Mamma DiSalvos
1375 E Stroop Rd, Dayton, OH 45429, United States
Review №1

I really enjoyed the food. Went back a second time

Review №2

The food was absolutely amazing !! The employees were super friendly . The best part was how they spaced out our food. We had plenty of time to eat our appetizers, then our salad, then the main course. Very awesome experience!

Review №3

Some friends of ours were in town and they lived in Italy for 20 years and they said Mamma DiSalvo's is the most authentic Italian food they've had . It was a great night. Learned how to pronounce the menu items in Italian. Excellent waitress. Great restaurant.

Review №4

Wonderful old style Italian atmosphere, freshly made food and so delicious️ A+ top notch service. We enjoyed it and will be back for dinner

Review №5

One of my favorite spots for quality italian food. It was so fresh. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. This place has a cool feel to it.

Review №6

Always really good food. The service is pretty good as well. A local favorite for sure for this area so be sure to stop in for the good if ever in Kettering.

Review №7

The food is great ! I enjoyed my meal and service. The inside feels like an old school Italian restaurant. I will go again and definitely would recommend.

Review №8

We chose outside seating. The weather was beautiful and they had fans going to circulate the air. The service was very good and the food was outstanding. Their garlic bread is wonderful. I had eggplant parmesan and my spouse had lasagna. Our plates were empty when we left. We will be back!

Review №9

Remembering our favorite Italian restaurant today. 20 years ago they hosted our wedding rehearsal dinner. Fantastic! On my list to dine when I return to Dayton this Christmas.

Review №10

One of our favorite restaurants in the Dayton area. We love their garlic bread, salad, eggplant, gnocchi and lasagna especially. Always have good service here too!!

Review №11

I sent my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I visit this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are appetizing and the stuff is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a lovely time. highly recommended.

Review №12

Good food quick service for take out,you can call in your orders.then I go nextdoor to Disalvo Delli and get my desserts,both of these places are good.NEW YORK Italian food Restaurant and Deli, good service, clean, friendly and good attitude.

Review №13

Dining experience was great overall with large portions and authentic taste. If you're one who is worried about prices this might not be the best choice as most of their dishes are around $25 but they are well worth the price. Staff was very courteous with the only negative being warm bottles of soda served with a cup of ice.

Review №14

From the fried mozzarella sticks, to the salad, to the main entree, everything was fabulous. I couldn't fit another bite in. Now I've got lunch for tomorrow!!! Bravo!

Review №15

This was my Grandmas favorite restaurant and today they opened early for my family to have her funeral luncheon. Great compassion and safety measures and wonderful food

Review №16

Authentic Italian!This is by far the best Italian restaurant in the Dayton area I know of, and Mamma knows how to cook!I have never been disappointed when I come here, and the serving size of the meals are very generous.The food here is well worth the wait, and money!The atmosphere is ambient at evening, and a perfect spot to take your loved one out for a date night.Also, I highly recommend getting a cannoli! I have yet to taste one like Mamma's – a genuine cannoli. Not the fake cream you usually get.Everything here is homemade, and Mamma Disalvo's sauce can even be purchased at grocery stores!Gluten free pasta is available with sauces (except alfredo) for those who are gluten sensitive.

Review №17

Great food excellent service. Friendly staff. Great atmosphere, recommend a visit

Review №18

It was ok.Ate here for the first time on October 16th. We made reservations. Pointless exercise. We still had to wait almost an hour to be seated. I know Covid-19 has impacted a lot of things and losing half your seating complicates things... Seinfeld has a whole episode about reservations...The food was good. Not bad. Not great. Not worth waiting almost an hour to be seated.We chose this restaurant because so many people rave about how good it is. But then people around here seem to actually enjoy microwave meals. I will say this: it is somewhat better than Spaghetti Warehouse. I wish I would have eaten here while Mrs. Disalvo was still around.The service was excellent.

Review №19

Decent food, decent price.If the busser had not continually tried to remove our food from our table before we were finished it would have been a really good experience. She was quite annoying and halfway through our meal I asked her to stop.

Review №20

The pasta and talking about the noodle is freaking delicious. The sauce just compliments it.

Review №21

Real Italian from an Italian family. Always great food and service. Luckily their sauce is available locally at the grocery stores.

Review №22

The food was great and service was awesome. They have many options to choose from and you will get a good portion of food.

Review №23

Drove 20 minutes to get here and they were closed at 7 o'clock but yes still says it's open till eight very disappointing. So make sure you call them before you come especially if you're driving 20 minutes away ! Then when we were waiting to get helped at 7 o'clock all the employees were gossiping are we close oh yeah we're close !! Not a happy person right now !

Review №24

Loved the outdoor tent setting! Come early as its Fist Come, First Serve on the "patio". Always big servings, my husband and I shared a dish and still didn't finish it all...

Review №25

Our favorite Italian restaurant! The DiSalvo's take care of you like you're part of the family!

Review №26

Food was just alright, the fettuccine sauce was very watery. The salad isn't much more than spinach with a few grape tomatoes. The waitress left much to be desired was kind of rude, forgot to refill our water glasses at all. They are very pushy to get you out of the restaurant grabbing your plates literally as you finish the food on it to the point it became a joke between my wife and I. I wouldn't recommend it honestly.

Review №27

Best Italian i have ever ate!! Will be coming back!

Review №28

Got take out and the food was great as usual. The cashier has a plexi glass division which is appreciated. New outdoor seating in the parking lot as well.

Review №29

Who knew Mama Disalvo's makes an amazing burger!!! So delicious!

Review №30

If you're looking for authentic Italian food, this is the place. Awesome food and service, good ambiance. We celebrated Valentine's Day here and it was wonderful.

Review №31

The service is regularly efficient, excellent mood, very friendly staff members. Will return here again when I arrive nearby.

Review №32

Delicious! Best veggie lasagna ever.

Review №33

Amazing food and a very friendly staff

Review №34

Had not been to this restaurant in probably five years. Forgot how good the food is. Best lasagne l have ever had. Salad and homemade dressing was terrific. The place is kind of expensive, but worth the price. Service was excellent.

Review №35

The Pro's the food is delicious, the atmosphere is loud, the bench seats are comfortable and decoration was cheerful, and the service excellent.The Con's the menu has alot of choices, portions of food where way to large, and the price $67.30 + $14 tip reflects the amount of food left over. We could have shared a meal an taken food home....over all it was worth the expense and my daughter loved it.

Review №36

Always amazing food and great atmosphere.

Review №37

I LOVE Mamma DiSalvo's!! I little on a the pricer side but you get great service and great food!

Review №38

They are doing a great job under the circumstances. Ziti was top notch. Family for four takeout special was well enough for us. My wife said it was the best she has ever had...however she says the same thing to me so may want to treat with a grain a salt.

Review №39

I love their food.The workers so friendly, helpful, and professional.

Review №40

Not as good as the last visit! Seams to be hit and miss! Everything seemed salty! Service was good! Will post pics of last visit nothing like tonight! Ordered linguine with veal marsala and mushroom sauce but got angel hair and not much sauce and plated totally different! Veal not as tender! Not sure if it's worth nearly$30.00 a plate! Unless you get what is in the picture!

Review №41

Consistently delicious food with friendly staff. You can't go wrong of you like italian

Review №42

Always a favorite place to go on a special occasion. The family favorite here is the Alfredo with seafood added. The meal does come with a salad and bread. I will tell you the house dressing is amazing. A raspberry vinaigrette type. They ask you if you want cheese for the salad and you most definitely should say YES because the cheese is fabulous. It does cost and additional .50 cents but so worth it.It's definitely not your weekly restaurant to go to as it is definitely a little pricey. However, the portions are good and the service is always very friendly. Perfect for a occasional date night or a birthday.

Review №43

Had the eggplant parmesan with Angel hair pasta and it was amazing. The sauce was not heavy and the eggplant was not overcooked. I really loved the food. It had plenty on flavor. I sat at the bar and the service was fantastic. Loved it

Review №44

This was a pretty interesting experience... My husband and I are new to the area and were looking for an authentic Italian restaurant here. My husband called to ask if they took reservations and was told no, but could be put on the wait list for our requested time. Then when we got there 10 minutes after the requested time, the first thing the host said was "you're late" which came off as rude and unwelcoming. We were then told they would get us a table as soon as they could, which ended up taking 20 minutes. After being seated, no one came to take even our drink order until we'd been sitting there 10 minutes. A waitress walked by hurriedly and said she'd be right with us, but that took another 5 minutes. Then we ordered everything at once. I pointed to the wine I wanted, not sure how to pronounce it. We got our bread and soup before the wine, but when the wine came out, my wine was red instead of white. Luckily I said something to the waitress, who let me keep the wine and corrected it.Once we got our food, I enjoyed my pesto. The soup was pretty filling, so I wasn't super hungry by time our entrees came out. I got the linguine con pesto, and my husband got the meat ravioli. Mine was pretty good, but my husband complained of there being way too much cheese, and the sauce being mediocre. Mine was not the best pesto I've ever had, but was still satisfactory. I come from an Italian family, so I have high expectations. Overall, I don't think it was worth the cost of the meal, as this was a fancy date night for my husband and I. I don't think we will be returning.

Review №45

As always, food is delicious. Indoor seating limited due to Covid safety but has safely spaced indoor seating plus outdoor covered patio as well. Arrive early or at non peak times to avoid a wait. Enjoy! Bon appetit!!!

Review №46

A Dayton institution. The Panzerotti is always a hit.

Review №47

Went here last week for the first time. I will say the food was delicious but over priced in my opinion. Good luck finding anything under $15. The first table we tried to sit at wasn't clean, and the next one had a dirty knife still present, of which nobody cleaned up. The service was decent, i think after 40 years you guys could do better. The marinara sauce was my favorite, but sadly i won't be coming back.

Review №48

Always better quality than any other Italian restaurant! Never disappoints!

Review №49

Our server was attentive, even though we were there later in the evening.Our dinners were delicious and very large portions.If you have never been to Mamma DiSalvo's, I highly recommend this local restaurant!

Review №50

Went for an office Christmas celebration lunch. Delicious festive cocktail with mulled cranberries. The meatballs are very good (hard to please me with meatballs, no one makes my mom's!). The sauce is rich and tasty. We shared appetizers, all presented nicely and were tasty. Only complaints are lack of parking..can't imagine a Friday night and the menu is pricey for italian food but the portion size is good. Will definitely go back.

Review №51

Great service, wonderful food, and very comfortable

Review №52

The very best Italian food I've had in a long time. Like homemade. Very excellent. I always take others here when I'm in town.

Review №53

The dining area was a little packed like a lot of reviews have stated, nothing that bothered my wife and I. We ordered the bruschetta bread as an appetizer, it was decent but nothing excellent. The bread they brought to the table was warm and tasted good. The salads that came with dinner were great and had a nice amount of dressing. The wife ordered a glass of red sangria and said it was delicious. For dinner my wife ordered the Shrimp Alla Molisana, the shrimp was huge. The biggest shrimp I've ever seen. She said it was good but she is not a fan of angel hair pasta and the sauce was thin. It was good just not for her. I went a safer route and ordered the Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, it was amazing. The sauce was delicious and the shrimp was good size. We both loved it. For dessert we ordered the chocolate dipped cannoli, they tasted great. Overall a great experience. I would go back for sure. I've added pictures to show the portion size and presentation.

Review №54

I have been here for dinner twice now and have had the same experience. The food was very mediocre to poor. We ordered the Caesar salad which had so much cheese in it that I literally could not stomach it. I then ordered the lasagna which again had so much thick melted cheese over the top of it that I had to remove it from the top of my entre. I looked around at some of the other diner's plates and saw the same thing. Every plate in the restaurant had a thick layer of melted cheese on top of it. Way overboard. Also the meat inside the lasagna had a very unpleasant flavor. I could not eat more than two bites. Since I only had two bites of my entree, I was still hungry so we ordered cheesecake with blueberry topping for dessert. The slice was pretty small compared to other restaurants and the topping, which cost extra, was just a teaspoon in the middle. The waitress gave us our bill, knowing that I did not eat my lasagna, but did not offer any reduction to our bill. When I mentioned something to her she said she would have the manager talk with me. After some time she came back and I told her the manager did not see us. She left and another lady came to our table who was very friendly and very apologetic. She said she did not know why the manager would not come talk to us. They then took the cost of our dessert off of our bill. I am sorry to say we will not be returning.

Review №55

Delicious food. Nice atmosphere. It was devorated cute for the holidays.

Review №56

This was some of the best Italian food I've ever had. Easily in my top 5. Portion size was great, prices were very reasonable, and the service was awesome. I'm definitely going back again.

Review №57

Had not been here for many years. The amount of food is overwhelming. Fantastic Italian food. The house salad dressing will keep the vampires away for weeks. Love it! Fresh warm breakable bread. Why did I stay away for so long? Go getcha some!

Review №58

Excellent cuisine, nice patio, and live music!!

Review №59

Best italian food around

Review №60

We love Mamma DiSalvo's! They are one of very few family own restaurants in the Dayton area that provide delicious homemade Italian food at a fair price. We've always had great service when we eat in or carry out. When my daughter arranged her Homecoming group to meet there, Mamma personally came in and had her picture taken with them they enjoyed that! Thanks Robert and the entire MD Team! Well done! ~ Greg McAfee

Review №61

Vegan approved! Mamma DiSalvo's did an excellent job with my lunch today! I ordered the spaghetti with traditional pasta sauce and sautéed veggies. Wow!!! Every bite was delicious!I've been working with Mamma D's for 5 years now and I must say their food is phenomenal! Every year they cater food to my work that feeds about 70 people. Top notch customer service! I highly recommend Mamma DiSalvo's because they always take care of their clients!!!

Review №62

Food is decent, service is fantastic. Frankly, a little pricey for what you get

Review №63

We went to Mamma DiSalvo's Deli today and we both absolutely loved it. She had an Italian sub and the Mac and cheese... and it was out of this world... I had a mozzarella Panini... one word.. WOW!! Then of course we had to have the cannoli and a cherry cheesecake cup! THREE WORDS “FAT and HAPPY!”

Review №64

Me and my family had reservations tonight at 7pm. We arrived promptly at 6:45pm and we checked in. We were told to wait and we would be seated as soon as we could. A large group came in and I watched as one of the members of the group hugged a server and in a matter of moments they were told they were being sat. Having a reservation I thought I was confident in having a table, but unfortunately that never happened. After waiting until 7:15pm and not having any sign of my reservation being honored, I chose to leave and go to another restaurant. I love this restaurant but I am extremely disappointed in the fact that my reservation was not honored.

Review №65

Went there on Sunday right when they opened. We were one of the first seated and one of the first to order. From the start our waitress was very short with us, and even made a smart comment to the bus boy when she helped clean some dishes from our table. It took over an hour for our food to get there. When we asked why it took so long, they said they needed to make sure the fish was cooked. I truly don't understand why it takes an hour to bake a small piece of fish (20 minutes typically at home), and if so, why wouldn't they inform us when we ordered? The food was decent, except the Orange Roughy was very bland and the plate very watery, we sent it back. We complained to the manager about our waitress, and she asked for us to write down our experience on a piece of paper for her since it had happened before. I thought that was a very odd request. All in all a very bizarre experience for such an expensive restaurant, and honestly in the end we just couldn't wait to leave. We will not be returning.

Review №66

Mamma DiSalvo's offers a wonderful atmosphere that is hard to find today. The fresh made lasagna was delicious and their house salad dressing was so good we bought a jar for at home.

Review №67

Excellent Italian American food. If you want to go on a weekend or supper time call and make a reservation or expect a wait. It's worth the wait.

Review №68

If you've ever been to Italy, you know what is served in the US is not real Italian. Mama Disalvos is the quality of what you would find at a tourist trap restaurant. I frequent Milan for work and what you get here is not in the same realm. This place is too expensive and heavily pasta based. Real Italian food is about more than really needs to be revamped.

Review №69

Good food, but I've been a couple times where the restaurant was randomly closed. Once was for a summer vacation I believe (understandable), but attempted to go again, and found that the restaurant was closed, almost two hours after the scheduled opening time, with no notice on the door. As good as the food is, I'm not likely to continue going with such an odd risk of the place being randomly closed.

Review №70

This family-owned restaurant is a perfect place for a first date, an anniversary, or simply dining with family and friends. The food is consistently wonderful and the staff are always friendly and attentive to your needs. The ambiance is cozy, with the sound system unobtrusively playing classic Sinatra while you enjoy your meal. Skip the chain-store "italian" places by the malls and make your way to Mama DiSalvo's for some true Italian home cooking --Mangia!

Review №71

I wish we would have eaten here years ago. Everything we experienced was very good from the greeting at the door to the desert. Yes it's not cheap but I didn't want Fazolli"s. In my mind it is worth it and we will return. Soon I hope!

Review №72

I hate to write negative reviews and I always give the managers a chance to rectify the situation before posting but this is unavoidable. I had heard so much about this restaurant and was very excited to try it. In general, I found the atmosphere charming, the service was good but the food was extremely mediocre for the price.I ordered a pesto dish that had no hint of basil. How is that even possible? I was concerned what made it so green if there wasn't basil. I explained to the waitress and the manager said he made it himself but would take $5 off. I had taken one bite. It was also an upcharge of $5 for chicken that I didn't see. I guess it is canned diced chicken but not sure. Sadly, I won't return or recommend.I do recommend the deli though. Expensive but worth it.

Review №73

I love this restaurant.

Review №74

This is my favorite Italian restaurant in Dayton. Wait staff is kind and attentive, atmosphere is perfect for date night, and the food is top quality. Just a word of warning; be very careful with the chef 911 sauce. I pride myself on being able to enjoy spicier foods but that sauce is in a class of it's own. Extremely tasty just extremely hot as well.

Review №75

Always love coming here. The food is absolutely stellar and really isn't absurdly expensive. It's a great for a casual dinner or even a date.

Review №76

Went there for the first time on a whim on a Tuesday night. We were underdressed in this lovely little traditional setting. Beautiful decor and attentive service raised out expectations of good food and the food exceeded them. Perfectly finished pasta, excellent house dressing, amazing sauces. Can't wait to go back and next time I won't be in a t-shirt!

Review №77

We love Mamma's!! I've been dining here for over 20 years and it never disappoints. We had excellent service at the bar from Kenyon while we waited for our table. We started with calamari and it was very good. I ordered the salmon special that was recommended by our bartender and server and it did not disappoint. Cooked perfectly and I'm not goona lie I was a little hesitant about the heavey seasoning but it was so delicious the side pasta with fresh vegetables all drizzled with a well paired balsamic. To die for. My husband got one of his favorites baked ziti and I can you tell you the consistency of this dish is always on point. His hardest decision is meatballs or sausage. Thank you for a great date night. We will be back again soon.

Review №78

Best Italian place. The food is delicious and they treat everyone like family

Review №79

The Panzarrotti is HUGE, tastes awesome! The photo is the individual size, it measures about 1 foot across. You have to order this before hand since it takes long to prepare.

Review №80

1st time there food was great and service was great as well so much food had to bring half of it home. If you haven't been there give them s try I'll be back really enjoyed myself thank you

Review №81

They have great food and atmosphere. They also do carryout if need be.

Review №82

Good food but very small dining area which makes wait times very long. Typical though of any restaurant with quality food.

Review №83

This was our first experience and let's just say that we'll definitely being going back.

Review №84

Great food and great service

Review №85

This is one of best places to eat in Dayton. It has been there a long time and it doesn't seem to change which is great. The owners and other staff are super friendly. If you go a few times they will remember who you are. The food is fresh and full of flavor. I've had some of the best spicy hot food here.Sometimes they get really crowded and parking gets limited.It's a great place to take a date.

Review №86

I have to say I like a sweet red sauce. So I got the fettuccine alfredo dish and it was delish!! Please check this place out!!!

Review №87

We have lived in Dayton for just over 6 months and this is the best place we have eaten. The food had such a fresh, homemade flavor to it. The service was amazing with a wait staff that would take the time to explain how the food is made and other details. We would definitely go back and look forward to our next visit.

Review №88

Excellent Italian restaraunt. Food and service was awesome. I had the beef ravioli and would highly recommend it but everyone in our group has pleased with their food.

Review №89

Great atmosphere. Food was fantastic. I took my wife here for her birthday. Lovely restaurant.

Review №90

Outstanding Italian food....

Review №91

The only authentic and the absolute best Italian restaurant in the Dayton area. The food is incredible every single time. It's a family run establishment that treat you like their own every time.

Review №92

Amazing Italian food. Im so picky when it comes to sauce . This place i crave every week

Review №93

Our food was delicious chicken piccata marvellous the tiramisu was amazing definitely a must go to place!

Review №94

Always good authentic food and great service. Never disappoints.

Review №95

The only reason I gave them a 1 is my dish was good. The reason for my 1 star is because we had my 15 yr old daughters birthday there and we brought a cake . They said in order to get plates to serve the cake on it would be .50 cents a person . But they will give you napkins . So they took all our plates and silverware like ninjas so we had no forks right .. so we asked for forks for the cake and can you believe they wouldn't even give us forks !! I will never go to this restaurant again nor recommend it to anyone !!

Review №96

Love the atmosphere! When we want good authentic Italian food and company, Mama's is our go to restaurant!

Review №97

We visited to celebrate our daughters birthday. We all had a great time and GREAT meals.

Review №98

It was our anniversary and we have never been there before. We loved it! Great food and service. We will be back for sure!

Review №99

Wonderful atmosphere, food and staff. I love it there especially at Christmas time!

Review №100

My absolute favorite restaurant. They have done everything from graduation parties, to funerals, to wedding receptions for our family. Extremely awesome locally owned spot. Their food is amazing and the service couldn't be better! I love coming here!

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  • Phone:+1 937-299-5831
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  • Italian restaurant
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  • Friday:4–8PM
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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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