2605 Gault Ave N, Fort Payne, AL 35967, United States

Review №1

Great service, food, and price. We was impressed by all. Definitely will return.

Review №2

Best spicy tuna roll I've ever had. Really good steak, as well. Friendly servers.

Review №3

Eat here monthly. The toke roll is one of the best sushi ever. Other sushi is really good also. Hibachi is fairly good. Pad thai is lacking. Thai tea is dope though.

Review №4

Went here for the first time yesterday and it was SO GOOD. I haven't had sushi in about 2 years, so when we passed by we decided to try it out. The food was amazing, and it came out quick too. The waitresses were very nice as well. We will definitely be back!

Review №5

Delicious, exotic food. Five stars for ones with international tastes, but this isn't a place to bring your "chicken finger friends." Their curry is delightful and the sushi selection is incredible. I enjoyed the atmosphere and i think this place will be a new favorite. The way the food is presented is elegant and the whole experience was great.

Review №6

I've only been at this location a few times so far, but it has always been a positive experience. Both the inside and outside are clean. And I love the way the inside looks. The food is slightly more expensive than comparable restaurants in town, but the food does taste great. And the staff is friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going here again in the future.

Review №7

The service was fine. The menu was great. They have good chefs who know how to prepare delicious meals. Alcohol is served here if you like to have a drink with your meal. The atmosphere is pleasant. I'd say very nice for date night.

Review №8

Good food, good portions, and great service.

Review №9

The chicken tasted awful. Sushi was good. Last time we ate here it was really good but today its awful.

Review №10

My first time coming into this restaurant, the atmosphere felt welcoming. My waiter, Guillermo helped me by recommending me on the toke roll, which is now my favorite sushi ever! He was such a generous gentleman and exceeded my needs. I will be going back there soon!

Review №11

They make me special Keto rolls! Wonderful!

Review №12

My husband and I got the teriyaki chicken dinner. Main course was good. Ginger salad was not washed properly, tasted dirty. Service was decent. Friendly, nice people as staff.

Review №13

Online it says that they close at 9:00 so I called at 8:23 to order sushi and the girl says they are closing at 8:30. It wasn't even 8:30 yet. I informed her that it says 9:00 online and she clearly didn't care. Needless to say I'm Annoyed.

Review №14

Best Sushi in town! Everything else is good too. Great service as well.

Review №15

Everything was very fresh. The fish, rice, and the salad! Nice staff and very clean dining area.

Review №16

Not too crowded, food arrived fairly quick, and reasonably priced. Good variety of sushi and sashimi on the menu. We ordered the sushi boat for two, which was a ton a food and good variety. There was even enough leftover to take home and munch on later tonight.The real issue was the service. Our server seemed somewhat confused when I gave the order. After bringing the drinks, he didn't come back until the food was ready, even though there were two empty cups on the table he walked by three times. Later on, we asked for napkins we never received. Finally, when ready to leave, we waited another 15 minutes or so to ask for the check. The curly-headed server finally came back, when we requested a to-go box along with the e check; ten minutes later, someone else came by to ask if we needed anything. After another several minutes, a third person came by who took care of things immediately, all she did was go around the corner to grab a Styrofoam container and the bill.

Review №17

Great service. The noodles and sushi are always great and never disappoint. Love the cozy atmosphere.

Review №18

The sushi is good and it's surprisingly quick.

Review №19

Nice place, visited here on a business trip. They offer a good variety of dishes which made it hard to decide on one. I chose hibachi which arrived in generous portions and my request for extra yum-yum sauce was very generously fulfilled. Some of my associates ordered sushi and crab all of which looked absolutely gorgeous. Chop sticks were readily dispensed for appropriate dishes. Any issues I had were more service related. About a dozen of us sat at a very long table in the center of the restaurant and our server insisted on trying to take orders from one stationary position away the end instead of walking around the table. They ran out of my beer and the food trickled out of the kitchen seemingly at random with some food being served 15 minutes before others. Overall, it was a very enjoyable visit. If we were a smaller group things would likely have went smoother. Definitely worth a visit.

Review №20

I've been working here for about 3 years now and has been the best. Even though we are short on waitress and waiters we try our best for everyone to have everything they need. If you have had a bad experience we truly apologize. My boss is really nice and sometimes she's way to nice! But that's her and we all love her and would like more respect for her from what I seen. She works full time some mornings by herself. She's an amazing boss and mother of two little boys! We love this place and we love our customers and our food!

Review №21

Reeeeeaaallllll good food! About to order now

Review №22

I always get the Chicken and Salmon Hibatchi Dinner. It comes with soup and salad! I can never eat it all and always take some home. Love this place and food is always great!

Review №23

This is one of our favorites places in town to eat! The hibachi is always a good choice and the fried sushi rolls are amazing. There are just so many more options to choose from it's hard to decide. The service is fast and friendly.

Review №24

Would give zero stars if possible !! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE EXPERIENCEthe customer service is the worstOrdered food and it came out wrong TWICE when asked to just take it off the check because it wasn't ate they wanted to do a discount instead even tho it was returned and never received back to be eaten the waitress we had was so rude I almost asked for someone else to speak withVoted best of dekalb? More like absolute WORST NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE BACK AND THEY ARE WAY TO OVER PRICED

Review №25

Great food little pricey but worth it

Review №26

Great food and service always very friendly people love this place

Review №27

Awesome! But....I am sorry to say, DO NOT try the Pad Thai. Completely tasteless and the worst I have ever had. The sushi and rolls were magnificent and we will go back for sure!

Review №28

Took forever to get our drink order, even longer to order. We were put on the back burner to a larger party beside us. Even though we were seated first they received their food first and our food wasn't that hot. Our waitress hardly came to our table, but made sure the table beside us had everything they needed.

Review №29

Good authentic recipes. No loser anywhere on the menu.

Review №30

The absolute yummiest sushi in Ft Payne!! Love the huge selection! Service is always fast & friendly!!! It is my favorite place to go!!

Review №31

Disappointed in the service I recieved today. Order and extra orded of rice for my little girl didnt realize that meant I didnt get vegetables. Wanted to add cream cheese to my sushi roll and the waitress failed to get that to. Had three different people waiting on us anyways. Lunch protions are a joke ill never pay 15 dollars for five pieces of steak again.

Review №32

Good food and service. Just seems a bit confused with the staff. Won't keep me from going again.

Review №33

Best sushi around! Great atmosphere as well. We Love Toke!

Review №34

Good food me and my father went their tonight and it was quick convenient and it was really good price was average employees were very friendly and sweet definitely recommend it to everyone i will come back soon

Review №35


Review №36

The food is Always delicious. The service is exceptional. I've never not enjoyed myself.

Review №37

Super good. I'm so full.

Review №38

The food is usually good. But the service always sucks. Also, I ordered to go from there tonight and it literally took an hour for my food. And it tasted like it sat in a warmer for 30 min. Not impressed and probably won't go back for a while.

Review №39

The ginger salad was yuck and I was excited for it. Um chicken broth for soup....? Whatever happened to miso. But that sushi though it was divine.

Review №40

Great food, wonderful friendly service. Didn't take too long for the food to come out either. All that combined with a wide variety of menu options. Well done and I would certainly recommend trying this place out

Review №41

Food is always good here, fast service and a great staff!

Review №42

Great food and sushi great price

Review №43

Food is pretty good, over priced for the quality and service in my opinion. Sushi is best part

Review №44

If you've ever eaten curry in a big city, you won't like their curry. They make it with coconut cream rather than coconut milk, and it tasted like dessert, which isn't a taste I want for curry.The basil noodles also weren't good, with too much fish sauce.Not the right balance of flavors at all on either of the dishes we tried.The atmosphere and service were great though.

Review №45

Best food in Fort Payne, by far. Friendly service, too.

Review №46

Great sushi just a tad expensive

Review №47

The best Asian food in DeKalb county. Great atmosphere. Clean. Excellent staff. Not really a budget friendly place, but worth every penny.

Review №48

One of the best restaurants in the Fort Payne area.

Review №49

Fantastic food and service!

Review №50

Friendly staff & great menu items! Food was phenomenal

Review №51

Food was great lacking on service!

Review №52

California Roll

Review №53

The steak was pretty good but I didn't care for the pod thai

Review №54

Good food little bit pricey

Review №55

I love Toke! My sister and I go every time she comes home from college. The wait staff are very polite!

Review №56

Its ft payne so lower your expectations.

Review №57

Great food as long as your not in a hurry...

Review №58

Service was slow and food was not prepared like menu stated.

Review №59


Review №60

Every meal I've had is exceptional. Owner and staff are sweet and attentive. For a small town like Fort Payne this is a gem. Lovely decor, no big city pretense. Comfortable.

Review №61

The decor was very Appealing. Restroom was nice and clean too. Staff that assisted me was very nice. I had the chicken and shrimp Hibachi with white steamed rice. It came complimentary with mixed vegetables which consisted of zucchini, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and carrots. The meal also came with soup and a salad. I didn't like the salad because the ginger sauce was too thick but everything else was perfect.

Review №62

Fish was a few days old, not fresh taste

Review №63

Great food, good selection of items

Review №64

Best sushi around I highly recommend.

Review №65

Very fast and friendly service! We had sushi rolls and most rolls were $1-2 cheaper than other places I've been, but it was excellent quality. We will definitely be coming back!

Review №66

One of my favorite places to eat

Review №67

Love going in and having sushi here for lunch. Fast service and good food!

Review №68

Delicious! Makenna and I love sushi and we have missed The Toke that was in Guntersville

Review №69

We have been going to Toke since it has been opened. We had a couple of bad experiences (Mainly service, the food was always pretty good). Since that time, we decided to try it again. The food has gone from good to GREAT, from their sushi to the chicken fried rice, every meal has gotten better and better (knock on wood). I decided to write this review after out third good service experience, as this was always a problem for us in the past. The service has been excellent, and it has become our favorite Japanese/Thai restaurant within a 60 mile radius if not further, and we know what good food is. They do need to remove the Glade air fresheners under a few of the tables, as they are terrible for people's health and are a bit overwhelming at times.

Review №70

Very good sushi. The green curry was too hot and the Thai salad was just iceberg lettuce, tofu, and corn.

Review №71

Great place to eat, highly recommended!!!

Review №72

Absolutely love this place. Enough that i go here 2-3 times a week. Great food. Great service. My favorite place in town by far!

Review №73

This place is amazing! The food is fresh and so good, the atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, and the crew are all so friendly. The pricing is very reasonable, I am all around satisfied with Toke! I would recommend anyone to go.

Review №74

Never had a bad meal yet from there, always good. Try the plum wine

Review №75

I love Thai food and it's different from other Oriental dishes to me. I have always loved Oriental food but after living for 2 years in Bangkok Thailand where I finished my last 2 yrs of high school at ISB then Thai food became my new favorite Oriental food. You can get spicy& they have plenty to choose from. I prefer the dishes that are not spicy. This was my first time here today & I was very pleased with the food, service & atmosphere! I got take out & I ordered the Thai Fried rice with scallops & it was delicious ( enough for 2 meals) the take out container was fully packed! I also ordered an appitizer the seasoned chicken pieces on a stick (3) with peanut dipping sauce & it was so yummy, amazing flavor. They also have a location in Guntersville as well! I will definitely be trying them out too! Great selection on the menu & reasonable prices! I plan to dine in next time!

Review №76

Food good staff nice and quick. Quite

Review №77

This place is great. Food is good. Atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

Review №78

Im giving them a 5 star because it wont let me give them a 6. The place is spotless and the food first class.

Review №79

Only stopped once definitely pricey but had food my picky eaters enjoyed AND amazing sushi boat!

Review №80

Was looking for a good place for sushi in Fort Payne, Alabama and this was it! Friendly staff ( they gave a free appetizer), great sushi and nice clean atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Review №81

Food is very good. Service was excellent. You can tell good service if Thay watch your drink and don't let you run out. I never had to wait.

Review №82

The sushi is absolutely appalling. The rice is dry and the chicken taste like rubber.

Review №83

Great place too eat

Review №84

This was honestly the worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. The server we had was great, our drinks were brought immediately. When our food came (12 minutes later) which was very fast. The food however was terrible. My sushi was hot and looked like it had been prepared that morning. I still ate it much to my regret when I woke up sick to my stomach the next day. My wife order the salmon and rice. The salmon was paper thin and tasted terrible. She tasted one small bite and it ruined her appetite. I requested the salmon be taken off the bill since only one tiny bite (where she tried the salmon) was missing. They refused to take it off and treated me like some cheap customer looking for a free meal. I ended up paying for the whole meal in full. I will never come back to this establishment and will make sure anyone I know is aware of how they treat their customers. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had at any business.

Review №85

Get the Toke roll! It's the best

Review №86

Yummy! Never have to wait long either!

Review №87

Very good food. Large menu. Good atmosphere. Very busy, but good service.

Review №88

This is world class sushi in a fantastic small town. Beautiful theming, comfortable atmosphere. Lots to choose from.

Review №89

Love their shrimp fried rice.

Review №90

Food was beyond what words could describe. Our waitress Jenny was simply outstanding.

Review №91

Great food, huge menu, competitive prices.

Review №92

The food here is pretty good. I've tried several different dishes and haven't been disappointed in anything I've ordered. I find if you go during the lunch menu time, you get a lot for what you pay for.

Review №93

We eat here quite frequently...dine in and take out. The food is always fresh and cooked just right. Quiet atmosphere and very attentive staff.

Review №94

It was okay. Nothing was bad, nothing was great. Except the service. Everyone was nice and attentive.

Review №95

Excellent excellent food.. This is the first place I ever tried sushi and now I'm hooked...

Review №96

The Tom yum thai soup for two was the best thing I've come across

Review №97

Best Asian food in fort Payne!

Review №98

Fast, friendly service. The food is good. You can keep it pretty cheap there.

Review №99

Pretty good/occasionally greatish... You know how standards are in Alabama.

Review №100

Decent food, but way overpriced.

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  • Address:2605 Gault Ave N, Fort Payne, AL 35967, United States
  • Phone:+1 256-364-2000
  • Japanese restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–9PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:11AM–9PM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Great tea selection:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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