Panera Bread
6550 Miller Ln, Dayton, OH 45414, United States
Review №1

Sandwiches were excellent. Highly recommend the tuna. Best bread! Tomato soup was not good. (Think thin tomato purée) Great outdoor seating. Very clean store. Awesome drink selection. Friendly staff. Food came out pretty quick!

Review №2

I love Panera food!! It's a very comfortable atmosphere. Always good customer service.

Review №3

I use this Panera for lunches that I do professionally. I should have left this review several times over the past. Every time I call them the order is perfect. Presentation is awesome. I've had to call and ask for 15 box lunches in 30 minutes and they made it happen somehow. Very caring and helpful staff. They really have come through for me. I can't say thanks enough. They understand the meaning of customer service and are an important member of my team. Great job.

Review №4

Id never done breakfast at Panera Bread before. It was great ! You can customize your breakfast sandwich with whatever topping (s) and whichever bread/bagel/roll up you want. They also had a quiche..whatever that is..and other stuff. Lots of coffee. You can think outside the box when ordering here. What box, you ask ? I don't know..never did understand where that box came from.

Review №5

This location was not the best Panera but not necessarily the worst. I ordered the Napa Chicken Salad sandwich and was disappointed with the offering; very little chicken in the actual sandwich. The tables also were not very clean despite not having many customers in the establishment. The tomato soup was good.

Review №6

Tables were all dirty. Basically wiped my own table off

Review №7

I celebrated my graduation last night in this excellent restaurant. happy to tell that we passed a brilliant evening and the place was certainly the reason for that successful event. The waiters participated in a gorgeous style, the cuisine was great and my guests were so overjoyed. We shall no dout come back again for more events. Thank you very much.

Review №8

Got a quick breakfast sandwich that was delicious.

Review №9

Good crew here, always a smooth experience.

Review №10

The foods nt all that but that mac&cheese tho is so good.

Review №11

Clean, friendly staff, and convenient location. The food was good and the coffee was hot!

Review №12

Next to no soup options, the sandwich I got was bland, cold, and unsatisfactory, and they couldn't even get me the right freaking soup! Absolutely NEVER giving them my business again.

Review №13

Always hoping! They should have 2 drink locations on each end of restaurant for people who cant walk all that far..But food is always super fresh! Thanks!

Review №14

Good food and priced right and fast.

Review №15

Maintaining their high standards

Review №16

My husband and daughter just came in from this Panera. My daughter ordered a steak n cheese sandwich and chips. The sandwich was cut in half and one of the halves had absolutely nothing on it. Just bread and no meat or anything. For $11 the flimsy meat and cheese that they did put on the sandwich was laughable. Not to mention the nasty attitude and disposition of Jessica who waited on them. This was the first and last time that my family will visit this Panera.

Review №17

Came in at lunch time. Ordered off the pick two menu. Took 25 minutes to get my good. Very slow. Food is always good.

Review №18

Bruh panera slaps but we just got our food and there was like 4 hairs in the salas and different colors too soooo

Review №19

Clean floor, music was not too loud. Cashier was articulate and friendly. Food was excellent: Tuscan Chicken with 10 bean soup.

Review №20

Clean clean clean. Good service and food.

Review №21

We are so happy to be able to enjoy eating at Panera again. We have certainly missed it these past few months.

Review №22

Fast and friendly staff

Review №23

Not the best. Stopped in for dinner after 8:00 pm. French Onion Soup was cold. Thai Chicken Salad was missing the edamame, roasted red peppers and carrots. Panera card reader was not working and nothing they could do.

Review №24

Service was slow and without personality. Smile people. I'm pretty sure your face won't crack! Food was the quality expected.

Review №25

I am a flight attendant I had to catch a flight, i called in my coffee and breakfast order so i could run in and grab my breakfast. When I got there I asked if my order was ready, the lady at the front said here is your coffee when I asked for my sandwich they looked at me like they didn't know what I was talking about. They tried to start making real fast but when I explained I didn't have the time to wait (this is why I called my order in) the mgr came over and removed the sandwich off of my bill and told me I would have to pay for my coffee. Really? You messed up my order and couldn't even comp my coffee? Note to self: if you are in a rush don't try to get a quick meal from panera.

Review №26

I like this place, everything looks so good, but they usually find a way to disappoint me a little, by the food not being quite as good as it looked, or the odd ordering procedures. Some food is ready right away, some you wait on, sometime they don't tell you where it is, and you stand there waiting on nothing.

Review №27

Oh my gosh...Tim Horton's down the road had their lobby closed for the day, due to scheduling reasons. It was a blessing in disguise. We received exceptional service by Kayla at Panera Bread! Her friendly demeanor and smile was welcoming and the food was excellent!! Nice and clean environment!

Review №28

Amazing breakfast sandwiches

Review №29

I like Panera for the atmosphere but even though I've tried several different sandwiches, they always sound much better than they taste. The ingredients are top notch but they always seem to lack any real flavor.

Review №30

Ok... Aside from the fun I get from calling this restaurant "Pantera" and talking about Dimebag Darryl, I'm not really down with this restaurant. I asked the cashier how big the sandwiches were and she said "Depends on whether I order the half or the whole." And I'm thinking, "Look at me and tell me if you think I've ever eaten 1/2 of anything that wasn't green and from the ground." Was kind of a trial in itself to extract the size of the sandwiches, but we got there eventually. I hate to complain but the service wasn't that great. Really felt like we were bothering her even though she was mostly pleasant. Service 2.5 stars, fun restaurant name 5stars, food 3 stars. That averages 3, right? I'm to tired to do the math...

Review №31

Always good fresh food! Love the soup or half salad and half sandwich option!!

Review №32

Standard Panera bread. A bit surprised by the counter server -- very bored with her job. Food was good.

Review №33

Good breakfast sandwiches. Healthier choices, always friendly, even early.

Review №34

This location is a deacent spot. The food was pretty tasty, my wait for my order didn't take long at all and the service was good. The only negative I have is that there weren't many outlets for me to choose from. I needed to charge my laptop while meeting with a client and we were lucky enough to find one in the back corner. It was enough to facilitate my client meeting, so I'm happy.

Review №35

Yet again my rapid pick up order my husband got was wrong. Receipt is correct but sandwich had mustard(which I detest) instead of the garlic herb cheese spread extra I ordered. Need to pay attention when making things!!

Review №36

Delicious food, even later in the day the soup was hot and the salad was crisp and hearty.

Review №37

Young lady that waited on us was so sweet, best sugar cookies in the world.

Review №38

They have the best bagels and honey walnut cream cheese

Review №39

The soups were filling & tasty. I always love the bear claw & hazelnut coffee. My daughter loved the very chocolaty brownie. My son devoured the broccoli & cheddar soup.

Review №40

Yummy food! Soup really warmed the soul on a day like today

Review №41

Presentation was sloppy, clearly someone didn't take their time with my order because the food looked as if it was just thrown in the box. Order wasn't fulfilled as requested, I should've taken my money elsewhere.

Review №42

Great service

Review №43

They forgot the bread for all the meals. They forgot the croutons and cheese for the french onion soups. They forgot the nuts on the Asian sesame salad. They weren't busy at all. I think two stars is generous.

Review №44

Always good food fast

Review №45

Place to buy over priced hospital food.

Review №46

The food and service are great, it's just a bit too expensive.

Review №47

I stopped to pick up some food for a friend in the hospital...the staff was very courteous and the service was excellent...according to the friend....the food was awesome

Review №48

Tasty natural ingredients with filling portions and a heafty price tag. Overall very good with a friendly staff and about the best broccoli cheese soup I have ever had. One star off for cost.

Review №49

Had two recent horrible experiences ordering quick pick-up. The Mac & Cheese was dry. The cheese bread was like the size of credit card. Called to complain about the order. Promised to send me a coupon which they never did. Awful service and quality of food. Will never go back to the place ever again.

Review №50

Very good service on a Sunday morning. Coffee was ok, but we aren't in Europe so going to have to let that pass.

Review №51

My soup was cold. The staff was unfriendly and borderline rude. An for what i got it wasnt worth 21.00 dollars.

Review №52

There service sucked, there selection of bagels was severely lacking. Now all they want to sell you is overpriced prepared food

Review №53

Staff was friendly and gave us very good portions of food.

Review №54

I love this location for hanging out and working on stuff. They have plenty of seating perfect for focusing.

Review №55

We were there today. Good food as always.

Review №56

Good food polite and fast service

Review №57

Worst experience ever, the cashier told me to warm up my own cookie, and Panera was sold out of bread... The bathroom was gross no paper towels, dirty and I wasn't sure when leaving if I was entering the dinning or the bathroom. The cashiers were blaming customer for them messing up their orders and they were ready to close well before the closing time. Worst experience ever

Review №58

Food was great, bathroom clean, service good.

Review №59

Very good, but better always check your order!!!

Review №60

Food was very good. We were encouraged to sit and talk and enjoy ourselves.

Review №61

Good healthy food

Review №62

Haley's uniform was on point today!

Review №63

This location seems to be well managed. The coffee is fresh and the bakery items and abundant and full. The location is also very convenient from Interstate 75.

Review №64

Always tastes great. I had vegetable soup, my grand daughter had mac and cheese she loves it. But we had two dirty spoons, they quickly changed it

Review №65

Easily the worst Panera I've been to in 12 years. The Mac & Cheese was not creamy. It was chunky and looks like it was reheated 3 times in a microwave. The frontega chicken was not grilled on the outside nor was the same bread used that's normally used. Less tea selections than normal and one was completely empty. Lastly, the grilled cheese was burnt black on the ends. No thanks.

Review №66

Good food quick

Review №67

Ordered a buttered bagel to go.They gave me a bagel and 5 packets of butter.Have you ever tried to drive while buttering a bagel.Won't be going back here soon.I even asked them if they could butter it and was told that was my job.Poor service.

Review №68

Fast service, good food. Just sad that they don't grill press the paninis any more.

Review №69

Very good food! More expensive than I'd like but more than happy to come here for the quality! Service could have been a little faster but Panera is a busy place because it's so good! Their turkey chilli is amazing!

Review №70

Fantastic healthy bowl.

Review №71

Good tea the good was ok

Review №72

Not as good as I remember

Review №73

Great coffee

Review №74

If you want a good sandwich, just go get some good quality lunch meat and some sub buns from the store down the road and eat for a couple days. I've tried them out a few times thinking I may get a better result. NOPE! They just use low quality meats.

Review №75

Forgot multiple items of our order for a pick up. Inside of the store is filthy with most of the tables covered in food and debris.

Review №76

The food seems prefab these days, and the free wi fi seems to arbitrarily block legitimate (not naughty) online sites and services.

Review №77

Great soups. Sandwiches lack meat.

Review №78

Went around 1pm. Was fine. Quick service. Mostly clean. Friendly staff.

Review №79

Love buying the pick two bacon turkey Bravo sandwich 10 vegetable soup and a baguette

Review №80

Green Goddess Salad is my guilty pleasure. Too many calories but, Oh So Good!!!

Review №81

I love it so much

Review №82

Love soup in a bread bowl

Review №83

The endless coffee is the good. The bad, they serve bagels but not lox.

Review №84

This is the only location I'll visit. The one in Englewood is awful.

Review №85

Terrible. Will not go back. I give Miller lane Panera bread -1.

Review №86

Fast great service great food

Review №87

Always a great place to stop by when traveling. My favorite location in Dayton next to a nice hotel.

Review №88

Good variety of bread. Thanks for donating to the food babks.

Review №89

Big, clean, fast, good food and staff.

Review №90

Great options for breakfast. Flavors are on point!

Review №91

Went in today, nice place. Stood in line waited behind four others, finally my turn and the cashier walks away (Kayla), without a word and did not return. The young Man on the first register apologize and took care of me. I complained to the manager who, only said sorry she must have had to fill another order (??????)The stars are for the young man, I wish I knew his name.PS I was the only Black customer (?????)Never will return

Review №92

Friendly staff, clean dining area, and delicious food are what you'll find here. It's a well managed Panera Bread and is a good place to stop while traveling on I-75.

Review №93

Service at the Miller Lane location is slow compared to other locations.

Review №94

The food was good an so was the service. There was no long wait.

Review №95

Great healthy food, quick service and reasonable price.

Review №96

Brandon and Jackie are fantastic ! Always helpful every time I come in, and they always have what I want !

Review №97

It was great, and freaky fast! We ordered fugi apple chichen, and spicy thai chicken, and the tomato soup. EXCELLENT!!!

Review №98

I received a free drink as a birthday reward at this visit. I love the 'you pick two menu' and usually have a soup and sandwich. I also like seeing the pictures of new featured menu items by the register. It gives me new ideas to order!

Review №99

Love the chicken and wild rice soup. Bagels are the best. All the sandwiches are good

Review №100

Good Wrap with egg and bacon, service was fast.

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  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Kids' menu:Yes
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  • Vegetarian options:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
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  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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