15275 Creativity Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701, United States

Review №1

Wow Speechless beyond words , regularly I order through the app and for some reason it was not working this morning I called in and made them aware spoke with Im assuming a manager , and she went out of her way for me to have my ordered delivered. She deserves a raise ! Great customer service and so attentive. But deff next time system is down I will leave them alone because I know how busy it is . I wasn't expecting that .. I think her name was Melissa thank you !!

Review №2

I love Chick-fil-A we all love Chick-fil-A. Eat more chicken. Great experience friendly staff food was delicious and fresh milkshakes were delicious they have very good lemonade. Just like any other Chick-fil-A it's very busy but service is fast. A thumbs-up five stars keep up the great work. If you love chicken eat Chick-fil-A

Review №3

Incredibly pleasant staff and nationally famous chicken sandwiches tend to make for a great experience. I miss the spicy chicken biscuit for breakfast, but the spicy chicken sandwich is an absolute favorite.

Review №4

This is your typical Chick-fil-A... consistently good food, super friendly service, and fairly fast drive through.It is a very, very busy location during lunchtime and also the drive-time dinner hours, so plan accordingly. What is nice about this location is that they put order takers outside during those busy times, and also put a cashier out there too (weather allowing). By the time you get to the pick-up window, all you have to do is grab the food and go. Excellent process!This chain does a great job of selecting staff here as they are always upbeat and friendly.Nice location. Great food. Will be back often.

Review №5

Tonight was the first time that I visited a chick fil a that had unfavorable experience.The staff was great, traffic was big like always, but the chicken in the sandwich had a weird part in it, like I bit into something unfamiliar.Everything else was great. I'd still recommend, but the piece of chicken I had gotten tonight was not how it normally is.

Review №6

I wish they would go back to just a drive thru instead of their employees holding up two lines which almost caused an accident in Culpeper. I love their mac n cheese but not worth it to stay in line longer than I have to.

Review №7

Visited the Chick- fil -A in Culpeper yesterday and food was great. The employees were also very friendly and helpful.

Review №8

They have the best food and best tech to suit you. Service with a smile.

Review №9

The slowest and most unorganized Chick-Fil-A I have ever been to. Have left several times with the wrong order, missing items from my order or additional items in my bag that I did not order. Put it this way, I have never had a flawless experience here.

Review №10

We waited in the line waiting for our food; not to order or to pay, simply to wait for food. Fry boxes were less than full, nothing was exceptionally hot so I am not sure what we were waiting on. Fries? Nuggets? Original Chicken Sandwich?? Friendly service as always! Food was tasty too!

Review №11

Double drive through lanes at peak times...still in and out faster than a trip to any DMV...someone there should take notes

Review №12

Don't go here unless you're prepared to wait in line for 15-20 minutes. Worst parking lot layout ever

Review №13

I didn't have to wait in line very long. The food was hot and fresh.

Review №14

This is like the 100 times that I ask for pickles on my sandwich and they always add to the ticket but when see my sandwich it's none on it.. honestly if that could change it would be awesome because I always use the driveway and I always ask the lady that brought to me the food if on my sandwich there is any pickles and they always say yes when there is not..

Review №15

Delicious food. Awesome employees, and though the line looks long, it moves quickly.

Review №16

Wonderful service delicious hot grilled blt

Review №17

Always my favorite! Fast & friendly service.

Review №18

Best restuarant in Culpeper!! Fast and friendly staff, truly a one of a kind establishment!

Review №19

Great owner and staff. Good food and doing their best during this pandemic.

Review №20

Always pleased best place in culpeper

Review №21

It's God's chicken. You don't give a bad review to God's chicken.

Review №22

What's not to love. Service is better than most full service restaurants. Food is consistent and good. One of only a few places that have a play place. Always clean never had a bad experience at any location.

Review №23

My family loves this chick-fil-A. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Even during this pandemic.

Review №24

Service is excellent; everyone is courteous; and of course the food is superb. Our favorite night out is Wednesdays at the Culpeper Chick-fil-A!

Review №25

Little pricey but got to love it

Review №26

The food is good and the sweet tea is amazing.

Review №27

Love your peach shakes .they are awesome

Review №28

Fastest service I have ever received with Chick-fil-A. Customer services is always great!

Review №29

Love the food but lately every time we go through the drive through and get home our order is wrong and unless we go back right away there is no way to get it corrected. They need to double check they're orders before they hand it out the window. Quality's going downhill.

Review №30

Can't go wrong with chikfila

Review №31

Stopped during lunch and the dining room was closed due to current health crisis. Pulling a 40ft trailer and unable to use drive through. An employee was kind enough to take my order from the side lot in the rain, and run my order out to me. Thank you so much, great job!!!

Review №32

Waffle fries tasted like bad potatoes

Review №33

The salad and dressing could have been colder.

Review №34

Got to enjoy this amazing breakfast in a clean family. Thank you for all your hard work. May God Bless you all. #BeABridge

Review №35

Not only is the food great but the people are awesome.

Review №36

Me and Lopez just came threw and order 3 10 pice chicken miny meals we got the drinks then they gave us 2 10 pices and we had to repay for 3 one again never again bad place in culpeper

Review №37

Iam not hungry 2 hours after I eat.

Review №38

Appreciate the innovative ways this restaurant shows its customer-focus efforts by offering the convenience of mobile order ahead + skip the line pickup option, and they deploy staff to the drive-thru lines when long to help speed the ordering / food delivery process. Great chicken tortilla soup as always!

Review №39

I eat in this spot a lot since I work nearby. I have to say the service is always good and they keep the spot well kept all the time. Prices are convenient and they serve big portions.

Review №40

Always tasty, always good people and the kid's play area is a nice bonus. A great way to get the vibe of a town and to see the diversity and how much folks love these chicken sandwiches and shakes. Their staff is always good and helpful with a smile. A place that has a great culture. Reminds me so much of in and out burger

Review №41

Always packed. Food has no flavor

Review №42

Must say it, is a really weird drive through but... it kind of work, either than that the food is great

Review №43

Fast and easy. Great food

Review №44

Nobody can say anything bad about chick-fil-a just best service and great food

Review №45

The food tastes great! The only reason I give 3 stars is because the quality of service has gone down dramatically. I have received several orders that were messed up. This is after clearly stating what I wanted. And the drive thru is very slow at times. Other than that no other complaints.

Review №46

Always a pleasure to enter into this establishment, that lemonade is the truth. Chicken sandwich is so good, the waffle fries are delicious.

Review №47

Great restaurant. Fantastic service. Food was delicious. Moist chicken, fresh salad even at night.

Review №48

Fantastic place well organized fantastic workers

Review №49

Great service good food

Review №50

Great food and customer service

Review №51

Love their service and always great food

Review №52

Rather quick for the plandemic that's going on

Review №53

Great breakfast food and quick service as always.

Review №54

Super fast, they have it nailed!

Review №55

Food is good and there are a few healthy choices available if that is what you want. I absolutely can't stand that they say "my pleasure" instead of "thank you" but service is still pleasant and they are supposed to say that to distinguish them from other places.

Review №56

Great service! Better than most fast food places.

Review №57

They have the best tasting Nuggets I ever had. All the Staff are so happy and positive (always), that they make you smile every time. It feels good to have such happy people wait on you.

Review №58

Approximately 30% of the time I go through their drive-thru something is either missing from my order or is simply incorrect. NEVER order a bagel with cream cheese without checking your bag for cream cheese. 99% of the time it won't be there. It's happened MANY times. Ordering a salad is risky because you'll get the incorrect dressing or won't receive a fork.I just left there with a refund and no food because I had to keep returning to get things right. I gave up. The manager was very unapologetic.

Review №59

Great service with a smile. Good food. Downside is there are a lot of people who think similarly and the drive through gets super crowded.

Review №60

Food is great and service through the drive thru is like NASA precision. All food is fresh and it does not matter how long the line is because it moves almost as fast is I can walk to the drive up window. Great job guys.

Review №61

Ordered lynch food during breakfast and they actually apologized that it would take a little longer than normal. Everyone we interacted with was extremely pleasant and helpful. The little mouthwash cups in the bathroom were super cute

Review №62

The Cobb salad is delicious. Good service and clean environment.

Review №63

Slowest and rudest Chick-fil-a we have ever been to! Went through the drive-thru with a mobile order and told the person on the speaker we had a coupon. When we got to the window we were charged the full amount and then the worker (Jasmine) proceeded to tell my husband, “I've rang you up there's nothing I can do.” And even the lady I'm guessing some kind of shift manager was rude too! This is not the normal, “it's our pleasure to serve you, with a smile” Chick-fil-a and you better be ready to waste 20 min in line!

Review №64

I'm not sure how I lived without chickfila in my life growing up! My kids and I eat here at least once a week with our busy schedule and my husband gets breakfast to go most weekdays. Best drive through in town! Courteous staff and healthier/filling options!

Review №65

I love me some judgemental chicken!

Review №66

Good service. Gave me the wrong order, but corrected it quickly.

Review №67

Slowest drive thru at a Chick-fil-A ever. Everytime I come here it takes at least 20 mins. Line is always wrapped around the building.

Review №68

Always a great meal! Never disappointed. Consistently, delicious food at a reasonable price.

Review №69

That has nice chicken everything is good where I'm located I wish they'd have put that building someplace else so you can get into it and made it just a little bit bigger because that place is packed all the time and the best part they are always closed on Sundays

Review №70

I love Chick-fil-A but this location was very unorganized and sloppy. I believe they gave my order to someone else so I was waiting for about ten minutes. Then when I showed them my receipt it took another five minutes and my food was burnt when it got to me.

Review №71

Excellent timely service!

Review №72

Great food, and a super clean play area for children 3 and under.

Review №73

Whenever we come through only this location, the fries are soggy, unsalted and not filled to the top. Not once were they fresh golden brown perfectly sated and full fries like provided to my wife and I in Charlottesville, lees burg, Warrenton, etc.

Review №74

First time at Culpeper. All fine but wish the young lady who took my order could have spoken louder so I did not have to keep asking for repeats. I'll be back

Review №75

Last two times I ate here I got very sick- never had that issue before !

Review №76

Chick Fil A-- what can I say? There is a reason they are at the top of the fast food chain. Delicious, hot food all the time when I go there. My personal favorites (beside everything) are the chicken salads and the diet frosted lemonade. That is a guilt free drink! The other lemonade drinks and shakes are pretty phenomenal. The nuggets and tenders are so TENDER and juicy! I think I'm going to get some Chick Fil A later...

Review №77

A great visit as always. Fast and friendly.

Review №78

Love the chicken and southwestern salad.

Review №79

Love the food and service

Review №80

Eating at chick-fil-a is always a pleasure. Making you smile and doing their part to make your day better is just part if the overall experience. The food is great too.

Review №81

Walked in to a very slow store at 2pm and stood at the front of the line for 15 minutes while the manager went and sat down with coworkers as they ate food and other employees behind the counter talking about going to Panera to get a sandwich. I just wanted my lunch guys not to hear about yours.

Review №82

Speedy service and helpful staff!

Review №83

Fast service and friendly staff quick in and out even though it was busy

Review №84

Just about everything on the menu is great all I've got to say is trie it.

Review №85

The folks that work here are really nice without faking it. The food is also really good for fast food. Also it's a clean restaurant. 5 stars.

Review №86

Still the best fast food you can get. First time at this location and it didn't disappoint. Will return if in the area.

Review №87

Best fast food service and food quality in the entire county.

Review №88

They get you through the drive thru. This place is awesome along with the employees

Review №89

Always fantastically magnificent edibles. Literally America's favourite restaurant chain. I personally greatly enjoy the grilled chicken club sandwiches. The fries contain a near perfectly delicious salinity index and their classic Chick-fil-a sauce tops all as a multipurpose sauce. Last but certainly not least, one can never forget their signature lemonade, which combines the most heavenly combination of tart and sweet to round out a delightfully palatable meal.

Review №90

Had a great perfect delicious chicken burger.

Review №91

Good Chicken sandwich

Review №92

Always Great

Review №93

The ice cream was very bueno

Review №94

Great food. Great service.

Review №95

Great chicken sandwiches and fast courteous service.

Review №96

Love this place! Food that actually fills you up!

Review №97

This was my second visit to this location in 2 years. The staff was friendly and helpful. The drive thru is set up terribly as you are waiting in a parking area for other restaurants. This was a terrible design and at high traffic times, I can see it being a huge mess. So 4 stars for service. Please evaluate the drive thru.

Review №98

Excellent!! Love their food! Always fresh and we love their connection with Christianity! ️️

Review №99

Tried to get Chick fill a tonight around 8 and I it was closed and police cars were surrounding it. Just wondering whats going on since it was supposed to be open till 10. I hope the chick fill a team and employees are okay.

Review №100

The food is fine, but due to their stance on LGBT folks, I can't support CFA any more.

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  • Address:15275 Creativity Dr, Culpeper, VA 22701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 540-825-4447
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Caterer
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Delivery service
  • Family restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–10PM
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  • Saturday:6:30AM–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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