The Rib Cage Smokehouse & Bar
2214 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

We have tried this spot on two occasions. Both experiences were subpar at best. Half chicken, extremely dry with broken bones. Wings, dry and tough to eat. Potato salad, the overpowering of vinegar made it almost impossible to eat. Coleslaw, fairly decent. We've lived in NYC and LA and this place was more expensive vs both cities. Maybe we are spoiled because we have lived in several cities throughout the country and had amazing BBQ. This place certainly didn't fit the bill for quality BBQ especially for the price.

Review №2

Everything was awesome as always! I don't eat meat and I was surprised by the size of the side dishes very good and filling.. the cornbread was delicious wish it was alil bigger..

Review №3

This place had rib tips with a choice of different flavors. I ordered spicy buffalo and jamaican jerk, both were very good, I only wished the jerk was spicy hot. Service was excellent and professional with a smile. Lol. The sauce for the fried green tomatoes was very tasty. I'd like more of it to use on the tips. I will definitely go back and will ask for the jerk to be spicy hotttt.

Review №4

Tried this restaurant for the first time and it was very good. So I tried them out for the 1nd time and we all know nothings NEVER the same as the 1st.The fish dinner was awesome..The 1/2 chicken dinner was horrible.My chicken was under cooked.I would never order the chicken again..The greens and bread was great!

Review №5

Great food, Great Service, Amazing Decor. I'll def have to comeback here again. My out of town buddy and I enjoyed our visit. Thank you to our wonderful server for giving us the good food recs

Review №6

Great Food. Take out only service was great also.

Review №7

I love this place like its home, and that is exactly what you will experience all the way from the people (that treat you like family :)) to the soul home style cookinnn! You can feel and taste the love! Brandon and the entire Hill Family know whats up and I am recommending this place to anyone who loves great food! :)

Review №8

Paid $22 for a two tiny slabs of brisket that were stringy and tough to chew. The flavor was mediocre and their meal was barely a snack size. Seriously, don't get the brisket.

Review №9

We ordered the beef brisket entree and pulled pork sandwich, and both were incredible! All the sides tasted great as well. Highly recommend.

Review №10

My daughter ordered dinner for us had it delivered food was amazing it was hot and delicious best wings I've had in a long time perch was great sides were fantastic our new favorite spot

Review №11

Good food, portion size much smaller than I anticipated. Still worth visiting the neighborhood and checking it out. Catch a flick at the Cedar Lee arthouse theater after dinner!

Review №12

The service was great, she was working alone and was cheerful and prompt. The food was pricey, the Polish boy was made with a big bun and a whole lot of fries. The fries was so good, as was the slaw, but the meat was very small. We paid 25 dollars for a slab of ribs, and when we got home and opened the container all we saw was burned ribs. My husband was going to take them back to the restaurant, but I said just toss it. We are not going to drive way back over there for more burned food. Which they knew it was burned when they boxed it up. I'll never patronize this place again.

Review №13

I don't even want to comment,lets just say it was bad for my first time.......

Review №14

The worst food I have ever had in my entire life! The ribs were charred and barely had any meat on them. We paid 48 dollars for 2 rib dinners that tasted absolutely awful. The potatoes still had clumps in them and barely tasted like they had any seasoning. The mac n cheese was beyond disgusting. I would rather have generic boxed mac n cheese. I'm beyond dissatisfied! I wish I could give 0 stars because it sucks that bad.

Review №15

Great place! Great food! The owner was very nice. Probably the best BBQ and wings that I've had. Sides were really good. Prices reflected the quality and portion sizes well, comparable to surrounding. It gets overshadowed by the microbreweries that are nearby

Review №16

Beef brisket sandwich was very stiff and full of fat. The Cole slaw was spoiled not a le to eat.

Review №17

Great place to eat food is wonderful and the portion sizes will leave u full. Prices are cheap. Staff and music is great. Will definitely be back

Review №18

Food was really good came in on the late night a was well accommodated

Review №19

Terrible the ribs was fatty the red beans and rice was terrible no flavor the greens was no flavor just yuk!

Review №20

Was told the wait was 45 minutes, ended up waiting over 1.5 HOURS!Ribs were chewy and the beans were too salty. The potato salad tasted store bought.

Review №21

Only positive about this place was the speed of the food being prepared. Poor service with even worse BBQ.

Review №22

I love the Rib Cage. If I had anything to say about it is that it's too small. Its not wheelchair accessible. We made it work. THE GREENS Ohhh My. Just delicious!

Review №23

Looks good. Excited to try.

Review №24


Review №25

The food wasn't good. The foods were drowned in watery, tasteless sauce. The sausage ribs and pulled pork were dry and overcooked. The candied yams had too much sugar and the mac and cheese, the only words to describe it is it was "different." The soda and the bottled beer was flat. The fries was not good enough to finish. The best thing on my plate was the toasted bun

Review №26

The food is consistently fresh and tasty, staff members gives great customer service. I liked the cleanliness and character. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №27

First time trying the rib cage & I regret it! I ordered thru the Uber eats app. They got my order completely wrong, my wings were under cooked & still pink! Very very slimy! There was barely any sauce on my wings. My sides were cold & my cornbread tasted very old & it felt like it came straight out the freezer! Please do not waste your money, I was so disappointed & left hungry because I ordered while @ work. I order a side of candied yams & a side of Mac & cheese & they gave me 2 sides of yams. Food was not worth the money at all!

Review №28

The place itself has a nice atmosphere and the beer was tasty (although they ran out of at least a couple). However, the food quality was disappointing. It took over 30 minutes to arrive, it was lukewarm, and rather bland. The brisket was dry and the pulled pork was tasteless. The fries and sauces were excellent, but that isn't enough to make up for the rest. Will not come for food again.

Review №29

Absolutely phenomenal, I wish I could remember our servers name. We were a 3 top around midnight last night, her positivity was so genuine and it was honestly the best service I can remember getting at a restaurant. The food was incredible, as a vegetarian I just had the stupid fries and the cheese & mac. The fries were crisp and perfectly seasoned, the slaw and baked beans were next level tasty, definitely tasted like they make everything in house, just delicious. I'm disappointed in myself for living in Cleveland for over 20 years and never visiting this establishment before, I will be returning many times over.

Review №30

Wasn't very hungry but my son was! I got collard greens AMAZING & my son got a rib bbq dinner with sides of mac & collard greens. I keep picking on his dinner!!! It's that good!!! Service was great! Really fun place!!!!!!!

Review №31

The first time i went - food was AMAZING, ribs were seasoned to perfection, sides were hot and good. The last.two time i went - my rib tips were so burnt i couldnt eat them. I ordered the 2.meat combo for 23$ and got 3 BURNED rib tips and 2 wings. My macaroni was SALTY AND GOOEY and my sweet potatoes were more like mashed potatoes. Very unhappy and theyll never get another DIME OF MY MONEY!!!!!

Review №32

Wasn't going there but when we parked and got out the car the great smell led us there.

Review №33

Great food! Wow! Fresh and so tasty! Ron was an awesome server and bar tender! We'll be back!

Review №34

West 25th on Point!... Cleveland Heights was a miss

Review №35

Amazing ribs. And I don't use the word "amazing" too often.

Review №36

My brother and I and wife went today the Cashier was very Unprofessional and Smart mouthed.

Review №37

Really great food, great staff. It's a really amazing place!

Review №38

The ribs had too much fat and no meat.beans was burnt, Mac and cheese was “idk”, sauce was nasty, yams was nasty.. will NOT return..

Review №39

Food is great. Very nice atmosphere.

Review №40

Food was ON POINT. Def recommend !!! Will be back. Has a hole in the wall feel. Good place.

Review №41

Criminal Meat Preparation.Delighted by past reviews and proximity brought me to this hole of a bar who's parking lot features paid meters monitored "24 Hours." Not much to look at and disappearing staff makes the experience lengthy. 45 minutes after ordering the half brisket, half st louis rib meal, with collards and cole slaw due to staff recco, what finally came could best be described as Char, and Beef Jerky. Three drastically different size portions of both examples, like some sort of Goldilocks Portion policy, one Rib was completely bare, while its neighbor, was loaded with charred dried grainy meat. A real shame for $28 I left hungry for bbq and an apology. I should have used the mislabeled diagram of a pig in the restroom as foreshadowing, instead all I will recall is the toilet of an experience. Don't go here. I promise you'll thank me.

Review №42

Stop by 5.9.2019 to place an to go order as we sat at the bar. There was one waitress who was currently taking an order and right before she finish a Door Dash delivery person came in and the waitress abruptly stated in an unprofessional manner that she did not have the order you can cancel it I am back up with orders and I have a large party so I don't know. We were like WOW. In addition, once she finished taking the order for the two females, we requested menus to order and she once again abruptly began to say in an unprofessional manner how she had a large party and she back ups and orders to prepare for delivery (even though we just heard you say you didn't prepare it) and so on and so on. So we just left. I understand being busy and maybe she was the only waitress but there is a way to keep your composure regardless especially when you are representing a business. We have to do better with our customer service..

Review №43

I wanted some ribs and I got some ribs and a nice drink. Ended up getting a beer some Jack and waiting a bit.

Review №44

Food was AMAZING! Nice portion, good price, fantastic flavor.

Review №45

Service was friendly and food was good, but the portions are too much to justify the price. The $9 rib tips yielded maybe around 1.5-2 bones worth of meat and 40% fat. I know I know rent/taxes in the Heights suck but dang.

Review №46

Good barbecue that's actually open late. When we couldn't find somewhere open after 11 on a weeknight, they were. And this wasn't Denny's late night fast food, it was actually solid.Just make sure you actually put money in the meters, regardless of the time of day. They DO check.

Review №47

Walleye Grilled Cajun so juicy and hot!

Review №48

Ate here twice, the food is amazing! But they don't turn on the heat, the place was freezing inside. Also, they should probably invest in some new tables and a front door. I'm sure that the curtain hanging up at the front entrance has never been washed. Again, THE FOOD IS AMAZING!

Review №49

Fish was great, lamb was great, turkey ribs were great! Chicken and sauce was terrible to dry.Nice place and service.

Review №50

Visited after spending the long fun day with a good friend--I live an hour down the Turnpike. The BBQ and baked beans were very good (carryout) although they a bit pricey for the portion ($20 for a $12 dollar meal at best)...some of the bar help seemed more involved in entertaining themselves (there was a young lady that was working but seemed terribly personally self-involved or distracted to wait on people in a timely matter) or the regulars besides someone just walking in off the barkeep seemed like he was toting the load between fixing minor problems and waiting on the patrons outside, but who did manage to wait on me (after sitting right in front of them at the bar after 10 minutes) despite the aforementioned issues. I got a $4 draft on tap while I waited on my food (which took 30 minutes) that seemed too warm in a non-chilled glass. The regulars drank bottled beer (for good reason) and mixed drinks on rocks. I would only return (under great duress) if I had a BBQ-related emergency and my life depended on downing a lukewarm beer while waiting too long for my food. Thankfully, I had almost $30 to throw away to find about this establishment.My next trip to Cleveland, and likely future ones, won't include this place.

Review №51

Sooooooo good! Took my boyfriend here for his birthday because he loves ribs and he loved it as well. Has a family feel to it. Everyone was super nice & personable.

Review №52

Service was great and food was GOOD!

Review №53

Good drinks and food. Excellent ribs and chicken.

Review №54

Good Food! Great authentic vibe!

Review №55

Tasty bbq and good drinks. The fish and shrimp are delicious too !

Review №56

My first review (since deleted) was for City Barbecue, which I mistakenly placed here...this is the correct review....The greens were to die for. I'd just eaten and stopped here with my husband to see a friend. A woman next to me had fried green tomatoes. A plate of ribs, greens and mac whizzed by and so I wanted an order of greens to take to work the next day. So when they arrived I wanted to try them, so I took one taste, then another, then husband just ordered me a second order of greens to go...Staff was pleasant and it's clean... it's diverse in staff and patrons which I always admire...

Review №57

Food was amazing! Great reasonably priced drinks

Review №58

Love the alligator and crab cakes delicious and tasty. The crab cake portions are very small. I think they should give you 7 instead of 5. It looks like they use a melon baller for their portion size. But very tasty!

Review №59

Best Cajun alligator tails in town!! They hit the NOLA taste right on the head. The other food was delicious too and the bartender/server was on point

Review №60

If I Could Leave 0 Stars I Would , I Door dashed My Order & My Food Was Terrible My ribs were under Cooked . baked Beans Were Burnt The Yams Had No Nutmeg OR sugar & the potato salad was so sour omg ️1 thing the greens an cornbread was good but coulda used more seasoning . I will not be ordering from there again it was so terrible

Review №61

The alligator bites were delicious. I had the perch dinner w/yams & green beans really good. My Husband had the pork rib tips; he said the smoke taste was good, but they were too fatty.

Review №62

Service was great the cornbeef sandwich was great but them fries need some help alot of help.

Review №63

Very good food!

Review №64

Ordered three items to go. Two out of three were wrong. When I order Sweet Thai Chili that's what I want, not BBQ. When my brother orders Carolina Mustard Vinegar that's what he wants, not BBQ. It was all good, just not what we ordered or paid for.

Review №65

The best smoked ribs I've had on the east side of Cleveland so far

Review №66

Very casual atmosphere with *amazing* food!

Review №67

String beans so full of strings I couldn't eat them. Macaroni super bland and the chicken was not crispy at all. I've usually had good experiences here but tonight it was pretty bad

Review №68

Great food and music. Sax, clarinet and piano. Will definitely be visiting again soon

Review №69

Nice environments but food is suspect.

Review №70

Awesome food. Service- ehh. Bartender was great- forgot his name but he was great. Weird experience from the other people there. It made me uncomfortable and I ultimately left.

Review №71

I was impressed! The food was excellent (especially the ribs). The candied yams were a bit too sweet and more like mashed yams. I ordered collard greens and they were spicy hot. I am unable to eat hot foods. They were happy to replace with a salad that was very good. The corn bread was ok. I like butter on any bread. Though the corn bread was warm it was too small a serving. I think it should be larger or a refill offered by the server. When I entered I was greeted and felt welcomed. There is a bar upon entering and small tables. In the back there were additional tables and booths. My friend also ordered ribs with baked beans and a salad. My friend rated the ribs and salad five stars but not the beans. I will return to this hidden jem tucked away on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. It should be rated 4.5 stars. Portions were just right except for the corn bread.

Review №72

They need better bartenders girl had no clue what a Rob Roy was then served it to me warm after looking the recipe up even though the drink should be built in a shaker full of ice and strained into a whiskey glass and GARNISHED

Review №73

Drinks are good but the food was just ok. The macaroni and cheese was terrible. I feel like the bartenders could have been more attentive and friendly.

Review №74

This place was great. Had a very good selection of craft beers. The brisket was extremely tender and juicy, exactly how it should be done.

Review №75

Nice food service and music.

Review №76

The food was really good, even though the atmosphere doesn't look like much. We went in and almost left, but I'm glad we stayed. The ribs are delicious (including the sauce!) Our server was kind and speedy, but didn't "wow" us by any means. I will definitely go back if I'm in the area again- especially for the chili.

Review №77

Brooooo.... you dont boil and fry chicken. You fry it. All the way through. And for the mac and cheese, jesus crice

Review №78

Food was great, place was very quaint and a hidden gem

Review №79

Great smokey brisket and welcoming atmosphere. Baby back ribs were juicy but the St louis ribs were too dry for my taste.

Review №80

Everything cold. Candied yams 1st bite all tasted was salt no sweet. Extremely disappnted since my dinner was or one. Stil understand why yams wwre. Not sweet

Review №81

People were nice, but food was dry and all the silverware had soap residue on it which you could taste when you took a bite.

Review №82

Total waste of money. I ordered a large order from here to try it out. The meat was not seasoned frankly didn't taste smoked. Meat was dry and cut improperly. I know BBQ well and after visiting here I feel like opening my own restuarant. The baked beans were good. The other sides mac n cheese, yams, and greens were mediocre at best. Portion sizes were small. Dissappointed!

Review №83

Great food

Review №84

My first time going and to Patronize and support local businesses For $30 for "literally" wings and couple sides it was okay. The price would not be a issue but the wings were not good in my opinion!Probably won't be returning

Review №85

Killer stick to your ribs comfort food. Great service and great bar.Recommended Meal:Baby Back Rib DinnerSides: Red Beans n' Rice & Green BeansDrink: Shot of Bourbon and Genesee

Review №86

Food was Terrible! Ribs were black on one side and hard. My Mac and cheese had 10 different seasoning and cornbread was very dry. I can say the fries were pretty good. I was charged $20 for that rib dinner Togo, really.

Review №87

The food was perfect, the beer was cold, the staff was friendly and helpful. A MUST visit!

Review №88

The food is great but the service and bathrooms need some improvements. If that is done then they will get 5 stars. Please try their alligator bites and walleye.

Review №89

The bartenders are just lively people and they make the environment very welcoming

Review №90

Food was great! Holly was a fantastic waitress - very friendly and a sweetheart. The fried cajun alligator was bomb... I'd highly recommend this place. My first time was the best!

Review №91

Food was good. Drinks that I got were not very expensive.

Review №92

Nice atmosphere wonderful service really good food will visit again

Review №93

This wss my second time here, just to see if the food had improved. Service is good, but the kitchen needs help. Alligator bites were old and drying out. Rub on them was good though. Ribs and greens from first visit were just OK. I've had better by far in Cleveland.

Review №94

Food was delicious and a man was playing the fluteThe server was not dress appropriately to be serving but who does?

Review №95

Rib Cage is a great local place with awesome food, generous portions, and affordable prices!

Review №96

Casual, friendly, and good service. Very informal. Really enjoyed my beef brisket sandwich and the fries were unique and had a great crunch.

Review №97

Friendly local pub with great food and staff

Review №98

Bbq... so tasty. Service is prompt even when they are busy. Looking forward to a return visit. The bill was fair for the quality of the food. They have so many reviews for a reason.

Review №99

Lit! I love the bartender she's amazing and food +drinks are great and affordable

Review №100

Fish is great I had orange roughy. Atmosphere is great as well

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