Jerrys Donuts
12895 Josey Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75234, United States
Jerrys Donuts

Review №1

Nice place to get donuts, all donuts from here taste amazing!!!

Review №2

Donuts are always so good here never been disappointed. My favorite is the maple donuts.

Review №3

Not sure what the donuts taste like form here recently.I would stop here if I was late to work so I was the guy who brought awesome donuts. I sure wish Jerry & his family still owned the place. We need more great family owned places.

Review №4

Kind and friendly staff, great donuts, warm kolaches. What more could you ask for?

Review №5

I got to say this place has quality doughnuts. They have the traditional doughnuts for cheap, and the lady behind the counter said they're add more speciality donoughts every week. Had their bacon doughnut, I was told it's 2 strips of smoked applewood bacon on top. They also breakfast sandwiches, that looked really big.They have your traditional drinks and energy drinks in the event the doughnuts don't have enough sugar for you.

Review №6

The donuts are always so fresh! The staff always add extra donut holes to your order. Parking is good and the prices are very reasonable.

Review №7

I used to live in Farmers Branch Texas. Not only did the donuts taste great!!! They used to open the donut shop extra early. So my husband could get donuts before he went to chemo treatment. Thank you Jerry's.

Review №8

Customer service: I give the customer service a 1 star. The reason being that the lady working in the morning was very rude to me. I asked the lady for 1 eclaire. She did not understand which e Claire I wanted. She first gave me a chocolate e Claire. I told her I wanted a different e claire(the maple one). She rolled her eyes and reluctantly got the other eclaire. I then asked for two kolaches. She got one kolache and heated it up. I repeated to her I would like two kolaches. She breathed really heavily and got the other kolache. Besides that, I got a donut and two coffees(Starbucks from the fridge). There was no one else at the shop so she wasn't busy or on a time crunch. I don't think I was asking for a lot. It was just some misunderstandings that could have been fixed easily, but it appeared she was very frustrated. My boyfriend was with me that morning and even he commented and said she was rude too. Customer service is not an easy job but having respect and manners is important. Rolling your eyes and sighing frustratedly at customers is never okay.Food: The Kolaches were good, the E Claire was good, and the coffee was okay. I got two Starbucks coffees from the fridge. One was good but the other one tasted expired.

Review №9

Fresh and delicious Donut's and kolaches. Need to get there early because they go quick. My only donut destination.

Review №10

Maple cover and lemon filling donuts are so good!

Review №11

Best Donuts in town. The glazed donuts melt in your mouth.

Review №12

Excellent bakery skills but not alot of options past 7am they sell out fast

Review №13

Their blueberry donuts are amazing and the people are very sweet :)

Review №14

Tht apple fritters were over cooked and tasted of old grease.

Review №15

The donuts are fresh out of the oven and delicious. They have donuts filled with fruit, like a pie filling, chocolate and coconut cream filled. They are amazing. I haven't seen anything like them at any of the other local donut shops.

Review №16

Best donuts! They fresh all day!

Review №17

WOW!! This is the first place I ever felt obligated to write a great review on! When asking about one of the specialty donuts he gave me a free donut to try which was the red velvet donut.... Awesome!! Not only that the service was great A+

Review №18

I don't do donuts that often but I was pleasantly surprised at the awesome quality donuts I got here. Very small outfit here but very good donuts. I am a cake donuts fan and the ones I got here were top notch! By far! Highly recommended!

Review №19

Absolutely Delicious DonutsThis independently-owned shop that has been in business for 40+ years bakes donuts that can seriously rival big-chain stores. The donuts are fluffy and soft and sweet that it's no wonder this shop has kept going for almost half a century! And even though I went in on a Sunday when their kolaches are only special order, I'm sure those are just as good as the donuts. Another thing that adds to the sweetness and goodness of it all is the pricing; can't be beat. So if you're someone who's not afraid to break away from a brand name, come to this donut shop. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Review №20

Best donuts in Dallas hands down, unless you're going for a craft vibe like Hypnotic. But even then, Jerry's blueberry cake donut may just rival that of Hypnotic! I can't even get a bag of donut holes home before completely chowing down on them in the car.

Review №21

I am so sad and frustrated that the recipe has been changed. With purchase of an establishment like Jerry's, you get a recipe that has history for being the best in the area. The owner or an employee stated they switched to "better more expensive flour". Kolache dough isn't the same either. Having a child at Stark down the street, this was our special place to stop some mornings. Now we don't because it's just a standard run of the mill donut shop. It is such a disappointment.

Review №22

New owners, this is not the same donut I grew up with. This isn't to say that these were terrible donuts its just that they are nowhere near the same quality as Jerrys proper. They almost look the same, the flavor is close to the same, but for me what made Jerrys so good was the melt in your mouth texture, always warm and fresh donuts. These new donuts have that thick, tough texture like any generic donut shop. Sad to see them go.Probably still better than anything nearby but it can't hold a candle to what used to be.

Review №23

Great local donut shop! Got 2 Jalapeño kolaches and they were actual size! Not those tiny little pigs in a blanket all other shops sell. And to top it off an absolutely beautiful red haired girl behind the counter with beautiful eyes. Great price great food great service.

Review №24

Jerry's used to be the best when Jerry was the owner. The new owner changed the recipe and the donuts aren't very good anymore. Some of them have also been overdone almost burnt. From texture to flavor they aren't good. The new management always seems to be irritated with her staff. #makejerrysgreatagain

Review №25

They are so kind and the donuts are delicious. This is my favorite place to go for a weekend breakfast or bringing it in for my coworkers on a weekday.

Review №26

Red velvet cupcakes on tuesdays. best things ever

Review №27

Since Jerry sold, the donuts have gone downhill. They donuts are greasy, the grease has a taste.

Review №28

UPDATE!Do not waste your money. After Jerry sold this place it has gone wayyyy downhill! The worst donuts ever, taste like rancid old grease. Yuck! I've give them several tries and every time it gets worse :(________________________Old review before sold:Been going here since I was a kid. Best donuts in dfw! Every other donut shop I go to I leave wishing for Jerry's. My favorite are the donut holes...crispy on the outside and then they melt in your mouth...omg I want some right now!

Review №29

Not a large selection. So have kolaches but they are no fruit ones

Review №30

Don't get me wrong the donuts here are good,but I can't justify $.95 for a single doughnut. If it weren't for the fact that they are so good I don't think I'd ever go back, but as of now I have a strict embargo on expensive donuts. I don't know maybe cheaper store bought doughnuts have ruined me for the real deal.

Review №31

I've been to all the fancy doughnut shops and this place is awesome the doughnuts literally melt in your mouth!

Review №32

Red velvet is the best!

Review №33

Melt in your mouth donuts. Can't get better around Farmer's Branch before 7am.

Review №34

I've been going there ever since I started elementary school and kept going. Now I work there and I love it!

Review №35

Apple fritters are the best I've had

Review №36

Best ever!!! Been going there since I went to daycare !!

Review №37

It was okay I believe I was there on a Sunday at least they're open

Review №38

Kind owner runned shop!

Review №39

All of my family members worked there when it was owned by Pat .

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Review №41

Unaccurate hours

Review №42

Nobody makes a better donut!

Review №43

Kolaches limit is 4 what that sucks... Kolaches bread is hard and burnt. Donuts were OK. Service was OK also. Way over priced will never go back...

Review №44

Great place!...

Review №45

Okay Donut's not worth the price

Review №46

Gotta say best donuts in FB

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  • Address:12895 Josey Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75234, United States
  • Phone:+1 972-243-6688
  • Bakery
  • Donut shop
Working hours
  • Monday:5AM–12PM
  • Tuesday:5AM–12PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12PM
  • Thursday:5AM–12PM
  • Friday:5AM–12PM
  • Saturday:5AM–12PM
  • Sunday:5AM–12PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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