John John Seafood
3108 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

Will the owner or the manager teach the employees how to not answer the phone with food in their mouths. And be more professional when answering the phone. And give a time when the food is going to be ready... and when I did show up to get my food she was on the phone and finishing her wing dinner and didn't even say... hi, how can I help you or are picking up an order? And she was rude and not friendly whatsoever. But other than that, the perch wrap was delicious.... but please teach the young girl with the blue and black long braids to learn how to answe the phone and learn what customer service is all about. Also, learn what people skills means. #Needmoretraining.

Review №2

Not bad, but not great either... yams taste canned (Bruce's), hushpuppies taste like they came from a frozen recipe, mac-n-cheese would be awesome if it was fresh and not 2 days old, and the catfish was just so-so... don't bother with the online ordering because it doesn't work, and the customer service is just ugh, well... maybe it was just a bad night?Because they're new to me, I will patronize again as I usually give new places I try 3 times to get it right if it's not great on the first try.Hopefully the next time will be better...I hope?

Review №3

The food was FANTASTIC and the service was better! Shout out to John's mom from Florida. Very nice and beautiful lady.

Review №4

The food was tasty. Customer service was terrible. Too many young people working now with awful attitudes and no people skills

Review №5

Yessssssss baby and I love it

Review №6

I've been on a couple of occasions, and to be fair the food is good but the portions suck. I bought a steak and shrimp philly. I paid an extra 5$ for extra shrimp and never received the extra shrimp. A 16$ sandwich only worth the original price. This isn't the first time I've been gypped on my portions. If you decide to eat here no the food is good. But they will give you happy meal portions

Review №7

John john is good the person that was their was helpful and funny their food is so good and it doesn't make you sick I would definitely go there again.

Review №8

Its was your average restaurant. The young lady was dry,I was telling g her how good the food looked, plus gave her a ten dollar tip...her personality was dryer than crackers.

Review №9

Not sure how the food taste because when I got there some very unprofessional cashier told me that she don't know what happen to my order she see it in the computer but she can't find my order and because they are closed she can't do nothing...mind you it's 5:45 and they close at 6 and I placed my order at 5:15 and she told me it would be 20 mins!!! I can believe the customer service and that the owners allow stuff like this to food no apology no nothing...will never go back there ever again

Review №10

So today was my first day at John John Seafood for my friend's son birthday party! I enjoyed myself. It was nice and very intimate. My son thought the wait was long, but I definitely thought it was worth the wait. The mac and cheese was absolute bomb! What a great way to spend the evening!

Review №11

My first and last time at this place I placed an online order I even called to find out if they only took cash or credit card the woman that I spoke with Shirley said that after I inquired if my fish dinner was ready she says oh he's pulling it up now so 15 minutes later when I arrived at the location and stand in line for 10 minutes only to be told that they don't have red snapper do I want something else so I turn around and walk out I mean like you have my phone number from the online ordering system and I called why didn't they just tell me that they didn't have it at that time and I would have chosen something else and or gone somewhere else needless to say this is my last time there and I definitely will not refer anyone to this place

Review №12

So after hearing all the hype on these potatoes I am not impressed. When I placed the order I asked "what comes on the potato? She said peppers onions and mushrooms. So I ordered the shrimp and brocolli. Terrible. There is nothing on it but popcorn shrimp and salty mushy brocolli. For $13. Yea okay. So I called back and the lady never answered the phone.

Review №13

Very clean and the person waiting on me was nice and has a welcoming smile. The food was prepared as ordered and reallly delicious. The perch was cooked just right and the greens and macaroni was very tasty. Highly recommend this seafood restaurant.

Review №14

No complaints Honestly. So so on the wait they did forget things in my food & I dont like the fact they use pack cheese on there food but overall definitely a place to try

Review №15

The food is always fresh and cooked properly. The employees are always pleasant.

Review №16

Food is great like always. Customer service was great. Great people that care about the product they put out. I reccomend everyone should go.

Review №17

My fav spot. Love the loaded baked potatoe.

Review №18

The food is good, I just don't appreciate them ignoring incoming calls. I've personally witnessed a young lady this past weekend ignoring incoming orders and shutting down door dash early. I also called prior to coming and my calls were ignored as well.

Review №19

Love my Alfredo

Review №20

My 1st time there. Got a perch dinner & it was pretty good. The fish was not greasy & it was a healthy portion.

Review №21

Owner was friendly and the staff was very nice.

Review №22

Got there at 7pm ordered chicken wings and Belgium waffle. Got order at 7:30pm. No napkins, utensils and the Belgium waffle was a waffle with no whip cream and strawberries. DISAPPOINTED. paid $8.50 for 3 wings and a plain waffle

Review №23

The food is fresh and tasty. The customer service their is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxing. He has a great menu with choices you dont normally see. If your in the neighborhood visit either location... you'll become a regular......cause I am. The chicken Philly is the bomb.

Review №24

The food is good but The service has been poor every single time. I also think it's absurd to offer breakfast but not open until 11am! Breakfast is over for MOST people by then. I view it as lazy. Unfortunately, i have to go give my money to the hard working Jews up the street at 8am.

Review №25

I usually go here a lot but today I went and my Alfredo was waaaay too salty I could barely eat it But the ride the was worth it #ihatethisquarantine

Review №26

Cool place to eat

Review №27

Good sandwich (steak and shrimp). Good fries. Friendly staff.

Review №28

Baked potatoes are really good

Review №29

Store was nice and clean. Staff was effective. My Steak sandwich had good flavor but had as much gristle as steak. I ate half of it and through the other half away...

Review №30

Amazing!! Stuffed potatoes rock! Scampi dinner is delicious! Turtle cheesecake is sooo yummy! Professional and polite.

Review №31

Excellent customer service I bought 3 different meals the one for me I was unhappy with. I called and asked if I could come in for something else the manager was fine with it. I also got a free pop. Thanks again John John I will be back.

Review №32

Good food and quick service

Review №33

I went to the restaurant off mayfield. The owner took my order.I told him 2 polish boys with America cheese..I got home no cheese nor coleslaw.His scary looking self charged me 150. He is a weird man. I will go back tomorrow to get my refund I will never return..I rather go to happy hours restaurant. That cook is caring and a good listener and dont look scary..must be a east clevelander thing..beware of this restaurant..

Review №34

Only Mayfield Location i was first order of the day 2breakfast plates 1hr 13min. And the girls are too scared to ask cook how long for the order, they literally just guess right in front of your face without checking like their scared of the cook. See for yourself i moved here from Ny and never seen nothing like it.

Review №35

Great Food

Review №36

Great job

Review №37

I've always been a fan of John John's and would love to give him 5 stars but my pancakes tasted like batter, but other than that......the atmosphere is clean, inviting and the staff is amazingly friendly and professional!

Review №38

The food is awesome, consistently makes good food. Cant ask for anything else.

Review №39

Asked when placing order "Is this lake perch? Answer was yes, got home and it was ocean perch which i don't eat. So, wasted money on this order.

Review №40

The owner and employee (female) very friendly. I order carry out waiting time was great. When got home 10 minutes from restaurant food was still hot (heat) and very delicious. I will recommend restaurant. I will visit again.

Review №41

Service is fast, prices are fair... And most importantly... EXCELLENT FOOD!

Review №42

Food is great but bad service killed the WHOLE experience

Review №43

Good food and reasonable prices. Will go back.

Review №44

Girl at the counter had no idea what was going on and kept telling me the food that was sitting on the counter wasn't mine. It sat there for 20mins which was a total wait time of 45mins just for a perch dinner and wing dinner and they weren't even busy. Then when My wife requested a refund so we could just leave they refused to listen and just said they'd remake the food. This was the first and last time I'll be going here.

Review №45

Service was very slow ..... even for a quesadilla.

Review №46

I love this place! The food is tasty and as unpretensious as the people that make it. John John's Seafood is the rare place where you get exactly what you want and more than you expect.

Review №47

This was an excellent experience. The food temperature, quality, taste, and speed of preparation was right on target! I am from Houston, TX and places to grab unique dishes are in abundance - I was pleasantly surprised to find such a wide variety of options from seafood to soul food! Thanks!

Review №48

Great food and great service.

Review №49

Horrible chicken philly got a spoonful of chicken and hella bread. Skip them and go to Incredible Foods up the street.

Review №50

I ordered wings Mac and greens , took forever, wings was tiny, Mac and greens was nasty and cold all the time I waited could of at least got hot food

Review №51

Great Food and service

Review №52

Orange roughy dinner was pretty good I ordered 4 Scampy's he forgot to put them in the bag I told him I was too far out I'll pick him up tomorrow after work I'll see if he had a little gratuity to the order.

Review №53

Great food and fast service

Review №54

Freindly staff and good service, wings are excellent .

Review №55

The jumbo shrimp and perch we're excellent. The mac and cheese were MAC AND CHEESE!!!

Review №56

Good food, customer service is good

Review №57

Good food GREAT service all the time

Review №58

Good food nice staff

Review №59

If there was a chance to give zero stars I would. We waited over 50 minutes for awful food. Soggy fries, flavorless greens, mac and cheese was dried out, and soggy perch fish. Just an all around nope. First and last time.

Review №60

I've been going here for quite some time. TODAY 02-26-19 the person responsible for making my order was VERY rude and his customer service . ALL BAD!!!!!

Review №61

The chicken philly was delicious

Review №62

Worthy of another visit.

Review №63

Great Food

Review №64

Not very appetizing chicken philly weak loaded potato

Review №65

The food was awful, it took a long time. Asked for no mushrooms, but they still put it on the sandwich. Had a terrible attitude when I told them about it

Review №66

Great service and food! The owner made sure everything was on point.

Review №67


Review №68

The Catfish dinner was mouthwatering delicious.

Review №69

Oooh them stuffed potatoes tho, great seasoning and preparation!!

Review №70

Good food good prices

Review №71

Nasty and cold

Review №72

Scam. The "Scampi" is laughable. Literal shrimp Frozen and thawed and advertised as Scampi for $15.99!!! And not that good at all.

Review №73

Food is awesome

Review №74

Food was delicious

Review №75

It's ok

Review №76

Excellent food

Review №77

Yummy to my tummy

Review №78

Good food

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:3108 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 216-371-4000
  • Seafood restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:2–11PM
  • Thursday:11AM–11PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Dine-in:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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