Pine Creek Deli
2120 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
Pine Creek Deli

Review №1

This is a nice place for a no frills breakfast. By far the most reasonably priced in Fairfield. There's a small number of tables properly distanced. Great place for a quick big not to mention also the Home of the Shredder!

Review №2

I don't have enough words to express how much I love this place. They have a sandwich called " the shredder" that is definetly THE BEST breakfast sandwich I have ever had. This place makes me drive 1 hour round trip just to get that sandwich. They are also very fast, fair price and great costumer service.

Review №3

Great egg sandwich at a reasonable price! Also the home of the mega sandwich "the shredder". It is very clear this is a home town stop and would recommend swinging by for a solid deli experience!

Review №4

Best deli in fairfield!! Been going here for 15 years straight!! Love this place and the employee's.

Review №5

Pathetic, here's my smoked turkey egg and cheese that I waited 15 minutes for, only hot sauce option is Franks?...won't be returning.

Review №6

Good grub!!! The shredder is amazing. Thanks for breakfast!!

Review №7

Your employees probably shouldn't talk trash about a customer's choice of breakfast sandwich while the customer is standing right there and can hear them

Review №8

Very good food and very friendly stuff, and lady cashier was especially nice!

Review №9

The home of the shredder! One of the best delis in town.

Review №10

Everyone told me their sandwiches were out of this world. They definitely are not. I'll rate the customer service one star and the sandwich two stars. Although the price is reasonable, the quality of the food is not. I could tell the fish on my sandwich was frozen prior to being fried. The tomato on the sandwich looked like it had been sitting out for multiple days. It was gross.The cheese on the sandwich was commercialized. I am disappointed. I am not impressed at all. This was my first time here and it will also be my last. I'm never going back here again. If you want a good sandwich with fries go to the firehouse deli!! Their food is out of this world

Review №11

Hands down best deli in Fairfield. They are consistent with the meals every time and are welcoming and friendly :)

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They make the best egg white omlette with veggies, hot sauce, and katchup. The killer is the Shredder that my boyfriend gets every time. It is relaxing and due to my boyfriend I feel like I am home because he is a regular.You have a rockin' crew!I now have my sister and family hooked on you!I don't know why we didn't find you sooner!!!

Review №14

Some of the best food I've ever had

Review №15

Great local deli. Always pleasant and they make wonderful sandwiches

Review №16

Wish I could rate it higher. Their food is amazing and my go to breakfast spot. Their bacon egg and cheeses cannot be beat, my favorite BEC in the country by far

Review №17

Has been our go to choice for pre-game Bacon Egg and Cheese for 10 years. Dan, his mom, and his staff are great people! The best place to grab a quick breakfast sandwich, coffee or lunch in Fairfield!

Review №18

Great coffee, Breakfast and lunch sandwiches !

Review №19

Find this deli in Harry's corner. Really good food served fast. Ample parking. Can be seen from main road. Easy in and out or sit down and eat in there seated area.

Review №20

For a local deli not bad think Fortuna in Westport is much better but for a local inexpensive lunch option in Fairfield this is a decent spot. Friendly employees who can almost tell what you are going to order b4 u tell them. Area to eat in is kept clean and pleasant. Outdoor sidewalk seating would be a nice addition...

Review №21

Good food good service

Review №22

Nice place the food exelent

Review №23

Live this place very nice people Very good food

Review №24

Tasty turkey sandwich. Pleasant enough place to sit and eat. Service was a bit of a mixed bag.

Review №25

Great sandwiches and fast service

Review №26

First time here sandwich was made wrong and only 1 brand of bottled water

Review №27

Just come on over to Pine Creek Deli where you get the best customer service. .....A clean and friendly environment. ...

Review №28

I have a love hate relationship with Pine Creek deli. It's pretty much the closest deli to my home. We're really big on breakfast sandwiches so invariably, we end up at Pine Creek deli all the time.If you time it wrong, you may end up waiting for a good 20 minutes there for a breakfast sandwich. The sandwiches themselves are mediocre. There isn't a lot of love they put into them. By "love" I mean butter and cheese. Off the menu, a single meat, egg and cheese sandwich is overwhelmed by the Kaiser role. You can order double egg and that helps, but not enough.On a day when the deli is slammed, you end up waiting a long time for a mediocre breakfast sandwich.

Review №29

Great deli sandwiches and friendly service. They advertise their breakfast sandwiches pretty heavily but they're just okay.If you're looking for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich - go to the Country Cow Deli on Blackrock Turnpike (there's no place better for a BEC)

Review №30

Good good .good pottions.... Fresh good food..Line gets long some days at lunch, that tells ya something!!?

Review №31

Don't go there!!!! I got a grilled chicken salad to go, the chicken was not even cooked and the girl that rang up my order wore rubber gloves to handle food and the money! When I called the manager after I got to my office to complain nicely, her only response was do I want my money back. Not sorry, or what she was going to do to correct the situation with her employees. Customer service like this is unfortunately why small businesses to not succeed these days. I myself am a business owner and we pride ourselves on an amazing customer experience and if we for some reason do not deliver, we own it! And fix it!

Review №32

Very good . Good food. Clean, good service

Review №33

Very Good

Review №34

Yankee electric guys love the shredders. Manny adam joe

Review №35

Good food,so friendly

Review №36

Great food! Slow check out line.

Review №37

Wonderful food and staff.

Review №38

A great deli,what's more to say.

Review №39

Just come on over to Pine Creek Deli where you get the best customer service. .....A clean and friendly environment. ...

Review №40

Great food reasonably priced

Review №41

Perfect deli. Efficient, clean and friendly.

Review №42

Worst sandwich ever!

Review №43

Best Deli in town. Way better than country cow in regards to breakfast sandwiches. All of the employees are kinda and courteous and if you think otherwise you are a fool.

Review №44

Got to have the SHREDDER

Review №45

Excellent deli sandwiches! Generois portions. Good variety. A little pricy but totally worth it!

Review №46

Need to stop here to grab a breakfast sandwich. Guys and girls behind the counter have been there for years and are super nice.

Review №47

Great deli!! Went there to get sandwiches before going to the zoo and they were delicious and reasonably priced!

Review №48

Good food nice staff

Review №49

Here at lunch time 5 days a week. Great sandwiches, great service. I recommend to all.

Review №50

Ask for the "shredder"!!

Review №51

Quick and tasty egg sandwiches in the morning!!

Review №52

Good food

Review №53

Feels like family

Review №54

The food was good. The service was molasses-slow.

Review №55

Grab a breakfast sandwich and enjoy it by the sunny window seats

Review №56

Loved it

Review №57

Good food in the morning.

Review №58

Good food!!!!!

Review №59

Best deli in Fairfield in my opinion

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  • Address:2120 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
  • Phone:+1 203-256-9770
  • Deli
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–4PM
  • Thursday:7AM–2PM
  • Friday:6:30AM–4PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–4PM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–4PM
Service options
  • Dine-in:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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