Papas Pub & Pizzeria
508 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

Came here on a weeknight after hearing amazing things about the food here. We ordered the grilled peach salad, bacon and corn ravioli, pork belly sushi, Cuban oxtail, and the patatas bravas. I'm such a picky eater but everything was amazing. Jen was a great server! She answered all our questions and made some great recommendations. The team is awesome here, so welcoming and very attentive. Definitely worth checking out!

Review №2

Great place to hang out with friends! The owner was awesome and oh the pizza was to die for

Review №3

Just had drinks and pizza! Most excellent. Ate outside-great patio. Covid conscience. Margaritas super good and my husband had an NA beer. We had the garbage can pizza. Crust was perfect. They made a mistake in the kitchen so it was late getting to us and they automatically took 1/2 off. We were in no hurry but that was nice. Service was very attentive. Go there, it was great. We will be back- someday.

Review №4

Haven't had a chance to try their pizza yet but the drinks are great and it's a fun place to hang out with friends

Review №5

Some of the best pizza I've ever had. I'd say tied with Anthony's For best in town. Call ahead and get it to go. The bar is usually smoke filled and packed.

Review №6

I've been going here for years and thus place never disappoints! The pizza is the best around and the atmosphere is always great. All the employees are very nice and treat you with respect! Love this place!

Review №7

As if this place needs another review, arguably the best pizza in town, great “cheers-like” atmosphere (depending on time of the day). The only thing that can deem this place as meh is the actual clientele.Pizza is as always, great, good non-inflated prices and good bar setup.Been coming here since 95 and it has always feel the same to me.

Review №8

I'm not a regular so the service wasn't the greatest. Found that take-out service is the way to go. Pizza is the best in Fort Smith!!

Review №9

Ate here 3 times (need more) with friends, love the bacon cheeseburger and meat lovers pizza, don't forget the awesome wings.Great food and service

Review №10

Best pizza in arkansas ice cold beer excellent mixed drinks well worth the trip

Review №11

Best pizza in fort smith if it was less smokey inside it would be 5 stars

Review №12

Delicious pizza! Loaded with some amazing toppings and lots of cheese! Would recommend to any pizza lover.

Review №13

Great place to relax and enjoy some pizza and sports!

Review №14

IF I COULD GIVE THIS 10 STARS I'D GIVE IT 12! I have never felt so taken care of as a customer. Me and my buddy are in town for an event and were left without a car on a rainy night after a long day of peddling our wares at the show. We face the decision of braving the storm and walking the 3 blocks to Papa's or attempting to survive on the front desk peppermints. But, on a tip from the front desk guy that "these guys (were) cool," we chose to call and see if we could pay them extra to deliver. We call and do out best to explain the situation, and luckily Serge was as cool as advertised, and said we would make it happen. SUCCESS! We ordered the dry rub wings and a chicken bacon ranch pizza with some extra ranch, eager to see if this place lived up to the high expectations set by a local earlier that day. We watch a survival show, as it was the first thing to pop up when we turned on the TV. And just as we are about to learn how to make snow shoes out of an old umbrella, we get the call. Serge is in the lobby. To our pleasant surprise, Serge tells us he thought we sounded cool on the phone, so he brought us some extra cheesy bread that was cooked by mistake. We open up the boxes, releasing an intoxicating aroma that filled the room and activated our salivary glands. The cheesy bread is the first to be tested. I tear dropped from my eye in perfect synchronicity with the first bite dropping to my stomach. Simply beautiful. I savored every bite, attempting to control my urge to inhale the rest of the cheesy goodness with reckless abandon. I controlled my instincts and moved to the wings. After the first bite I was speechless. A wonderfully seasoned chicken wing, cooked to perfection, with a flawless level of buffalo flavor that transports your taste buds to upstate New York. The house made Ranch Dressing was the perfect complement to an already immaculate wing. I soon paused to thank my past self for ordering 20 of these golden orange gifts from the Lord. As the last bone fell from my stained fingers, I leaned back in the hotel chair with the same feeling of Simeon after witnessing the baby Jesus at Temple; "now let your servant die in peace." As I scrubbed my hands clean I looked at myself in the mirror, my face smeared with a Joker-esque smile, in a tribute to the beautiful chaos my mouth had just experienced. From start to finish this was one of the most superb dining experiences I have ever had. If you have a bad experience at Papa's, it's probably you...

Review №15

We got an assload of pizzas at the last minute for a bunch of hungry dancers at the convention center and picked them up. Pizzas were ready on time and exactly as ordered. Price was nice and service was great, despite having to elbow patrons out of the way for access to bartender. Super helpful staff provided us with all the napkins, plates, and forks we needed. Vegetarian pizza got mass kudos from the dancers. Thank you for the prompt service!!!

Review №16

You will not be disappointed that this little Pub. Clean good environment-friendly folks. And very good pizza.

Review №17

If you ask someone which pizza they like best, most locals will say, "Ooh, Papa's!" Go, eat, enjoy! Only consideration, its 21+.

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Review №19

Chicago style pizza and excellent service

Review №20

Definitely the best pizza in town! On a particular occasion I called in an order and spoke to Allie and she was extremely helpful and had great recommendations. Thanks, Allie!

Review №21

Underwhelming pizza. Ordered a large Goob's Special pizza and the spicy chicken pieces to go last night....+ The chicken was absolutely delicious.-The pizza was a thick layer of mozzarella cheese, a few pepperoni on top, very little sauce, and a dense crust. Like eating a 14" version of a kid's "Lunchable" pepperoni pizza.-It smells like cigarettes in the building.

Review №22

Best pizza around by far..!!

Review №23

Easily some of the best pizza in the US

Review №24

Great atmosphere, awesome pizza and cold beer all at a reasonable price. Me and my girlfriend love coming here because it's always a blast.

Review №25

SMOKERS ONLY..... 2019 and the this food establishment can't have better air filtration unit.Pizza was ok... generous portions but couldn't taste the sauce.Restrooms clean.Leaving here my nose burns from the smoking plus clothes need washed.

Review №26

This is THE BEST pizza in a 500 mile radius!! Price is reasonable. Staff are great, service is excellent. I would highly recommend you to try it.

Review №27

The pizza and wings had potential. The flavors were good, however the wing skin was soggy and soft and the pizza was very doughy. The cheesy breadsticks were good and cooked well. Not worth the price at all since we really couldn't eat much of it.

Review №28

Great Pizza. We had the combination with a couple of adult beverages. Brooke was very helpful with our selection. We will be back in 2 years when Auburn plays Arkansas again!

Review №29

The best pizza around! We were even told that if we wanted to bring our own toppings they dont have, they would be happy to put them on for us.

Review №30

Service is slow and there isn't a ton of room to spread out on the busy nights. Staff has been rude 75% of the time as well. The pizza is great, order it to go so you can skip having to deal with with the atmosphere inside.

Review №31

Best pizza around!

Review №32

Pizza was good but staff was off

Review №33

Great food!! We're from Texas and we definitely will be eating here again!!

Review №34

Good food. Great atmosphere if you like sports bars.

Review №35

Nice bar with very good pizza. Staff was very cordial and nice. Bar tender even made it a point to check in with customers and think them. Good atmosphere . Will be sure to come back.

Review №36

Best pizza in town. Excellent service. Comfortable seating and a great atmosphere.

Review №37

Papa's has the best pizza in my opinion, I always have the meat lovers when I go there. The service was great, they are always checking to see if you need anything. I always recommend it to anyone who is wanting a good pizza.

Review №38

Great water and Dr Pepper. Didn't stay for the pizza and night life.

Review №39

Great pizza!

Review №40

Best pizza EVAR! And a good spot to hangout for drinks!

Review №41

Excellent pizza, the cigarette smoke inside is a turn off for me but on a nice day its nice to sit at a table on the patio out back

Review №42

Enjoyed the cheese burgerPizza, and we liked the Atmosphere,and Vibe will continue to recommend this pub and pizzeria.

Review №43

Good service, even when busy. Will leave smelling like an ashtray. The pizza is wonderful. Shuffleboard and pool tables for entertainment.

Review №44

The best pizza in town!!

Review №45

Great Pizza. Great atmosphere. V took good care of our table also a whole section all by herself during the Steel Horse Bike Rally. I recommend this place for a great experience.

Review №46

Very nice people, our waitress Kelsey is great, she gives the best service every time we go for Monday Night Football!

Review №47

Excellent pizza and beer! Decent prices! The service is friendly, but don't visit expecting a quick meal. The place is usually packed and so it might take a bit for them to make that trashcan pizza for you. Worth the wait though!

Review №48

Great food and great service. Solid selection of beer on tap.

Review №49

Great Pizza...

Review №50

Great Pizza to stay or go!!

Review №51

Wow great yummy pizza my fav

Review №52

Very good food they great service.

Review №53

Good beer, great pizza, great service. Ask anybody their.

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Review №55

Awesome place great food

Review №56

Haven't been in awhile because I moved. But great pizza and will definitely be back.

Review №57

Best pizza in town. Definitely stop by and have a drink and a pie. Pool, shuffleboard, jukebox and always a good assortment of sports playing.

Review №58

After you eat there and then you think about it later on will make your mouth water thats how good papa's is

Review №59

Really good pizza and a fun environment.

Review №60

The pizza was spot on. Fast friendly service, great atmosphere, definitely will be back!

Review №61

Great food, great environment super friendly waitstaff, the only thing I will say against it is the chicken bacon ranch pizza has smoked chicken and to me its really overpowering, that's just my opinion though.

Review №62

We were in town for the holiday and got some pizza and it was really good! The price was average for the area and what you get. The toughest part was actually getting the pizza. The place was very crowded as it is a bar as well. Trying to get the bartenders attention for a take out order was tough. All in all pretty good experience.

Review №63

Well priced. Fun atmosphere. Pool table. Good pizza and beer. Goob' s pizza was great. Only negative is people smoking inside. We sat on patio (people still smoked, but not as bad). Music was a little loud, but some people like that.

Review №64

Best pizza in Fort Smith, but really need cameras behind restaurant. Just in case your rental car gets hit,and they decide to just leave without have the decently to come in and ask whose car did they just hit.[ cameras please]

Review №65

A cornerstone of Fort Smith itself. Papas has great food and staffs wonderful folks. Pizza is always top quality with fresh ingredients. A must-visit place for out-of-towners.

Review №66

Great mix of excellent bartenders and good prices. Pizza is okay, but it's not New York or Chicago, so it's fine given the location.

Review №67

Simply the best pizza in Fort Smith! They have the old Godfather's recipe for their pies, and they're amazing. The crust is always crispy, the toppings always fresh. This place is nonstop busy on Friday and Saturday nights, but the bar staff is attentive. Beer is served ice cold and fun is all around.

Review №68

Best pizza ive had in the fort. Great ventilation for smoking, very nice bar

Review №69

Our waitress was awesome and the food was incredible now my favorite place to eat in fort smith

Review №70

If you're sitting there for bed we were not attended to but until some guy one of the guy Park tenders came up to us and then we were tended to then there are the pictures always great fantastic but I wish the females actually put more attention to when we're sitting there ready to order images of Norris but I had a great time for especially for it being pub crawl I got my pizza cuz I'm like 5 Irish car bombs

Review №71

Love this place best pizza in town hands down

Review №72

Great pizza great service. TV was little to loud but it wasn't very busy and if you had allot of customers it wouldn't have been too loud. Best pizza ever

Review №73

Pizza, beer and atmosphere! They have it all. The trash can pizza is the best!! Rich buttery crust that's not too thin, just like the Godfathers pizza crust recipe.

Review №74

Excellent service great atmosphere & the wings are good BUT pizza is better :)

Review №75

Fantastic place to eat pizza! Staff checks up on your visit often to make sure you are doing well. I recommend this place.

Review №76

Great place to meet up with friends! Great prices and best pizza!!

Review №77

Great service... Great pizza.... Cold beer

Review №78

Papa's has always been one of my husband and my favorite stops for date night! Staff is always pleasant and professional! Pizza is the absolute best in the area!!

Review №79

Pizza is great, but if you don't smoke, don't go. Order take-out instead.

Review №80

Great pizza and fun to play pool

Review №81

We ordered out some pizza from here at the recommendation of a friend. The pizza did not disappoint, the deep dish combo was great we got a pepperoni with mushrooms and olives which was stellar as well. If your in the area stop by and try it. I'm not a bar go-er but the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable to me, the staff were real friendly and the place was well kept. They also have a nice little outside patio you can stay on as well. It's in a nice location among the old buildings of fort smith along the riverfront.

Review №82

Although the place was packed, I only waited 20 minutes for a pizza. The staff was amazing, attentive and friendly. The pizza is the best in town. I wish I had time to play some of their games but, I was on a dinner break.

Review №83

Great atmosphere and good food

Review №84

This was always the premier spot when I was younger. It's great during the week and they have the best pizza in town. But Thurs-Sat nights, it's just a bunch of people standing around waiting to order a drink. Great atmosphere and friendly service, just takes too long to get a drink.

Review №85

Love it. Good beer. Good pizza.

Review №86

Pizza was good.Didnt save very well. The pitchers are expensive. Went on a Friday and there was quite a bit of college girls out. So that's a plus.

Review №87

Pizza was great and very cheesy as I would have expected a pizza to be.

Review №88

Good pizzaCold tap beer

Review №89

I just left. The service ( other than Kelsy) is absolutely horrible! Apparently if u r not a lesbian, Mafdie will not serve you, if she does she makes sure u kno it was an inconvenience. The Manager is worthless. The pizza has definetly gone down hill. Bill is spinning in his grave. Totally removed from what he stood for... We will not be back..

Review №90

Great food great beer great people

Review №91

Pizza is amazing but place gets very full late in the evening

Review №92

A good place ta chill

Review №93

Fun little bar with delicious pizza. Not a bad place to unwind with friends and enjoy some drinks.

Review №94

Best Pizza in town.

Review №95

Love this place. The garbage can pizza is a must.

Review №96

Papa's has some of the best pizza in town and is a staple of the Fort Smith weekend scene. A definite must for anyone looking for good food and a place to hang out with their friends. Ask to sit on the patio to avoid the smoke!

Review №97

Love the food and beverages but they need to get better ventilation for all the smokers!!

Review №98

Great pizza and good waiter/waitresses!

Review №99

Friendly help.Good pizza.

Review №100

Good pizza, but this is a smoker place. You can't bring kids in because of screwy laws. So if you want to have adult drinks from a real bar, eat pizza with your kids and not choke on cigarettes & cheap cigar smoke. Then go to Gusano on Phoenix St. Added extra Gusanos actually has parking available without meters or back alley parking

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  • Address:508 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 479-783-9941
  • Bar
  • Pizza restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:11AM–2AM
  • Friday:11AM–2AM
  • Saturday:11AM–2AM
  • Sunday:11AM–2AM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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