7010 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Place was clean and seemed well kept. The guy we interacted with was friendly. Plenty of menu options including pizza. I had the fiesta turkey sandwhich on sourdough which was fantastic. My freind got the pepperoni pizza which was also great.

Review №2

Schlotzsky's original is one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. If you have never tried the large, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is so big that the clerk will second guess your selection. The sour dough bread is simple amazing. It is the biggest bag of awesomeness available in all of Fort Smith. To make things even better, the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are as you would expect for the brand, awesome as well. The value for the the product is A+.

Review №3

Catering for our grandbaby gender reveal party was perfect. Megan was super helpful in selecting a variety of sandwiches and wraps for our guests to enjoy. Delivery was on-time and prepared for us to set out for our guests. Our guests loved all of the food including the yummy desserts. Thank you to Megan & team for helping to make our day go smoothly! We will definitely be ordering again!

Review №4

My first time eatting here today. Oh man that was some amazing food. Yeah almost 60 for a family of 5 but worth every penny. If i could give them more then 5 stars i would. When i say first time i mean first time ever, this food was so so good.

Review №5

Love their Sandwiches! They are really good tasting & made fresh. Friendly employees and helpful! Clean restaurant! Love their cinnamon rolls too! Amazing tasting!

Review №6

Delicious sandwiches!! Always super fresh!! Have never been disappointed and great friendly service too!! I always get either the Original or Fiesta Chicken! 100% would recommend.

Review №7

Possibly 3.5 stars, but truly nothing special. I ordered the Smoked Turkey breast sandwich. First time ever eating at Schlotsky's and it just tasted like a pretty basic sandwich that I could make at home with a toaster oven. Honestly the quality of ingredients i use at home are better. I didnt dislike the meal, but for the price I paid, I would much rather eat somewhere else.

Review №8

I like Schlotzsky's! They are a bit pricey, but the sandwiches are great!So, why three stars? The local shop says they have wifi, but it is so bad, it was unusable! I couldn't even get email through it... I tried three different devices and had the same results.I travel for work, so the lunch stop is critical for me to sign in to my office, download files I need, etc. For some people, restaurant wifi is not for just checking Facebook, but more important matters.

Review №9

Great sandwiches, on this day the bread seemed to hard around the edges, too chewey. Probably not fresh .

Review №10

Staff was friendly and helpful. The food came out quick and was hot and fresh! Love this place!

Review №11

Meghan & her team really came through for us today. The online experience was way below par but she & her team took care of everything promptly and professionally with impressive customer service. Thank you!Earl @ FedEx Office

Review №12

I always get the Turkey original! Love schlotzskys!

Review №13

Renovated location! Great Service and the food is terrific.

Review №14

What a disaster! We were one of four people who had to ask multiple times for our food and people kept coming in, ordering, getting their food. My husband went up FOUR TIMES asking about it. Such a train wreck.

Review №15

Very good. Little pricey for a sandwich.

Review №16

Everything is awesome here! Large delicious portions, great service!

Review №17

Love the original but this was the most disappointing sandwich I have ever received from them. This was after it was remade because it didn't have light mustard as ordered but extra mustard. Then when redelivered they say hope this is light enough mustard for you. Very sad.

Review №18

If I was able to give zero stars I would. I visited this restaurant today and got a salad from the drive through. After eating half my salad I found a dead bug in my food, it's so disgusting! I called the restaurant and the manager offered to replace it.... why would I want a replacement if your giving out bug salads?!? I will never eat here again!

Review №19

Always great food!! Its a treat for us!!

Review №20

Actually really loved the food I'm definitely not a sandwich person so I only stopped in because a friend invited me love the options I had salad and soup came out quickly and tasted way better than I would have imagined for fast food definitely will be going back I'm pregnant so very picky about textures and taste and smell and had no issue had the tomato basil soup and chicken salad both were good chicken had lots of flavor also was hearty for being vegetarian and very filling

Review №21

Great breads. Terrific choices to add to it. Good cheeses. The raspberry cheesecake cookies, 3 for $1, are so worth the trip. And it's easy to have a great meal if you are vegetarian.

Review №22

Figured I would try somewhere new. I was not disappointed. Loved the sandwich. Went back a couple days later for another.

Review №23

Good. service manager is excellent person and the staff is very helpful and polite. And good food

Review №24

One of the best sandwiches in town! If you haven't been you should really consider it!

Review №25

It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be the food was great not the cleanest in the world but the food was really good

Review №26

This was a good one! Friendly staff, hot sandwich served fast and fresh...

Review №27

Waited almost 10 minutes at the counter before someone came through the drive thru and 2 employees finally came back inside the restaurant and made eye contact with us. Then waited another few minutes before anyone came to the front to help us. Food was decent but not worth it if you have to wait 10 minutes to order

Review №28

I like schlotzsky but i wish it wasn't affiliated with cinnabon. De 2 should be separate. Whatever if that's working for you.

Review №29

November, 2017. I stopped here on a Sunday evening. I hadn't eaten at a Schlotzsky's in several years and this is as good as I remembered. The staff were polite and the service was fast. Unfortunately my sandwich didn't last long enough for a photo. It was very good.

Review №30

Drive through service was great as was the food.

Review №31

We go to this location several times a month but this time went for dinner. A group of three ladies were ahead of us. (We all walked in together)There was no one in the lobby to take our order. We waited approx. 8 minutes in spite of a male employee walking out twice. We finally ordered. 4 cars went through the drive thru before the ladies food was out in the window. They waited about 5 minutes and they finally got up and got it themselves.(saying it was not hot) We did the same. Only one of the 4 employees we saw had on a company shirt. The lobby was dirty and there was no napkins or silverware available. All of us complained but no manager came to talk to us. And usually the food is really good and one this day is was not good

Review №32

Love the pick 2

Review №33

UPDATE: Love it... food is great. Service has greatly improved. Sandwiches are always delicious. Would not recommend cinnabon rolls... usually not too fresh and always messy.

Review №34

A solid choice since my first experience at a Schlotzckys in Tulsa as a child. I love their unique bread, an original on rye has become my favorite choice over the last few years. Always pleased with quality and service.

Review №35

I love this place! Amazing deli

Review №36

I always have a large original when I go there. It never disappoints. It was so good. Also, if you have not tried their brownies, you definitely should. They were amazing.

Review №37

Loved the pick 2. The broccoli and cheese soup with a French dip sandwich was amazing.

Review №38

I've missed Schlotzsky's since I left Texas. So glad they're in Hot Springs National Park, AR now. Near by, too.

Review №39

It's a great place to have an excellent sandwich. I have eat at a lot of different schlotzsky's and have only had one kind of sandwich. The original,it's GOOD. The people working there at this particular place were very friendly.

Review №40

The food was incredible had the bbq chicken and the pepperoni pizzas and they were soooo good really clean and friendly environment

Review №41

Always good...a little high on price

Review №42

Has gone down hill.. sandwich was ok, but salad was not good, forgot my bread sticks, potato soup was ok, but not worth over 9.00 for 2 cups.

Review №43

Wow!! They have added some stuff to their lineup like Mac and cheese dishes and it is phenomenal. Highly recommend their pick two option. This location had a Cinnabon too and again, hard to beat. Their program sandwiches have a unique bread to meat relationship that I don't know of finding anywhere else. To top it all off, this location's team members seemed genuinely excited about their products. Highly recommend.

Review №44

Great place and really good food! I have been coming for a year and it has only gotten even better.

Review №45

What can I say about Schlotzsky's? I passed up sit down food for sandwiches and I have no regrets. I love Schlotzsky's.

Review №46

Good food, but I didn't get my sandwich I paid for.

Review №47

I'd rather eat here if I want a sandwich. Very yummy

Review №48

Had a pastrami Reuben it was great first time eating one at schlotzsky

Review №49

Ate here once 20 years ago, meh. constantly amazed its still open as I never see anyone there. Maybe a front of some kind? Money laundering for the Fort Smith Mafia no doubt.

Review №50

Sour dough!!! The classic all the way!

Review №51

I have been greeted with a friendly smile every time I have visited here. The food is decent and the service is very good.

Review №52

Food was good but way over priced. Two people ate and bill was 26.89 for a half salad and sandwich and a full sandwich and waters.

Review №53

Couldn't get served si walked out

Review №54

The staff was friendly, the restaurant was clean and the food was good. I had a salad and the veggies were all fresh.

Review №55

Sandwitches are out of this world!! Great atmosphere and a great view of the outdoors. Love the place as a whole

Review №56

Loving eating at our local Sclotzskys! The staff is so friendly, restaurant is always clean and the food is always delicious!

Review №57

One of the best in which I have eaten. Get small deluxe sandwich & add extra meat for a $1, & it is well worth it.

Review №58

Always a good place to eat. The staff is very friendly and the place is always very clean. Never been to one with cinnabon inside so that was a great added smell even if you don't eat that. Bathrooms were nice and clean and it was warm, which on the winter not all places are.

Review №59

Since it takes a while to get your food, it would have been great if we got what we ordered. No way were we going to complain and have to wait again. The food itself was pretty good.

Review №60

The sandwiches are amazing. Warm and delicious each time. Service is fast and the foods always fresh.

Review №61

Wonderful sandwichAlberqurkey Turkey

Review №62

Love the's addicting! And they have a newer selection of sandwiches that is really great

Review №63

Greatest place in fort smith

Review №64

Wonderful service and good sandwich

Review №65

I got the gimato and basil soup and half a flatbread of shrimp and brisket it was very good.

Review №66

Always Love!!?

Review №67

Love their sandwiches!

Review №68

Food was messy portions were small and the employees were very distant from customers which made this a bad visit to one of my favorite restaurants

Review №69

Great place for pastrami on rye bread, 3 different sizes or extra meat for $2.

Review №70

Food was great and customer service was awesome!

Review №71

It was relativity good. The only complaint would be price to portion size. Ordered a medium Reuben and chips and it looked good, tasted fine, but I couldn't help think there should be more. By no means was it not enough food, I simply think that for $13, the portion should be Jimmy John size.

Review №72

I just had the best vegetarian pizza ever thank you Schlotzsky's

Review №73

I love this place but cost is high and the meat was very little on my sandwich.

Review №74

I eat here fairly often. The food is wonderful, but sometimes the people working the counter are slow and not well trained when it comes to handling anything out of the ordinary, such as a reward on the app.

Review №75

Wow. 2 sandwiches w/ chips & drinks was $27-something. Not worth it. Not saying they were bad. On the contrary, the sandwiches were good. But So.Way.Overpriced.

Review №76

My original sandwich smelled really bad. I've head before at other locations so I know what my food should have been.

Review №77

I Love this place. Great food that's actually pretty healthy, Good clean environment happy atmosphere. Priced pretty decent, I do recommend. Thanks!

Review №78

They have the best food in town. Healthy choices with fresh baked bread & cookies. The staff is hard working & ready to assist any way they can with a friendly positive attitudes. Thank You Schlozsky's.

Review №79

Fast efficient service and great food

Review №80

Had sandwiches at one in dallas and it was great the one in ft Smith was sad one slice of meat there were no onions olives or cheese. I was disappointed. Love the flavors though

Review №81

The grilled cheese and tomato basil soup combo are great.

Review №82

My sister and I love Schlotzsky's every time we get together we go here

Review №83

Great sandwich! Helpful and friendly staff!

Review №84

Very low quality for the price. I regret this decision. We spent $25 for a sandwhich and salad with 1 large sweet tea. The salad had a strange flavor that I cannot explain and was just not very fresh. The sandwhich was just ok, nothing special. I should have gone to panera.

Review №85

Always a great place to eat. The service is always quick and the sandwichs are always great also.

Review №86

Love there sandwiches best place ever

Review №87

Good food friendly people

Review №88

Super good sandwich

Review №89

Love the pizza and sandwiches

Review №90

Food was good service about what you would expect from a fast food place

Review №91

They have great food and Serena was nice and helpful Thanks

Review №92

The food is so good! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Very clean store and they were so sweet to my kids.

Review №93

Staff very nice friendly manger very polite good food goid environment and good place to bring the family

Review №94

Always had good food there

Review №95

Very good place to eat greatndwiches and cinnabons too.

Review №96

Love their pizza, and the bread, oh my, so good!

Review №97

Never disappointed. Always tastes fantastic! Great food & service.

Review №98

Too pricey for little bit of food

Review №99

Good food!

Review №100

One of my favorite places to get a sammich in Fort Smith. Great bread and the are NOT stingy with the meats like alot of places. My favorite is the Deluxe Original! They also have small pizzas that are surprisingly good and if you like cinnamon rolls, they have cinnamon. You just can't really go wrong here!!!

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4.2 Rating
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