Seafood Shake
1852 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Review №1

Food was very good and not expensive at all! Seafood was absolutely delicious and didn't taste frozen at all. The service was also good. The inside of the restaurant is extremely clean and the decor really goes along with the SEAfood. If you haven't been here yet I definitely recommend!

Review №2

Best seafood boil I ever had. The sauces are amazing and really set the dish off. The crab was soooo fresh and the flavors were locked in. They serve it in a bag but man it's awesome. Only thing is not enough corn and potatoes to help soak up some of that flavor. But the main attraction is worth it try the headless and peeled shrimp with Cajun .

Review №3

One of my preferred spots for tasty seafood. Service is always awesome even when they have a full house. The bill was fair I would say. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.

Review №4

We were skeptical about the prices but the food was AMAZING!! I made my own bag with lobster, shrimp potatoes and corn with garlic butter sauce no heat. My expectations were low but I am majorly impressed!

Review №5

The food is always good!! Quick and helpful service.

Review №6

Had to update my review because they have gone downhill since the last time I was here. First off order the special shake sauce and the mal-la sauce combined with a extra hot heat level. I recieved the lemon pepper with burnt corn pepper flakes and what I think was peppercorn but couldn't tell because everything including the seafood was overcooked. Boiler 65 is the way to go

Review №7

Food was delicious I will be back great server too thanks AJ

Review №8

Order a bag last night, I got my order. I order a Classic bag with extra shrimp, no clams, with Cajun sauce medium. Got home, opened the bag sausage look like it was from a slim Jim, no favor at all, potatoes were still hard not cook and the crab legs, look like someone ate then and it was leftover. I'm so disappointed that I wasted a whole $30 on a bag of nothing. I called today and got told they can't help me because no one is there in the office to get the receipt with I still have from my order and they only offer me some more sauce. I don't eat seafood the next day and what was I going to put the sauces on anyway. I didn't have much in the bag to begin with. Will never go there again. A lot of these seafood places in Cleveland are a joke.

Review №9

The food here is amazing! And you get a lot for what you pay for! We ran into some trouble with a waitress stealing and using my card information. I was able to catch it rather quickly, and the owner of the restaurant made it right and sent a check for the extra charges that were made at their restaurant. I would be more than happy to eat here again but I would probably bring cash.

Review №10

Always fresh and we'll seasoned seafood. Excellent customer service and black owned!

Review №11

My wife and daughter went first and insisted we go within the next week. Don't let the small entrance fool you, this place is big inside. Also, big flavors and great atmosphere makes for an interesting evening!

Review №12

At any given time. This is the place to be. It's priced well for seafood. Tasty with great creative drinks. And always has great customer service.

Review №13

Usually great food but this time was not so great ended up sick

Review №14

I had a really delicious Cajun crab broil but it was missing corn on the cob.

Review №15

The food was over priced and the sauce wasn't good. The only good thing was the seafood.

Review №16

First time went with my friend to celebrate our birthdays. Everything was great including Wendy our server, location is the old winking lizard.

Review №17

Seafood Shake was a nice surprise in Cleveland. The staff are friendly and the menu selection is great. Prices are also very reasonable and they will work with you to help you select the meal for you if you are new to seafood. The oysters werent super great in quality. They were fresh but not the best option out there. I would recomend getting anything else, but not the oysters. They will leave you wanting more.I highly recomend this place for anybody craving a nice shellfish meal without spending too much money. You will be happy you came here.

Review №18

Nice selection of combos & good prices for what you get. Interior is beautiful. The service was good.

Review №19

Really good shared one bag combo with my 13yr old w calamari very full but next time I suggest garlic butter with Cajun seasoning very satisfied.

Review №20

Nice, clean, and friendly. I encourage people to check Seafood Shake out!

Review №21

Food was good. Service was good. And the restaurant was really clean. I will definitely return.

Review №22

Great customer service and great food

Review №23

Delicious food....service was a lil slow

Review №24

Really friendly and professional staff very clean the wait time was very short food was fresh and hot after waiting a very short amount of time for it I will return in the near future

Review №25

I had a good time but the food was just mediocre to me. I felt there could've been more seasoning on the food. I picked a medium hot spice and medium hot heat, it felt mild to me and Im kinda sensitive to spicy foods. I felt there was a lack of salt on the food. The corn on the cob was all bad. :( It was like a rock and was really tough. I would visit again but I'm not in a rush to get there.

Review №26

Good atmosphere: decor, music, TVs; but the food is not excellent. It's a nice change up from the classic bar n grill menu, but not a high-quality seafood spot.

Review №27

Best seafood bags in town!

Review №28

I embraced the environment and devoured seafood in a bag. The shake sauce mixed with garlic butter sauce were so delicious!

Review №29

The food is good. Just wish they had more variety in their menu or you can opt out the sides or meats.

Review №30

Great food. Loved the experience. Will be back again

Review №31

If I could give this place a negative rating I would. Cashier had an attitude immediate turn off. Food can came out quick but wait it was luke warm, stingy with the sauce. The food itself was mediocre. Barely any meat in the crab legs, baby corn the sauce was highly unseasoned kinda tasted like pepper water. In my opinion the place either needs new management or a new staff.

Review №32

I drive about an hour away from the seafood shake and it's worth every number #1 choice

Review №33

Great food and great service!!

Review №34

My second time here food is always hot due to the virus going on they only except credit and debit cards

Review №35

The food was plenty and taste good

Review №36

It was overall a good experience. The food was delicious but the couldn't get the spice in the sauce right. They accidentally mixed up our bags. So my mouth was on fire and his food tasted bland. They tried to fix it several times. Be forewarned if your sauce is off say something then because they will not take off the cost of meal nor will they refund your money. Now that being said it is understandable...the cost of seafood is expensive. Overall it is a good time and I will probably go again just be more vigilant.

Review №37

The drinks from the bar were amazing. So delicious and made with love.

Review №38

We love the food here but was told we would have to pay 50% gratuity for having 6 people.. 3 of them where under 5years old.

Review №39

This was the best seafood place I ever been! Only I should have a reservation on a crowded Sunday but never the less it was the BESTEST!! HATS OFF FROM A SEAFOOD LOVER THAT'S BEEN AROUND!!!! LOVED IT! HOPE YOUR STILL HERE WHEN I COME BACK TO VISIT THANK YOU FOR A GOOD TIMES AND GOOD FOOD!! WORTH IT!

Review №40

Very underwhelming food. My second visit. The seafood was warm and the sauce not very flavorful. They definitely don't have the best pick of seafood. Not as fresh as their competitors. Seafood Boil on Lee Rd is much better. The service was not great either.

Review №41

It was good. Service was quick and the staff is friendly. The cajun is spicy! Would definitely eat there again.

Review №42

Never have I gone to a place where if you didn't like something, they wouldn't take it off the bill or replace it!! The owner continuously told us to just add more yum yum sauce and that she likes it and that is that!! I will never set foot in this place unless there are new owner's who understands the American way of doing things!! Sorry, but you can't talk people into liking something because you do!! My tab was almost 200 dollars and I took care of the server so it wasn't about being difficult.

Review №43

Service was great! It was very busy but we were seated in about 15 mins. Had a peach margarita amazing $8. Had the seafood lovers bag for about $29, with shake sauce amazing.

Review №44

Food was great this was my first time coming my server could have been a little more attentive with checking up on use service was slow but overall food was great

Review №45

From the outside, this place looks small and a little sketch to be good seafood. That is a deception!! The food, service, and drinks were top notch! The price wasnt bad either! We both left tipsy, full, and happy! I will definitely be trying again. The restaurant was clean, food flavors were really so good and we got our food super fast!

Review №46

The portions were great, service was good, food tasted great and the price was on point.

Review №47

Ordered calamari (which I love) it was soooooo greasy I couldn't eat it so I sent it back they brought it back and told me they couldn't do anything about it and couldn't refund me the $12 because I ate some of it.....they replaced my calamari with a half order of $9 boneless wings. First experience her and def the last.

Review №48

Discovered this gem by accident when we went up to a show at the grog shop. The food is fantastic the sauces are great and the service is pretty good also. My first experience was so good I've been back 4x and I live in Canton so it's a good hour to get up there. If you like seafood I recommend it. Most of the menu they gave you a bag of food a big bib and some gloves and you just go in and get messy. It's a novel idea that works well. Love seafood shake.

Review №49

To walk into a restaurant that's empty with a wait time of about 12 minutes should of been a sign to turn around and select a different place for dinner. The Server spoke to fast we could not understand anything that he was saying. The drink that I order Baby Shark taste like pure syrup. I asked if I can have something else he said sure but that drink could not be adjusted off bill... The food came out fast but was not hot just warm. When it was time to total up the bills we were told that they didn't have any change. First and last time I will ever go here again.

Review №50

The food is very good, I don't think they missed on anything food wise. Service was not the best, whether waiters aren't properly trained or they have too many tables at once. Waited 15 minutes for just drinks and another 10 minutes for the check. Something they can easily fix. So I'll be back!

Review №51

I'm not impressed with the shrimp, mussels, etc... The crab legs were good with the medium shake sauce... The sauce I had the first time I went wasn't impressive. The fried fish was pretty good though. The service is pretty basic, nothing special. The decor is nothing special... This is a good place to take your family. Not anyone you're trying to impress or date though...

Review №52

It was good food, my first time there. It was a good first time experience, prices are decent.

Review №53

Waiter was horrible stood 2 chairs away take our order and then forgot my app. when he was reminded he then brought cold ones out and we had no choice on paying the $15 gratuity that was automatically added to the check.

Review №54

Terrible service and the drinks from the bar were terrible as well (really no idea what was going on there- First day??) but the tofu "fish" and sweet potato fries were incredible, so I would give it another shot.

Review №55

Loved the lemon fries

Review №56

Food was good. Unfortunately I ended up with food poisoning afterwards.

Review №57

The takeout service and food was very good. The Classic Shake is worth the $30.00

Review №58

Let me tell you, let me tell you....I've never had a seafood experience this grand ever in my life. The seafood, the service, the atmosphere, everything was amazing. The best seafood I've had so far in 32 years. Please go there and try for yourself.

Review №59

The food was good wish they had more combo meals but it was a fun way to spend my birthday

Review №60

Terrible customer service. The waiter took my order wrong and forced me to pay for food I did not order they told me if I didn't pay for the food they were going to call the police on me. I will never go here ever again. After I was forced to pay for food I didn't want I ate it and the food was horrible and super greasy. Disappointed

Review №61

Ok. Listen. It's really good. A little pricey but worth it. Mix the garlic butter and house sauce then make it as spicy as you like.

Review №62

Great foods,awesome vibes,great prices 2up

Review №63

Good food. Not too pricey. Nice atmosphere. Great service.

Review №64

First time i was there it was very, very good. Second time got 3 empty mussel shells, waitress said oh the mussels probably fell in the bag, nope not in the bag, 3 clams that were not open. Paid $30.00 for empty shells. Don't they check to see that clams are open or mussels actually have something in them before bagging the food? Waitress was non-existent, waited 15 minutes for water, then came to take order, oops never received a menu. After food came, didnt see waitress for long time. Asked for shell crackers, yep another 15 minutes. Oh, asked for wet wipes, ended up using my glass of water and paper towels. Waitress brings wet wipes as we were leaving. Not going back.

Review №65

Nice atmosphere Great waiter and the food was on point. Would reccommend to others for a nice seafood restaurant to visit. Would go again

Review №66

Horrible.. My food was cold and old.. When we complain. About the food and poor service.. The manger came out. BUT with our didn't attempt to fix the problem. We told them we were leaving. She called Cleveland Hts Police. The night was a mess. Poor serviced Poor Management

Review №67

Catfish,fries,Shrimp! Delicious!!!

Review №68

Good food outrageous prices and upcharge on 6 or more people.

Review №69

I love them I go often and my host Morgan is great

Review №70

Good food but badly treated employees. Employees shouldn't have to pay for a dine and dash. Also management is beyond me. Not one care in the world for any problems that customers are having with food or any of that.

Review №71

Prompt service. Nice selection of fresh seafood for an affordable price. Good tasting sauces for seafood boil. Will definitely be going again!

Review №72

Definitely a different culinary experience but the food was great.

Review №73

Very good!!! Nice portion. I got the chicken wings and they were good. They definitely give you a lot of food.

Review №74

The Service and Quality of the food has really went down. My server brought my seafood and she added water. The manager did not care. There hiring servers and not doing criminal background. The atmosphere is very uncomfortable. Workers stealing customers credit card. Worst ever!!!!

Review №75

The food is very good. Service could be better but is based on the time of evening and number of guests dining. Very nice ambiance!

Review №76

If you like seafood. GO HERE! Food was good. Our food arrived so fast it scared us. Everything was fresh. Down to soda. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Review №77

Not good at all , very disappointed for the money. Seafood over done , to much butter and garlic.

Review №78

Amazing food. I love there crab legs with garlic butter. The water is not long at all. The servers are always nice and very attentive.

Review №79

Excellent concept. Definitely should go on a non busy night. Service was not very good. We got the classic that was supposed to be 1/2 lb of each thing. We barely got that.

Review №80

Food was great. Nice decor and Staff

Review №81

This is great place for seafood lovers. Fresh seafood with a twist of favors and side options. Services was great while spending time with family.

Review №82

Good food and friendly staff , see Bianca she is very friendly

Review №83

The door greeter was prompt and kind greeting us upon arrival. Once we were seated servers kept walking past us as if we were not there. Once the staff got it together, the food was good. The restaurant did not make an impact on to force a revisit.

Review №84

Pretty sure they charged our card again for 10.00 extra dollars and the server took the number down for her Netflix but luckily we caught that.... FOOD WAS AMAZING 10/10 BUT would use cash not card

Review №85

Food was so good! We sat at the bar and the bartender taught me how to eat some of the food I had ordered. What a wonderful first impression. I'll definitely be back

Review №86

Horrible place , horrible smell , Tofu was not even hot was warm , spicy sauce wasn't spicy , waitress didn't even bring us bibs, I won't be returning to this poorly run establishment. 4 thumbs down

Review №87

Parking can be challenging on Coventry, yet we'll worth the effort for this new local gem! Entrance and seating is wheelchair accessible. I like how they have repurposed the windows to make the building look like a fish tank. CLEVER! Great Seafood you can smell through the Bag.

Review №88

The bar is becoming popular. I love the energy in this place-- everyone is attentive and enjoying their times while respecting boundaries. 5/5 will return!

Review №89

Good food! They need a little more help and bigger location.

Review №90

The food was delicious, but they can use some work with the service. They took a while just getting our drinks and just being attentive overall. But once we expressed this to them, everything was great!

Review №91

Food was very good. Service was quick. Price was reasonable. I will definitely come back again..

Review №92

It was a new experience. When we arrived no one greeted us or spoke. I had to approach a man and ask how you get a table. They should have a host or someone by the door at least. The food came at almost too quick which made me feel like it could of been sitting there. I had crab legs that didn't just pop or pull out, I've had better but it was not bad. My friend got mussels in her bag which looked very gross. I have had them before, I think they needed to be de-bearded. She got something else instead so overall okay would not be in a rush to go back but wouldn't hate it if I had too.

Review №93

I love this place! Delicious seafood and you get to eat like a barbarian. My favorite is the garlic butter sauce. I recommend the pealed shrimp, it's a few dollars more than shelled and head intact shrimp. Snow crabs were very good and they're half price off on Tuesdays. The crawfish wasn't very satisfying, but that's crawfish in general and not the place's fault. Don't bother with the plastic gloves, just wash your hands throughly and take your rings off. Service was excellent.My only complaint is the ice cold water of shared sinks by the bathrooms. The water could be a bit warmer.

Review №94

Good food

Review №95

I liked it because it was local. The atmosphere was comfortable. The pricing was fair for seafood.

Review №96

Interesting, but more of a concept restaurant than a regular place. Food was okay, but a bit plain.

Review №97

Great food, quick service for takeout

Review №98

My daughter and I love this place.. Reasonably priced and we love their sauce

Review №99

I split the seafood lovers combo with another person. There was plenty for two and we had leftovers. The ma-la shake sauce seasoning was fantastic.

Review №100

Delicious seafood & nice cocktails during my visit.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:1852 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 216-417-4830
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Cajun restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:5–10PM
  • Tuesday:5–10PM
  • Wednesday:5–10PM
  • Thursday:5–10PM
  • Friday:12–11PM
  • Saturday:12–11PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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