Gusanos Chicago Style Pizzeria
5505 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

I drove an hour out of our way to eat here and worth it! If you love Chicago style pizza this is the place in Arkansas to go! The Deluxe Chicago style is awesome! I gaureente, you will not be dissapointed!!! Awesome wait staff!!!

Review №2

If you're looking for a good atmosphere this is the place. The pizza is the best! The staff is always friendly.

Review №3

We tried pepperoni, cheese, and Dirty Bird pizza. I personally thought the pepperoni was best (and I don't even like pepperoni usually), followed by cheese, and the Dirty Bird. Dirty Bird was a bit bland for my taste, but I should note that it may have been totally different flavor if we had not asked to hold the onions. Our waitress was great today. There was an error on our kids order of half cheese half pepperoni. Rather than the kids having to wait for a whole new pizza, she left the cheese half with them to eat while the the pepperoni half was being made. Great solution! Very thoughtful from another parent. I had a $2 Bloody Mary special. They can make it a good spicy one if you want a good burn. Can't miss the bathroom location in the back. Check out the bathroom mirror. The ranch dressing with the cheese sticks was pretty good. Lots of TV's with sports going, and activity pages for the kids.

Review №4

The thick deep dish chicago style pizza was really good.But the crust did taste bland and didn't seem to be seasoned.

Review №5

Really GOOD pizza. Atmosphere was a little loud, otherwise, it was great.

Review №6

Staff was great... service was on point... pizza was amazing and other customers even were well mannered ... totally recommended

Review №7

Great Pizza! Service was superb. Would definitely return.

Review №8

Great cheese on the pizza. Love the lunch specials

Review №9

I went in for lunch and asked if I could take out and how long it would take for a meatball sub. The lady said 15 min. I then sit there for 20 minutes and go ask and she says another 5 or so minutes. I then ask for a refund because I am going to be late and she says yes lemme go to my manager. She then comes back not to give me a refund but my presumably undercooked food. I didn't get to know wether or not if it was undercooked because I was late for work and didn't have time to eat it.

Review №10

Pizza was great, Chicago style is different in a good way, only time I recommend eating pizza with a fork

Review №11

The taste of their Chicago style pizza is great! I just wish it was thicker.

Review №12

Friendly atmosphere and great food at a reasonable price! What's not to love?

Review №13

Took about 45 mins to get a ham and cheese sandwich and friend had a meatball sub took same amount of time. Is hard to take a hour lunch when they take so long to bring the food out. And was not really that busy. And food was avrage nothing special. Price is a little high 14.83 for a small sandwich and small bag of chips and Dr pepper to drink.

Review №14

Love the pizza and the service. Great family environment too.

Review №15

Great food, great service, fun atmosphere! A little high but still worth it! And the frito dip was superb!

Review №16

Amazing service and food. Great atmosphere. Waiters were timely and very nice. Our order was messed up and the manager graciously took care of us to the max. We will for sure be back again. Thanks guys!

Review №17

Awesome pizza, reasonably priced for the quality, casual atmosphere and plenty of parking. (I've had comments from friends that haven't been there think it was too fancy or too busy but that is not accurate, it just looks that way the way the property is set up)

Review №18

Great ffod and great service. Not a pizza buffet!

Review №19

The food is always hot & fresh and our waitress Jerri Lynn was friendly and attentive!

Review №20

This is my go to for Chicago style pizza! It's delicious! The atmosphere is great, good bar selection, the staff is always friendly and professional, and even my kids picky, weird orders are always correct and good! Definitely need to check them out if you haven't already! Next time I go, I'll remember to snap photos!

Review №21

I heard the rave about this place from people I work with so I decided to come over and try it out for myself. The pizza was good, wouldn't say it lived up to the hype. I put it in my top 5 for this area.I personally feel papa's pub is better but again the pizza was good ingredients were fresh and the cheese was the best part. Atmosphere was pleasant and laid back I loved the brickwork. Music was good and not to loud, they have TVs everywhere with different channels on for entertainment. The waitresses and door greeter erre all friendly and prompt to serve us. Overall if was a pleasant experience and would have no hesitation about returning.

Review №22

Good place to get Chicago style pizza. This prices are a bit high, so that is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Overall, good place to go.

Review №23

The marinara and cheese on the Carnivore make it far superior to traditional meat lovers.

Review №24

Awesome place to eat. We ate on the patio.

Review №25

First visit good sauce ,well made cold beer

Review №26

Great pizza, great staff, great social distancing practice and the place has always been clean & pleasant. Good job, Jason & staff.

Review №27

Stopped in on a Friday afternoon around 1:30, not many people were there. Ordered a couple of pizzas, both were great! Only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars was the service. Servers were nice, just not very attentive. In fact, after receiving my bill, it took the server 15-20 minutes to return to the take to process payment. Never checked on us for drink refills either.

Review №28

Pizza is great. Service is sometimes slow even when they don't have many customers. Nice atmosphere. Great choice for lunch with friends.

Review №29

Great food and service. Pizza is good, calzones are great. If you like Chicago dogs they are awesome.

Review №30

Best sports pizzeria I've been to. I personally think it's way better than Buffalo Wild Wings.The food at Gusano's is beyond 5 stars. I had the "The Hula" today and it was out of this world. It was the perfect harmony of chicken ranch & vegetarian, if you like either pizza you gotta try this or anything else on the menu. It's good, I can't wait to attack the leftovers.

Review №31

The food is amazing the waitress was friendly can't 2ait to go back for the Chicago pizza

Review №32

The pizza was delicious. Better the 2nd day :)

Review №33

This is our go to pizza place in Fort Smith. Love the Chicago style pizza is very good. They have good wings also. Sometimes the service seems like they are too busy for you, but overall a good place to eat.

Review №34

We had a crowd of 20 people tonight! Great service and very accommodating. Food was great!

Review №35

Great spot in Fort Smith, love having lunch on the patio

Review №36

Really good quality pizzas and they are generous with the toppings! If you like chicken, the dirty bird is really awesome. Beer prices reasonable too

Review №37

Pretty OK, pizza was nothing great. Chicago style had a rediculously tall crust. At least they had a good price on beer pitchers

Review №38

For the record - Best. Deep. Dish. In. Fort. Smith. Seriously, one of the best deep dishes I've had outside of Chicago. Their other pizza styles are amazing too. Fresh toppings, good sauce, great crust. Fun atmosphere, but tends to get crowded quickly from my experience.

Review №39

The food was good. Very busy and loud. Not somewhere you would want to take a date. You wouldn't be able to hear one another speak.

Review №40

The food was great. It was a little pricey for pizza. It was good.

Review №41

Don't order online, 50/50 chance they won't have it ready.

Review №42

Super yummy. Love the pizza dip appetizer, Chicago-style and traditional pizzas.

Review №43

It's the only Chicago style pizzeria in town (that I know of). I love it!

Review №44

Best pizza in Town, the pizza has excellent flavor!!! The wings are also really good!!!

Review №45

The pizza is amazing and the decor is cool and understated. All of the staff we interacted with were nice and really seemed to enjoy their jobs, and that definitely gives the whole restaurant a nice vibe. They have good beer on tap as well, but that's the reason I'm giving them four stars. Granted, they were busy, but the bar was crazy slow and when I finally got my beer, I picked it up and found they had served it to me in a warm glass. Honestly, I drank it anyway because I was just glad to finally have it.

Review №46

Awesome place, awesome food!

Review №47

The place was incredibly busy. So food took a while, but we were well attended to while we waited. We were greeted at the door and warned about extended wait and cook times prior to being seated. Our initial service was handled by an experienced and capable server from another location who handled our drinks and took our order. After this, our primary server took over and did a good job keeping up with us. Every staff member we came in contact with was friendly and attentive.We had the Pizza Dip for an appetizer, it came out hot and fresh with plates, silverware, and Fritos scoops. It was tasty, had good viscosity that made it easily dippable. The portion size was perfect for sharing between two people.For pizza, we ordered two 9-inch Chicago-style pies: One was the "Leif Erikson", and the other was a Deluxe with fresh jalapenos added to it. The pizzas arrived hot, and we're piled with ingredients. The crust itself is relatively thin and crispy (which I really like), and the sauce is very rustic and flavorful.All in all, a very positive experience. We'll be back again after things calm down a bit.

Review №48

Best taco pizza ever

Review №49

Very Good , we have actually wanted to try this place for a whileWe had my service dog with me so we just called our order in as a to go order. We just got a couple of their sandwiches .We got a Hawaiian Chicken toasted sandwich & a Chicago dog , breadsticks w/cheese . They take great effort in their sandwiches they were surprisingly very good. The wife did a quick recon of the inside when she picked up our food and it will be very easy for a wheelchair to maneuver so no problems there . Its a brand new parking lot with plenty of blue parking and ramps. We are eager to try their pizza.

Review №50

Great food, great price.

Review №51

Pretty restaurant.

Review №52

Brie, the bartender was absolutely awesome. She has a more-than-friendly demeanor and is very customer service-oriented. Mandolin, the manager was more than gracious when my pizza supposedly stuck to the pan. Great staff and excellent service. Definitely a restaurant that Fort Smith young and old should go often.

Review №53

Nice atmosphere and good food. The staff is friendly. Great place to watch sports. There are huge flatscreens inside and out.

Review №54

Oh my gosh!!!!! Amazing pizza. Awesome staff. I love love love "supreme pizza" but I never eat all the topping cause they just aren't cooked all the way- green peppers and purple onions... but here they were so tender and delicious!!! Marinara didn't taste like it came out of a can. There really isn't much else to say. It was just so good!!! Definitely worth the experience!

Review №55

The pizza was great. We were actually there for trivia night. Was disappointed in our score and surprised to see so many group who apparently come every time they have it. So the occasional player doesn't really have a chance to win. The atmosphere was great for a pizza place. I want to go back and try the deep dish next time.

Review №56

DeliveryWas not impressedPizza was dry & bland for the priceAlmost $40 “gratitude included” for 1 large pizza “delivery included “Next time I'll have a $5 Tony'sMaybe I'll try again once the covids over with and can dine in with fresh pizza

Review №57

Best Italian beef sandwich in town I highly recommend getting a side of Italian sausage with it

Review №58

My husband & I use to order their take out herbivore & carnivore pizza every Friday once they first opened and obviously it started getting a little sloppy after a few weeks and less effort BUT months after we decided to try again and tried something else and oh my Jesus I've told my husband "Guasonos Alfredo tonight!!" The past 3 weeks I even love them left overs just as much for Saturday lunch! Please dont let me down Gusano's like you did a month after opening on that herbivore pizza and keep that alfredo fresh

Review №59

Traditional crust, Carnivore Craze pizza was delicious! Staff did a wonderful job! I highly recommend stopping by if you want a great pizza!

Review №60

Chicago style pizza was great!

Review №61

Waitress was ok! Pizza is still better at Papas Pizza. Food was a little on the burnt side. I wasn't impressed with the house salad that cost 3.99.

Review №62

Great pizza and we had a very nice waitress!! Highly recommended

Review №63

Chicago style pizza was incredible!! The regular thin crust is also incredible! Great place to eat.

Review №64

Great food. Loved eating outside on the patio.

Review №65

Chicago-style pizza and great sandwiches.

Review №66

The outdoor ambience was nice. Enjoyed the hot wings and pizzas as well. Works well for families with children

Review №67

Pizza the way it should be. Outstanding service. If crackers tinged with the color of tomato sauce is your idea of pizza, then this is not for you. This place is very popular and always busy, so don't go there on if you're on a tight schedule. But if you have the time, and a discerning palate, you are in for a real experience! :)

Review №68

Great waitress great food just a great place

Review №69

A great 1st time experience! Made great by two fantastic bartenders. Tara and Jerri Lynn made the 1st time visit a fun, and enjoyable one. They were both very attentive and enthusiastic about providing great service.The flavor of the pizza was great; but with a couple tweaks, you wouldn't have a problem with the toppings shrinking down, and excess moisture in your Chicago style.Overall wonderful visit, and I'll definitely be back.

Review №70

Great Chicago style pizza. Newer/upscale very nice environment.

Review №71

Best pizza in Fort smith!!!

Review №72

What a great place to eat! I loved the Chicago style pizza Calzone was pretty good too.Cold beer on tap you can get by the picture. The wait staff was very kind and accommodating even the owner stop by our table!I will definitely be back again and again. When you're done you can get ice cream next door!

Review №73

Food was good, not great but good. Service however was poor.

Review №74

This is a new restaurant in town so we had to try it out. We liked the atmosphere, however we found the prices to be quite high for the amount of food. It builds itself as Chicago style pizza but is not like any pizza I've had in Chicago.

Review №75

It was great

Review №76

My favorite pizza in town. The crust is what makes it. I love the original.

Review №77

The pizza is really good . I like the cheeseburger pizza. And I also really enjoy the Chicago style one

Review №78

Pizza is very good for Chicago style metrics. Sauce is a bit sweet but with lots of flavor. The staff was attentive and helpful, service was prompt and easy. The table setup makes it feel crowded, though. Too many tables, too close together in one big open room. Could feel comeradic in some cases, like a big football game, but mostly felt crowded and claustrophobic. All in all, worth a visit.

Review №79

Was excited to hear they were coming. Lived in the Italian area of a large Midwest city and couldn't find a descent slice in town.The crust is phenomenal. The proble is the low grade cheese and meat. The ground beef is grade 3 or 4. Even 10 Box has better quality meat. Same with the low grade cheese. To bad, it could be great.

Review №80

Got the Italian sub. Smaller than expected but it was good. Also got 10" pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Very good. Will try again to see what else they make.

Review №81

Fun, sports bar vibe. Staff was friendly. Pizza was decent.

Review №82

Had a great pizza and was able to keep track of our baseball team's score in their game on the screens.

Review №83

It's ight!

Review №84

Owner is always on the floor! Cares about the restaurant!Best servers, managers and bartenders around! Coldest beer too

Review №85

Was just told that they stop taking Togo orders 20 mins before they close...I called 18 minutes before they close. Was told that the second time I asked. The first time I got crickets....

Review №86

Our waitress was really great and the atmosphere is nice. The food though a not so much. Definitely don't order a salad unless you just love bagged lettuce with tomatoes and croutons, 50cents for more dressing too. We had the Chicago style pizza and I have to say, while it had good flavor the toppings where really lacking. Its supposed to be a pizza pie but more than have the wall of the crust was exposed. The lack of toppings made the sauce overwhelming and really just seemed like a regular pizza with extra cheese and a lot of crust. Maybe I had too high expectations.

Review №87

Everyone has been saying how great the pizza is here, so I thought i would give it a try. It was awful. The sauce tasted straight out of a jar. My teenage boys did even want to eat it. Also, it was way over priced for the product they produce. We have way better pizza places in town for sure. At least I tried it and know better than to go back.

Review №88

Tried the Chicago style pizza.This was great and very filling. Salad was good and cold,the staff was so informative and answered all our questions about the different kinds of pizza.Will definitely go back again.

Review №89

Met with family for an informal dinner one evening (they kept bragging about Gusano's so I said let's go I wanted to give it a try). I must say the pizza was everything they said it would be -- fantastic, delicious, and the service was awesome. This place deserves five stars for sure ~

Review №90

Our first time experience was awesome! We each ordered personal pizzas, I had the Dirty Bird and it was excellent! My husband had the Buffalo Chicken pizza and he said it was the best he had ever had. My son ordered the strawberry spinach salad and chicken bacon ranch pizza and both were exceptional! The place was packed on a Saturday afternoon but the wait time was short and the staff was attentive, we will definitely be frequenting our local Gusanos!

Review №91

Pizza is really good. Love the crust and sauce. Good salads too.

Review №92

Jerri Lynn & Tara we're amazing and hilarious. The pizza is bomb and the 19 TV's kept me highly entertained. Come here and sit at the bar. You won't regret it. I came for the Chicago style pizza and stayed for the laughs. ️

Review №93

Great food and friendly service. Be prepared to wait for your food because it takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get your fresh made pizza and calzones. When we ran out of time, our fault not the business, and asked to cancel our order they boxed it up and insisted that we take it to go at no charge. Very friendly and very understanding. Will definitely go back when I have more time. Thanks Gusanospizza

Review №94

The service was as good as I've ever experienced in the food industry and the deep dish pizza was fantastic.

Review №95

This place is still new, i was concerened about the kitchen or being forgotten by the staff but I was very pleased with both. The pizza was good with a crisp crust and a great cheese pull. I had the traditional crust and next time I will have the Chicago style. The setting seems friendly and fun

Review №96

We have ordered pizza to-go here a couple of times since opening. The food was great, but seems like they are still figuring out how to train the new staff. I'm sure after a couple of months the service side will smooth out.

Review №97

The pizza was very good, definitely the best I've found in the fort Smith area. Our waitress was nice, but I'm off the opinion that wait staff should not be chewing gum. We were seated in the back right next to the pick up counter and it was annoying due to staff gathering there/ hanging out and having loud conversation, but the food was great and I will definitely go back again.

Review №98

We tried the place for lunch today and will absolutely go back. It's not the most pleasant place, as the overall impression is dim and crowded, but the staff is great and so was the food. We had traditional crust pizza and fried mushrooms. Both were excellent. We took half the pizza home and had it for supper. It reheated so well that it was as good as fresh. We didn't try the Chicago style because we generally hate thick crust, bready pizza. It would be nice if you could order just one slice of that to see if you like it.

Review №99

The pizzadilla is amazing, as was my birthday brownie. I love this place!

Review №100

Food was great!!! Right out of the oven fresh .

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