Seasons Inn
2219 S Waldron Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

The room I had was no where near the pictures that are posted on the website. There were no towels in bathrooms, theres holes in every wall. There was a half fast repair in the bathroom ceiling. The furniture and place is a dump. You should drop this hotel off the list. I agreed to stay because I was only going to be there for 4 hours of sleep and was going to wake up early to shower and leave. But after 30 minutes In bed the bed bugs or fleas where biting. I had to sleep fully clothed to avoid the bites. I was so tired from my trip but could not sleep.

Review №2

The only place I have ever not been able to stay a whole night... We were there for maybe an hour... when we walked into the hotel the floors were dirty and stained... The people that worked there also lived there, and I don't understand how... the walls and bed were stained and we had to request pillows that weren't almost nonexistent... I failed to read the reviews, big mistake... the bathroom door was tore up, but hey that happens.... Honey, I'm gonna go to the pool... okay get to the indoor pool and there's dirt in the bottom... Okay l, it happens, I'll just check out the spa instead... Empty and dirty, okay, maybe we should explore a bit, surely it can't be all bad... where's the ice??? There's a sign but that's all I see... Breakfast area, I will NOT eat there... counters are dirty and grimy, how do people LIVE here??? Back to the room, I go to plug in our fan, and had to move the dresser back and huge cockroach... I didn't know they got that big... Anyway we went to go to bed ( as when we are not on vacation, I work nights) and the sheets and pillow cases were disgusting... Honey I don't think I can sleep here... let's get a different hotel... hubby says well I thought you looked up the reviews... No, I forgot but the pics were nice.... Well find one with better reviews... hotel six... about that time I notice movement on the bed... Honey get off there it's got bedbugs.... pulls the mattress off the boxsprings... Then tells me to put our luggage back in our car while he goes and talks to the manager... Manager calls owner and owner tells him just take care of it... obviously the owner doesn't care about his employees living conditions or his guests' experience... IDK how this place hasn't been closed down.... I pay these prices all the time when I travel and I have never gotten a stay like this... And with the way the owners attack the people who aren't happy it just shows how professional they are... Accept criticism with grace owners and fix your mess... Now the one positive thing I can say is that the manager and staff were extremely friendly, helpful,& understanding... I do hope we get our refund as we were told we would... im just sorry I didn't read the reviews before staying because I hate writing negative reviews... And had I not stayed I would not be writing a review at all... The fountain and garden are beautiful but I don't feel like that is a good reason to expose paying customers to that kind of environment...

Review №3

It took way too long for them to get me into a room. It was very dirty. There where ashes in the sink and tub. There was no bath or face tales. There was no tissue. The microwave didnt work. The door handle fell off the door. It was like staying in the projects. Very disappointing way for any hotel/motel to run a buisness.

Review №4

Nothing the hotel is listed as a 2 .4 star hotel but its not even close the photos online are false not even close to what this place actually looks like.. worst things first... We found a bag that looked like it was something used for drugs and a dirty needle by the refrigerator the bed was infested with bed bugs and there was roaches crawling everywhere mouse droppings all over the night stands something that looked like blood stains on shower curtain exposed electric wires no pillows on the bed the TV didnt work black mold around the old ac unit paint peeling off walls stained chairs and couch the one towel in room was dirty the toilet had pubic hair in it the sink was lined with a black film the room had a smell like urine literally could only stand to be in the room for less then few hours tried to make best of it because our card was charged but after finding a dirty needle and baggy it was last straw.... Upon checking out litter less then 3 hours after arriving when we showed the first desk attendant what we found in our room , she huffed took the needle placed it in drawer and said have a nice day no apologies or show of shock remorse shame nothing... Never in my life have I been so insulted and disgusted...2.3 or 2.4 stars is a joke this hotel isnt even 1 star quality , the night attendant said it was under remodel but there were no signs of that occurring at all it was just a seedy dirty ran down hotel

Review №5

The hot tub is the only good thing about this place. The lady at the front desk last night was very, very rude. I had a simple request, & got an attitude with me. If her boss had not came over, I feel like she would not have completely done her job to our satisfaction. The boss even said, "She trippin," about the lady. Maybe work harder on costumer service. Also, the AC didn't work in our room. There are bed bugs. The sheets are yellow. We were in a room with 2 double beds, but only had a single pillow for each bed. The TV & cable work fine, other than the fact you can't change the volume with the remote. There was a cigarette butt literally IN the wall when we got our room. Our smoke detector had electrical tape over it.I will only come back here when I'm desperate, desperate.

Review №6

It was a terrible experience. There was bed bugs on bed and roaches everywhere in the room. Bed sheets and cover was dirty. We couldnot stay an hour in the hotel, we had to get a better hotel for the night.

Review №7

The clerk was more interested in a personal call than she was checking me in. Needless to say, my time was not respected and I never got to check in to shower before work because her personal life was more important.

Review №8

The room was disgusting. We were supposed to be in a non smoking but it was very clear it was a smoking room. Beds were unmade, just had the sheets pulled back, not sure they were clean because there were stains all over the sheets. I had to put down my own towel I brought to be able To lay on the bed. Don't recommend this place to anyone. Looks like a place drug addicts would go.

Review №9

They lied, it wasnt king bed it was a queen, the headboard fell on us while we were sleeping, there was no pool, no breakfast, dirty linens EVERYWHERE, the staff was rude and mold on the walls, it was so bad we didnt even stay the second night we rented an air bnb for the night. It would have been better and cleaner to sleep in a ditch, i cried the whole time i was there!!

Review №10

54$ walls need repaint...pool smell like mold...needs attention...has be a fivestar ...coffen curtains....smoke detector..jack..spoted a roach...hum let me check for bed bugs???pool close at 10..

Review №11

The bed linens were not clean and were stained. There were roaches. I hope there were no other bugs! You get what you pay for. It was only $44. Staff were very helpful snd friendly though.

Review №12

Manager has her kids running around there all day with no control. Drug deals going on just about every day I was there, and bed bugs Infested. Place is poorly maintained and customer service was a joke. Asked for the owner's contact information and was denied the information and told that they wouldn't talk to me anyways by the manager. Would never stay here again.

Review №13

Very weird guy at desk as in weird uncomfortable not as in a freak but he must have given us the absolute WORST ROOM POSSIBLE. IT WAS RUN DOWN AND HORRIBLE.

Review №14

Was horrible....they did not have anythinfg promised like the website said, no pool, no hot tub or breakfast. They were under "construction", and did not mention to us bedore we paid. The rooms had no lights, pillows, towels, phone, clock or toilet paper. The ceiling was falling through in the rooms and aslo the main entrance. They had roaches everywhere. The only greeting we got was from one of the roaches. We asked for a refund since the rooms was falsely advertised and they said we would only get a percentage back. Horrible just horrible!!!!!

Review №15

It was horrible. There was mouse poop in the beds. The place was a dump. There were holes in the walls and doors. I need to speak with one, immediately.

Review №16

While I can look around and tell that this place is a little more run down than it once was, there is a charm and simplicity to this aesthetically appealing Inn. There is a patch of sheet-rock showing on the wallpaper. The extra fence around the pool and sauna slightly disrupt the otherwise gorgeous interior. The room is oversized, with one incredibly comfortable king-sized bed and the usual amenities. The wifi is top-notch. The interior wall is full of curtains covering floor-to-ceiling windows with a door in the center. I almost expected a doorbell when I entered the room through it from the main portion of the Inn. The opposing wall also has an exterior-access door to the parking lot, next to a decent sized bathroom. I can barely touch both walls simultaneously of that tiled entry-way. The sink is actually in the bathroom, where it belongs.There are a couple of ceiling tiles that need to be put back on in various places throughout the main portion of the building. However, not only does that somehow not disrupt the charm, but the staff here are friendly and more than obliging. No fee for the multiple faxes, either. Plus, this place cost half or less than some of the places I've stayed in during my career. After taxes and pet fees, one occupant and one pet came in at $55 on a weekend. The location is central to several shopping and food locations, is less than five miles from the airport, and I haven't heard a lot of noise during my weekend here. While not aesthetically perfect, this Inn is still well worth that much. I'm glad I stayed here, in spite of the imperfections. There's something indescribably relaxing and almost home-y about this place.

Review №17

Hot tub never works though. Owner lady is rarely friendly or nice. Had bedbug issues in ALOT of the rooms. They WILL NOT turn heat on in Heated pool!

Review №18

Pet friendly with a $10 fee. Inside room was adequate to needs. The indoor pool was not in service. But the owners/ managers were very helpful and accommodated when I needed an extra hour to check out. I would stay here again.

Review №19

My room smelt like a nursing home (death). When we entered the room, the lights wouldn't even work. The workers seemed sketchy. I don't even think they have an actual cleaner here. They don't wear staff clothing. Oh, don't forget the dead roaches on the floor, the cigarettes on the floor, and the fake nails all over the pool area. The heated pool is actually ice cold. Not fun! I think the only positive was the cable TV and warm shower. Found old juice in my fridge, so you know they haven't cleaned it thoroughly since the last person who's been here. Spend a little bit more for a better quality place! Not even in the "heated actually freezing pool"! The people next to me were smoking Marijuana and the smell lingered into my room. I checked all over before I slept and there were no bugs, but I woke up with itchy bites all over my arm. Burn this place down! Update: found a condom in the pool.

Review №20

Horrible experience. Can't give ZERO STARS. I rented the room over the phone. Checked in at 7pm took a shower and then went to get some food. Came back about 10pm pulled bedspread back and there were feces and bedbugs in the bed all over the sheets. I immediately went to the front desk. The very rude female got an even worse male to handle this complaint. ALL I WANTED WERE CLEAN SHEETS. I offered to put them on myself. NO I WAS TOLD GET OUT. They actually threw me out at 11pm without a refund or trying to make this UNEXCUSABLE FILTH right.! I HAVE 45 PICTURES. Don't stay here!!

Review №21

The man who checked me in was very nice, and stayed calm eveb though it was his very first time checking someone in that way. My only complaint was that the telephone did not work, and the soap in the bathroom was used by someone else when i got there.

Review №22

Staff is friendly helpful and honest glad I stood here quiet and bed are clean and comfortable cable works fine spacious and affordable close to mall and walmart

Review №23

Bedbugs. Only had 1 blanket for 2 bed room. 1 pillow

Review №24

Absolutely love this hotel. Only $62 total after pet deposit. $5 extra per hour after check out. Friendly and helpful staff. They offered to turn water fountains and lights on in lobby so I could take pictures. There are two doors to the room. One leads outside to the parking lot and the other leads to the lobby. Very clean and spacious rooms. Large TV. Local cable channels. Would absolutely recommend this hotel and would love to stay here again.

Review №25

Excellent management pool and hot tub cheap good rates affordable it's also nice and quiet a good place to bring the whole family

Review №26

Stayed there for 6 days due to electrical box went out. The place was filthy, roaches everywhere. Could only get a cup full of ice at a time. Had to get a space heater because the wall heater only blew slightly warm air, and the temp all that week was below freezing. Didnt have a mini fridge in room and was told we could get one from an empty room. We had to stay there as was told "no refunds"

Review №27

This hotel was disgusting to say the least. I had to leave and didnt get a refund which im super upset about. The pillows were stained with pee. The pets are included if you like roaches. The toilet paper was half started. The toilet had pubes in it. The matress had holes and stains all over. The manager said we were lucky because we had the best room with a small flat screen tv. If you are intoxicated or high then you'll probably maybe might like. Ughh i want my money back. This doesn't even deserve one star.

Review №28

Horrible place. We ask for adjoining rooms and the clerk lets us look at the rooms as one is non smoking and one is smoking. We walk into one of the rooms that was supposedly just cleaned and it stunk like pet urine. rooms were dirty. We asked to look at other rooms and the clerk obliged us. Same thing gross on the inside, the bathroom knob was broke and she told us they have problems with the doors going outside so its better to leave the door on the inside open for reentry. Linen on the beds were dirty. The only think remotely nice about this place was the clerk that helped us. At first we chose this place for the price and the pictures on line were nice. They are extremely deceiving. Thankfully we got a refund from expedia!

Review №29

This was the most horrible hotel and customer service the back door to my room was broken and the workers couldn't figure out how to get it open and everyone told me to wait on the manager and said he would be there shortly this went on for about five hours when the manager finally came back he had to use a screw driver to pry the door open. The place had a awful smell and very outdated the rooms were disgusting and so were the mini fridge and microwave.

Review №30

Desk clerk was nice an cordial. Room conditions an availability were 3rd rate. Room heater barely worked. Never going again.

Review №31

Seasons Inn is a friendly place. From what I have seen they are still remodeling. The owners are dealing with two hotels now. So be nice to the people. Some rooms are GREAT some are ok. But man the people are all awesome. It feels like walking into a hug.

Review №32

I recently stayed over night and found my room to be acceptable. Large rooms live plants nice pool. The staff was friendly and very helpful. For a two star Hotel it was a very nice place. Thank you to the staff for making my stay in Arkansas a good one .

Review №33

Is was nasty the pool use dirty they did not clean it the rooms was dirty i hade to clean it and we did not get clean towls some of the works was rude and my kids got bits on them so i would say this hotel is not good

Review №34

This place needs to be updated, but I'm pleased with how nice staff was. I can't recall her name but the lady that was there when I checked in, thank you.I don't have anything bad to say. It's decent for the price, you get what you pay for. The pool is bigger than most!!! The pool does have a fence around it but it would be a liability not to because it would allow minors to go in and out as they pleased. They had no problem showing me the room before I paid, which I appreciated after reading all of the negative reviews. One thing that I will agree with is the people that were there when I was were some tweekers!!!!

Review №35

Terrible not cleaned they said it is under construction but they do not be able to offer this place for relax we did not stayed there because roaches uncleaned and mold no towels not secure .for me that place will not be allowed to show for take a rest or relax it is not habitable we do not recommend this place

Review №36

It was a I guess alright place the room i was in could have been WAY cleaner. The only thing i REALLY liked was the pool and that needs to be clean. There were bed bugs everywhere! And the room i was at took FOR EVER to clean! And once they 'cleaned' the room it was still disgusting! Holes in The walls bathroom messed up floor was horrible! Good people though just need to clean the rooms WAY better and pool. (There were huge bugs in the pool! Disgusting!!)

Review №37

This place was disgusting. Came for a birthday party and the hot tub was broke the pool heater was broke there is no fire alarms in the rooms black mold and everything was broken. The beds were broke and all. And they wouldnt give any refunds. So i need to know who to call. Cuz that is ridiculous

Review №38

Nice clean rooms good facilities but kind of run-down half abandoned

Review №39

This hotel was horrible they didnt open the pool till 30min after said time. The room did not have a remote. Had to ask 4 times and walk down to the room with the mangaemet to finnaly get one. Also did not have a drain plug for the bathtub. When I went to check out the attendant was asleep and barly woke up to say just put the key down. This hotel was not accomidateing at all. I would not have stayed if I havent already paid. I would NOT recommend it to ANYONE.

Review №40

Unclean room! I got glass in my foot while there. I was latebto check out and was chargedbthe crazy price of $5/hr. Then wasnt even given a discount for another night. I didn't recieve coupons or any meal options. I was not given proper instructions for wifi or check out times. I was told, "well, its on your reciept."

Review №41

This place was absolutely disgusting. Bed bugs and roaches. Worst hotel. Please don't not stay here.

Review №42

I was impressed with how each room connected with the indoor pool area. I wasn't impressed with how the service was. The front desk attendant wasn't very nice. The room needed to be cleaned better and some things fixed. There were quite a few holes in the walls and someone had broken one of the lamps. For $100 a night I had expected a lot better.

Review №43

Was hands down the worst I've ever stayed in. Didn't even have towels until we kept asking till around midnight. One outside window had no curtains. Desk clerk said motel was under renovation but it didn't seem like they were really doing anything to renovate.

Review №44

This property is a dump. The pictures are twenty years out of date. The rooms are a disaster. There are no dead bolts on the doors, there were holes in the walls, the furnishings where 30 years out of date. There are bugs in the beds. There were no towels in the bathroom and when I asked some the next morning the clerk gave me two. One was so badly stained that I was uncomfortable using for a floor mat.I booked two nights at this hell hole, and the Manager told me that I had only booked one, and that was why my key card did not work, and why the residents had taken my belongs from my room and gone through my things, taking what they wanted or could sell to buy more drugs or pay their monthly rent.I would highly recommend that you find another place to stay in Fort Smith other than this wretched place.

Review №45

Room was nice, huge bed. But VERY unhappy that the pool is an amenity and it has a chain link fence all around it. Its not being repaired/ cleaned or anything but you cannot use it and front desk does not inform you of that infirmation when you pay for the room online or telephone reservation. So basically don't bring your bathing suit because you can't use the pool or jacuzzi!

Review №46

I booked at one motel but had to stay at another. Security was a little lax

Review №47

Place is horrible. The lady at front desk which is actually owner was not friendly at all. When went to our room there were cigarette burns on the bed covers, the curtains were falling down, burn marks on celling, the bathroom was dirty, toilet seat didn't fit right, and cable wasn't working. Also they had roaches crawling everywhere. Took an hour to get tv going and pool opened. The pool area was dirty and the roof fell in over the hot tub. Also pool had so much chlorine that you could smell it in the room. People next door were yelling so we requested a different room and was refused to be able to change rooms by the owner. Place is a dive and lots of traffic in and out of 2 of the rooms. Not a good experience at all. I would not recommend to anyone. They wouldn't get 1 star but can't leave a review without choosing at least 1.

Review №48

Bad things tend to happen here. Not terrible, as long as you don't plan on making friends there. My advice... check-in, go to sleep, wake up, check out.

Review №49

I just checked out this morning and I will NEVER go back and will NEVER recommend it. The rooms are very out dated and weren't cleaned. Very thin pillows, they acted as if I were gonna steal their towels. The ice machine was out of ice!!! I mean I could go on and on!!! The people were polite but it's almost required with all the other b/s they have going on. It's in a very good location, they really just need to upgrade the place.

Review №50

Just go down the road to the next place."The things I could say about this place. It makes me sick."

Review №51

The hotel was absolutely awful. As soon as I walked in the stench was overwhelming. The front desk girl took forever to get me checked in because she had no idea what she was doing. When I got to the room, as soon as I flipped the light on, roaches scattered everywhere. I walked back to the front and gave my card back and told them I would not be staying. They informed me they would charge me an extra $10 for early checkout. I have never hear of that in my life. I will get my money back one way or the other.

Review №52

The rooms r nice but everything doesnt always work

Review №53

This was worst place ever full of bed bugs they refused to refund my money. Horrible place

Review №54

It's disgusting. Full of bed bugs and drug dealers. The pool is never cleaned and the inside of the rooms look like they haven't been cleaned in years. The mattresses have mold, holes, and bugs in them. There's blood all types of other stains everywhere!They have very few rooms that LOOK decent but they give them to their choice of people. There's no room service and the staff is horrible and unprofessional.

Review №55

Absolutely horrible! I would seriously recommend you do NOT stay here! There was dirt and hair all over our bed and they didn't even clean the room until we arrived! The main staff treated us like horribly when we brought the problem to them and when we asked for the refund they refused because we "should have checked the room" (That's what we were doing!) They didn't let us check the room until we had paid and claimed we even put the dirt there. We paid more for that room than we should have and even found a better rate for a better room online afterwords. Wouldn't ever go there again. Still trying to get my money back.

Review №56


Review №57

For the size of the rooms youd think theyd get cleaned a little better but they're smaller and I guess that just means quicker cleaning.

Review №58

Peaceful atmosphere friendly staff they treat you like family

Review №59

Nasty!! Roaches, bed bugs, blood on the bed and wall, the door looked like a dog chewed through it. 65 dollars for a one bed never again will i stay there or even recommend it to anyone. If i could rate this 0 stars i would.i took pictures of everything.

Review №60

Low end motel. Holes in walls celling. We found a meth pipe and an pty baggy in the pull out couch. So yeah, at your own risk!

Review №61

The place was beautiful but the draw back was the room I got was very dirty. Toilet seat was pure nasty the trash can had trash in face clothes bathroom. I could go on.neighbors was fighting dog scratting at in side door.

Review №62

I didn't like it cause this motel is roach infested and bed bug infested I stayed for 4 weeks and I have bites all over me and the staff act like they don't care and there is drugs coming in and out of that place and people are screaming and fighting all the time but the staff won't do anything about it. It's absolutely the worse motel ever they false advertise they let the motel go they don't clean the rooms they don't serve free breakfast they are rude.DON'T STAY HERE! Save your money on a better motel!!

Review №63

This place is a dump, and an over priced one at that. Full of mildew, bedbugs, and other small critters. The walls have holes in them and most everything is broken or stained. The management and staff lie and post fake reviews online.This hotel gives Ft Smith a bad name along with there other motel, Guest House. Stay alive for another season, avoid being a guest at season inn or Guest House.

Review №64

I gave you 1 star because i could not give you 0.. This place actually called the cops and had us removed from our room at 3 am. Reason >> Because I reported a friend of owners which is the old garden lodge manager and her husband for leaving dead bodies in the rooms until after they had a chance to steal all of the money from them. Apparently Seasons Inn and the Old Garden Lodge were working together or something. now the rooms was sad. The employees were sad. The pool and hot tub were sad. The entire place should be torn down by the city. The owner should be vetted.

Review №65

Its old, but i like it. If you want new and super clean it isnt for you. It has its own charm and a monthly rate!!

Review №66

They don't have the breakfast any more and hot tub don't work

Review №67

Room was nice, huge bed. But VERY unhappy that the pool is an amenity and it has a chain link fence all around it. Its not being repaired/ cleaned or anything but you cannot use it and front desk does not inform you of that infirmation when you pay for the room online or telephone reservation. So basically don't bring your bathing suit because you can't use the pool or jacuzzi!

Review №68

Had bedbugs, rooms were not clean or cleaned from previous guests and a room of 5 people we were only given one towel that we used for 2 days before they gave us another one. Front desk woman on night shift was rude and lazy. Won't be staying there again.

Review №69

There was a dead fly under the comforter. The room was very hot. In the bathroom there was still vomit on the wall by the trash, and only enough towel's for one person in a four person room. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone unless you are looking for a cheap place to stay overnight.

Review №70

This place was FILTHY! I've never seen a motel so unclean! Looked like it hadn't been vacuumed, even the bathroom mirror frame had a thick film stuck on it that was black when I cleaned it myself! The back of toilet seat had nasty stuff & hairs on it cause it hadn't been wiped down, and there were ROACHES crawling around on the tables! Disgusting!!!!

Review №71

There weren't any towels, conditioner, or pillows. We had to tell a creepy man to stop asking for $20 blow jobs

Review №72

Employees are rude. And they act like its horrible to get u sumthing..It took them all day to get us comforters for our beds. Cant ever get towels. The room rate is a little cheaper but the service sux.

Review №73

Always good people staying in the hotel. The inside with the pool and hot tub is beautiful with great views and plants and the front lobby has plenty of arcade games and they sell any food drinks cigarettes and cigars and pipes behind the front counter and even laundry machines.

Review №74

The lobby was beautiful but smelled like smoke. The room was spacious and comforting. However the towels had holes and the bedding was kind of stained.

Review №75

The owners and staff are hard working, nice people. My mother an I stayed there for about a month while we were moving. They provided a nice room, a pool, hot tub, nice lobby, concessions, and courteous service. Moshimi and Kamal are very good people and they helped us out a lot. They work hard to maintain the property. I recommend it to anyone.

Review №76

Fast service, clean environment, good times!

Review №77

Why do you even allow this literal flea trap to advertise on your website?! It's hideous! We stayed five minutes and found live and dead roaches, mildew, holes in the wall that hadn't been boarded over, and smoke stink. Then we left.

Review №78

We was one night couldnt even sleep the whole got bit so much got clean sheets a few hrs later got bit way more no clean towels had to buy our own worst place ever

Review №79

We attempted to stay there yesterday because our power was out from the storm. We we're never told if we paid more we would get an updated room, or I definitely would have. Room was missing patch of carpet, manager had to come to our room twice to fix the Tv. Room had a funky smell but didn't feel comfortable opening up the door that went out side to let some air in because of all the crack heads hanging out outside. ( Lots of undesirable people). We did however go to the pool, we had 2 towels in our room and when we asked for more were given 2 more and told we could only have 2 per person ( there were 3 of us myself husband and daughter) . The pool could have been warmer but oh well, over all I think this place could be a very nice hotel if someone put in the time and money and got rid of all the drug addicts ( btw they selling pipes etc at the front desk). Long story short our electricity came back on and we left before 9 pm, didn't even pull back the blanket on the bed but saw no bugs, and my kid enjoyed swimming

Review №80

The service was decent, they even bring breakfast to your rooms for free. Rooms were cleaned and kept nice. my son loved the pool. For the price per night I recommend this place.

Review №81

Nice and homieFair price.

Review №82

The staff was relatively rude and quite tardy. The rooms were okay. Ice machine and vending impossible to find and apparently the continental breakfast is not a thing.

Review №83

Pool was not clean sheets were stained cockroaches in rooms and overpriced

Review №84

First off...the rooms are nasty smelt like horse crap!! The pool was ice cold!!! We never got the towels we asked for. There was pee in the hot tub. When they finally got the heater turned on for the pool they shut it down 2 hours early. The beds suck!! I will never stay here again. The staff is rude and not attentive at all.

Review №85

Booked a room and when got there they sent us to a different hotel very inconvenient

Review №86

Bugs rude staff dirty Linens not like the staff was super rude but it was more like they didnt really care

Review №87

The lobby , pool and hot tub were nice but the rooms were not very clean . our room had a chair that had a very wet urine stain in it and in front of our room in the hallway was a dead mouse .

Review №88

I enjoyed my stay while traveling out there they temperature of the is off balance but the hot tub makes up for it

Review №89

It was disquieting. Room was very dirty, and shower curtain was almost broke. Hot tub and pool were both out of prder

Review №90

Okay where to begin with this one...... First off whoever said that they bring breakfast to you in the morning is reviewing the wrong hotel. This place is truely a work of art. All the rooms are incomplete. Some rooms have desks and no chair while others bave chairs and no end tables. All the beds look questionable. And the floors are beyond disgusting last time they was shampooed? Who knows..... Okay so now the front desk and service. Its run by a woman named Mo. She seems nice but but idk why she insists on having employees that look like they still are and never go to stop meth user. All housekeeping is spun out on meth and all reside here. The hot tub is never open ever. And anytime you ask for anything from the front desk its a i dont know or we will check,aand then never get back to you. So if your planning on staying here just go pver to the motel 6. This place is not worth the 50 dollars they want a night. Would not recomend to anyone.

Review №91

It used to be a really nice place to stay up but not anymore it is run down it has bed bugs that stinks have a friend that uses was staying there and I couldn't believe it how bad they have let it run down

Review №92

This place used to be my second home, key word used to be...but the owners are doing a lot of bad business lately if you know what I mean. This is not a place for kids at all and if you wanna party just move in a suit and you will be in heaven, but if you want a great motel room for your family or you are out of town working or what not- motel 6 may be the best choice for you and cheaper...mark my words

Review №93

Roach infested disaster of a hotel. It's sad to have watched this once 5 star hotel go downhill to a trashy drug and roach infested dump. Horrible!! Do not stay here. Spend the extra money and go down the road to comfort inn or baymont even.

Review №94

This was the worst experience ever ! I payed for double bed jointed rooms for my son sleep over, well they gave me one room double beds and the other one was just one full size bed. When I went asked them about it they came and took the bed out and brought in a king mattress while I'm still in the room all of this is going on. The sheets were dirty we had to wait about 4hours for a blanket to get dry for our bed. The bathrooms were nasty and the workers are rude and dont care cause they actually live there. If you try to get a refund you get the police called on you . WORSE HOTEL EVER I DONT RECOMMEND ANYONE!!!!! Not even animals! This place is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Review №95

Pros:: Quiet, indoor pool, hot tub, wifiCons:: very drug oriented

Review №96

The deco was from the 1970s. Room had a smell, and I accedently stepped on a roach in the bathroom. The old white towels were yellowed with age and use, but clean. Bad TV reception and remote, and the beadspread had several burn holes in it. The best feature was the hot water in the shower, but I was left somebodys half used little bottle of shampoo from a different hotel to use.

Review №97

How the health department and/or police havent shut this place down yet is beyond me. what i find particularly abhorent within these reviews is the fact that the owner himself has provided responses which effectively admit that the property is infested with bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice. he says you have to pay extra if you want a room that isn't crawling with bed bugs.the fact that this place continues to operate directly across the street from my child's school makes me sick to my stomach to think about

Review №98

When we checked in there were stains on the bed, the iron had been stolen, there were holes in the sheets, the contract that you sign upon check in had at least 10 grammatical errors. When we asked for a refund to leave the "manager" behind the desk claimed to be the owner and refused to call him when I asked for him to be called. There was mold in the shower curtain and just everything was extremely unsanitary. Very unprofessional and a extremely dirty place to stay. Calling the health department today.

Review №99

Could be updated and a bit cleaner but good staff and pool is nice except cold and could be cleaner

Review №100

I am a mother of three kids an i choose or thought I'd stay at this motel... I went into the front desk told them I would like a room for two adults an three kids..... okay- we have a dubbed queen room......which the beds look to be full size only... anyhow I paid $60 An the lady takes me to my room... I start too unpack my car an my child needs to pee.. I take her too the bath room in our room.... well no toilet paper an then the toilet backed up In to the bath tub..... I walk down an tell them I have an issue .... an tell them the deal..... she tells me she has too go look for her self... comes bavk an gives me a excess as too why she can't or won't give me my money back... I told her ill call the owners Monday an ill also call the state healtth dept . She tells me she will call the cops an i said please do ..... I still did not get my money back.... nor did I stay iin that crack hole of a place....

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