595 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020, United States

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Great atmosphere. First floor features a bar, couple of tables, piano, and waiting area, while second floor features a dining area with a view of New York City and the Hudson River. Bathrooms are clean, Tables are well-spaced. The dim lights, white furniture, elegant decor, and proximity to the Hudson River make it an appropriate setting for romantic dates and parties. Waiting staff is polite, well-dressed, honest about recommendations.

Review №2

My family had a family dinner here and we all loved it!! The service was great, food was good and the setting of the restaurant on the river was very nice.

Review №3

Beautiful elegant place with great waterfront views. Service was excellent. The menu seemed good, but the food was just OK. The lamb shank was dry and had no flavor. We want to like this place and will give it another try.

Review №4

A great place to view the downtown New York. 2 floors building sits in front of Hudson River. Indoor is beautiful, and 2nd floor seats have great view. Outdoor seat is comfortable but windy sometimes. Light jacket needed if you would like to have a seat out door.Drinks are great! I love my lychee martini. Great taste with awesome view of the Hudson River.We have Oyster, Tuna Tataki and Branzino grill whole fish.Oyster have East and West for you to choose. East oyster is smaller and more salty. West Oyster is bigger and taste more creamy.Tuna Tataki is slight grill on the surface of the sashimi grade Tuna fillet and slice it thin with sauce.Branzino (European Bass) grills just perfectly. Taste the tender of the fish meat with the crispy of the skin. We also order a side vegetable. It is good for 2 people to share.

Review №5

My wife said “this is the most beautiful restaurant that you have taken me” amazing.

Review №6

I give this place 2 stars! 1 for the beautiful atmosphere and 1 for the friendly service! Other than that the food was awful! We had grilled octopus and it was like chewing on a tire! Our tuna app looked discolored and we were too afraid to eat it! My salmon came out raw! I sent back everything! The service was good and the manager did apologize! I would go back but only to sit downstairs , with friends and have drinks and enjoy a pretty atmosphere ! Very pricy and I don't mind paying but I want a great meal in return! This place should be off the charts amazing and it is not!

Review №7

This place is strictly for display uses only. The view of nyc is beautiful and the aesthetics of the place are unique and elegant. However, this is on my list of the top five WORST places to eat at. It's expensive, horrendous service and possibly even worst food. If you are a business owner, foodie or just want to see what NOT to do in the food and hospitality business, check this train- wreck of a place out. I'm almost certain you will be disappointed.

Review №8

Beautiful place, the service was excellent, staff very friendly and helpful. It is a high end restaurant so could be a little pricey. The view of NY at sundown is absolutely stunning.

Review №9

The new chef is super talented. One of the best meals I ever have. If you haven't been in the last month you need to check this place out. One of the best restaurants in New Jersey!

Review №10

We had a nice experience but weren't told the specials by our server. We heard specials from the server at the table next to us and felt a little unattended to. We did enjoy, however, the owner coming to our table and giving us an extra special treat which was terrific. We will come back again.

Review №11

Had an amazing evening last night here. Despite the bad weather we still had a great view and enjoyed our time there.It was my girlfriend's birthday and the dark haired waiter made everything very enjoyable for us, excellent service.Drinks and food were on par with the decor, an all around 5 star experience

Review №12

Nice venues for an event. The wrapping stairs with an elevator on both levels. Definitely will return.

Review №13

One of my best dining experiences ever. Owners were extremely professional and courteous. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to eat great food, in a romantic setting with a beautiful view. I will most definitely be visiting again !!! Thanks so much.

Review №14

Very wierd. The lights on the 1sf floor were off when we left about 8pm. Strange. Couldn't tell what the menu was. Music was like an Eastern European disco. Strange smell when we walked in too. Food was good though and the view of NY amazing. Can't put my finger on it. But strange.

Review №15

I called 3xs and left my phone number with three different people. I needed to get information, and wanted to book for a large party of 20-25 people for a party. Every time I called, no one was either there to take my call, or they would take my information and never call back. I decided to call back one final time yesterday. The woman who answer was beyond RUDE and snippy. Instead of apologizing that she didn't get to call back “or no one told her” she kept going back and forth with me. I throw larger parties ALL the time (chart house, water side, son cubano) and I've never met such a confrontational host. I'm actually happy I WONT be celebrating anything there, or going there EVER again for that matter. She sounded ghetto and plain nasty! Will never have my business again!

Review №16

I have been to many nice restaurants and this by far had to be the worst when it came to service and quality of food. We had reservations at 9 pm, upon arriving they told us we would have to wait they were clearing tables which normally would not be a problem. After about 45 minutes passed I went up to ask what the hold up was and how much longer they think it would be (as any normal person would after waiting 45 min when they have a reservation) and the woman at the front gave me the nastiest attitude telling me I'd have to wait a while I should get not one but two drinks while I wait she said sarcastically. It wasn't till about 10:20 that we got seated for a 9 pm reservation. After waiting that long for the table you would expect there to be a menu waiting and someone ready to at least take a drink order. We waited another 10 min before I had to stop someone and ask for a menu. The apps then took another half hour to come after ordering and it wasn't even good, it tasted rushed. When finally the meal came the whole thing was terrible and my valentines dinner with my fiance was already ruined. We called over the manager and told him about how terrible our experience was and he rudely picked up our plates stacked them on each other and said "No problem, dinner is on me" and just walked away. What dinner is on you? The horrible first course we were served. Terrible place we walked out hungry after 2 hours for no reason.

Review №17

Beautiful setting on the Hudson. Very well decorated in great ambience and attentive and friendly staff......but the food. Disappointing! Octopus entree was a bit sandy and the Papardelle with sea food had no taste whatsoever, very bland with overcooked pasta and shrimps. This dish costs $ 39.00, completely unreasonable for the quality that was served! Next time we will only have drinks there....

Review №18

Way over priced, food was ok nothing special. Lovely atmosphere though. Quality of food does not match the price.

Review №19

Nice views. Tasty plates. The price is a bit high.

Review №20

Nice .. just need better bartenders- Great views.

Review №21

I was the photographer at an event yesterday. This place is beautiful. It has a wonderful view of the Hudson River and NYC. It has outdoor seating for nice days, a nice looking and attentive staff and the owner is very helpful. Oh- the food was wonderful too.

Review №22

Beautiful setting. Huge space. Beautiful view. Go there when the weather is nice and sit in the massive outdoor space. Sunset is quite exquisite

Review №23

Looks beautiful unfortunately they're closed. I was looking forward to celebrating my 21st here next month..

Review №24

I work there. The place is just beautiful! I remember my first day walking in to Orama, I was blown away! The ceilings are painted the perfect shade of blue and the view. The View. THE VIEW! There's no way to describe it. It's one of those things you have to see for yourself.I do have to say, the food wasn't all that good before Chef Bryan became Orama's Excutive Chef, he has changed our standard for the best. I like how the ingredients we use are from local people. And for me it's a great experience to pick up cheese from the farm then to bring back to Orama. I love it!

Review №25

A hidden gem on the Hudson with an amazing view of New York City. This place is absolutely stunning with beautiful murals on the walls which will make you feel as if you were in a fairytale. My Wife and I held our Wedding Ceremony at Orama and it was all we could ask for plus more. The owner helped personalize our event with customized food menu options, take home menus with our names on them and we had the option to select the color of our cloth dinner napkins. The service was exceptional from the moment we entered the door to the moment we exited. Extraordinary customer service from the staff; our cups were always full and the food was delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have an elegant dinner with one of the best views of NYC. Thank You Stacy for making our Wedding an unforgettable experience.

Review №26

Amazing venue! We had our wedding at Orama and I cannot say enough kind words about Stacey and the memorable evening we had there. Everything from the food to the service to the view were spectacular! They took so much care and consideration to all of our guests. Everyone raved about how good the food was and how beautiful the venue was. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a magical space for an important day in their lives. We will be back every year for our anniversary!

Review №27

It's a shame because I would like to rate this restaurant hirer but I can't because of the unacceptable behavior from the owner Simon! Not only was he and his assistant rude to our large party of 50, but he verbally assaulted me when he FORCED me to move to the other side of the room we were in when he told me "get out of here, you don't own the place" I controlled my reaction bc I was with fifteen, 16 year old girls and didn't want them to become upset. He did this in front of them and other customers. I was actually afraid to get up from my seat the rest of the time being there. I will not be going back and do not recommend this business, find a place with staff more professional to spend your money and your special occasions with !

Review №28

Beautiful views of NYC from their balcony and the inside has a very rich and elegant field. Great prices for drinks and plently of parking.

Review №29

I had a project to do for school that required me to see a live performance. My dad and I saw the a pianist there, Piero Romano. He was amazing! He sat with me and answered all the questions I had about my project. The staff was so friendly. We got there before the pianist and they didn't rush us at all. It was our first time there as well and they recommended great dishes! The food was amazing, even though it's pricey it's worth it. I would definitely recommend going!

Review №30

Food was delicious but small portions and over priced. The view of the city was amazing though

Review №31

The band was Great.

Review №32

I came to this restaurant for my wedding anniversary. I gave this restaurant four stars for a couple of reasons. Since it was my wedding aniversary I expected some special compliments like I had at other high end restaurants. They never acknowledged it. However, service was great, the staff is very attentive and they make you feel at home. I've been to other similar expensive restaurants and some make you feel like you don't belong there.The place is really nice and has unique decorations that make you feel your money is worthy. In terms of the food, although it is fresh and has some quality, for the price it is not spectacular. Compared to the Chart house, menu is really short and not too creative. For appetizer my wife had the roasted crab & rice grits and I had the Charred Octopus with Chili, these were fresh but plain with no much flavor in it. The spicy salmon tartare was better, then again I had it better at my preferred local Sushi place. For main dish I had The Orama stake which was as great as any other less expensive good restaurant. My wife had the Braised Lamb Shank, and honestly, I had better. Overall, you pay for the experience and to try the quality. Would I come back again? Don't know. I would rather visit in that area the Mitchel's Fish Market Restaurant in instead.

Review №33

The food was wonderful and the service very professional. The place is huge and beautiful, you can enjoy the unique view of NYC.

Review №34

Talk about great food! I'm not a big sushi person but my company ordered a whole lot of it and thank god they did because it was delicious. Actually, all their apps were great. The filet mignon was also very very good. Pricey though but you're paying for the amazing view and the great food

Review №35

Four stars only because food selection is kind of small and the waiting. Its 5 stars for taste and seating/viewing.

Review №36

The venue itself is beyond amazing.At night and day, but the food is so blah. Definitely not worth the money. The servings are super tiny and super expensive. I really would just go for the view during summer time and not buy any food.

Review №37

The passed appetizers were unique and delicious. Great dining place. Stunning Manhattan view

Review №38

Can the owner get any more unprofessional? Why run a business if you don't know the first thing about manners.

Review №39

Food is OK, Ambiance is nice, items were overpriced and service was terrible. Not only was service bad but they made us wait 40 minutes after our reservation to be seated. When telling the manager of our frustration waiting, he told us it was a busy night (absurd excuse and didn't once apologize).

Review №40

We had a large party for Mother's Day and were extremely disappointed in the food and particularly the service. There were long delays in taking our orders and even longer delays in getting beverages and our food.The wait staff was totally inattentive to the amenities of good service such as providing condiments and water refills.In addition the food was only fair and there did not compensate for the poor service. The entire afternoon was considered a disaster by our family of 10 adults+ 4 children and obviously we will not be back.

Review №41

I know a great place when I eat at one, and this one is not one of them. The drinks are decent, the food, on the other hand, is mediocre at best. It's a shame because the place is absolutely beautiful.

Review №42

The view is amazing the décor beautiful, the bartenders are friendly and the service is excellent not to mention the food from the main course to the desert. The owners are very friendly. I would most defiantly recommend this place and come back!

Review №43

Holiday party with a view. Awesome food and the downstairs bar is something that everyone needs to see.

Review №44

Made reservations at 9 and waited over an hour ! Worst place I have ever been to in my life! The menu for the night was TERRIBLE !! Do not recommend to anyone.

Review №45

Excellent location and a beautiful setting. The food is pricy and the quality does not live up to the price

Review №46

Outdoor dining on the Hudson River. Great views of Manhattan.

Review №47

Nice place to party and be by the water

Review №48

Excellent service good food . Stunning views

Review №49

Seafood was great and fresh but their steak was disappointedly way over cooked.

Review №50

Awesome experience. My niece had her wedding and reception there

Review №51

Waiters in "high end" restaurants DO NOT "INTRODUCE" THEMSELVES. LOL! What a ridiculous thought! We come to eat and be served, not make friends with the waiter, or, God forbid, be reduced to calling her or his name out loud to get attention.Now that that is off my mind...Lovely new restaurant. Glad I gave it a try. Will go back.

Review №52

Not too spacious but very pretty place with an amazing view.

Review №53

Owner Stacey and event planner Joy produced a fabulous cocktail party for our 200 guests. The passed appetizers were unique and delicious. Our guests raved about the pan-seared scallops wrapped in speck, the sirloin crouton with wasabi cream, the Orama dates (stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon with unagi drizzle), and the sake salmon tacos. Servers were constantly bringing out more offerings as bartenders at the venue's two bars dealt with a crush of thirsty guests. Orama is simply beautiful - elegant, hip and classy - with gorgeous river views from huge windows, the upstairs balcony and large patio. We could not have been happier with our party.

Review №54

Great place, good food

Review №55

A stunning setting on the Hudson with warm service and pleasant cuisine

Review №56

Food was good, the filet mignon was amazing. I was disappointed because the party we were at upstairs was overpowered by the party downstairs which had a DJ. Baby's first birthday song was ruined by the music downstairs. Kind of a downer. There is a large outdoor patio for the bottom floor, DJ should have been outside.

Review №57

Lovely staff and awesome food with a beautiful view

Review №58

Great location, ambiance and food.

Review №59

I'm giving it 2 stars for the staff & the beautiful place. The owner, I believe his name is Sam... is arrogant, nasty, disrespectful and very unprofessional. He speaks to his staff and customers very unprofessional. I could not believe the narcissistic, rude arrogant tone in which he spoke to the people i was with tonight. If it wasn't for the party I was there for I would have left. I will never give my money or time to this establishment again. This is the 2nd time I was there and he was very nasty to women and men. There was a cigar station at the party and they had hooka. The lady did not know that the owner didn't want hooka's on the table for the "paying" customers, he spoke to her in front of everyone horribly!! This was a birthday party with well over 100+ people, without us there, the place would have been empty. With food and drinks flowing ALL night for almost 6hrs, he could care less, I was so upset at the way he treated us and then he stood around staring us down in a very intimidating way that was very uncomfortable. I really do not want to use race as a factor here, but, I will say I would love to see a comment to see if he treats ALL of his customers this way. If he doesn't change his attitude, he will not be successful at all!!

Review №60

The restaurant looks good, romantic ambiance with a nice view but the food is just ok.

Review №61

Atmosphere was beautiful! However, the food was extremely bland

Review №62

Appetizers are great! I also love the atmosphere

Review №63

I personally loved the food and service. Definately recommend it.

Review №64

Great dining place. Stunning Manhattan view, romantic atmosphere

Review №65

Beautiful place, just opened, has its growing pains. The bartenders friendly and accommodating. We were disappointed with the wait staff and food for dinner. The waiter not seasoned, for a high end restaurant did not introduce himself, not friendly. The sea bass was supposed to be fileted but had all bones. They did replace it with Dover Sole but have had better. They did not charge us for it, and they did give me a gift certificate to come back on the house. So I will go back, the view gorgeous, décor stunning.....I am sure the food will improve in time.

Review №66

Had a great experience at Orama Restaurant last night as we celebrated our wedding anniversary! Everything was perfect. From the location, ambiance, NYC skyline views- to the appetizers, entrees and crème brulee dessert. We were wowed by ORAMA. Def a restaurant to visit for that special occasion! Eddie our waiter was also top notch!

Review №67

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great view of the city across the water.

Review №68

Spectacular design, Outstanding décor and the view!I am very proud of my fellow Greek owners!Wishing you success!Christos Karnessis

Review №69

Great food in an great ambiance on the river!

Review №70

Great place good food

Review №71

First thing I want to say about the place is that it is visually very appealing. This is what drew us to this restaurant. My initial experience with Stacey was horrible. My cousin and I planned a 40th birthday dinner party for her sister. Before our plans were solidified, I called Stacey to inquire about the menu and color swatches for napkins that she emailed my cousin. When I called, I introduced myself but during the conversation she said she couldnt hear me and I didnt have any thing booked. She also said that she didnt know what I was talking about. So, I offered to call back perhaps hoping that she could hear me better and she said no. The call ended with me saying to her that she was rude and the conversation wasn't going anywhere. She agreed and hung up.Since, my cousin wanted to try this place for its ambiance, we went to the restaurant a.few says later which was one week prior to the dinner. Stacey acknowledged her rude behavior over the phone a few days prior, however, she never apologized. In any event we made the reservation and paid the deposit.So the day arrives and once everyone is seated the servers pour the champagne for the toast. That was great initially but they continued to pour champagne thoughout the evening. My cousin and I asked why was there so much champagne and the waitress said there was alot in the bottles and they wanted to ensure we get it. She didnt say though that the bottles were all being charged on our bill. The toast champange was supposed to be complimentary as part of the prix fix menu but with the commotion of laughter and conversation amongst the party, the waitresses continued to pour.Sodas were also apart of the prix fix menu but they never brought it out. We realized after dinner that they continued to pour the bottled tap water which was $8 per bottle.The most aggravating issue of the evening was the roasted chicken dish we ordered was not what we received. That dish was supposed to come with asparagus, mushrooms, potatoes and natural juice.I, as well as a couple of others, ordered the roasted chicken dish. What I received was a chicken dish with a dijon mustard sauce and one brussel sprout with 2 fingerling potatoes cut in halves. When I questioned the waitress, she said the asparagus and mushrooms were apart of the sauce. Why would she insult my intelligence??? I said ok and went to Stacey , and still water they were pouring and not offering any sodas to our guests especially the one table we had designated to children (which was a part of the prix fix menu).The only thing I approve of is the ambiance and decore so I think that one star is fair. This place is not run with class at all. I was extremely disappointed and knew that my initial dealings with Stacey would probably result with something like this but because of my cousin, we still took a chance and it wasnt worth it.We dont recommend this place.

Review №72

Beautiful night with a beautiful woman!

Review №73

Very nice place,gorgeous view, beautiful service, very good food,Excellent Attention

Review №74

Great place for you and a significant other

Review №75

Absolutely excellent restaurant.

Review №76

The food and Service is superb . The hottest spot in Nj

Review №77

Really good food and excellent service

Review №78

This year old, want-a-be NYC gourmet comer gives you a beautiful riverside location with a NYC skyline views but is plagued with mediocre service and a displaced menu. We were told was Mediterranean with an Asian flair? Flamenco music and dancers at the bar? For a Friday night, the place was struggling to fill seats - was probable due to an over-priced menu and uninspiring chef. Long wait time for food. I had salmon, grill nicely, but the waiter never informed me that the fish was cooked medium rare. I was okay with it, but the couple behind us were not and sent 2 orders of salmon back to the kitchen. Salmon put on top of bed of arugula with carrot puree and baby carrots? Not good. My wife had an pan-seared, organic 1/2 chicken, pounded, oily, fatty and supposedly tri-colored potatoes that turned out to be all white potatoes and no vegetable or green garnish of any. Was a sad dish of all brown! Bottom-line, my wife sent the dish back after struggling to find a piece of chicken without fat. Best part the evening was the waiter. He removed the meal from the check. Was disappointed and sad that Edgewater NJ still cannot attract decent restaurants and top chefs.

Review №79

Food is really good!

Review №80

Nice place, little expensive. Great view across the river.

Review №81

It is too bad that there no negative stars. The worst restaurant you may possibly find in Edgewater

Review №82

Very Elegant Place

Review №83

Very beautiful venue

Review №84

Nice elegant place

Review №85

Yummy food

Review №86

Great time

Review №87

Great place

Review №88


Review №89

Excellent food !!!

Review №90

The owners Stacey and Simeon are crooks. Double check your bill if you go there. The food doesn't make up for it either.

Review №91

Nothing special about this place

Review №92

No good

Review №93


Review №94

Very very expensive, did not taste the way i expected

Review №95

Great view but mediocre food

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  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
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  • Dessert:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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