Applebees Grill Bar
6818 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Service is always awesome even when they have a full house. The service was very helpful and welcoming. The place has a nice feel to it.

Review №2

The picture says it all! This is one of the best meals I've had at a restaurant period. They didn't have the bell peppers on the plate like in this pic but other than that it is spot on and it was absolutely amazing. I could have eat this same meal every day for a month and never blinked . We hope everyone has an amazing day!!!

Review №3

We did take out last nite, it wasn't that bad, just wasn't as hot as it would have been had we dined in. But at times you've got to do what you got to do....

Review №4

Such nice waitstaff and the manager always comes by and checks on us and says Hi. Food was awesome as always.

Review №5

Applebee's is your average bar and grill. They currently have $2 drink specials as well as 2 for $20 and 2 for $25 meals which include an appetizer to share and an entree and 2 sides. Upon entering, my family and I were seated quickly. It wasn't crowded, yet it took an hour for our food to arrive so perhaps they were short staffed as everyone was rushing around. Our server was polite, just rushed and didn't offer any refills on our beverages aside from the alcoholic ones which was on point (Bahama Mama) After waiting for about 20 minutes after ordering, I was informed they didn't have any baked potatoes, so I settled for mashed potatoes. Once our food did arrive, everything looked good, but looks can be deceiving right? Right. I ordered my steak well pink. Once I cut into it, there it was... pink. The garlic mashed potatoes were decent, nothing special and the mac and cheese with bacon was a little dry. It wasn't really cheesy at all despite being called "four cheese". I was hungry and disappointed. My family said their food was pretty good. They had broccoli chicken alfredo and four cheese mac with honey pepper chicken tenders. I let the staff know about the steak and they said without any hesitation they would bring another one to ensure I was satisfied. I was concerned about the time, so once it arrived, I cut it to make sure it was well done and asked for a to go box. I did taste the steak and it was good! More than likely, I would return to this location just for drinks and an appetizer.

Review №6

We had a nice su-ch stuff was family friendly "I let the lily run wild" they where nothing but nice. Our waiters Brandy awesome person best service . Food was on point for sure, I had bacon whisky burger

Review №7

I admit we haven't been to an Applebee's for years. I was surprised to see they had discontinued bringing the apple fritters around before and during dinner! I want to say that the meal was excellent! We were pleasantly surprised!

Review №8

Kira and Kristen made our dinner time wonderful! They were so pleasant, polite and focused. Kira set us down and got our drinks with a big smile. Kristen took our orders served us with a big smile and a lot of accuracy. Oh, and the food was really good too!!

Review №9

We had a great time food great and our server was so nice her name was brandi such a sweet girl our little daughter was playing with her it was my first time I will be back thanks brandi

Review №10

Take out is always excellent! Fresh, hot food and I love how it's packaged.

Review №11

Good food however service was a little on the slow side.

Review №12

Poor service. Forgot 2 items ordered and never offered to refill a single drink. Waitress took our order and never came back. A different person brought the food and a third person brought our ticket. Very disappointed for a 75.00 meal.

Review №13

The food was really good...Ive only ordered to go.

Review №14

Love to eat here one of my favorite places to eat and wonderful customer service

Review №15

Our Hostess Taylor was such a sweetheart..Loved the atmosphere we were celebrating my cousin's birthday.

Review №16

Good to finally have a meal out and have a drink. Server was below average and little bit of a wait but decent experience in this new era. It was nice to be out.

Review №17

The first I've been to an Applebees and the food wasn't good. I'm giving 2 stars because the service was good.

Review №18

Food in general was very bland salad was good the price was too high for what we got for no busier than they were service was really bad

Review №19

$ was great but a little spicy for me

Review №20

Cheap drinks and the people are only reason they didnt get 1 star.

Review №21

Great steaks. Also great service.

Review №22

Food was amazing!!! Service was amazing!!! All around best choice we made that day!!!!

Review №23

My buns were black, the pasta in the chicken Alfredo was overdone, my loaded mashed potatoes were cold and they just slapped the toppings on there so the cheese wasn't melted at all, my fries were old, and the chips for our spinach dip were WAYYYYY over salted. The dude who took our order was really nice, but the food was awful, especially for almost $40. We've gone before for sit down and it was great, but I don't recommend getting curbside.

Review №24

First of all the service was very good. Then when you look at a menu and see pictures maybe I'm silly but I expect the food to come looking something like the picture I was enticed to order. Especially when they say that is really good everyone here loves this so we ordered it and surprisingly it actually came out looking the closest I've ever had to what the picture was on the menu. It was good it was their house special that they had a promotion for. The other items that we ordered were hamburgers and another special and they all came out really very good. So we were with this lunch. Which nowadays is really hard to find sometimes you get up and go I just spent $60 for lunch for us and I'm really not happy when I leave but this time we are all full and happy so I recommend Applebee's at least that one

Review №25

Inconsistent service.... but good food

Review №26

Had the whiskey bacon burger very good with excellent service

Review №27

I have door dashed rhis location 3 times this week and two times they have sent my order out with the sides missing entirely. If i wanted messed up orders i would go to mcdonalds.

Review №28

Great take out meal with 2 for $22. Service was fast, friendly and very personable for take out!

Review №29

Quick service on a busy night. Offers a variety of food. However they need to find a way to cut back on salt and let clients add it as they like or offer some low sodium options (most restaurants don't offer this option either)

Review №30

Great .25cent all you can eat wings special with monthly $1 drinks. Wings are tasty and drinks good. Waitstaff very friendly on a full house Friday dinner.

Review №31

Wow! I loved everything! The place was packed and the food was still perfect. The server was sweet and friendly. The ribs were to die for! Omg! I am so stuffed. Nap time.

Review №32

Disgusting. Drinks had very little alcohol and no actual flavor, chicken wings were still bloody, and the service was terrible.

Review №33

We went on a Saturday afternoon and were seated immediately. It took a long time for anyone to get us drinks or the order. When we sat down I killed an ant on the dining table. That happened several times while were there. They seemed to be dealing with something so I didnt want to cause any more issues than they already had. Once we got our food it was delicious. Turns out, someone had walked out on the job right before we got there. The guy waiting on the tables was telling everyone as he apologized for the long wait times. Overall the restaurant was icky and needed a deep clean.

Review №34

I get and understand covid19, but seriously bring back the quesadilla burger NOW!!.. :)

Review №35

First time going to Applebee's in a long time. First thing I noticed was that it was a little more expensive than Chili's. The service was impeccable. The waitress checked up on us at least once every 5 minutes. I ended up ordering the all you can eat chicken tenders and riblets for $13. Both meats were good and they came out fast when I ordered a second and third serving. Food tasted well too.

Review №36

The service was slow and the food was bad. The waitress was very nice and apologetic but overall

Review №37

Service was great! Very attentive and friendly. Food was great and we will return again soon. Reasonably priced too. Talked to the manager while we were there, very nice guy.

Review №38

Great Food! Great &Friendly Customer Service. Food Quality Is Great, The Prices Are Great And It's Very Clean

Review №39

Food was good. service could have been better. Told we would have plates brought out to us, waited and waited tell we had enough and had to pull someone else. To top it off we went out for my sons 5th birthday, we tell them and she brings it out like it didn't mean anything. What happen to the clapping and singing!?!?!? Way to make him feel special.

Review №40

We came for a basketball tournament from OKC and we decide to have dinner here. Miss Bailey she was absolutely wonderful the greatest customer service I have experienced in a long time at Applebee's. Kudos!

Review №41

Good food, good prices, good people.

Review №42

Good service, good food, high price.

Review №43

They have good food and the place is great

Review №44

Absolutely amazing! Very good food and amazing service. The staff completely made our night and so did the people eating. An amazing place to go to.

Review №45

Went for my anniversary last night. My food came out twice cold but the manager made good on it. So I was happy.

Review №46

Great place to visit with family & friends & has awesome food! Friendly employees!

Review №47

Lance was an amazing server. Food tastes great.

Review №48

My daughter works there and they treat her so good

Review №49

Great food,very pleasant,great server!

Review №50

Don't waste your time!! Worst service ever! Hostesses wrote names down then seated parties that just walked in, server took 5 minutes to greet us and get drink order, then 10 minutes to get drinks, and nobody ever took our order or tried to! We left after 20 minutes. No idea how that place is still open with no management going on and employees who have no idea how to do their job.

Review №51

Wobderful food, wonderful wait staff and cooks

Review №52

The burgers were fantastic, and the servers were the sweetest!

Review №53

Very pleased with the service, food and environment.

Review №54

Wonderful as always. Always look for them. Wish we had one closer to us. Now 90-100 miles away

Review №55

Food was bomb and staff was super friendly. Props to them for responding well to the influx of customers. Very timely.

Review №56

Worst steak I've ever had!!

Review №57

Staff was nice but they messed up my food

Review №58

The food was good, waitress was prompt and didn't let your drink get empty, she was really nice. The place was nice and clean too.

Review №59

Bourbon steak was good. Wasn't as big as listed, and didn't look as menu photo shown -but whatever does, right? Still looked charming and had amazing flavor. Potatoes cooked to perfection. Sauce and onions we're pleasant but lacked in portion.*would recommendAppetizer sampler platter was perfectO!Chicken fettuccine was good, not great.

Review №60

Went there for the all you can eat wings the wings were extremely dry and food tastes nasty. We got there at 10 a.m. when they first opened and underneath our table it was extremely dirty and nasty like they were too lazy to clean.

Review №61

Price was good. Food was good. Drinks were good. Bartender was great!

Review №62

Good only had to send steak back once

Review №63

Food was good. Friendly service. Took a little bit to get food. But the wait was worth it. I had the Big Texas taco salad yummy. My hubby had the Bourbon chicken and shrimp and my mom had the Quesadilla burger. Everything was yummy.

Review №64

Baylee was the best waitress I've had in a long timeSadly enough I had to come all the way to Arkansas to get treated with a lot of respect. Because in Midwest City Oklahoma Applebee's the bar waitress bartender whatever she is was so rude. I will never go back to that Applebee's in Midwest City Oklahoma and I used to go there all the time years ago.

Review №65

Terrible food. Terrible drinks! Not worth the price at ALL. Our waiter was lovely though!

Review №66

Those $1 drinks will sneak up on you. I also had a sampler. It was really good. Our waitress was very sweet as well.

Review №67

You can always tell a good restaurant when the bathrooms are clean.Could come ratterree good employees, good food

Review №68

Server was great. Was charged extra for what we were told as a “ cheesy broccoli “ it had shredded cheese that was not melted and a white sauce. Don't pay extra, step it up, lunch was bland. Bad decision for lunch unfortunately

Review №69

Yummy love this place!!!

Review №70

Friendly love drinks

Review №71

Dej was our waitress and she did a wonderful job! The food was great, as well.

Review №72

Our server, molli was great! The food and drinks we're excellent and the brownie at the end was exceptional! Love this place

Review №73

Applebee was great i took my Sweetheart Mary. On Valentine's day to go eat there and the people were nice they treated us with kind and and the waitress done a great job waitressing on us and Sweetheart Mary love eating there and i also have a good freind Jose's how manage Applebee keep the work Jose's may the Good Lord Bless You and your employees that Works with you ok God Bless you .

Review №74

Applebee's was fine to night. Service was a bit slow and the cheesey brocolli wasn't all that cheesey. The loaded mashed spuds were awesome though. The parmesan cheese/sauce from the shrimp was great on my mashed spuds. The ribs were great, wish I'd asked for extra sauce. My friend was happy with her sirloin. All in all, we'll be back.

Review №75

I had the rib plate and it was okay and I have the macaroni

Review №76

Everything was awesome the service, the food; our waitress was friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable. The bathroom was was clean a (major plus). Just be careful with what you pick, because everything is so good! From the appetizers, to the meal and desserts everything was Awesome. A must go if you haven't.

Review №77

A little slow but food was good

Review №78

Rogers Avenue, Ft Smith, AR location. Greeter advised that bartender handles take out orders. Bartender Amber was not friendly. Advised her was there to pick up take out. She advised would be with us in a few minutes. In the meantime we noticed there were two bags of food at a table. She asked what was ordered, took our money and advised order was being put together. A little while later she checks the bags on the table and it was our food sitting there the whole time we were waiting!!! No apology or concern. We asked for manager and he was the same. Not a very friendly atmosphere.

Review №79

Never fails - Aways great!

Review №80

Great service, drinks were a bit to much alcohol and ice, not enough mixture.

Review №81

The chicken parmesan was awful. The chicken was overcooked, the sauce was funky tasting and breadstick was hard as a rock. The tea was good.

Review №82

The food was fairly good, plus they need to do some extra cleaning of the place

Review №83

All I ordered was a salad. When it came to the table I picked off several rotten pieces of lettuce. I sent it back and asked for a fresh salad. They never brought me another salad. I left.

Review №84

The all you can eat shrimp was pretty good. The waitress was very good. They did however act like they couldn't get us out fast enough towards the end of the meal. Just because I had on LSU gear. Get over it pork nation.

Review №85

One of my favorite places to eat. I love their spinach dip.

Review №86

Nice staff, but the food is just okay. I probably wouldn't visit us my in-laws didn't send gift cards for holidays.

Review №87

There is a young waiter there by the name of Domanick, he is awesome ! And the food was great

Review №88

Tge food was really good. And the waitress Rebekah R was fantastic. She mixed up a couple paradise punches and they were the bomb.

Review №89

We come in tonight for dinner asked Reggie to surprise us with a dinner option. He did just that. amazing Job! Spoke with Jose and he was very pleasant with our staisfaction. our server Stephanie was great, handled everything really well, evwn my husbands fake teeth in his in his drink... so dunny. We had a great time and enjoyed our visit. Thanks for the great food, service and fun.

Review №90

Was pretty good

Review №91

If I could give zero stars I would this place is disgusting The table that we where at was completely sticky like they do dent even try to wipe it down all of the foods are nasty you can tell nothing is fresh I will never go to any apple bees again

Review №92

This place has great service, and the food is great. Not to mention, the prices are better than most other places in town.

Review №93

She loved it best restaurant she ever ate at she said. I always enjoyed applebees

Review №94

Good food. Good prices. Waitress was very sweet!

Review №95

Had a great Waiter, and the food was delicious and drinks were fabulous.

Review №96

Fair pricing, family friendly menu

Review №97

Side dish coleslaw dry. Service poor. Won't be back at this Applebee's

Review №98

Horrible. All food was freezer burned or undercooked. My husband's medium rare steak came back even less cooked then rare, and his potato was still super undercooked. I had mozzarella sticks that were way freezer burned, and I ordered the chicken parmisgiana. Chicken tasted freezer burned and the pasta was hard. This is the 3rd time in 3 years that we have gone, expecting better service and food, but extremely disappointed.

Review №99

Always loved the food. Nice and comfortable

Review №100

First time at Applebee's?It will be a great experienceWomen's day out; with my mother we went on a shopping day then had lunch.Wonderful food excellent service!Thank you Applebee's ️

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  • Phone:+1 479-452-4112
  • American restaurant
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Great wine list:Yes
Popular for
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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