Village Inn
7620 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Breakfast at Village Inn is ALWAYS good! Great selection. Service is sometimes better than others. The server we had yesterday is hilarious. I've had her a few times. Really makes the dining experience enjoyable.

Review №2

We had the cheeseburger with onion rings, and chocolate peanut butter cup pie for dessert. The food and service were good. We had a large party and some people got their food a bit late.

Review №3

Great food and super friendly service. Ask for Danna, she's awesome!! The grown-up grilled cheese is delicious!

Review №4

I ordered breakfast from here to be delivered from DoorDash. The person delivering my food took their time getting the food delivered. By the time I received it, the food was a little cold. Everything seemed to taste good but would have been better if it were warm. I'll give them another try and maybe next time the food will still be good and hot!

Review №5

The pie selection was delightful, and great coffee. We were all happy we found this place.

Review №6

Me and my daughter eat here for breakfast about twice a month. The food is good and the price is reasonable. The service is hit and miss , which is why I didn't give it 5 stars, but overall it's a good experience. Would recommend.

Review №7

2 by 2 by 2 breakfast fresh and excellent. Haven't been to a Village Inn in years. This one was clean, and all the employees were very attentive. While I had regular pancakes I saw a lady across from me have some kind of pancake with pecans and what looked to be caramel type sauce all over it. She devoured it! LOL

Review №8

Menu is limited due to covid-19. I ordered a grown up grilled cheese and seasoned fries. Food was hot and fries were crisp

Review №9

1st time going here. Highly impressed with the wait staff and the food is great. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Will be back again. Can't beat a Free Slice Of Pie on Wednesday. Yum yum yum

Review №10

Great service, social distancing is in practice, and masks are wore to help keep us safe. Excellent food.

Review №11

Food and service was excellent! Would recommend to anyone.

Review №12

Great food & service. Pies are always fresh.

Review №13

Great home cooked food. Fair prices and amazing staff.

Review №14

The food was most excellent. The waitress was most helpful and kind. Awesome experience.

Review №15

It's a great place to meet your lawyer. My grand daddy always said "if you got problems that you can't solve, helps to get out of your head. Pie, it's good"

Review №16

Great prices. Good food. Free pie on Wednesday.

Review №17

Always has great food and service. A little pricey though..

Review №18

Excellent breakfast except the hash browns tasted fishy on 2 of our 3 plates. One order was replaced with home fries so they were ok. Our waitress kept disappearing, once to go outside for quite a while. We had to ask another server for assistance with dessert. Needless to say the other server got the tip!!!

Review №19

Great food, great service, short wait on a Sunday. Thank you Village Inn! We'll be back.

Review №20

Little expensive on breakfast, but a nice clean place, and food was good.

Review №21

Great food and great service every time I go

Review №22

Fast service. Good food.

Review №23

The have to Best pancakes in town!! Not to mention the rest of the delicious food they have. I have never had something here that I didn't like and have never been served by someone who wasn't super friendly. I love going here. They also have a huge variety of Pies you can choose from!

Review №24

Loved this place! Amazing service! Great food!!! Great prices!! This will be our go to spot for Saturday breakfast from now on!

Review №25

Good food and great staff, and some of the best pie in the US

Review №26

Amazing service, great home cooking feel. Coffee is great.

Review №27

The food was amazing and quickly made. The staff were patient and nice.

Review №28

Great food, great place and the best staff around!

Review №29

The waitress was curtious and professional. The facility was very clean, the presentation of the meal meets the the delicious taste. Only issue I had was the portion is smaller for the prize you pay

Review №30

Great place to eat, waitress very attention oriented

Review №31

Food was good and service was great but they apparently have cut back on portions...

Review №32

Amazing is all I can say.

Review №33

The service was fast and friendly. Very few people using masks. I was there just for a pie pick up. The pie was great!

Review №34

I went in with my husband and ordered my usual. I ordered the artichoke lemon chicken and my husband ordered the Denver omelet. Both orders were completely messed up! My chicken just came with chicken and lemon sauce. No artichokes, tomatoes or spinach and my husband's meal only came with the omelet and hashbrowns when it was also supposed to have toast and bacon on the side. The manager brought our food out because my waitress went on break after she took our order but the manager Gabriel did try to correct our order and brought out the things that were missing but eventually ended up taking care of our entire ticket because the cooks just weren't getting things right

Review №35

Food was good but too expensive. 5.50 for 2 coffees is ridiculous.

Review №36

The best fish and chips in town. We love this place.but plan on being there for awhile it's not the fastest kitchen service. The food is good and the staff is freindly.

Review №37

The food and service was top notch!

Review №38

This has got to be the greatest place I ever ate

Review №39

The food is mediocre as usual. The service is usually good though.

Review №40

Melanie was Awesome and made feel very welcomed!! Also FREE PIE Wednesday!!!

Review №41

It's very refreshing. I live in Eufaula, Oklahoma. This Village Inn is in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It's about a two-hour drive one way. That should tell you a lot. I'll break it down. One of the better restaurants you can attend to. Beautiful people!

Review №42

Good food, quick service, friendly staff. All safety precautions taken by staff which is appreciated.

Review №43

Food was great. Felt welcomed and recommend more people to try this place out.

Review №44

Village Inn has a quite atmosphere due to the fact it is never crowded. It's menu is simple and food is good. They have decent prices. Every time we come we go for these reasons. The place is laid back where you can just eat in peace and keep going on your day without a long delay.

Review №45

Fun place.Village Inn has a bit of a ' chain restaurant, but still had a warm atmosphere with a unique charm of it's own.The staff is warm, friendly and seem genuine.The menu is typical, with a large group emphasis leaning towards it's breakfast menu.Great looking pies there. The parking is good is WAY easy to find.Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area the Fort Smith area.

Review №46

This place is amazing. Awesome food and service

Review №47

Great food, great service!

Review №48

It was pleasant. Very good as always. Manager was friendly. Waitress was very good.

Review №49

Food was wonderful and our waitresses was the best. We love this restaurant.

Review №50

Our waitress Dawn was wonderful!

Review №51

The waiter was snappy and a little rude. Had to wait to get seated....was not acknowledged beforehand although the cashier and several servers walked by. Steak was ordered medium...first time came out well done, second time it was medium rare. I could go on but I definitely won't return the next time we visit family in Arkansas.

Review №52

Always go for breakfast. Always a great meal.

Review №53

The food was amazing! Our waitress was super amazing as well! Very impressed! This was our first time there and definitely won't be the last!

Review №54

The staff was great & the food was delicious!

Review №55

Good food and free pie on Wednesday

Review №56

The service was excellent and the food was awesome

Review №57

The food was amazing and a lot bigger then my wife and I expected. Also on Mondays and Tuesdays they do free food for the kids which is nice when you have two little ones. My daughter knocked down a drink and they helped us clean up and everything it was really nice. The food was cooked just right and the stuff was super nice, overall we had a great time and recommend for anyone.

Review №58

I love this place!! This has become our go to restaurant! The food is always fresh and hot, the server's are awesome super friendly and attentive! ASK FOR MIS DANNA PHILLIPS SHE IS THE BEST!!! 1000% recommend this place!!

Review №59

Great food at good prices

Review №60

Love this place. Our waitress is always amazing. They have Turkey sausage and the food is always great!

Review №61

EXCELLENT EGGS BENEDICT!!!! I will go there every time we're down visiting family. Wonderful family restaurant

Review №62

Food was great. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Review №63

Our other favorite breakfast place. They may be our #2 but they're still pretty great. I get something new every time I go because they have so many good menu options.

Review №64

Great, friendly service and the food was fantastic. Plenty of it for everyone too. Didn't try a piece of pie yet...that will be next trip!

Review №65

Drinks were wrong, food was burnt or parts of it forgotten and overall service was lousy

Review №66

Clorrisa was very fast and friendly. Also I noticed that she works very hard at her job. She is always so helpful and greets everyone with a warm welcome.

Review №67

Good food and good service

Review №68

Good comfort food

Review №69

I love the breakfast

Review №70

Great food!! The waitress was great and very friendly!! Wish I would have known this place sooner it was so great!!

Review №71

Food was absolutely amazing but even though my friends and i were one of three seated tables, our waiter took a month of sundays to see us. I ran out of drink before the food got there and never got a refill. Highly recommend the Reuben sandwich.

Review №72

Their food is always good there on Wednesdays they have free pie day that's the day's I go.

Review №73

Really good food and friendly staff

Review №74

Simply awesome. Food was really delicious and staff is super friendly and helpful. Had a great experience eating dinner.

Review №75

The friendly service was by far the friendliest those girls in there go above and beyond the ŕeglar÷duties

Review №76

Went in to buy pies for my dad's bday, and fathers day. He wanted coconut cream, and lemon. We got the lemon. And thought we had a coconut. But when we cut into it. It was peanut butter. He ate it and was happy I guess. But he really wanted coconut cream. He turned 87 on father's day.

Review №77

Great service and food! Appreciate ALL the employees who take amazing care of my daughter and I EVERY TIME we visit:) Thank you SO very much! Michael & Adah

Review №78

We have ate here 3 timesOnce, nearly 8 years ago, and twice in the past couple of months. I absolutely LOVE this place. Their wait staff is amazing, food is always warm and so, so good, and their pies are sooooo amazing. I would recommend them to anyone honestly

Review №79

This restaurant was very clean with a friendly wait staff. There were 3 of us and if I had any complaint it would be the time it took to get our food. However the food was so good and well prepared the wait time no longer mattered. I had breakfast with eggs over easy they were cooked perfectly and the strawberry creme crepe was wonderful and the crepe to was cooked just right and had a very nice flavor n texture to it. It was worth paying the price that we did because the food really was VERY good. I highly recommend eating here. And if u have never tried their pies well let me just say they have a great pie selection everyday and I have bought many pies here n the past and have never been disappointed they are wonderful.

Review №80

Love this place! Plenty of choices on the menu, and they do a good steak as well.

Review №81

Rumor has it... They have pies to go. Said de pies are delightful.

Review №82

Never heard of the restaurant called village inn until freinds of mine recommended I go to the restaurant,the service is excellent and the theme feels more contemporary with just a hint of nostalgia.highly recommend that people come to the village inn for an experience like no other.the desert especially the strawberry rhubarb pie,is the best i ever tasted.

Review №83

I go here every time I'm in town. Staff and the food has always been great!Highly recommended

Review №84

My Nana, who is diabetic, asked kindly for the toppings etc to be on the side of her order because she is diabetic. Waitress brings out food and the toppings are on the cakes. My nana politely asks if she can have them remade and stated again that she is diabetic. The waitress takes the plate back to the kitchen and begins MOCKING my nana for being diabetic loud enough that it could be heard by her at the table.Will never return.

Review №85

It was some pretty good food and the waitress we had was so nice and very was clean as a whistle I recommend the ultimate skillet if your into breakfast it was more than I could handle kids ate burgers and at a half pound...they were very satisfied!!

Review №86

The food and service was great!

Review №87

As always, another fantastic meal..

Review №88

The Ruben and fries were delicious after a night of Karaoke singing..

Review №89

It's a chain, and now it acts like it. They used to have an amazing breakfast sandwich, where the aioli and cheeses melt into the egg and bacon, sandwiched between hot, heavenly brioche bun halves. TOO BAD THEY STOPPED OFFERING IT. They also destroyed the VIB breakfast by stripping the menu of its best items. The staff recognize me and my family, but since they got rid of the best food and turned their televisions onto news, they clearly don't want me or my family there anymore. I used to like the design, openness, and music selection, but now they just have news and an all-over anti-American feel. Next they'll probably stop serving pie...

Review №90

The food and the service was very good. You won't leave hungry. Plus, they have whole pies you can purchase.

Review №91

Breakfast food. Great service. Great food. Very busy. Packed!!!

Review №92

Awesome and I like pie!

Review №93

The Grown-Up grilled cheese sandwich paired with Tomato soup was delicious and satisfying. Our server, Juniper, was knowledgeable, attentive, accurate and prompt, as well as charming and humorous. We bought a Lemon Supreme pie to take with us and it was simply perfect; sweet and tangy in perfect balance. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Review №94

Super nice people.Their pies are not as good as they used to be.

Review №95

Service awesome, food excellent

Review №96

Try the early bird special for dinner. Great service, too.

Review №97

Pie. Pie. Pie!Delish.

Review №98

First time here had eggs, bacon, pancakes, & cinnamon apples. All food was great. Service was good for how busy it was. Only negative had Pepsi products but no mountain dew or wild cherry Pepsi. Just Pepsi & Dr pepper. Would go here again for sure.

Review №99

Great food , great service ,and great environment

Review №100

We ate there twice while in Ft. Smith. Everything was very good as was the service. (That's why we went back.)

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:7620 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-452-7007
  • American restaurant
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  • Monday:6AM–10PM
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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