Panera Bread
2500 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH 45459, United States
Review №1

Had a great lunch here with my family. Service was great. They even provided a paper menu for my wife who was struggling to read the boards. We barely had time to get our drinks and get to table before our order was ready. This was great. Food was hot, fresh and good. I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken noodle bread bowl. The location is prime. We will be back.

Review №2

That was the best Avocado BLT I've ever had, and it was almost closing time. Thanks so much!

Review №3

I love the French Onion soup and the salads are great. There teas they have are also very good and they have low sugar options which is great. The bread is my favorite though

Review №4

Well, the price was high for the portion of the wrap, but it was tasty. The coffee was constantly out, which is a huge disappointment considering. Here, as this picture shows, I'm waiting for all three coffees to be refilled. This was after I ate. When I first ordered, they were also out of hazelnut. After they were out of all three. Thus, as I waited for coffee again, I left this review. Also, the one gentleman became nervous when I took a picture. LOL

Review №5

Always polite always helpful the food is always quality. I had one issue ever a CD the fixed immediately without hesitation. A really great Panera bread even when they are crowded.

Review №6

Love love love Panera Bread oh, so many good choices for help there. Only wish they'd make some more gluten-free options, gluten-free cookies gluten-free muffins, gluten free bread. I think it would go over great as many people are suffering with Celiac anymore

Review №7

I recently moved to Ohio from New Hampshire and was excited to see there was a Panera Bread. This restaurant has great food and quick service. I was a little apprehensive as some chain stores are better than others. Every Panera I have visited has the same excellent service. It can be quite busy but worth the wait.

Review №8

Very good service at Miamisburg Panera. Food was prepared very well and was fantastic. Nice clean restaurant. Will visit again soon.

Review №9

I love Panera, everything I've tried is good. I love the rewards program they have. Their green tea is really good. My favorite is broccoli cheddar soup. Their tomato basil bread is so good, love you can buy just the loaf. It was a cheat day so quick stop in, good timing too cause no line. In and out and continue with my errands.

Review №10

Would surely recommend trying this spot. Excellent vibes, tasty food, good service. 5 stars.

Review №11

My go to. Tomato Soup and green goddess cob salad

Review №12

Lots of space, but not a lot of places to sit and work if you're looking for an outlet for your laptop. There was also nobody at the counter for about 2 minutes when I went up to order. Other than that, it's Panera. Great food!

Review №13

The brocolli cheddar soupChicken sandwich.Everything is awesome ..

Review №14

Welcoming employees and amazing food. Great place to eat out.

Review №15

Great soups, sandwiches, salads, and pastryLove their scones and iced green teaTuna salad very good.Didn't know till today they post 81 additives that are not placed in their food. I like that since so many foods are not "real", processed. I look for products with least ingredients, most natural form to eat.I also think more places should donate at close their products. It's the human thing to do for people who are in need.

Review №16

Food was good. Hard to find a place to park. Staff very friendly.

Review №17

Not the easiest place to get in and out of. The food is good, and the seats are plentiful and comfortable. The biggest complaint that I have is the WiFi is very slow at best. I would spend more time and money there if I could work and study via the internet. I'd love to see that improve.

Review №18

Tried the new brioche breakfast sandwich at this location—pretty good but not as good as the Bellbrook store. Also, they forgot my bagel, cream cheese and butter on my rapid pick-up order. Check the bag before you leave.

Review №19

Great food and excellent service the staff was very friendly and professional.

Review №20

Not one booth was clean. I had to wipe down my own table. Cashier seemed miserable. I forgot why I stated going to McAlister's. I will not make this mistake again.

Review №21

Good food and environment. Little pricey and WiFi isn't great, can't run Adobe Flashplayer well (or at all really). Still a calm relaxing place.

Review №22

We were here and waiting on an order when it was not busy and it took 10 minutes to get our soup because the staff was too worried about cleaning rather than making our food. Two people who had ordered after us received their orders before us and then when they finally said something to us about our order, they said they had messed it up so it was going to be a minute. Very disappointed with the service this evening.

Review №23

Panera is my go to place for sandwiches and salads. Miss the blueberry scones. Please bring them back.

Review №24

Great coffee and great options for quick breakfast. Sooo much better then McDonald's, BK and Tim Horton's

Review №25

Kinda slow service for a 2 pm visit, and the bacon on my daughter-in-law sandwich was a little bit too done, like extra extra crispy. So I was a little bit disappointed

Review №26

Very good food but seems to be a bit of a problem with orders being correct

Review №27

The Greek goddess salad is the best salad ever. And if you a vegetarian it doesnt come with chicken and can easily become began by removing feta

Review №28

Friendly service and exactly what I expect from a Panera bagel.

Review №29

Waited a long time to get served and was told they didn't like selling babuettes over the counter for to go orders. I've bought baguettes before there and at other Paneras before.

Review №30

Very friendly people, no waiting. My car always looks good after a wash there

Review №31

Friendly people great food clean atmosphere

Review №32

Beautiful clean friendly and warm. The bagels are the best. The coffee on point on a Cold morning. You can sit as long as you want. There is a place. In Ohio where we stopped. Will stop by again when we are in Ohio. thanks

Review №33

Fair warning that this location is a NIGHTMARE at lunchtime, which makes sense because their food suits the meal really well. I actually ordered my lunch online for quick pickup. It was supposed to be ready at 12:05. I got there around 12:10 and my lunch wasn't up yet. The place was so busy that there wasn't really any way to get the employees' attention so I decided to just have faith that my meal would pop up and about 5-7 minutes later, my name was called and I got my lunch. And it was fresh and delicious so well worth the wait. However, if you are an impatient person and you don't like to wait, you probably would want to pop in during their less hectic hours. And also for those who call this experience that I had or any similar experience "crappy customer service," shove it. There were maybe 6 employees and easily 30 people either ordering or waiting on their orders. There is only so much someone can do in a situation like that.

Review №34

Go there for breakfast sandwiches. It'll change your life

Review №35

Service at 6 pm was great. Food temperature good. Staff friendly. Quick service. Love eating at Panera.

Review №36

Great place, good wifi.

Review №37

It was busy because it's near a mall. First I wanted to order potato soup but it has bacon and I'm pescatarian. I settled for mac and cheese. Some bites were luke warm and others were cold.

Review №38

Quick service and clean location, nice place to grab a quick meal.

Review №39

Super friendly staff and great food. And if you're smart, you'll grab something from the bakery to take home and have for later. You truly can't go wrong.

Review №40

Me and my daughter, we love Panera Bread!

Review №41

Food was okay i didnt enjoy their mac and cheese though i got the bbq and it just tasted off and the lettuce in my salad was bad and kind of brown

Review №42

Trouble with online order. Didn't show up on stores end until our pick up time. Rachel was great and made our order on the fly.

Review №43

Love going to Panera no matter where there located it's always a good experience.

Review №44

The staff are nice and friendly, plus the food is good.

Review №45

I really love the order ahead. I think Panera has tasty food and beverages but they can get short with the portion for the price. I love their soups. If I order before leaving work for lunch, it is ready when I arrive (10min). Quick and healthy is the perfect combo! And you get rewards!

Review №46

Great soups and salads. High prices.

Review №47

Clean nice place for any meal to eat, with friends or alone. Good tasting food. I love their's Sourdough bread, bagels, soups.

Review №48

Always a pleasant experience at this location. Food is great!!

Review №49

Great staff! Manager there is an angel!

Review №50

This unit lies in a great location. I met a friend, from out of town. Tried to take a picture of this location (minus staff or customers) and was told pictures are not allowed.Think they are trying to manage their image, and noted some negative customer reviews. Words of mouth remains their best advertisement.Overall the food was good. I would return only if it were convenient.

Review №51

Always great to be with the upper crust

Review №52

Great customer service great food a place that you will fall in love with

Review №53

Nice location. Clean and convienent stop from the interstate with quick service.

Review №54

We visited the Panera's near Dayton Mall while visiting family. This was your usual Panera's. The staff was polite and helpful. The restaurant and bathroom were clean. The food we ordered was hot, fresh and delicious. I love the Cuban sandwich. I hope it is a permanent menu item.The only difference I noticed is that this Panera's did not have the cane sugar liquid sweetener that is available in my hometown Panera's. I asked where was the liquid sweetener pump and the gentleman d it d not know what I was talking about. They only have packets of sugar and artificial sweeteners. I did not see the brown packets of cane sugar.I have a reward for a souffle so I will probably go back for breakfast in the morning.

Review №55

Always friendly staff, quality food. Loved the Turkey, Cheddar apple slaw sandwich which was served on cranberry walnut bread. Love Panera!!!

Review №56

HEARTLESS! Just an case of an emergency, don't rely on Panera @ 2500 Miamisburg Centerville Road to allow a call to be made for help! My 61 year old husband's car broke down on a very busy road, blocking traffic, nighttime, pouring rain, freezing cold.....and he went into Panera to ask to please use the phone for an emergency local call. THE MANAGER SAID “NO!” There was not even an offer to make a call for my husband, nor to ask if he needed police or ambulance! Amazing! Just amazing! And utterly shameful! I will never darken their door again! THANK YOU OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE 2560 Miamisburg Centerville Road, for having compassion!

Review №57

Food was okay, however, their only downfall was their service. It was my first time ever at Panera bread for their Veterans day special. By the time my family and I walked in, the vibe was just off. Everyone working at the counter just looked at us. You'd expect a warm welcome but not here at this location. Even when we were ordering, I felt like they just wanted us to complete our order and get on out of there. If you don't feel like serving Veterans on Veterans day, then by all means don't offer anymore Veterans Day special if thats how you gonna treat them. Never going here ever again.

Review №58

Gotta love them BREAD BOWLS!

Review №59

Good bagels, great service. The cashier was very friendly, and the food was good. What more could you ask for?Oh, I'll tell you - a huge, thick, fudgy brownie with chocolate frosting! I couldn't eat the whole thing, but it sure was good! I know its a bagel place, but don't overlook the desserts!

Review №60

Love there Cheddar Broccoli Soup & Cinnamon Crunch bagel. This Panera is always clean & the works are friendly.

Review №61

Chocolate chip cookies were delicious. I really like the roasted turkey apple sandwich. I really liked the Tomato creamy soup which was really good too overall good experience the wait staff was courteous and the vicinity was very clean

Review №62

I love the "clean" food offered here and the atmosphere of the restaurant is modern, yet cozy. Their teas and lemonade are also veey good. My favorite lunch/dinner stop!

Review №63

Very polite cashier. Food wasn't the best. Smoothie wasn't as sweet as other Panera locations.

Review №64

Toasters were down so I couldn't have my first choice of breakfast. Other than that, it seemed clean and friendly.

Review №65

Panera as a whole isn't as good as it used to be and this location is no exception. Food is great but nothing stands out as amazing as it once did.

Review №66

Always good. The breakfast wraps got me hooked.

Review №67

Always a warm atmosphere with freshly prepared clean food

Review №68

I absolutely love Panera. I have been going for years . It's so cozy sitting by their fireplace in the winter and their outdoor seating in the warmer months . They have lots of fresh salads and sandwiches to choose from and the cheddar broccoli soup is my go to comfort food .

Review №69

I never eat there anymore. Way too expensive for the sandwiches with very little meat.

Review №70

Good food and some new morning selections from last time I was here. Recommend the chipotle chicken sandwich and green tea. Their pastries are yummy too.Great environment for studying or hanging out with friends. WiFi is available and refills on all drinks including teas and coffees.The pick two combos aren't a great deal, but they are worth it most it the time.

Review №71

Fast friendly serviceHot food, well potion. Clean

Review №72

Nice and clean, friendly workers too

Review №73

Tasty food, and they don't mind if you chill with your pals for hours! One of our favorite meeting places!

Review №74

First time eating here. The food was very good. I purchased a steak and arugala sandwich and bacon mac n cheese. The plat was good portion size and I love pepsi products which they serve here. I removed a star because my sandwich was served cold, for someone who doesnt know I believe this should be marked on the menu or offered hot or cold. For dinner I would never order a cold sandwich. Otherwise, good food.

Review №75

Love this location very convenient. Love their soups and sandwiches. Always fresh.

Review №76

Manager waited on .. he repeated back my order, then when he handed me my bag of breads.. He forgot the 2 bread bowls.. said I didnt order those. WHICH I did.. girl beside him looked at me like yes..I heard you. So when sliding my card for panera.. he said it wouldn't count because I had used my slide a few seconds ago.. so his mistake ..My loss.. check your orders...

Review №77

I enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

Review №78

Not happy with my last visit. Bread for grilled cheese was burnt to a crisp, called for a replacement and the replacement was also burnt. For a 5 dollar sandwich I should be able to eat the whole thing not just the inside of the sandwich.

Review №79

The food here is always good. Broccoli and cheddar soup is my fav! I just love the vibe and atmosphere at Panera.

Review №80

Great staff, clean restaurant, and the food was nice and hot.

Review №81

Very good food and quick friendly service

Review №82

Ordered chicken noodle soup. Only thing different between it and a can of Campbell's was the veggies were bigger and cost five times as much.

Review №83

Good lunches, a bit expensive

Review №84

It's ok!!! Little over priced tbh

Review №85

The manager is a great guy, he runs the hell out of this Panera. An employee was making me a frozen mocha. The manager walked by as she was pouring it, and he noticed it was a bit watery. He poured it out and made me a new one himself! And it was extra thick! Of all the things he has to do, he stops to make my drink better...awesome

Review №86

Soup was terrific as usual

Review №87

Love love love this place

Review №88

My daughter and I came at 1:45 on a Saturday afternoon. Ordered a cup of soup and a kids Mac and cheese. Our order was placed at 1:50 and it took until 2:09 before I had food served. I would expect this during lunch rush on a weekday, but not in off hours on a weekend. There was no urgency behind the counter nor were team members throughout the Store jumping in to help. I love Panera. This was a disappointing experience.

Review №89

They were very well informed on how to manage gluten allergies. I suggest the Green Goddess Cobb salad.

Review №90

Good comfort food

Review №91

Great service and good food.

Review №92

Always love their soups and sandwiches.

Review №93

Service was good.

Review №94

Great experience - I wished that the pumpkin sugar cookie would have noted that there was a pumpkin flavor on the packaging. I also wish that the iced coffee was the same as the iced tea. That always disappoints me. It was clean and service was fast.

Review №95

I love this place

Review №96

The customer service is always great here!

Review №97

Fast and clean. Normal Panera food, which is good.

Review №98

I went to Panera with my class from school and the environment was so nice and the food was amazing the pastry was good to

Review №99

Very good ceaser chicken salad

Review №100

Had a lunch date there.

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  • Address:2500 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH 45459, United States
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  • Phone:+1 937-312-1000
  • Cafe
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  • Coffee shop
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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