Does Eat Place
422 N 3rd St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

Steak was awesome service was great we were sat on the balcony and could see the sky pretty clearly. It rather expensive but very much worth it.

Review №2

I did my research about this restaurant because we were looking for a special place for a lovely dinner. I hit the jackpot. We went after 8 on a Wednesday night so it wasn't crowded. We chose to eat on the top outside balcony and the ambiance and facility was great. The food was delectable, especially the corn muffins, steak and baked potato skins. This was already a ‘5,' but our server, LINDSAY, was the icing on the cake. She was so personable, helpful, and excellent that I felt like I wanted to adopt her before I left. She happily showed us the cave dining area even though it was closed off. What a memorable evening.

Review №3

Went here to eat with a group of friends last weekend while in Ft. Smith for the day. All I can say is this...I will be back every time I am in town. The food was phenomenal and the service was outstanding. I think our waiter was named Brad or maybe Kevin, but whatever his name was, he was sensational. He even gave us a tour of the place and some history on the building. Everyone there was friendly and helpful and omg the so so good!!!

Review №4

Probably one of the best places to enjoy Beef there is. I would bet they must have known the healthy animal and it's likely natural farming habitat and farmer. Always great and friendly Service. It might seem pricy first but in fact it is worth every penny.When in FS I must return here Thanks do the owners and crew for making this possible. Excellent!

Review №5

Sirloin was a little tough this time but better than any other steak you can get in the area. Ate here numerous times. I recommend it.

Review №6

The food was delicious.....the service was great....... but we were in the basement with 2 large groups. It was loud. I'll return again but I'll just request different sitting.

Review №7

Wow, who would have thought the best steakhouse I've been to in the past year would be in Ft. Smith, Arkansas? The only weird thing was that the plates were plastic. Other than that it was easily the best steak I have had in a couple years. Before that it would have been Red the Steakhouse in Cleveland, but this was better. I had the huge king cut fillet medium rare and for that big of a fillet it was cooked to perfection, red middle and perfectly crusted on the outside. The mushrooms on the side were just right, not overly flavored, allowing the mushrooms to shine. Even the baked potato was moist and on point. Super time with a great group of people and a server who knew how to deal with a scruffy bunch of steelmakers made for the right blend of atmosphere and food. Thank you!

Review №8

Everything was awesome. Tamales are unbelievably good. Corn and crab bisque, bread,steak,green beans,red potatoes, all excellent.

Review №9

Had Date night and steak was perfect Baked Potatoes was cooked juicy and a waiter saved a man from choking so with all that this place has it going on. Staff was very respectful.

Review №10

Exceptional steaks and drop biscuits. Everything else is kind of below average. Flatware and glasses seem like they are from a kids cafeteria.

Review №11

Food was very good. I would recommend this to anyone

Review №12

Working in the area and stopped for dinner and directions. Thanks for the information and appetizer. Very good service and very helpful.

Review №13

Unique eatery with history! Steaks were good, great value for the amount of food you get! My husband and I shared a steak and there was still plenty (2lbs and we each got a side and salad) that could've been left over, lol but my husband finished it all. I got the blue cheese dressing for my salad and it was some of the best I've had! The bread is delicious! Service was top notch. Worth the money

Review №14

Very nice setting. The restaurant is in an old building supposed to be a mill of some kind. The upper floor has a cozy bar area. The lower level has a cellar. There is outdoor seating on a patio, partly covered, which we did not enjoy on account of colder weather.Their steaks are supposedly the star of the show, but I couldn't comment on that as I'm not a steak eater. The sides I tried did not impress me a whole lot.Prices seemed high but I suppose the steaks may justify it based on other reviews I read.

Review №15

Best Steak ever, House salad Dressing amazing too!!!

Review №16

Excellent steak house! Large cuts of beef, easy to share. Loved the drop biscuits with honey. Had the ribeye- Cowboy cut, about 32 oz, one of the best! Ate in the celler- cool setting. Overall well done.

Review №17

One of the best steaks in AR and definitely best in FS. Get the Ribeye Medium.

Review №18

The steak was top notch and the service was great!

Review №19

My favorite stop while in Ft. Smith

Review №20

The concept is simple and the steak is outstanding. We are never disappointed a the end of the meal.

Review №21

Amazing historical building with the best steaks I've ever eaten

Review №22

It was fun... If you like meat... Otherwise... Find someplace else! The staff was great. Neat setting. Quality drinks.

Review №23

Excelent Steak! The best!

Review №24

WOW!!! What an amazing meal! I have been to some of the best steak houses in the country and this place ranks near the top for food quality. But the thing that put this place over the top was Justin our waiter. Justin was witty, funny, knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. He was everything you want in a waiter I hope the management takes care of him because he brings the WOW factor that most places don't.

Review №25

Filet was great and service top notch

Review №26

We couldn't get in until 8:30 but that was okay. The fact it is housed in an 200 yr old brewery that has been renovated to house the restaurant makes for an interesting feel. We were hoping to get down in the tunnels but 30 Navy Seals from Fort Chaffee were there, no prob and thank you for your service guys. The Seals had ordered all the t-bones so we ordered the filets, oh my gosh they were so tender, perfectly cooked and tasted like beef not seasonings etc. Our waiter was entertaining and polite. It was an awesome dinner and well worth the price. If we are ever back in Fort Smith we will definitely go again.

Review №27

The absolute best steak I've ever had. I'd go here again, we came all the way down from Colorado. To top it off the service was impeccable. The steak was juicy and tender.

Review №28

The food and service was top notch!

Review №29

I've don't live in Fort Smith but Oklahoman CityMy first visit was 2003, I've never had a bad Porter House Steak. I'm in the area once or twice a year I never miss a chance to visit and eat. I was just there July 3rd, great meal. Great staff. I recommend 3 pound porter House for two. Yes, tamales. Order two for appetizer.

Review №30

Excellent food, excellent service. The restaurant has a ton of character. Had the filet and 10 oz lobster tail. Largest lobster tail I have ever seen.

Review №31

Best steak ever.

Review №32

The food is the best in town...

Review №33

You have to see and eat this to believe it! Amazing! Wish I could give 7 stars!

Review №34

Great meal and service as usual.

Review №35

Steak portions are large. Very good flavor. Sides were good. Atmosphere was historic... Ask to sit in cellar, very cool temperature and beauty!

Review №36

We went today for the first time and let me tell you not impress at all. Got seated right away but our server took a long time to get our orders I'm talking about 3o minutes or so then I order a beer and my friend order a sweet tee that took 20 min to get to us come on its beer and sweet tea. Overall bad service and way over price.

Review №37

The steaks are always great, perfectly cooked, incredibly flavorful. The sides are good, the appetizers are great. The tamales are delicious, so are the shrimp, broiled especially, that seasoning is really good. And the little sweet fried doughnut-like things, yum.

Review №38

The cost is what you'd expect from an upscale restaurant. I met someone there for a first date and the bill was just under $140. The old adage you get what you pay for proved true in the positive in this case. The steaks were perfectly prepared - mine was med-well and hers was med-rare and the portions, based on weight, surpassed expectation. The place was clean, orderly, spacious, and unique. If there was any down side it was that I could not try every cut on the menu in one sitting. For restaurants in Fort Smith this is as good as it gets and I cannot give enough praise to the quality and preparation of the food. A+ 5/5 and all the superlatives apply.

Review №39

The food here is phenomenal. Probably the best steak I've had so far. Good portions. Great quality. Good atmosphere. The server provided fantastic service and was just a pleasant person in general. I wish I could remember their name but I'll be sure to seek them out next time I eat at this location.

Review №40

My whole family loves Doe's. Yes, the prices are higher than most of the local restaurants, but everything is always so good. We've stopped by enough times that we have sampled everything on the menu, except for the drinks (still working on that), and it has all been great. The workers are always so friendly. We have never had a bad experience here.

Review №41

Amazing meal. Great service. Memorable location. We will be back.

Review №42

It was like dinner and a show at once! Amazing place to eat! Justin was epic! Don't ask for A1!

Review №43

The steaks were great, service too . Issues: we were seated near the kitchen, could see the nastiest dirtiest ice chest that was used to fill the drinks. If you drug it through a pig pen it couldn't look worse. Made me think of the kitchen staff used it with no hesitation, what did the rest of the kitchen look like!!! Also the Heinz ketchup bottles were many years old and the ketchup that was in them definitely wasn't Heinz.

Review №44

THE FOOD: Here's the thing. They do steak beautifully. But a culinary adventure or extraordinary food? Overall, it just isn't that. Aside from the steak, there isn't much that distinguishes the food from some chain steak place. And given that that is the meal, the price points aren't quite justified because there just isn't that much effort, thought, or work involved.How hard is it to sear or reverse sear an aged steak to perfection? Well, if you are reasonably trained cook or you do some small amount of reading and practice, it just isn't that hard. That kind of steak should be a basic skill and so, if that is all you do, your restaurant is kind of dull. Don't get me wrong--the steaks are great. But, the sides are boring, and there's no indication that any of the ingredients are local or special or that any extra thought went into the food. Example: The drop biscuits come with prepackaged squares of butter. Example: The salad is iceberg and looks like it came from a pre-mixed bag. Example: They're boiling/steaming most of the vegetables that you eat that are not potatoes, although boiled/steamed potatoes are an option. Example: The fries are adequate hand-cut fries, and the mushrooms are sauted with salt and pepper. Example: I challenge you to find a fresh cut herb.THE SERVICE: Totally fine.THE DECOR: This is a renovated brewery dating from the 1840s wholly unadorned by anything noticeable other than the fact that it is a renovated brewery from the 1840s. The napkins are paper. The tables appear to be wood laminate. The plates, serving-ware, and cutlery are indistinguishable from anything in the kitchen of a local who shopped at K-mart in the nineties. Decoration or flourishes of any kind appear to be pretty sparse.Want to know how to decorate a stone brewery from two centuries ago so that it feels homey? You need only go to Germany, the UK, or even Indianapolis to find a fine example.OVERALL: There are a million steak places, especially in Arkansas. I admit that not all of them know how to cook a steak and not all of them bother to ask me how I want it. Here, I hoped someone in the kitchen would bother to take a risk or do anything unique or interesting. They didn't. Ultimately, there isn't anything to distinguish this place from the house of your aunt who is a pretty good cook, for what she can do, given how hard she works and how few resources she has.

Review №45

The steaks are always so amazing and the refreshments are always on point too.

Review №46

I had a really nice experience here. Sat outside on a beautiful Arkansas evening. My server offered a rose which was perfect choice. Delicious steak perfectly cooked to rare. Salad was very good with an interesting house dressing. The building is an historical example.I am a “bit” older and often dine alone while traveling for work. Doe's was so comfortable. A nice choice of seating options. Deliberate server attention. I turned down repeated offers to have someone walk me to my car, but I know the hostess watched from the window. Everyone was so nice.

Review №47

Giant steaks, excellent grilling and great service

Review №48

Great food, friendly service, but expensive if you ask me

Review №49

Food is amazing, drinks were top notch!

Review №50

Food was fantastic, service was good.

Review №51

I'd say 5 years ago it would have been 4 stars. Maybe 5. The last time I went it just wasn't worth the money. Very disappointing.

Review №52

Steak as usual very good and tender, HOWEVER "NO STEAK SAUCE OF ANY KIND IN THE WHOLE PLACE!". What steakhouse has absolutely NO STEAKSAUCE! Guess it's going to be BYOB next time!!

Review №53

Super good steaks that were absolutely huge. Menu is deceiving, t bones are $27 a POUND and are 2 pounds or so we didn't find this out till we got the bill. 5 guys, just 3 beers and a $360 bill plus a $60 tip made for an expensive night

Review №54

Great food, but loud atmosphere

Review №55

Doe's never ceases to impress me. One if the best steaks I've ever eaten.

Review №56

Was excellent. Had tamales before pur main entree and they were delicious. I was so full that I could only eat a few bites of my Filet Mignon. My filet was juicy and melted in my mouth. Yummy. The atmosphere was romantic and mystical. Loved this Does.

Review №57

Great steak if you like it cooked in the broiler.For $100 diner for two neither of us thought we got our money's worth. I wanted a 2.5lb ribey and all they had was 1lb steaks of the good cuts. Service was ok. When you have a high end dinner you want real sour cream not a small container like you give grade school kids.Loved the atmosphere of the place.

Review №58

Great steak joint in a historic building near downtown Ft Smith. Ask to sit in the cellar (unless you're claustrophobic). The filet is superb, but the specialty is the giant porterhouse (2 1/2 to 3 pounds). Great for sharing. The meat is always perfectly prepared. Not an extensive menu, so don't go to Doe's with a bunch of fish lovers. Or vegetarians. But if you're a true steak-and-potatoes person, Doe's is a classic.

Review №59

Doe's has the best steak in Fort Smith. The portion size is fairly large and their flavoring on the steak is impeccable. Their sides are amazing as well. The fried biscuits are delicious and the salad was mind blowing because of the freshly made blue cheese dressing. I've traveled a bit around the world and this blue cheese is the best I have ever had.

Review №60

Best steak I've ever had hands down 2 1/4" thick filet mignon

Review №61

One of the best steaks I have ever had. I will definitely be back when I'm in town.

Review №62

Really enjoyed but I was cold

Review №63

Food was really good, table of 7 people, had a over confident, obnoxious server who made the visit more about him then the two people who were celebrating a 50 year wedding anniversary. After his almost endless 10 minute introduction and menu summary, awkward suggestions and attempts at humor Justin thought he would self impose his 15% tip on the $325 meal. His tip that he felt entitled to was $53.98, I always thought that a tip like this was only imposed when serving 8 or more. Not wanting to make anymore of this visit about our waiter, I gave him $53.00 in cash for the tip. This guy had the nerve to walk up to me and ask why I was”stiffing him” for the tip. That's right he was offended and confronted me in front of my family that I didn't give him the 98 cents. What a JERK!

Review №64

Always good. Best steak anywhere.

Review №65

Great atmosphere with great food! Many choices for alcohol and our server was very knowledgable about the menu and the building. To quote him, "you wont leave hungry" and it was a very true statement!

Review №66

Absolutely love the steaks. Seasoned just right, and cooked to perfection. And you have to try the biscuits with honey!

Review №67

Steaks you can cut with fork

Review №68

Best steak in the entire world and I can prove it.

Review №69

Best steak in town. The people are great, service superb, and the food was even better. Also love the history of the stone building that is, as I recall, about 150 years old.

Review №70

Way too expensive for the quality of the food

Review №71

I love this place, Trent is the best bartender ever and he is knowledgeable about so many things. Will definitely be back

Review №72

Food is good, prices are a bit high, don't look in the kitchen.

Review №73

Great place with great food. Worth a try!

Review №74

Grear drinks, steak, food, ambiance, people, love it

Review №75

This place is out of this world! The food is incredible and the atmosphere even better. Sit upstairs....the team upstairs is a hoot and offer great service:)

Review №76

Never a bad bite. Everything is amazing and top quality. Well worth the price!!

Review №77

It was ok. I've had better steaks, but not many. Sat in the"basement". Loud n dark. Servers were friendly. Seated before our reservation time

Review №78

Split the sirlion with a friend, top 10 best cuts of meat I have ever had. Also get the mushrooms, you'll understand stand once you eat them.

Review №79

Food sucked. Cold bread. Worst salad. Steaks were not impressive. Rib-eye was all fat and bone. So only got like 6 oz. Filet was tough and no flavor. Waters had no ice. Never going back. Ever.

Review №80

The best steak in town by far. Generous portions, cool atmosphere, great service. The staff were very friendly and professional. Will definitely be back.

Review №81

Yummy steak!! Make sure to get the mushrooms. The rolls with butter and honey are delicious! Oh and the tamales are great as well.

Review №82

Steaks were amazing, sides were disappointing

Review №83

Excellent steak and service i think the Fayetteville one is better

Review №84

Great steak reasonably priced.

Review №85

While the steaks were exceptional, the overall experience was a huge disappointment. I drove 5 hours from Texas to treat my folks to a nice dinner for their 61st wedding anniversary. We overlooked the initial blunder that our table was mistakenly given to another group of 3... and even the relatively mediocre service (for instance, our waiter disappeared with my water glass and failed to bring crackers for our salads until after we finished them). Those things can be chalked up to a busy night, even though the prices (our bill was over $200 for the 3 of us) should warrant excellence in service. But the evening was ruined by the large party seated next to us who were obnoxiously and piercingly loud and rude. We were unable to enjoy any semblance of conversation ... let alone enjoy our meal. When I asked to speak with the manager, he basically alluded to the fact his day had sucked and he was sorry ours had, too. Oh, and that he had no control over obnoxious customers in his establishment. We would have had a better experience at McDonalds... for 1/50th of the price.

Review №86

Great steaks but be careful on the size!

Review №87

Out-freaking-standing! Best service ever. Chase is top notch. Finest steak dinner around. Go here if you are a steak fan!

Review №88

June 21 2019 was our 20th anniversary. We had been in Fayetteville earlier in the day and could have eaten at the Doe's there but I wanted to support local business so we opted for the Ft. Smith Doe's. On our arrival we were told that they were very busy but were given our choice of several tables. After being seated the waitress swiftly came and took our order. So far so good. I felt a bit hot but thought it was just me and that I had just not cooled down yet after coming inside from the 93 degree heat of the day. Turns out that was not the problem. Our food arrived swiftly. Our waitress never made comment on the heat but I overheard a woman at the next table saying that she had been told by her waiter that the A/C was out. Since our dinner had already been served to us we did not feel that we could walk away without being responsible for paying for the meal. The rest of the meal was hellish as we shared the dining area with an additional 20 people and a babe in arms as I am fairly certain that the temperature in the dining room was at least as high if not higher than it was outside. The mother of the baby was wiping the child's head with a damp napkin in an attempt to cool it down but she eventually had to go outside to accomplish this goal. The waitress crazily asked us if we had left room for dessert as if there were nothing wrong and my husband and I were not drenched in sweat. I could not disguise my desire to be out of the Doe's hotbox in my reply to her. As we left we could see that the staff continued to bring more customers into the restaurant which they knew to be uncomfortably hot. A local Vietnamese restaurant we frequent had their A/C go out and at least that owner had the good grace to post a notice on her door so that her customers could make and informed decision. If profit is so important to the management of Doe's that they would not give their patrons the opportunity to know that they will be eating in intense heat then I very much wonder what other corners and economies they are willing to make. When you are dropping nearly a hundred dollars for a meal for two one would expect not to eat that meal in temperatures you could expect at the local drive through Sonic. I know that this will be our last trip to the Ft. Smith Doe's as Fayetteville is not that far. Listening to the comments of other diners leaving at the same time we were I think that we will not be the only ones.

Review №89

My experience here was several years ago and I have not been back. I ordered the smallest steak on the menu, a filet which I think was 12-16oz. It was the blandest, most flavorless steak I have ever eaten and was extremely over priced. The atmosphere was great, the restaurant was beautiful. I had heard and continue to hear wonderful things about Doe's so my experience was extremely disappointing, not to mention costly.

Review №90

They should keep there days that they are closed for holidays not only posted on the door, but also current at least on google maps so I didn't waste a drive from van buren with my family on my birthday. Disappointing...

Review №91

We stop here every other year when Auburn plays Arkansas. One of our favorite places.

Review №92

Wonderful food and service.Justin in particular made the experience special.

Review №93

Awesome food! Great steak!

Review №94

My wife and I both steak lovers and this places is definitely on our top 5 list. The service from Jason was great and the food was even better. My wife got the porterhouse which was so tender she could could cut part of it with her fork. I had the the ribeye and it had a really great flavor. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №95

The food was great steaks where cooked to perfect temp but it took a while to get our food but still great!!!!!

Review №96

Giant steaks. My wife loves it, I proposed to her there.

Review №97

I order the ribeye it was perfect. It is a massive amount. Enjoyed the fried biscuits with honey. Would highly recommend if you enjoy a good steak. Staff is fantastic.

Review №98

I have eaten at more than a few of the Doe's franchises. Each is unique but this location has the best steaks and the most interesting atmosphere. Fantastic service. I recommend the porterhouse, red potatoes and green beans.

Review №99

Great atmosphere, friendly service, and great meals make this restaurant a must-eat! The food is a bit on the pricey side, but it is definitely worth it!

Review №100

I gave it a three but for the right situation with a steak lover it is a five for the novelty. The steaks are good quality and huge, in that a ribeye could feed a third world family for a week. It is a very nice cozy historical building. However the appetizers and sides are very limited and somewhat boring, potatoes, green beans, and a salad. The chowder is good. The tamales are great and well priced to buy a dozen or so to go. Prices for steaks start at 32 per pound for a porterhouse. The beer and wine selection are proly the best in fort smith. Service is very slow even allowing for the fact that huge steaks take a long time to cook. All in all a good place if you are in no hurry and like a good steak and the novelty of a huge $52 ribeye. To make this place the same price as any other steak place order the ribeye and split it. Half a huge ribeye for $25 including a salad and side is no higher priced than any other steak place. You will get an extra side for free (for example order green beans and potatoes), with proly the best wine, beer, and port selection in fort smith. Very good place for a date. Historical location and slow leisurely service European or Latin style. It isn't the place you go to every week but it would be a perfect first date. If you want to impress a steak lover who is a duscriminating wine, beer, spirits, or port drinker this is the place. Many good quality spirits, wines, beets, and ports by the glass. Prices are very reasonable for what you get by glass or bottle. If you like reds but aren't sure what to order you can rarely go wrong with a Shiraz or zinfandel with a steak. The staff is very knowledgeable so don't be afraid to ask. Cocktails also often at $5. If you are splurging and going all out (but never act like it. Always underplay it) this is definitely the place for a date that can appreciate the quality and breadth of the alcohol selection. You can expect beverages appetizer, dinner, a botyle of wine, dessert and a glass of port at the end to set you back $180 for two, which includes tip. You can have a nice meal for $90 for two including tip but that is without many frills. Splitting a steak with no alcohol sets you back no more than any other steak place. I definitely recommend it for a first or second date. I don't recommend it for a weekly hangout just because the food selections while very good are a bit limited, conventional, and it is a bit slow. It is a great weekly hangout for drinks and appetizers though, if you are the discriminating drinker. The IPA selection alone is impressive and they do have the best IPA available in Arkansas. Sangria is good and well priced too.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:422 N 3rd St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-784-9111
  • American restaurant
  • Steak house
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  • Live music venue
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  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
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  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
Dining options
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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