Mediterranean Food - MoMos Kebab Moroccan Restaurant
2199 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

Love this place! The Tagine is especially delicious and the restaurant is very warm and welcoming. The owners really care about the quality of the food and its preparation. Fabulous lamb dishes, tasty vegetarian dishes and awesome home made bread.

Review №2

Absolutely stellar! Good food at an amazing price. I am.gonna be real here, I don't usually eat green peppers or tomatoes but I here I had them and actually loved them.

Review №3

Food was delicious! We ordered Lamb and chicken plates, came with a salad and also ordered delicious tea. Highly recommend this place if you haven't tried it. Their coconut chocolate cookies are a must have!

Review №4

I really wanted to try it, but it was closed and open only on the weekends because of the Corona virus. I gave it 4 stars based on the good things I heard about it.

Review №5

Service was very personable. I felt like great care was taken to prepare our tasty meals. I really enjoyed the Kefta Kebab and the dining experience. MoMo is a skilled chef. If you are looking for healthy dining with excellent service, go to MoMo's.

Review №6

Dear Customers;I would like to thank you for all your support, for keeping us busy. Due to this covid 19 pandemic disease; the business is so slow. My wife and myself decided to take a month off and in the meantime we have to import the spices that we use. MoMo's Kebab will open Tuesday October the 6th.Thanks again and take care of yourselves and each other.MoMoP.S My rating is to our customers

Review №7

MoMo is very friendly. It seems like he does everything himself. Maybe his wife is there sometimes. The menu is limited but everything is fresh. A good place to try if you haven't been. I never find myself thinking about kebabs. They are not my jam. But if you are looking for a light lunch it's a good place.

Review №8

This restaurant is definitely gorgeous.I love food,atmosphere and so so friend and kind family

Review №9

Amazing food made in house from fresh ingredients, the Lamb Tagine special on Saturdays is awesome, and their mint tea is fantastic. I'm from a Greek family and the food is made with all the love and care of a home cooked meal like I had growing up. I really can't say enough good things about MoMo's, I recommend everyone I know to go in and try it as a treat to themselves.

Review №10

Great food. The salad was perfectly dressed. Service is on the slow side but the server was incredibly friendly.

Review №11

This place is like a whole vibe, I love it. You walk in there and there just a small guy running the whole place with his wife cooking. There's not that much on the menu, but boooii was the meat good. Not into meat? Theres vegetarian options. With everything on the menu, u get salad and rice. The salad was sooo good, with a dressing thats like lemon and cucumbers r quite organic. The rice was typical rice with turmeric added, and it tastes really good with the sauce and meat mixed together. There's also soup if u want which the soup was BEYOND amazing, and it comes with fresh home made bread that tastes amazing. Then there was the tea. Now I'm not usually a tea drinker, but this tea was amazing. Perfect for a cold day to get warm, he pours it in front of you and it's quite a show. A little bit expensive at 5 dollar a pot, but sooo worth it. Amazing, I'd totally visit this place again and again, and the prices were pretty good too!!

Review №12

This is a fantastic Moroccan restaurant (not just a kebab place — don't be fooled by the name!) with a very friendly owner who will personally meet you at your table and provide a delightful meal. We had the Harira Soup and Vegetable Couscous, both of which are vegan and absolutely delicious. Try the homemade bread and harissa as well: ours was fresh and hot right out of the oven. The menu changes slightly on different days of the week, so you can always come back for something new. Absolutely would recommend. Thank you!

Review №13

Yummy Mediterranean food, love the Moroccan Tea here. Also, please try to go on Fridays or Saturdays to enjoy Tajine. That's the star of the menu! ️

Review №14

This was an excellent restaurant experience. Walking in and sitting down we felt like we felt like we were guests in the owners home. The menu is simple with a few options and the chicken and beef kabob were some of the best prepared meals I've had. For a 25 dollars both of us left feeling like we were going to burst at the seams.

Review №15

Best Moroccan tea in the city! Honestly, I visit just for the tea because it's so good. The owner is wonderful and the atmosphere is cozy. Food options are limited but yummy.

Review №16

The atmosphere is like being in Morocco. The food is excellent, freshly made to order. The owner is also the chef and waiter. The chef served the Moroccan tea in true authentic style. This is the best Moroccan tea anywhere. An excellent "foodie" experience. We'll return frequently.

Review №17

Very nice and honest people

Review №18

Clean and great food

Review №19

Amazing food! Very friendly. Highly recommend

Review №20

For anyone who hasn't tried Moroccan cusine, this place offers fabulous dishes that are not only healthy, but also delicious! I had a bowl of harissa (soup of chick peas, lentil, and tomato broth) whixh came with fresh baked bread, and a lot of freshly brewed mint tea! The owner, No, is a wonderful person and is very welcoming. Check it out!

Review №21

Great food and welcoming atmosphere. Service was fabulous - will definitely go back.

Review №22

We've walked by there so many times over the years and thought we should try it. Finally had dinner there last night and it was fantastic. Lamb chops were the best. Go there now!

Review №23

A great place with authentic Moroccan food. The place is run by husband and wife and the cooking is family style. The owner is very welcoming and kind. He served un additional items for tasting g at no cost. A place to discover. Prices are reasonable.

Review №24

We enjoyed our meals. Very good salad, bread and chicken kabob. My husband also liked the lamb, vegetables and couscous. The chef is very personable and also very talented at pouring the delicious minty tea for you. We ended our meal with some tasty cookies. We will definitely be back for the fresh dishes!

Review №25

Great place to taste tasty food

Review №26

Delicious and fresh food. Amazing tea. I will definitely recommend this place and will go back again.

Review №27

Delicious food at a reasonable price. The owner is charming, too.

Review №28

Wow--absolutely delicious! The tea is so tasty. Ordered the vegan meal and it was so good. The owner was so nice and friendly to us. I love the beautiful authentic decor inside. Don't sleep on this!!!

Review №29

Excellent authentic Moroccan food and drink. Had peppermint tea that was properly prepared and served in authentic style by owner. Soups and plated food all of high quality and very savory. Moroccan cookies selection not huge but very well done. Owner and wife very accommodating. Would recommend this restaurant for an authentic Moroccan food.

Review №30

The Tajeen is good the couscous the kufta, the tea is wonderful! I love the place! I also love the pastries

Review №31

Good interior and ambiance. You will feel like you are in the country of Morocco. The host is the one who does it all -- from welcoming you in, getting a table, taking orders and handing over the bill. He is the only one who attends to and waits on all of the 10 or so tables, hence you will have to WAIT A LONG TIME for everything. We waited for about 90 minutes to get the food after ordering. Very few food options, but authentic. The beef was better than the chicken. Their cookies were great. The seating in the front in the couch with the view of Lee road is great as they have some fancy curtains and art pieces around it. Overall an OK experience.

Review №32

Homemade food taste

Review №33

The food was very tasty and well presented and the TEA! U have the try the Moroccan mint tea, was so good and smooth best tea I've had. Would definitely recommend coming to eat here :)

Review №34

Charming spot for Moroccan food. The green tea with mint is delicious. The owner, Momo, is super nice.

Review №35

Small, little restaurant. Delicious food! Plan to go when you have time. The whole experience can take a while, but worth the wait!!

Review №36

The husband / owner is also the chef who takes his cooking and quality of food very seriously. The food was a wonderful.

Review №37

Owner was very friendly and the service was great. The food was excellent and flavorful. The Tea was out of this world. First time eating Moroccan cuisine.

Review №38

Great cozy atmosphere. Chef is very personable and food was on point. Mint tea is a must after dinner !

Review №39

The chef was very nice and the food was very fresh and very good.

Review №40

I absolutely love this place with all my heart and soul... Momo is one of the best restaurant owners in the business! His skills are unsurpassed at cooking and knowing what I needed...!!!

Review №41

Wasn't great but wasn't below average. Good decor!

Review №42

The best Moroccan tajins. I love the food and it is a very nice place!

Review №43

The owner is courteous and attentive, and the food is fantastic! Fresh brewed teas are served in a fanciful manner, and are not to be missed. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Review №44

Clean home made food. I loved it

Review №45

MoMo's is so bright and cheery and Momo himself is an amazing, kind owner who pours mint tea with flare and cooks great kebab and grilled vegetables. We stayed over 2 hours and never felt rushed or pressured. The cookies for dessert are spectacular and Momo himself is hilarious and personable.

Review №46

Amazing flavor and seasoning! I got a split with chicken and rib eye chunks with rice. Meals include salad and bread. Everything is fresh and made in house, would definitely recommend. Portions were a tad smaller than I expected though.

Review №47

This place is a hidden gem. We would have missed it since it looks tiny from the outside. From the moment I took a step in, the ambience, the hospitality, the food has blown me away. Definitely definitely recommend.

Review №48

Always a pleasure coming here. Please don't go anywhere!

Review №49

Beautiful ambiance. Beautiful food. Beautifully kind service. Thank you so much

Review №50

Came for the tea. Felt like home.

Review №51

I really enjoyed this place! Great service. Delicious food, amazing tea, wonderful cookies to go with it! 10/10 would recommend.

Review №52

My most favorite restaurant. Amazing delicious food and house made tea.

Review №53

Excellent food and customer service. Momo is a nice guy and very friendly. Meals are pretty cheap and the portions are enough to fill you up. Don't skip on the tea it is fantastic. Overall the food and experience was very good. I will be coming back.

Review №54

Truly reflects Moroccan hospitality! A small but perfected menu. Fabulous tea, delicious food, and the space has an awesome vibe. Momo is so incredibly kind.

Review №55

Great service and wonderful atmosphere. Food choices are limited, but what is served tastes phenomenal. The bread that is brought out at the beginning is the best.

Review №56

Good food. Owner/chef was very friendly and more than willing to answer all of our questions.

Review №57

Great place, great healthy food. the host is a great host. My 10 year old son enjoyed his humour and ate all the food. I recommend to all.

Review №58

Very good food and tea. This restaurant made me like hot tea again. I recommend that you come here with your family and friends

Review №59

This is a family owned and operated restaurant and the food is very tasty. I had not had authentic Moroccan food before and my girlfriend and I both enjoyed it. The only detraction was the very limited menu. There were only about 6-10 items total including the daily specials. As I had never tried any of them, I didn't mind much, though. Everything taste very good and I would go again. I will probably just get their daily special each time, as it is probably what they felt like eating themselves that day. The service was excellent, and the owner was very friendly, wanting to ensure you had a great dining experience.

Review №60

Great little restaurant. excellent service. friendly atmosphere, loved the music playing. the food was healthy, fresh and delicious.

Review №61

Unbelievably delicious food and served with such pride! The tea is AMAZING and the fresh mint is so refreshing. We had the beef couscous and savored every second of it. We will be back very soon.

Review №62

MoMo's restaurant is one pic my best places in Cleveland. I often invite my visitors to this place. The food is fresh and delicious. The place is so homey. The chief is super kind.

Review №63

Loved the couscous and Moroccan cookies. Big kiddos to Khadijah

Review №64

Delicious food! The house made bread is phenomenal! Bring the whole family for a terrific dining experience.

Review №65

Great tagines and kebobs. We went low carb last time and had a fantastic salad.

Review №66

Chef Mohamed (Chef MoMo) runs a bright, clean, and welcoming establishment. I don't know if he has help in the kitchen or not, but basically, he is the host, server, and presumably cook, all in one. He is a pleasant gentleman and I have felt quite welcomed in the three times I have visited.The menu is not extensive, but it is a simple cafe. I have had the chicken and the lamb, and both were delicious. I have also had the harira soup, which is quite nice (...similar to a fairly traditional lentil soup) and the Mediterranean salad. None of the flavors are overly exotic and, indeed are quite accessible. The tea is a must-have. If you enjoy simple, but fresh and healthy fare at a reasonable price, in an atmosphere that is a nice change of pace, I highly recommend MoMo's Kebab.

Review №67

The food was great! Very authentic, the beef tajine tasted just the ones I've had in Marrakech. The bread was freshly baked in house. Mint tea is a must if you visit! Overall, the prices are very reasonable! The owner/chef is very friendly as well :) Great place!

Review №68

I got the lamb couscous , which was a special, and it was tender and very flavorful. My husband got the beef Kebab, which was also very good and came with a tasty spicy sauce, fresh salad, and bread. All in all, it was very good, the staff were friendly, and I can't wait to go back! This is perfect to eat there, or take to one of the nearby wine or beer spots that let you bring your own food.

Review №69

We got there a little late, but Momo was super hospitable. The lamb was great, as was the salad. He sat beside us and struck a conversation, very cool dude. A man who loves what he does.I'm definitely coming back here again.

Review №70

Good food and nice people

Review №71

Wonderful food, friendly staff and music variety to fit the mood for a great time with friends or family! A touch of Morocco in Cleveland!

Review №72

Highly recommend. Instead of reading the rest, get into a car and drive there. Or you can have someone else drive so you can finish reading. Either way, if you're looking for something to eat, you should stop by The food is fantastic in a home like atmosphere. Just bring quarters as you might need them for the meters when you park.

Review №73

So beautiful restaurant

Review №74

The was amazing, delicious and really moroccan food . The owner was very friendly and honist . Do not think twice and go enjoy that delicious moroccan food.

Review №75

Fabulous food, charming atmosphere, and a deservedly proud proprietor! Decided on Momo's for lunch to catch up with a friend. We couldn't have been more pleased with our experience at this establishment. Everything we ate was perfectly spiced and portioned and made fresh to order. The sweet green mint tea service was phenomenal, I could be content to drink it all day! The owner of the restaurant was so welcoming and his pride for his restaurant was evident in the way he regarded us and other customers. In short: Fresh, delicious, cozy, you'll lose track of time and not mind a bit!

Review №76

Good service and friendly staff, reasonably priced

Review №77

Great service with good behavior. Price is also reasonable. Perfect place to enjoy Moroccan food with nice interior decoration!!

Review №78

Great place for delicious kebabs. Gluten Free friendly. Definitely make sure to talk to the head chef/owner. He's walking around the restaurant talking to the guests, super friendly guy who does a great job making accommodations for each guest.

Review №79

Food and Service were awesome.

Review №80

Delicious but individual dishes can be small so order family style

Review №81

Great taste. Cozy plaxe.

Review №82

Owner was nice, place was clean and unique. My beef kebab was overcooked.

Review №83

Such a nice warm atmosphere. The owner is wonderful and the food is delicious and healthy. I will definitely return.

Review №84

It was such a wonderfull place. Food was fresh and delicious. Service was great. Felt very welcomed. It was amazing and we will definitely be back.

Review №85

Always a great choice. Food has been delicious without fail, incredibly friendly staff, and super reasonable prices. Seriously, try this place out and then go back with a friend.

Review №86

I cannot wait to come back! The quality of the food is amazing for such an awesome price! Try the mint tea. You won't regret it.

Review №87

A delicious meal. Wonderful blend of flavors. The chicken kabobs and the beef and vegetable couscous were superb. Don't leave with out ordering ALL the cookies.

Review №88

The food is amazing. The owner Mohamed and his wife Khadijah care very much about the quality of what is being served. Expect casual, understated, authenticity w/ none of the fluff of a corporate foodee.

Review №89

Its the real deal. Fresh and hand made with love and authenticity. Rockin' Moroccan

Review №90

Great ambiance, great food and great customer service. Really enjoyed the food. Loved the Moroccan tea. Highly recommended

Review №91

Poor food quality that never been for morocan food , sins i like ,but this one is not. A real morocan food , an it's not healthy ,And by the way they use the wrong spices for plates .

Review №92

Delicious food, lovely owners. We had a really nice meal & experience at MoMo's!

Review №93

What a good surprise! We just happened to be in the area after a movie and looked for a restaurant. The service was wonderful and welcoming, and the food was excellent. The Harira soup was perfect, and the Tajin was wonderful. Will definitely come back again.

Review №94

Good Kabob, but rather small portion.

Review №95

The lamb tahgine is to die for! Very authentic and delicious flavors!

Review №96

OMG! We have walked by numerous times and never thought to eat here, GO IN!!! the food was amazing Momo is hysterical and very nice. It's like stepping into a little Moroccan restaurant. We got the beef and a lamb tanjeen and they were amazing, meat just falls apart, salad was great, and the homemade bread felt like home. Definitely try the mint tea, it's soooo good. Can't wait to go back and try everything else on the menu.

Review №97

Ordered the beef platter which came with whole wheat bread (Moroccan-style, stout and wide), a salad and the entree (beef, rice, vegetables). I also ordered the Moroccan tea (green tea with mint, slightly sweetened). Simple and excellent.

Review №98

Authentic Moroccan food and good service.

Review №99

Great food,warm atmosphere and reasonably priced

Review №100

Best Moroccon food ever! Wonderful owner operated business.

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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