cleveland I love they showed.!!!!!#WeezieDontDoIt

Review №92

My favorite venue to visit; seen many shows here and will continue to far into the future, they hold a good range of different live acts. Give them a follow on facebook, won't be disappointed.

Review №93

I loved the Grog Shop! Parking in the area was literally a joke, but the venue itself was awesome! To see such a small venue pull in the names and line up they did, it was outstanding! Very intimate setting, and fun!

Review №94

Always a great show when your at the grog

Review №95

Awesome place to see some bands...

Review №96

Great place to hang out and listen to some local bands.

Review №97

Sorta old and grungy/dirty, but also one of northeast Ohio's best live music venues

Review №98

Awesome place for concerts. I love the location, the decor and the general atmosphere. A great variety of people perform here so I'd recommend anyone spend a night there. There's also lots of places to eat and shop nearby including novelty stores to make your visit even more interesting.

Review №99

I attended B-side which is underneath the Grog Shop for lyrical rhythms. Which is a diverse meeting of music and spoken word Play to a live band. It's open mic all are welcome. This positive smooth Vibe gives you a lovely experience for the evening, with poetry and all that jazz, contemporary oh, and Hip Hop. The crowd is diverse , Mellow, and all around just a beautiful experience.

Review №100

Wonderful venue. My wife and I drove up from Kentucky to see our favorite band, and I wish we had a place like this that was local. Great people, great acoustics, and very respectable bar prices.

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