Rolandos Restaurante
917 N A St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

Everything was wonderful! Vince was the best waiter ever! We were celebrating our anniversary and he brought us rum cake, which was warm and utterly delicious, and a sweet card! We will definitely be back again! Thanks for a fantastic meal.

Review №2

I ordered for carry out. The servers were super sweet and friendly! The only problem was the food. I ordered the Susu enchiladas and my order was made wrong. The chicken was so dry, it was inedible, the rice and beans were bland, & no sauce on my enchiladas ): Ended up throwing it away, and didn't bother calling them to fix the order.Edit: Much better experience the second time. I have to say, I have never received better service anywhere else. Vince and the owner are the nicest, friendliest people ever. Next time I'm in the area, I will definitely return back to eat here. I‘ll be recommending this place to all my friends (:

Review №3

Delicious food and a great atmosphere. If you are looking for great South American food, then look no further. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Review №4

I liked the ambiance. Chips were cold. Food was pretty but the orange tortillas were stale. The pickled onions and pickled cucumbers were room temp. The assorted tamales were dry with no sauce. The black beans and rice were tasty with the cream sauce. The best part of my meal. The cheese queso with spinach was good but cold tortilla chips made it unappetizing.

Review №5

I love this place, finally got my husband to try it and now he loves it too. Food is on point, so many unique flavors and seasoning. Service is great, cocktails are yummy. If you want to try something new and different, I highly recommend it.

Review №6

Great place to eat, food was on point waiters were all very accommodation and professional. The atmosphere was great. The price is marginally higher than your average place but it was worth it.

Review №7

Beautifully done inside & out. Food was excellent as was the service. Its nice to see new places and different types of food in our little town. We have a pretty good variety here. I'll definitely be coming back here.

Review №8

Really good Mexican/Central American food! This ain't Taco Bell. It's not even strip mall Mexican, it's more artisan, it's better presented and tastes awesome! I was recommended to eat here and I'm glad I did. Next time I visit Ft. Smith, this will be a not-to-miss.

Review №9

ALWAYS delicious! Portion sizes are perfect and look gorgeous every single time I go. Bravo! I like the new location too bc the parking is easier :)

Review №10

This is a very unique Latin/Mexican food restaurant. The enchilada's I had were just okay but the burrito was awesome. Make sure you get the guacamole because it is the best I have ever eaten.

Review №11

This place is absolutely amazing! My favorite part was definitely the dessert!

Review №12

I loved my meal! Service was great, very friendly any took good care of us. Lovely atmosphere, with live music. We split the tamale appetizer, it was alright. I had white fish with capers on top, I'm not sure the name now. It had a ton of flavor and was a large portion! My husband did not enjoy his much at all, it was a spinach and chicken burrito. He said the spinach had a strange taste, almost fishy taste. It appeared to have a LOT of spinach as well. He tried to remind him it from the burrito. Hopefully we will be back and he can find something he enjoys!

Review №13

Food was nasty and expensive dont waste youre time

Review №14

I came here for a work lunch & had the LULA's enchiladas. YUM!! The black beans & rice were SO delicious also!

Review №15

This is always a great place to eat. Last night was the first time for us to visit their new location. With the addition of the upstairs eating area, there is plenty of room for large groups. The addition of the live music was perfect (the trio sang 70's and 80's classic and they were really good!). If you're looking for great Latin American food, this is it!

Review №16

Absolutely delicious and different from normal "Mexican" food. Vivid colors and interesting flavors with the dishes. Highly recommend the goat cheese quesadilla, it was wonderful. The chips and cowboy caviar to begin the meal are mouth-watering! The question flambe was excellent until the last bite when we realized not all of the 151 had burned off :(. A fantastic meal overall!

Review №17

My family has been going to Rolando's for a LONG time, we went when they were still in there old location! My dad and the owner are good friends the food is ALWAYS wonderful! Good prices, great portions and always great service!

Review №18

Absolutely wonderful. Love the decor, relaxing, interesting, beautiful. The food was excellent! It was colorful, pretty, well presented, and the flavor, oh my gosh, wonderful! The staff was top notch. Best in Fort Smith for sure. A definite must!

Review №19

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Vince and Matt! I was out for a work lunch with a group of my co-workers and had ordered diet dr pepper to drink. Rolando's doesn't have Dr. Pepper products (which is totally fine, a lot of places don't) so I ordered water. Ten minutes later, they brought out a champagne bucket (and champagne glass) and had me a bottle of diet Dr. Pepper sitting there. They had ran down the street and got it for me at the gas station. What customer service! It was greatly appreciated and made my day! :)

Review №20

Location was convenient! Super cute interior. Cheap prices. The presentation of the food is pretty. However, it was not very good. I got the “adventure platter.” My chicken enchilada was cold and the cheese was mushy. The pork quesadilla is just one flour tortilla folded over with pork and cheese. The tamale was super tiny and dry. The white rice and black beans were the only good thing on my plate.

Review №21

This is mine and my husband's favorite restaurant in Fort Smith! The atmosphere is just fantastic. It is a beautiful sight and relaxing. The staff is always great, very helpful and friendly. The food is Amazing! Very authentic tastes and variety of dishes. My favorite thing there is their sweet tea and enchiladas with Verde sour cream sauce. The tea taste like it has been sweetened with natural fruit juice.

Review №22

Working in the area and stopped for lunch. Great food. Thanks for the information.

Review №23

Scott was our waiter and did an excellent job. Very personable. Atmosphere is always pleasant and is was a treat to be back.

Review №24

We stopped by Fort Smith for a quick lunch and we were pleasantly surprised. First of all, the staff was great at recommending dishes and just makes you feel cared for the entire time. We ordered Josefina's tamales and pollo bohemios and they were both really flavorful accompanying their home-made pickled side dishes. I really enjoyed their colorful decorations and upbeat music to set you in a happy mood while eating. Overall it's a great meal and we'd love to come back some day!

Review №25

I can't say enough good about this place. It is definitely one of the best restaurants that I have ever been to. The food is just out of this world good. Great place to take a dates or business partner. Have you been treated myself.

Review №26

Awesome Latin food! Nice atmosphere and friendly servers. Recommended for something different!

Review №27

Rolandos was amazing...the staff was amazing...get the tilapia...get the rum won't be sorry.

Review №28

This is such a great place to eat for lunch or dinner. The salsa is not your typical salsa and the flaming queso dip is amazing! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I love their Don Quixote burrito. The atmosphere is unique and historic. You will not be disappointed.

Review №29

Absolutely excellent / impeccable service with a great atmosphere and a desire for you to come back again and again. The food while leaning toward Hispanic was still very tasty and unusual for this area

Review №30

The best food and service! Not one bad thing on the menu!

Review №31

Gave us our own seats for a large party upstairs. Very understanding and delicious food.

Review №32

Personal staff with great recommendations incredible food I'll definitely be back everyone I'm in fort Smith

Review №33

Never been there so idont know

Review №34

They have the best guacamole I've ever had an a burrito bigger than my face. Great meal. Will come back soon.

Review №35

Food was good. To me it was a little over priced for the quality of food. I would go back and have recommended friends to go.

Review №36

Wonderful! Great margaritas and fajitas

Review №37

Rolandos is the best! Michele always takes the best care of us!

Review №38

Rolando's will make you come back for their amazing queso, tomatoes and guacamole and not only. I personally can not wait to have a reason to be again in Ford Smith to explore more Rolando's menu and try Margaritas. The place has an instant charm and the perfect service and great food makes it memorable and addictive.

Review №39

Amazing food. Decent service which is why it's 4 instead of five. Have come to this Columbian restaurant many times over the years from Tulsa and will keep coming back. Like the bigger space.

Review №40

Delicious food and great service.

Review №41

Excellent! We've never eaten Ecuadorian food. Rolando's has an excellent menu! The staff were friendly and helpful. We had queso flamingo, quesadillas de chive (shrimp), popeye's burrito (chicken) and pollo bohemia. All very delicious! We'll be back!

Review №42

Great atmosphere, food was good, but really not what I expected. Had the shrimp in Mojo sauce and the sauce wasn't what a traditional should be, great flavor, but again wasn't what I expected. Portion sizes were great, food could've been a little hotter but our server had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to us. Over all for Fort Smith Arkansas pretty decent restaurant.

Review №43

Never been here but i hate it

Review №44

I felt very safe in this restaurant. The staff took extra measures to keep people separated and I could see them sanitizing tables as customers left.

Review №45

Good selection of food.

Review №46

Atmosphere was perfect. I ordered the Plato de Adventura and loved it. The pork quesadilla was superb. Hope to go back soon.

Review №47

A slightly hidden gem, I really loved this place perfect tamales, fresh guac and amazing salsa, along with great service.

Review №48

Lost call in order then had to wait and hour for take out not the best experience.

Review №49

Excellent food, excellent service! If we weren't from Dallas, we'd become regulars!

Review №50

The food was perfectly wonderful.

Review №51

The Adventura is delectable!

Review №52

Great Menu Selection, Staff, etc.

Review №53

Food is always great, wonderful service. Flaming cheese dip is a great starter, frozen margaritas are exceptional and Lula's Enchiladas is yum.

Review №54

Love the Equidorian food and decor is charming

Review №55

Latin American flavored dishes, nice setting. Staff is very attentive.

Review №56

What a great find! It was a nice change of cuisine options. I appreciated the server offering to replace the rice and beans with a delicious and huge salad. They also had a Keto option that looked amazing.

Review №57

If you live in the River Valley and haven't ate at Rolandos you don't know what you're missing.

Review №58

FLAVORFUL food! Unique cuisine and warm cheery atmosphere. Sometimes live music upstairs in bar. Always a good time, date night or groups!

Review №59

Nice quaint atmosphere. Great service and food!

Review №60

This was my husband and I, first time here. The atmosphere was great the service was very great! The setting was nice. We both enjoyed our meals. We also had desert and it was amazing.... tres leches cake and Caribbean rum cake. We highly recommend this place.

Review №61

Really delicious Mexican food. Had dinner with some friends they liked it as well.

Review №62

The best Latin food I have tasted in a long time. The atmosphere was very nice especially for a couple on date night. The service was awesome too. We did not want for anything.

Review №63

Absolutely wonderful all around! Our waiter was top notch. The atmosphere was perfect for a date. The food was OUTSTANDING! I can't wait to go back.

Review №64

Great place, awesome food, wonderful service. Nothing bad to say at all

Review №65

Just absolutely amazing, they also sat a family of 8 in less than 5 min. Great service great food

Review №66

Spectacular. Just go, it doesn't matter when. Parking can get weird, But I'm getting in there. It was worth it.

Review №67

This is the place to go when you're tired of the conventional Latin food environment that you find in typical "Mexican" restaurants. This is the real deal. I've lived in Latin America and this is the closest experience I've found sending me back down memory lane from my youth. Delicious food. Excellent service. Great appetizers. It's incredible. Try the Cuzcos Fajitas with beef and chicken. It might just change your life.

Review №68

If one likes that type of food then it would be great but I was not impressedI had a specially designed menue to choose from. Two of the menu items were chicken ( which I hate with a passion) and the other was pork which I chose. The first five or six bites were ok but after that it was bland. I did have an issue with a waitress. She came to our table and I asked very politely for a cup of coffee. She said sure no problem. Well she flitted all around the room doing this, doing that, going to the bar etc. I just sat there just to see if she would bring it, which she didn't. I and our party got up to leave and she said I need to get your coffee. I told her not to bother, she was to late for we were leaving. She said well, I'll drink it for you, and we walked out.I

Review №69

This is such a great restaurant.The food is deliciously prepared.The atmosphere is relaxed.The decor is fascinating.Ask for Vince as your server. He's the nicest ,friendliest guy.But everyone there is also.

Review №70

Very good Latin style food and to clarify, is NOT Mexican food nor Cuban (although they do have a dish called Plato Cubano).

Review №71

Food was ok..portions small for the price..and party upper level with music and different music lower level was very annoying. Had Long Island Iced Tea and was gross. I had the taquitos plate and no chorizo pure cheese ..the best thing was the salsa for the chips

Review №72

Have eaten at each of their locations. Atmosphere is nice. Service is good, quick and attentive. Menu selection is great with many great combinations. Food is consistent and always outstanding. This is a good restaurant, has some Latin options from different countries, the service attendants are friendly and helpful, is quite expensive but worth it Great food and good service. If you are thinking this is Tex-next you will be disappointed. This is Ecuadorian style food. Highly recommend Castro's plate!

Review №73

Great food and great service. Definitely looking forward to going back!

Review №74

Excellent food, and great service, in an elegant, but inviting setting.

Review №75

The food is always fresh and beautifully presented. Josefina Tamales in chicken are amazing! My favorite is the tortilla soup. The first time I went, my server suggested I add rice and chicken to the soup. It's the only way I eat it now. I have tried soup from a bunch of places, this is in my top 2. The restaurant is beautiful! The windows downstairs is nice, but the upstairs is the best. It's in an old historical building. They have completely remodeled it. The upstairs has the bar, but also regular seating. Great for a date night. It definitely feels like upscale dining. Other favorite items. Rum cake- the menu says it's homemade. It's served warm and definitely taste homemade. Margaritas are really good as well.

Review №76

My wife and I just love the atmosphere and food. Very delightful.

Review №77

Doesnt seem to have a central ethnic theme. Everuthing from mexican to cuban food but none of it really exciting. Very overpriced. Seating is cramped and we wete sat right by the front door with crowds of people walking aroind our table.

Review №78

Very nice place and the food is very good. We really enjoyed the bar.

Review №79

Food and service is excellent. Fun atmosphere and always busy.

Review №80

Orlando's was one of the best restaurants we have eaten at. What a nice surprise. Their guacamole was perfect. We shared the Shrimp Quesadilla and loved every bite. The banana dessert was delicious. We both had a frozen margarit and they were the best. Wish we lived closer so we could be regulars. Our server was great!

Review №81

Had the Cuban sandwich. It was very good. Service was quick enough to get back to work on time after lunch also.

Review №82

Superv service and the best black beans and rice side ever! We visited for our 9 year anniversary on the recommendation of a friend and look forward to returning soon. Liz H was the sweetest wait staff and took great care of us!

Review №83

This is a great place the service is awesome so is the food

Review №84

Great food and staff was accommodating

Review №85

Loved every dessert here. Kids burrito is huge but the tortilla was perfect for a kid, nice and soft. Will be back soon for more.

Review №86

Took my husband here for Fathers Day! Service was awesome and attentive. The food was exceptional. The prices are also very reasonable for the atmosphere. Overall had a wonderdul experience!

Review №87

Stopped here for lunch traveling through fort Smith best food in town. service was friendly we received our meal very quickly.

Review №88

The food is great and their menu has something for everyone. I recommend this restaurant if you're craving Latin American food.

Review №89

Great food!

Review №90

Interesting take on Latin food!

Review №91

Fantastic atmosphere and cuisine

Review №92

Atkins plate for low carb diet

Review №93

As my friend said 'If it wasn't socially unacceptable, I would lick the plate.'

Review №94

Always great food and great service!

Review №95

Love this restaurant. Nice atmosphere and great service.

Review №96

Good food nice nuevo fushion latin dishes. New flavor combinations and nice staff and atmosphere

Review №97

Love it

Review №98

Excellent food hands down. I ordered El Cubano and the pork was pull-apart tender and oh so flavorful. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for delicious Hispanic cuisine. Waitstaff was pleasant and accommodating. Guacamole done to perfection (could have used a little jalapeno, though...). Overall a very good experience at this establishment. I would visit again if and when I'm in the area...

Review №99

Great service and great food

Review №100

The restaurant is a little hard to reach due to road construction and one way streets. Once there, the service is good & the food even better. I had the shrimp bohemios, outstanding. The chips and salsa outstanding. The dessert, sopapilla cheesecake, delicious.

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
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  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Historic:Yes
  • Romantic:Yes
  • Upscale:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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