Gigis On Fairmount
3477 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

As always, great food and wonderful service. Took my wife here for our anniversary and had a wonderful evening on the outdoor patio. Dinner option vary for the main course and are always delicious.

Review №2

It is a very chic and small place with black walls and comfy cushions, beautiful chandeliers and even a very interesting bathroom! If you love dogs, specially bulldogs, you will find cute pics of them :)A very different menu. You won't find it at other places. The board with 4 different choices (picture below) is great for groups. They are open for lunch and dinner which is nice :) and weekend for brunch.The outside street side is just perfect place to summer to enjoy the cute flower baskets and sunshine.It is nice a place for kids but great for dates and friends hangout.I brought my mom and she loved the food, atmosphere and the service.Tamma is an amazing host/server. If she is serving you, her beautiful smile and manner will make you day!

Review №3

Outdoor seating. Very relaxing! Food out of this world good!

Review №4

This place is a gem among Cleveland Heights' suburban neighborhood. The food is phenomenal, and served with excellent presentation.Had a friend visiting from Columbus and we thought we'd try the place out as we'd heard about it from friends. It was a GREAT experience! Although looking rather plain from the outside, once you enter the place you are surrounded with a great atmosphere of eclectic design and VERY friendly staff. It's a great place to go to relax or celebrate.

Review №5

Great group brunch restaurant. I went here with a party of five on a Sunday morning. All of us were very happy with our food. I got the Lox plate and side of bacon. The lox was awesome and was beautifully plated. The bacon was pretty average but the dipping sauce of spicy maple syrup kicked it up a notch. I would definitely recommend.

Review №6

Great service, great food, great drinks. Fully satisfied every time I come here :)

Review №7

While a date night for us is always a treat at Gigi's, it was especially welcome during these challenging times. The service was excellent, professional, and safe. The food as always stole the show. I'll spare everyone the photos as I can't plate worth a darn but, even at our house it was still superb! The cocktails to go were also homeruns!!

Review №8

I found out at Gigi's by a resident here at One University Circle. Then the next week I had 2 more residents suggest it. After that I knew I had to go and try it out! It is conveniently located only a few minutes away on the cutest street. I brought my Aunt and Cousin who are from Cleveland to try it out with me. OMG! It was amazing. We are still talking about their bruschetta months later. They are the perfect local gem. They have brunch, dinner, and cocktails for date night. It is a must see!

Review №9

Exquisitely attentive service. Exquisitely presented plates. Delicious, healthy food. Delightful, communal energy. Charming, idiomatic environment, including perfect music accenting it all. One of our best dining experiences in Cleveland or anywhere (and we travel a lot).

Review №10

How awesome is this place???!!! A hidden gem. The food is uniquely presented and delicious. The drinks are original as well. A great and comfortable, swanky venue. The staff is friendly and it draws a fun crowd.

Review №11

Beautiful setting and amazing food! Lox board and bloody Mary

Review №12

Amazing place with great food.I've been here multiple times for NYE and valentine's day w a fixed menu. Always worth it.Also highly recommend the short ribs or scallops. Both cooked to perfection.

Review №13

Pros: The avocado toast was gourmet, service was great, and their patio is charming. Real flowers adorn the tables. Volume of music and chatter was low enough to talk and room temperature was comfortable.Cons: Overpriced. My friend got their potatoes, and the waitress asked if he wanted toppings on them, giving him the list of options but not mentioning they cost extra (potatoes are $5, toppings are an extra $4). They charged $3 for a small cup of regular brewed coffee and kept trying to refill it once I finished (not sure if that's $3 for unlimited refills or for each cup). Their cappuccino machine was out of order. Walls are black with bright yellow trim... Interesting combination but makes the inside quite dark. Sitting directly next to a mirrored wall while eating and catching your reflection out of the corner of your eye is weird.

Review №14

I have always heard great reviews for Gigi's on Fairmount and finally made it there for Sunday Brunch. Unfortunately I was really disappointed. Started with a Bellini that was extremely tart and for me tasteless. The Brioche French Toast was very flavorful but chewy. I came specifically for the Shrimp and Grits - definitely not cooked southern style. I did however enjoy the Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and my brunch partner enjoyed his meal of the potatoes and Quesadillas with a Bellini which he also found to be tart. The ambiance at Gigi's is excellent and I hope to give them another try - maybe for dinner.

Review №15

One of my favorite places in the area. Have been here a few times now and the wine prices are reasonable, service is great and the food is fantastic.

Review №16

Had a great gluten free panini balanced with a light side salad. Totally hit the spot! And the service was great!

Review №17

They have delicious drinks and one of the most beautiful patios in NE Ohio. I wish they had more vegan food, but they usually have one option.

Review №18

Food is good. Nice little Patio. Bruschetta Menu Items good. Service slow.

Review №19

Food is awesome!! Different type of restaurant. It is absolutely amazing the amount and QUALITY of food they put out with the tiny kitchen they have---- but they do and very well is putting it mildly!! No rushing you to leave either, although we don't abuse our time there.

Review №20

Gigi's is a hidden gem tucked away in Cleveland Heights. The ambience is calm and relaxing with soothing music and low lighting in the evenings. Service was phenomenal and the food was delicious. Make sure you get the bruschetta appetizer to share!

Review №21

Gigi's is great place to cobble together snacks for a meal while enjoying yummy cocktails. When you first walk in, you are washed over with the warm ambience of a cozy bistro.We are out to celebrate an occasion. To kick things off, we started with the bruschetta boards. The ones we picked were the apple w/figs, prosciutto w/mascarpone, smoked lox, and chicken liver paté. They were sizable pieces cut into 4 pieces, perfect for sharing. I wish the bread had been about half the thickness because the breadiness seemed to lose the intended flavors.I went with the short ribs for main, but also got to taste my friend's dishes including the gnocchi and scallops. All the dishes were presented beautifully and were cooked perfectly. I can't put my finger on it, but all the meals seemed to be lacking some in flavor. Either salt or spices, the entrées didn't seem to reach their full potential. It looked amazing but didn't quite deliver on the taste.Service was friendly and attentive. I noticed our server, Brigette, kept a good eye on our table. Popping in when there was a lull, but giving us space to talk and enjoy each other's company.If I were to come back again with friends, I'd probably go lighter and mix in the meat and cheese boards with a cocktail or two. Overall a great experience!

Review №22

The ambiance was really nice if I was on a date and not with my son.. The greeter and waitress was smiling and very nice.

Review №23

I have nothing but great things to say about Gigi's on Fairmount. The food is consistently great. I've never ordered anything that I didn't love. The wait staff is amazing. And the dining atmosphere is incredible. It's intimate and seducing. I can't recommend this place enough. By far one of the most amazing places in Cleveland if you're looking for an elevated meal apart from a chain restaurant. Thank you, guys. Keep up the good work! Trust me, you won't be dissatisfied with Gigi's.. much love!

Review №24

It was 4 of us yesterday having a wonderful diner. Frindly host, cozy atmosphere, was first touch at arrival. Dinner was excelent from selection of specialty of day per chef. Will need to come back to try an other dishes.

Review №25

I am really sad that I had to give this restaurant 2 stars because the food was absolutely phenomenal, but the service was horrendous.It all started when we sat down and noticed that my water glass still had lipstick on it from a previous guest. I asked my server Cameron for a new glass but it took 15 minutes for him to come back, he dropped the glass and didn't ask to take our order, but left. 10 minutes later my friends and I who were there to celebrate my birthday had to flag another server so she could let Cameron know that we were ready to order.He came back took our order and was not seen again. Our food was delivered by someone else, but my side of potatoes were missing and was told they would be right out. Once we were almost done eating I asked Cameron if my potatoes were coming and he said “Oh yes, they should be out shortly.” Again it took a while so I just asked for a box. As we were paying I hear the older server with black straight hair give her booth in front of us a complimentary dessert for their troubles. We on the other hand were taken for granted and left with a very disappointing experience. After it took all 3 of us 15 minutes to look for parking, and walked about 1/2 a mile to the restaurant. They need a valet service!!! Anyways, on our way out we see a friend of ours and we approach her to say hello. That's when I finally saw Cameron again, he was in the kitchen area doing his side work. I get it, I've worked in the restaurant business for many years, you want to get out of there as soon as you can, but your guests need to be taken care of, that's how you make $!!! Unfortunately I can't even comment on the food which was great, because the service was sooo bad that it takes over the entire experience. I really want to go back, but maybe in the summer. And will be sitting at the bar.

Review №26

Delicious takeout this evening! The lasagna was exceptional.

Review №27

Oh man - the bruschetta boards. Too much good to even describe - personal favorites were the ricotta-lemon and the mushroom. Charming night spot in a quiet neighborhood.

Review №28

The food is excellent and so is the service

Review №29

Food and service were excellent. The vegetable beef soup was absolutely fantastic!

Review №30

Love Gigi's! I've been a few times in the last few weeks and can officially call this, "my spot". Been by myself, with small parties, and one larger mom's group gathering. They have been nothing but accommodating and friendly. The bruschetta board is SO GOOD! Nice variety and a perfect shareable (or not) dish. Lots of fun cocktails and a solid wine list. Can't wait to visit again!

Review №31

It was 4 of us yesterday having a wonderful diner. Frindly host, cozy atmosphere, was first touch at arrival. Dinner was excelent from selection of specialty of day per chef

Review №32

My girlfriend and I were looking for brunch places near Lee and Cedar, but nothing caught our eye and seemed a little underwhelming. I remember running past Gigis on my 10K runs and figured let's try it and it was a beautiful morning out, perfect for outside seated. We got there with 1 table left for 2 outside, sat down and were served immediately. I cannot tell you how good the service was along with the food. The prices were also very reasonable compared to other places and the quality is truly unmatched. Do yourself a favor and take a Saturday or Sunday morning to enjoy their outdoor seating with a coffee/mimosa with your wonderful meal. The only thing you'll regret is not coming here sooner!

Review №33

This place is extremely overpriced, and the food is just bland. The environment is run down and in need of a cleaning and updating. We gave this place two chances, once for brunch and once for dinner and both really failed to out pace a basic diner in quality.

Review №34

Drink menu is a little too mixology for us but the bruschetta is amazing!

Review №35

Always a treat. Superb bar tending. Feels like home but great trendy vibe. Love the theme.

Review №36

We stopped in for brunch. The brunch menu is not the menu posted on line and is a bit more limited. My wife had the French toast and I had the Juan Machata (?). Both were plates were good. They do not offer soup during brunch, but I did manage to get a bowl of soup. It was curried corn chowder. The soup was the highlight of the meal. The corn was obviously fresh and was not overcooked. I felt it could use a bit more cream, or perhaps coconut milk, while my wife thought it was perfect as is. Staff was attentive and friendly.

Review №37

One of my favorite places for lunch and catching up with friends. The signature bruschetta boards are amazing, especially the white bean kalamata olive tapenade and roasted red pepper options. The patio is simply designed to enforce socialization as well as the lounge for night time festivities.

Review №38

So good! Fresh, consistent and very reasonably priced.

Review №39

Dinner was fabulous. Every bite was flavorful. It was ever so slightly too dark and ever so slightly too loud but not enough to detract. The wait staff and owner were all amazingly friendly. You should go and have dinner there Today.

Review №40

I'd say the best brunch in Cleveland Heights but you be fair this place competes with all of the brunch restaurants in Cleveland. The menu is very limited but everything on the menu, they do well!

Review №41

Great place. Food is always good dinner menu changes all the time. Drinks are top notch.

Review №42

I had shrimp and grits, they weren't flavored well at all, and the consistency of the grits was off. The shrimp was good. Others in my group were disappointed in the portion size of the tacos and left still feeling hungry after an expensive mediocre meal. The service and staff were polite, professional and warm which must be hard when you're selling 2 star food for a 5 star price.

Review №43

I went here on a friend's recommendation, and I probably never would have found it otherwise. Best described as a boutique eatery, this cozy restaurant was a delightful surprise. It's a small space that makes no apologies for what it is. Yes, you might wait awhile for their tiny kitchen to turn your order around, but the wait staff is very attentive, and you'll be rewarded with THE BEST turkey sandwich you've ever had.

Review №44

Great place for girls meet up or even a date night. Great food with unique dishes.

Review №45

Very cool place. Nice atmosphere.

Review №46

Super tasty, chef clearly cares about the food and the staff care about your experience. Price points for everyone, from the boards to the paninis to the specialty entrees. Free street parking (#win) and there is also parking in the back.

Review №47

Quaint atmosphere and great selection of vegan and non dairy dishes

Review №48

Great food and service. Nice atmosphere.

Review №49

Love the atmosphere and service. Staff is outstanding and food is fantabulous.

Review №50

What is not to love about this place? From the eclectic decor, professional service, and the best shrimp and grits... not to mention the delicious toast from On The Rise bakery next door, and that raspberry jam! I'll be back.

Review №51

This cute little place is absolutely amazing. I love the music they play and of course the food. I've tried pretty much everything and I love it, breakfast, brunch, dinner.. everything is good.. and their toast is heaven! I just would really like them to offer non dairy cream or milk for the coffee

Review №52

Awesome atmosphere and attentive waitestaff. Brunch was delicious,

Review №53

Best shrimp and grits ever!

Review №54

Eclectic decor, but great food and always busy, at least at lunchtime when I usually go. The staff are friendly without being overbearing. Absolutely worth a visit.

Review №55

Without any reservation, ahem, I recommend this neighborhood restaurant/bar. The owners are really special people, very accommodating and generous. The service is outstanding – the hostess bartender and servers are very personal and very efficient.

Review №56

They were out of the dish I ordered, and out of the vegetable my date ordered. When my date ordered a different vegetable, they were out of that as well. It was so loud in there, we could barely hear the server, and they couldn't hear us when we called for them several times. Money is not an issue. However, for both dishes to be over $30 each after the poor experiences, was a darn shame. We weren't even offered a discount or anything for the multiple inconveniences. I doubt we will be back.

Review №57

Great attentive and friendly service! The bruschetta board is a good option if you want some variety and different flavors. The entre specials though... all of them sounded and looked amazing! I am a big eater, but my friend and I shared the bruschetta board and then shared an entire and we were both satisfied; full but not too much. The entire we got were scallops, riced cauliflower and asparagus. Everything was perfect except that the cauliflower was too garlic-y (and I love garlic). Overall wonderful atmosphere (can be loud at times). Would definitely recommend!

Review №58

Food was excellent and the service was GREAT

Review №59

Wait staff was great. The environment inside was enjoyable with redish accent lighting. The music was at a good level(Sinatra at the time), and the foot traffic wasn't too heavy. The wine list had a very nice variety.4 stars because the kitchen could use some work. Price didnt exactly match either the ingredients, or the preparation. They do notify you to be patient with the undersized kitchen, on the menu.Either way everything still tasted well, and plates were cleaned before they hit the dishwasher.

Review №60

The food and the service was extraordinary! It was my first time there a friend took me for my birthday. I will definitely be going back

Review №61

Servings are a little skimpy, but the food is good and the blood Mary was quality.

Review №62

My husband and I went there on a date night. Great ambiance, good drinks collection and friendly staff. But, some of the drinks and food do not have the price on the menu. We were suggested some entrees and ordered them and found it to be $30 each when we got the check. They do not tell/have the price for some of their items and it came as a surprise when we got a huge bill for just the two of us. Not a good experience.

Review №63

I had a lovely late lunch at Gigi's today. The restaurant is decorated spectacularly and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The food - the FOOD, it's simply phenomenal. I had a full bread and cheese plate, which I highly recommend to start your Gigi's experience. Then, I had one of their recommended panini's, which was excellently prepared.While I waited, my server was kind and courteous.I cannot recommend Gigi's enough. Get the raspberry jam. You won't be disappointed. Be sure to save room (somehow) for dessert!

Review №64

I tried the brussel sprout salad and a Turkey panini and it was excellent! More on the pricy side, but well worth it. The atmosphere was dim and intimate, which makes this a good spot for dates.

Review №65

Gigi's is always special. Summer on the patio is a "must do"...their bruschetta boards are phenomenal.

Review №66

Everything here was absolutely delicious. The patio was delightful to eat on and the atmosphere is definitely unique. The wait staff was very kind and accommodating. Our particular waiter was not overly attentive but still very kind. The brushetta is amazing.

Review №67

One of our favorite lunch/brunch spots. We haven't made it for dinner yet. Great drinks. Nice atmosphere, inside or outside (summer). Bruschetta boards are always good. Got paninis today first the first time and they were also good.

Review №68

I consider myself a connoisseur of New England style clam chowder. Gigi's clam chowder is the best ever!!

Review №69

Loved it! Very welcoming, friendly staff & the food was delicious.

Review №70

Great service. great food. best place to sit and chat for hours.

Review №71

Clean, nice atmosphere with good quality food and drinks. Love the shareable starters like the cheese board with honey, dried fruits, nuts, and jam, the bread board, and the charcuterie. The lady who took care of us was knowledgable and very nice

Review №72

They could charge me rent at Gigi's since I am there with great frequency. I've taken many friends there to enjoy the great atmosphere, food, drink, service and the charm of the owners. One friend commented that it reminded him of a cozy New York Jazz club! Absolutely right, but additionally the food, especially the specials, is fantastic!

Review №73

Great food and awesome staff, clean restroom that also looks nice!

Review №74

Great service, intimate atmosphere, unique twist on New American fare

Review №75

I've never had a bad experience, food is amazing service is great

Review №76

We came across Gigi's after the art show at Cain Park. It is like coming across a garden in the middle of a city. Outdoor tables with shade umbrellas, flower boxes as a surround, and charming little tables on the sidewalk entrance. The food was delicious but pricey. Extensive wine list, boards, salads, soups, paninis and entrees. The server was articulate and new the menu very well. The owner or manager came over twice to ask if everything was okay. The only negative was the bread board. It described artisan bread, but was about 8 slices of Italian bread and olive oil dipping bowl. Very disappointing for $10. Was expecting different kinds of bread. Guess we should have asked before ordering the most expensive loaf of bread I've ever had!

Review №77

Katie was a great server tonight. Our first time at GiGi's, won't be our last. Great atmosphere and food too!

Review №78

Gorgeous restaurant and very kind staff. The food was good, prices of the cocktails are a bit too much though

Review №79

Cool vibe, hand made cocktails that dont disappoint

Review №80

Gigi's is one of the best kept secrets on the east side of Cleveland. Every panini on the menu is amazing. The Saturday and Sunday brunch is fantastic (brioche french toast, ricotta toast, cornbread biscuits with chorizo gravy). Give it a try.

Review №81

Delicious food and atmosphere.

Review №82

This place is the one spot in Cleveland where I feel like I'm eating on the upper east side of Manhattan. I feel like a celebrity when I come here. It's just the best. And the food has only gotten better over time, if that's even possible. Smoked trout Pate anyone? Ridiculously good.

Review №83

My card was charged an additional $10 without my permission

Review №84

A little price of France in Cleveland.. nice for, nice environment, people are friendly. Patio seating is very nice and welcoming with flowers and shades. E had some and dessert. Very tasty. Sitting outside on the high eigen bench bercinta a little uncomfortable for old person like me. But the best part is their bathroom. You want to stay there.

Review №85

Food was excellent. Service was excellent. Had the crab cake salad and it was just enough food. Plan to go back soon

Review №86

Unique menu every night, fantastic bar

Review №87

Very small, very expensive. Service was nice, and the food was very good. Definitely more of a "let's get together for brunch or some drinks" type of place compared to a "let's go out to dinner". More appetizer options than meal options. Lots of wine to choose from.

Review №88

Spectacular, romantic, and comforting. All words that describe my experience of Gigi's. Wonderful wine selection with excellent tasting notes, really helped me navigate that portion of the menu.

Review №89

Delicious food and excellent service. The owner was so sweet and we just had an awesome time. Will be back!

Review №90

I love this place. I always eat in the bar area. Go for the bruschetta.

Review №91

This is an awesome place. Very unique and welcoming. Drinks are on par and so is the food. Check out the jazz band too!

Review №92

Wonderful bruschetta plate and great cocktails. New favorite!

Review №93

Loved this place.

Review №94

Food was delicious! Very nice patio. Great service!

Review №95

Loved the decor. Food was spot on and the cocktails were perfect.

Review №96

Shrimp&grits were good... Bloody Mary was good as well

Review №97

Great local spot! Great food and atmosphere

Review №98

Enjoyed a late Saturday night visit for dessert and coffee. Really good coffee. Delicious desserts.

Review №99

Nice place to host a party on a Monday night, friendly servers/ bartenders, great finger- food trays with assortment of cheeses crackers...

Review №100

Stopped in and had the Charline today; it was so fresh and tasty! Love the feel at Gigis!! Everything looked so good && the patio looked awesome with the new seating. xO

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  • Address:3477 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
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  • Phone:+1 216-291-7237
  • Bistro
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  • Wednesday:4–8PM
  • Thursday:4–8PM
  • Friday:4–8PM
  • Saturday:4–8PM
  • Sunday:4–8PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
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