Marmaris Turkish Cuisine
820 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020, United States

Review №1

My favourite part was the ambiance -- music, decor, layout. It made me feel like I wanted to stay and hang out. Food was good to great, depending on the dish. Some dishes were a bit on a smaller side, which I was okay with, but I can see how someone might feel like they are not getting a "good deal". The service was okay. It seemed like some servers were not very experienced. It didn't take away too much from the experience. I'll be happy to come back.

Review №2

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this place to be this good. As a Turkish I can recommend this place to everyone who wants to eat quality and tasty Turkish food and desserts. They also have reasonable prices and excellent service. I had the best rice pudding in my life.

Review №3

I like to go with friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are yummy and the stuff is very friendly and cooperative. Whenever we go to this place we pass a pleasant time. highly recommended.

Review №4

I highly recommend the premium breakfast platter. The three types of sweet jams/dips for the warm bread were so tasty. The homemade lemonade was refreshing. Great service and outdoor dining space. Enjoyed my time here.

Review №5

Beautiful fresh delicious!! My wife's favorite restaurant. And with good reason. Try all the cold salads and dips (babganoush, shepherds salad, hummus and her favorite Labna). Have the Simit and don't forget to get a Pide. Great service and inside and outside dining available. Kind people and great place.

Review №6

This place provides superb service and yummy menu. The best place ever. The food and drinks arrived quickly and the rates are affordable. Recommended.

Review №7

As a Turkish woman I knew to bring my friends here for dinner. We came during Covid and there was great outdoor seating! We enjoyed "meze" style dinner and the food was fantastic. Our waitress was amazing and our food came out very quickly. Definitely try it out!

Review №8

It rained on us outside and we still stayed and ate. The food was that good, everything we had was amazing. The hummus is silky and tasted beautiful, but the star was the rice pilaf and lamb shanks. That was truly the best food we had the whole time. The bread is warm and delicious. My brother was nearly getting soaked and he still wants to go again.

Review №9

I adore this venue a lot. theres a special air. The food is good. the service is effective and the stuff is trained. The price is fair. I highly recommend.

Review №10

Great food, nice employees, regularly great vibes. They charge fair rates and the food quality is very good. Keep it up.

Review №11

We love visiting Marmaris Cafe! Food is delicious and service is really good! Highly recommend!! Try Turkish pizza, pide, pacanga boregi and various mezes when you get there!

Review №12

Great food. I only had breakfast and it was pretty good

Review №13

I've been there quite a few times now and it is both a delicious and a relaxing experience each time. The place is decorated beautifully and the food is always spot on. I recommend lunch & dinner more than the breakfast; their desserts options are nice as well.

Review №14

Food and service is always very good and the employees are kind.. highly recommended this place is both relaxing a great experience every time I go there..

Review №15

Been coming to Marmaris for years. Whether you are getting a late breakfast on a cold winter day or dinner on a nice summer night, you can't go wrong with Marmaris. Very attentive friendly staff, excellent food, beautiful cozy decor, family friendly. Was impressed how they handled deliveries during COVID.

Review №16

The food was ok, service was not good. We had to look for the waitress and call loudly to find one. Don't order kunefe by the way. It's not cooked properly. It was soggy and cheese wasn't melted.

Review №17

Food and service was amazing .Thank you so much .We had really great time with our friends .Thank you ,Thank you ️

Review №18

I had one of the worst experience in my life at this restaurant. As soon as we got seated one of the waiters started talking in a very loud voice to the customers that were seated next to us up until the moment we left. The food wasn't very good some parts of the food were hotter then the other. When we asked for our check, the tip had already been charged so that I wouldn't put my own tip which was like an $20 tip. Would not recommend this restaurant EVER. I WISH I COULD PUT ZERO STARS!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №19

The staff are nice and polite. This was my second exposure to Turkish food. The appetizer was tasteful. However I did not like the entree itself. Some sort of lamb meat with rice which gave me heartburn for a few days! I don't know, I guess everyone's different. You might like it.

Review №20

Lahmacun and kunefe were amazing! Staff are super nice:) Will return for sure.

Review №21

Wonderful experience! The food was traditional and incredible and so was the staff. They have an adorable outdoor seating area, would highly recommend to anyone!!

Review №22

The appetizers are to sweep your feet of the ground! Amazing flavors and great quick service

Review №23

We walked in here accidentally and decided to stay for breakfast. So glad that we did! Delicious food and friendly service.

Review №24

Please don't bother going there. Especially for breakfast, took my whole family out as a treat!Asked to be seated outside , was given an attitudeWaited 15 min to get menues, a waiter or waterThen when ordering, we were greated by a dry attitude. ZERO personality. We ordered Labne as part of a breakfast spread and she said we had to wait till 12pm to eat that, because its not considered a breakfast item, but it actually is. I would know im middleeastern lol.Then I kindly asked her to accommodate us because we came a long way and waited. She said no, and said she was the manager which was even worse.We then got up and left (5 people), when to ISTANBUL BOREK IN CLIFFSIDE PARK NJand they served LABNE AND ANYTHING you want with a smile and anytine of the day!We had an amazing spread there, but after we were humiliated and had to leave, because all she had was cheese, honey and eggs lol.

Review №25

Very cozy and friendly Mediterranean and Turkish restaurant offering food all day long, including breakfast which is a great alternative on a Sunday morning when all pancake restaurant around are super busy. Healthy options at affordable prices. Delicious house bread. Great service and free parking. Will come back for dinner and update the review accordingly.

Review №26

I admire this place! They give first-rate meals, their menu is decent, The chef in that spot is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy a lot tasting all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh, the service towards the customers is helpful. I often go to this restaurant and I not even once was unhappy. Highly recommended.

Review №27

We reserved via open table for lunch time, which clearly we could be seated easily without. The place is not that big, nice decorations and vibe. The waiter was very welcoming, helpful and friendly. We had few appetizers, chicken kabab, lamb Kbab, and the fish plate. The food was incredibly tasty. Hadn't had that great sea bass for long time. The calamari is fresh, supple and tasty. I loved the labne and the bread. The knafe is a must!

Review №28

Everything I had here was fresh, well seasoned and delicious. If you are in the area, they are definately worth a trip.

Review №29

The food is delicious and service is great. They're taking all covid precautions.

Review №30

If you are looking for Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, this is the place you should be going.

Review №31

A very clean and organized place with amazing food and staff

Review №32

One of my favorite places to eat. good location, well kept, and good customer service. Highly recommended!

Review №33

This place is the one I like best. I eat in a lot of restaurants but here I go the most. The team is very cordial and the cooking they cook is so tasty. I am always happy to have a good dinner here. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Review №34

Very good ambience . But most of all the food is very good. We ordered chicken shish, special turkish breakfast, calamari, mixed appetizer salad, grilled salmon and liver.. very delicious! The dessert did not disappoint either! Very unique kunefe and baklava. Also, this place has it's own parking! If you are looking for authentic Turkish cuisine around here this is the right place. The only problem was: We were 4 adults and 2 kids, bill was $150 , we paid $15 to but waiter requested minimum 18% service charge which we had to pay additionally to make a total to make it $29 on tips alone!! We found this unfair and unprofessional . Everything else was good besides this moment.

Review №35

Do not go here, was treated very poorly and have never felt so embarrassed. This is not fine dining

Review №36

Beautiful Turkish food. This place is consistently delicious.

Review №37

Very clean and accessible restaurant. They offer big meals and for reasonable rates. I enjoyed the menu a lot and the staff were super attentive and informative. Highly recommended.

Review №38

Love coming here everytime. Great food. LOVE their bread. Must try their lamacun and beef tripe soup.

Review №39

The waiter was very rude. The food is ok but they charge the tip with out telling you in advance and the services is very very rude. Please don't waist your money the food it is nothing special and the service is the worst. If the rate was -0 that was my rate.

Review №40

I felt discriminated against from the moment I approached the restaurant I asked for a table for four people. She asked if I would like to see a menu before being seated. When I questioned can't we see the menu at the table because of COVID. That's when her reply was a bit shocking She said Before seating you I just want to make sure you know about Turkish cuisine because a lot of people don't know about Turkish cuisine. I have eaten Turkish food galore. I was extremely disappointed They have a huge sign that says Turkish cuisine by the way. That should have been my red flag to exit it got worse. The same lady waited for our table the entire time her attitude was very disrespectful. I don't encourage anyone of color to come to this establishment. I won't ever be returning. The food was in no way what these ratings portray. Waiters weren't even following COVID guidelines the waiter that served our food had no mask no gloves. I recommend going to cliffside park the restaurant is called Beyoglu.

Review №41

Consistent quality Turkish food for breakfast lunch or dinner. Laid back with really nice service as well. Good place to try less typical dishes

Review №42

Food is always on point. Pleasant service too. Mixed pide is amazing

Review №43

Service is too slow and food not that grade as usual Turkish Cuisines are...I drove about 15 miles, and my time and and money both wasted..

Review №44

Food was not fresh... waitress didn't come back at all, we had to wait a good 15-20 minutes before we got tired and went in to get the check ourselves.

Review №45

Extremely rude and disrespectful staff.Do not go here. Extremely over priced and not worth your money

Review №46

We went here for Valentine's day without a reservation. It was 6pm. The girl allowed us to eat but felt the need to tell us several times they had a reservation for that table at 7:30pm. Just didn't feel like for the money we spent on dinner the food was that good or the constant reminder about the time was necessary.

Review №47

I visit this spot a lot since I work nearby. I must say their customer service is always awesome and they keep the spot neat constantly. Rates are affordable and they serve big portions.

Review №48

I really liked their dishes. I always get awesome service here. The place is always clean and the employees are always very nice. Highly recommended.

Review №49

Unprofessional employees, bad service, expensive menu..Unrecommended !

Review №50

The customer service is constantly efficient, awesome atmosphere, super friendly employees. Will visit here again when I get nearby.

Review №51

LOVE this place. Fresh ingredients and friendly staff. I would go back and would recommend to people who enjoy authentic Turkish food :)

Review №52

Polite staff. Great food.

Review №53

Good place for Turkish breakfast

Review №54

Great lamb kebab and grilled veggies

Review №55

The food here is good but service seems terrible be quite confusing and disappointing! We set on a table outside and waited more than five minutes to get our menus. Then we waited 15 minutes for the waitress to come and take our order. This was a different waitress. She took our order and a third waitress brought our salad after five minutes. Until then we had noting on the table. After we received the salad we asked for some bread. The bread came! Then our first main course arrived but our drinks never came. We shared the first meal and I had to go inside to ask for our drinks. She said ‘yes, immediately' but then we had to wait another 7 minutes and no drinks! My friend went in to ask for it again and that is when the drinks arrived! We are still waiting for the other main course!!! Terrible service for such a nice location! Where on earth three different waitresses serve to a table of three??

Review №56

Everything is perfect.!!!

Review №57

Pleasantly surprised! Great food and good service!

Review №58

I gave the waiter 15% tip of the bill and she comes back and says oh if everything was good you HAVE to give 50 percent of the bill.

Review №59

The menu and service were above our expectations. We surely loved the atmosphere of this place. Nice place to take my family out for lunch.

Review №60

The food was okey but the service wasn't good

Review №61

I really enjoyed my experience here. I am really big on fresh food and good service. This place has both. Their menu has to be the best menu I've seen. They have so many options with great prices and pictures for each meal. Also, the girls that serve are really polite, soft spoken, and knowledgeable. I do want to mention that the decor and music is super cool, too. Overall... beautiful establishment, excellent staff, and delicious food. I had a favorite Turkish restaurant but this is my new favorite. I only write reviews for truly good places because it is well deserved.

Review №62

The food is regularly well prepared and delicious, staff members hands out excellent service. I really like the cleanliness and atmosphere. Will visit here again.

Review №63

I tried this place before with a friend and I am obsessed since then. I love the excellent ambience and flavorful food and beverages. Keep it up.

Review №64

Great food and great service

Review №65

Fresh bronzini fish grilled crispy to perfection. Lamachan with fresh cut vegetables is satisfying and fulfilling. Traditional turkey coffee paired with their coffee cups is a joy. Will come again.

Review №66

We just stopped here randomly while hearing to the nearby spa, and we loved the service and the amazing food. If you are a coffee lover you have to try the Turkish coffee

Review №67

Great food , great service

Review №68

Waiter came outside after we left and asked us to give extra tip. The service was good however it was disrespectful to ask for that especially when we gave 8% tip. The food was exceptional, portions were small and prices were more than displayed online.

Review №69

Food is fine but not excellent. I wanted a traditional soup but they served cold. I gave a tips and employers wanted more tips. I don't like that. I am working restaurant but I don't say anything about to tips. This behavior is excellent disrespect things.

Review №70

Food was really good!

Review №71

The service is ok. The menu was alright, breakfast kinda stunk I probably wouldn't come again.

Review №72

It looks like a simple Turkish cafe but don't let  the look deceive you. It has delicious vegetarian, seafood and also beef/lamb// chicken dish.  In fact it was so good, we just celebrated  my moms 70th birthday with her friends. We thought with the amount of people, the service will suffer.  No, the food was excellent and the service was superb. Every moment and every penny was worth it. Everyone of our friend that we have brought  to eat with us; end up coming back on their own.  In fact, the other day; we  bumped into our friend who brought their friends with them.  This is the same friend that we brought with us one day and they love the food so much that they  are willing  to share with others.  The decor is inviting and homely.  The food tastes just right, not excessive and wasteful. This is the most symbolic cruise of elegance of the Turkish cuture. Come on in to join the crowd, especially sitting outdoors wth breeze next to the Hudson River.

Review №73

Cozy and peaceful place, Turkish traditional atmosphere. Tastes are almost best, however not really efficient for average budget...

Review №74

Tasty food.. cozy place .. service not as efficient but over all it's good!

Review №75

I simply love their food. I always get awesome customer service here. The place is clean and the employees are always super friendly. Highly recommended.

Review №76

Great food, very nice cozy environment. It's a local go to spot when the wife and I need a good dinner. Love the lamb!!

Review №77

Very tasty and healthy Turkish food well prepared. Attentive service and reasonable prices.

Review №78

Fantastic and yummy food, I loved the vibes this place has, and the cashiers were nice. I will definitely visit here when I'm around.

Review №79

Food was great. service was great! Whenever I come NJ, I will stop by for sure.

Review №80

Me and my wife went marmaris on Monday to have dinner.Service was so fast also servers are so kind and friendly.Food was yummy we enjoyed it so much and omg Turkish tea was so tasty :)

Review №81

Very bad service I had a horrible experience with this restaurant they have an attitude like they giving us the food for free and when I asked to talk to the manager they sent me a waiter , I don't recommend this restaurant , I wish I can give them less than One star .

Review №82

Not bad , quantity bis less compared to other places

Review №83

Amazing food. Had the breakfast plate with Turkish tea and bread. Highly recommended!

Review №84

I would not recommend this place. Its employees are rude and disrespectful. They will make you feel uncomfortable!!

Review №85

Everything was good

Review №86

This place is hit or miss. If you go on weekends, they have fresh food and great service. But during weekdays the food tastes old and the service is super slow (though it's empty). Weekdays only order items that they'll make fresh, such as pide. Our appetizers tasted old and we told the waiter, but she didn't do anything about it, we still paid for it.

Review №87

The Best Turkish Breakfast! Fast service, attentive wait staff and very fresh, authentic food.

Review №88

I am Turkish and Armenian. I love Maramaris cafe it's a great place if you love Turkish Mediterranean food with some nice cuisine. And the best thing there are there fries and peda. Selam Ben Alek Berberoglu nasilsin

Review №89

Super nice servers. The food was delicious. I liked the menu, there were a lot of options and pictures to help you see what everything was.

Review №90

Very good food. The desserts are the best!

Review №91

Great food

Review №92

Lentilles soup nice but they increased the prices

Review №93

The service was polite and prompt. The lamb was cooked to a near perfection. A must try if you are in Edgewater.

Review №94

A cozy Mediterranean restaurant just off the highway; limited parking, but never really busy in the mornings I've visited. Fresh food, great variety and just the right portions of food. I'd definitely go back time and again.

Review №95

This place constantly delivers. They serve excellent dishes for affordable rates, there no long wait even when the spot is busy.

Review №96

The people working there are rude and when people were asking for something they wanted specific they made fun of them. When I confronted them and said why are you making fun of people they said no I mistook what they were saying. I then told them I read lips as this is my job when I told them what was said they were speechless. I would not recommend this place as there are so many great places that the people are respectful of the customers. Shame on them for acting like children when all.people want is to have a relaxing time out with their family.

Review №97

Service not bad, but food so delicious:)

Review №98

Cozy ambiance, good service & food is delicious!

Review №99

A very cozy Turkish restaurant with many options. There menu is set up with pictures for those are not familiar with traditional traditional Turkish cuisine. Everything my group order was delicious! Definitely a great place to try if you're in the area.I did try get the hostess to read my Turkish coffee grinds but they don't do it.

Review №100

Awesome. The waitress was very nice she was happy to hear me speaking a little Turkish.

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  • Address:820 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020, United States
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  • Phone:+1 201-943-9090
  • Mediterranean restaurant
  • Halal restaurant
  • Turkish restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–11PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–10PM
  • Saturday:11AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–10PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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