Jerry Neels Bar-B-Q & Catering
1823 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Jerry Neels Bar-B-Q & Catering
Review №1

Outstanding. Had the pork was great. The brisket was probably the best I ever had it was tasty and lean. Fish was good, what topped it all off was the twiced baked potato. It was the best ever. Definitely recommend

Review №2

Love the barbeque at this place. They have also recently added a catfish dinner. All you can drink soda and tea offered here. Relaxing setting, friendly customer service. Owner known to regularly visit customers to verify satisfaction and converses, and knows his customers. Portions are appropriate for price, easy to see driving by. Ribs, tenderloin, chopped pork? Open face or sandwich? It is delicious however you choose!

Review №3

HANDS DOWN THE BEST BBQ JOINT IN FORT SMITH .I WOULD GIVE IT 100 IF I COULD . Love the Brisket and the catfish . Price is good for the amount of food ya get . People are always nice and welcoming. Don't forget the sweet tea to wash it all down.

Review №4

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich that was absolutely doused in overly sweet BBQ sauce. So much sauce was on this sandwich it was all over my hands and ran everywhere. You could not even taste the meat, just overly sickly sweet BBQ sauce. I also ordered their "famous" twice baked potato that was visually unappealing and had what looked like sliced cheese just melted over the top of it. Taste wise it was ok but nothing special, certainly not good enough to finish I can tell you that. The BBQ sausage I ordered tasted like sliced bologna that was simmered in BBQ sauce and a pound of sugar all day. This did not taste like a BBQ sausage and I really cannot overstate how sweet their sauce is, it dominates everything with no other flavors.I have no idea how this place is staying in business. Save your money and time and go to Pink Flamingo or Arts because they both blow this place out of the water. I'm sure this place had the best BBQ in town 20 years ago (that's not saying much) but times have changed and that is no longer the case. I will never eat here again unless some drastic changes are made to the food because the price you pay is most definitely not worth it.

Review №5

Great value for the money. Got the Brisket, Bologna, and Rib combo. Hit the spot. This place is more of an institution rather than a restaurant.

Review №6

Food was just ok found a bone in my chopped pork which would have been looked over if it wasn't $15 for meal you expect a little better when prices are set that high. Service was acceptable. Didn't get a sorry or nothing about the bone .

Review №7

It was amazing. The food was great and the staff very friendly.

Review №8

Used to go to this place many moons ago. Always loved the BBQ and was especially fond of the Peach Cobbler with ice cream. Happy to see they are still in business! Try them when you have a chance, can't beat family owned restaurants with great food and friendly service!

Review №9

Great place to eat wonderful food has a lot of different types of smoked meats to choose from. if you're not a barbecue friend this is not the place for you my friend everything is cooked like a backyard grill and a big smoker. Well priced for what you're getting compared to other compatible restaurants. The staff is really nice and they make sure they fill your sweet tea. for someone like me that's very important I can drink a gallon tea all by myself. I recommend anyone to try out Jerry nails BBQ and catering.

Review №10

He's got the best bbq. I got chopped beef but it's not nearly good as sliced. Bought a # to go but their inside is open.

Review №11

Great food at a fair price if you go away hungry it's your own fault

Review №12

Love this family owned local business.Absolutely best tasting BBQ sauce. Thetwice-baked potatoes are exceptional.Hot food and friendly caring service make thisplace a favorite.

Review №13

Very delicious all the free smells you can handle

Review №14

BBQ Chicken Dinner and Strawberry Short Cake #OhMyGawd sooooo delish!

Review №15

Great food. Friendly service. Good prices.

Review №16

Many thanks to Jerry Neel. My brother-in-law was down from Springdale today and wanted barbecue. I recommended Jerry Neel's Barbecue even though I could not personally go. I made this recommendation based on the barbecue chicken, ribs, and brisket, as well as the great service and hospitality. My brother-in-law got there before the restaurant opened. Jerry Neel brought my brother-in-law and his wife into the restaurant before it opened and gave them samples, showed them around, and treated them like royalty. My wife told me that my brother-in-law even said that "it was worth the hour's drive" from Springdale to go to Jerry Neels. Thank you to Jerry and your employees for the great hospitality extended to my brother-in-law and his wife.

Review №17

It was great food, great service, and had a great atmosphere. Just wish I would have gotten that piece of Catfish Mr. Neel had promised to bring, he was simply just to busy

Review №18

BBQ tastes great! Sides are great too!

Review №19

The staff are friendly and helpful; however, the food leaves much to be desired. There are far better places to have barbecue here in Fort Smith. I would pass on this restaurant.

Review №20

Good but not great

Review №21

For the price it sucks .. Worst bbq in town. Soaked in gross bbq sauce.

Review №22

Best bbq in Ft. Smith

Review №23

Good food but nothing special from any other bbq place

Review №24

The bbq sauce was quite spicy on my last visit. I did not enjoy it. Service was good.

Review №25

The food was good as usual friendly folks

Review №26

I normally order a half a chicken dinner but the website didn't show it so I ordered a chicken strip platter with two sides.and an apple cobbler.they call to say they have no cobbler and I didn't want a substitute but was still charged for a dessert I never received.then my chicken strip.platter was a sandwich with two tiny pieces of what looked like chicken and my corn on the cob was ice cold like it went from the icebox to my tray.needless to say I paid 26 dollars for a twice baked potatoe because it was the only thing worth eating

Review №27

It's ok food but the service is great

Review №28

Loved it, the twice baked potato is to die for, the BBQ chicken breast was fantastic and let's not forget that super crisp pickle to top off your dinner..the twice baked potatoes were do good I had to get two to go........highly recommend Jerry Neel' Bar-B-Q, it was truly delicious...

Review №29

Was very good, a lil pricey but good..

Review №30

The barbeque meat is good but the beans were too sweet and the potatoes salad was too plain. It needs a little sweetness added.

Review №31

It was very pleasant and the service was wonderful

Review №32

Best potatoe salad ever

Review №33

Chicken is my favorite meal here. usually a good stop if you go to the nearby church.

Review №34

Great hometown food and great service, also has some of the best sweet tea and strawberry shortcake

Review №35

The only good thing me and my family had was fries and sweet tea. We got sliced beef sandwich ( tasted like left over Arbys meat), my spouse got pulled chicken sandwich and it was dry no flavor in fact she didn't even eat half of it. The service was amazing which is really sad that the food just sucked!

Review №36

It was very good we hadn't eaten there in years and went there for lunch today .

Review №37

The food was delicious. Customer service was excellent. Overall cost was a little steep but left with full belly.

Review №38

Good sweet tea not a big fan of the food but it does look fresh

Review №39

Yes sir its good and tasty. The service was great the food Was great. The owner came around and talked to all patrons. Will be going back.

Review №40

Jerry Neel's BBQ catered a banquet for our event, serving 150 people. We could not have had a better experience! The food was hot and delicious, the staff was wonderful! Jerry Neel's brought in BBQ ribs, sliced beef, marinated chicken, potatoes, beans, rolls, salad, and desserts - all above expectations in flavor, presentation, and delivery. We will be using them again next year!

Review №41

Very nice workers. Even at his ranch. Bless this bunch with your smiling and loving heart.

Review №42

Just not that great and overpriced.

Review №43

I love this restaurant, they make you feel in a family place, people are very friendly, good food and service.

Review №44

We like eating here. Staff is friendly, food is good. We tried catfish today which they just started serving about 3 weeks ago and it is really good! Next time we go, we will be getting the catfish!

Review №45

Didn't get what I ordered. Bad service. Won't go back.

Review №46

The catfish i ordered was tender and flakey and just delicious

Review №47

Tried the catfish and Chicken today , they were both very tasty. Some of the best catfish we have had in a while.

Review №48

Pretty good food at affordable prices! You get pretty big portions and the meat is smoked which is why I gave it 3 stars. I'm not big on smoke flavor. It's the better barbecue place out of the ones in Fort Smith.

Review №49

I love the tea & twice baked potatoes.

Review №50

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! All of the 5 Star Reviews that you see here are FAKE! Do not eat at this restaurant. Former employees will tell you of the mold growing in the BBQ sauce. The open pickle bucket under the counter where they keep them. The roach infestation. How their twice baked potatoes are mashed up by hand using no gloves. The owner has a "No Glove" policy. Recently a catering event had a used band-aid in the meat. The owner did not care.

Review №51

Freaken Awsome !!!Love it..Cheap..and good Ribs..

Review №52

Friendly service, good food. Nostalgic environment.

Review №53

First time eating here & honestly it sucks.Spent $25 for 2 people & didn't get close to being full. The ribs were not that good & very small with not much meat to them. The sides are super small. I won't be eating at this place again, very disappointed.

Review №54

Food and customer service were equally awful. Chicken was raw and bloody. Potato salad was bland. Fried okra was burnt. When I called the store and asked to speak to a manager they didn't know who the manager was. Come on people, get it together.

Review №55

Outstanding food & service!

Review №56

I have ate bbq all over the World That was the most nasty is barbecue I have ever had Potato salad had No flavor at all The ribs were so dry 20.94 Down the drain

Review №57

Just average BBQ.

Review №58

Best French fries I've ever had. Really good barbeque as well.

Review №59

BBQ. catfish really good but over priced

Review №60

This place is great, highly recommend the catfish this place takes pride in its catfish highly recommend this place the twice baked potato is awesome,

Review №61

Tea was sour but service was great

Review №62

The mouth watering aroma of smoked bbq hits you immediately. Cozy atmosphere, friendly folks, good food, affordable.

Review №63

The best baked beans I've ever had.

Review №64

This is my go-to bbq place in town. We went again today and the food was really delicious. My only regret is that they were out of chicken (that has never happened to me before). The ribs were excellent and I always enjoy the potato salad. Their sweet tea is so tasty. The service was also great. Try going on the weekend when the owner is more likely to be there, the food seems to be even more delicious.

Review №65

Oh my the ribs are tender and very flavorful. The service was on point as well.

Review №66

Me and my husband had dinner there it was very good the owner was super nice ,I and my husband will definitely be back thank great food very delish.

Review №67

Portions are a bit small but the food was very good. And the server was very kind.

Review №68

Great local barbeque joint, great selection and Family owned for decades. First time I've gone and will definitely be back!

Review №69

Great place to eat

Review №70

Great place for twice baked potatoes and catfish breaded.

Review №71

Love the brisket!

Review №72

Always great experience. Personalized service and makes you feel at home. Great food too of course.

Review №73

I had a great time here. The brisket BBQ sandwich is amazing and the fries are pretty good. If you are looking for something different, this place is for you. They also have a drive through so that makes things even better for on-the-go BBQ

Review №74

The smoked bologna was very tasty

Review №75

Real smoked meats! I prefer my bologna sliced thick. Only my opinion

Review №76

Food was a joke. A salad i ordered was literally on a plate that would hold like two egg rolls and it was $4.25, the oil tasted old so everything we ordered that needed fried was bad tasting. Our glass cups had chipped rims which can cause a cut if not careful. But the waiters were very nice.

Review №77

Catfish was really salty...I couldn't finish it. The beans were cold. Staff was not friendly....seemed a little put out by having to take my order.

Review №78

I hadn't been to Jerry Neels in several years, the food was still good but very pricey. It was ridiculous what we paid for lunch that day.

Review №79

It wasn't that great no menu you have to choose before sitting

Review №80

Prices were good. Taste was also good. We will go back.

Review №81

Love coming here. Great food and service

Review №82

Great food, great service, never have or had any issues with this place ever! Ignore the nancys that complain if you have a issue just let the staff know and they will do what they can to make it right .

Review №83

I'm extremely disappointed.Several years ago I ate there at least once a week while I was there on business. It was always delicious.Today I was in town and decided to get 4 dinners to go. I couldn't wait to get home 50 miles away to enjoy my meal.I'm extremely disappointed.I paid $41 and it wound up being a lot of salt, I mean a lot, and oil. I didn't eat all of the dinner because it was like eating a spoon of salt with every bite. I had the chopped beef dinner with baked beans (also very salty) and potato salad. The potato salad was good. I don't kniw what happened to the recipes but this was awful

Review №84

OMG. I love me some Jerry Neal's. Every time I head to Fort Smith, AR I grab me some Jerry Neal's. I always get the Chop beef sandwich, ribs potatoes salad and beans. omg they even stayed open an extra 30 mins for me to come and get my food while I was stuck at a basketball game one night. Love this place.

Review №85

Food was excellent people friendly

Review №86

Best barque in fort smith excellent service has well

Review №87

The ribs were so good, potato salad, beans everything was great. Our server Jamie was great as well!

Review №88

Ribs were great, okra was delicious, coleslaw needed work.

Review №89

My twice baked potato was scrapped out and looked like it was filled in with creamy mashed potatoes and sliced cheese and tasted like walmart bbq in a bowl. The baked beans was horrible. The best thing we had was my 7yr old sons grilled cheese sandwich. Was very pricey meal and food was horrible. Art's BBQ is way better!!!

Review №90

Food was good!

Review №91

Always good food, but can be a little pricey.

Review №92

Great food and service!

Review №93

Great food and awesome friendly staff!

Review №94

Not my favorite, but it is okay for fast Bar B Que

Review №95

Customer experience is good. I love the atmosphere and decor of the building and has good food. I had the BBQ chicken sandwich with loaded baked potatoes. The baked potato was especially great.

Review №96

Not the best,it use to he awesome.

Review №97

Food was good but cold service was very good price was little high

Review №98

The brisket was tender and juicy. The sauce was slightly hot. The coleslaw had a strong vinegar finish. Overall, I thought the meal was very good and flavorful.

Review №99

Twice I've ended up here starving for BBQ when the Pink place was closed or closing 50 minutes early. I've had enough to decide Neel's is better than Pink. From now on I'll be choosing to come here first. Love the turkey and the okra.

Review №100

Great food. I love the ribs on Fridays and Saturdays!

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  • Groups:Yes
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