Shooters Bar & Grill
2201 Grand Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

It's a great place to kick back play pool have a beer and listen to great music.If you get hungry, you can order off the menu for great food and the prices over all are great. You should go and check it out you won't be disappointed.

Review №2

Always great live music at this fine establishment!!! Plus great fast food nearby!!

Review №3

It sure was gosh darn good! There was some pretty ladies and they hadt ice cold Budweiser. This place is the tops.

Review №4

I really enjoy my time spent there.It's a great place to eat, drink, and shoot some pool. The environment is great and the crowd is even better. The bar tenders are marvelous and very on point. All in all, a wonderful place to be.

Review №5

So many pool tables good service and cheap beer

Review №6

Great place to hang out cold beer good food, friendly people

Review №7

Local beer joint full of local people. The live bands are the best, specifically Midnight Breeze. They sure can get down.

Review №8

Clean.good people,always best hamburger basket. no complants.

Review №9

I like that I can pick my music. The bartenders are fun. They have a bomb burger n ff for 6$

Review №10

The bar is pretty nice!! Strict on having I'd but not bad at all

Review №11

Best place to play pool and eat at

Review №12

We saw a couple live bands and had a great time. The drinks are right and the atmosphere is good too.

Review №13

First time in 10 years I have been out to a bar and by far this place was amazing, waiter's top notch, live bad was amazingEnjoy my time at Shooter's

Review №14

Always some good shootin to be seen and help keep your game on point.

Review №15

Laid back and cheap environment to shoot some pool and have some beers.

Review №16

Plenty of pool tables and free bands on the weekend.

Review №17

It was all good until I saw a roach on the bueno for me

Review №18

Great spot to hang and have a few...

Review №19

Cool little bar, chill atmospher. And everyone welcome. What's not to like (besides the weak drinks!)

Review №20

Great burgers....home style fries. Good friendly atmosphere

Review №21

Mel was so friendly and made my bar experience awesome!

Review №22

Good burgers love the staff

Review №23

Friendly staff great atmosphereRockin band

Review №24

Great burger and prices on beer are awesome too!!

Review №25

It is a bar and grill. Which means if you want to just play pool and your not a smoker. This place smells of cigarettes. After leaving place my jacket which was not near the people smoking, ended up smelling like smoke. Decent amount of pool tables and is only for people that are 21 and over. Not crowded during the day time if you want to play pool while the kids are in school.

Review №26

Pool Players Place. Walk'd there from me Daughter's house when visit'n her in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Plenty of pool tables, staff were great. It was late in night, middle of week not many people cept fer stand'n up life size horse race'n jockey.

Review №27

Great Food, Awesome Staff, and Amazing Fun!

Review №28

Good place to hangout cheap drinks free pool on Thurs and Sunday. I have not ate the food and will never eat the food because I saw roaches crawling on the bar on 2 different visits. The employees both acted like it was normal to see roaches on the bar. I only drink from a bottle. But it is a fun hangout.

Review №29

Straight local spot if you shoot pool and enjoy reasonable priced drinks check it out

Review №30

Nice service, nice set up, great food. Always a treat to be here.

Review №31

Great place to chill and shoot pool. Amazing food too

Review №32

Bartender on duty either ignored us or wasn't aware how fast Wisconsin people can pound a beer. Food was average bar food as well IMO.

Review №33

Friendly staff. Lots of pool tables.

Review №34

Basically as soon as I walked in I should have just walked right back out. Personally this place has a horrible vibe.

Review №35

Used to love to shoot league pool but the teams, not all of them, are stuck up and its frustrating when you pay the money, show up every night and at the end of season people act like junior high kids arguing over b.s. that has nothing to do with being on a amateur league. Then I was accidentally knocked off my bicycle by someone who had been thrown out for being a drunken dummie and I was knocked off my 12 speed mountain bike and landed on my head and knocked me unconscious. The bartender who was the owners daughter didn't even call the ambulance. I don't know how I got home but it was 3:30 and the bar closed at 2:00. They didn't care about me or my life so don't believe they will care about yours. I played billiards there since I was 22 and this accident happened about 1 and a half years ago. I was 39 years old when the accident happened and had known Mike and Becky the owners for 15 or so years. Really showed me how much this establishment cares about their customers and regulars. Not at all. I cannot shoot pool now thanks to the injury. So sad when you get hurt by someone else's carelessness and your home bar throws you to the street and act like nothing happened.

Review №36

French frys and beer. Great stuff.

Review №37

Stage is pretty nice with a lot of room for setting up bands. Drinks are a little pricey but its a chill spot to hang and doesnt seem to get to crazy in there.

Review №38

Always a good place to get a beer! Most of the staff is friendly but Charity is THE BEST! Live music on the weekends is always fun! You can always find a game of pool happening!

Review №39

Cool place to chill and play pool , great burgers and cold beer ! A great place to play and Tommy has a light show you should all see

Review №40

Revamped and Renewed with the best lunch specials in town. Support local businesses

Review №41

Fun group of people work here

Review №42

Went there the night of the steel horse rally, the bartenders were awesome. Went this past Monday night on 5/14 and service sucked!! Hopefully the owner gets rid of that bartender. The ladies working on the night of the steel horse rally were awesome.

Review №43

Service is Bad!!! Girls Bar Maids Are Rude they ignore u when u go up there to get beer, and there just TALKIN to eachother ignoring Customers(ME) I've been a LOCAL THERE AND IM NOT GOIN BACK ANY MORE!!!!!

Review №44

Great place to relax, play pool, and meet new people! Awesome grub, bartenders, ownership, & patrons! Come on out and enjoy some live music Fridays & Saturdays 9pm - midnight!

Review №45

Good friendly service

Review №46

Great music Fun and be able to get out. Great hamburger's and other things.

Review №47

Love my ex wife

Review №48

Great bartenders and waitstaff! Live metal bands kick ass! My favorite place in this town! And they have awesome food. You won't be sorry to be there.

Review №49

Lots of pool tables. Regularly has live bands playing. One of de bar tenders asked me if I was drinking & I told her no so she told me to leave. I was sitting down out of de way minding my own business. I drove tonight so PARDON ME for being responsible.

Review №50

Awesome food And pool owners are friendly

Review №51

Good times, inexpensive pool and buckets of beer

Review №52

One of best burger and fries and beer combos around plenty of tv's and pool tables

Review №53

Nice hole in the wall type bar cheap drinks and pool friendly bar tender

Review №54

For a place called shooters....that a pool hall...the sticks were warped and broken....and the was no hand a dozen tables and only 1 container of baby powder.....the tavles were cheap enough but dont order a mixed drink they really dont know what they are doing

Review №55

Countertops were amazing

Review №56

Big open floor plan, lot of pool tables, good live music on weekend. Great drinks.

Review №57

Great lot better that it use to b

Review №58

I have set here for almost 45 min at the bar and a bartender has not even spoke to me to ask me what I want to drink

Review №59

They are a great place to go to shoot pool.

Review №60

Good food good people good music

Review №61

This is the hometown show spot. Always love playing here, and its a great place to go watch a show!

Review №62

Beware of the smokers, otherwise a great place to play pool and hang with friends. Their jukebox has a pretty good selection of songs aswell.

Review №63

Kinda slow not like their usual crowd...

Review №64

When I go out this is where I love to go. Never had a problem there...knock on wood! Lol

Review №65

Good place to shoot pool and have a couple of drinks, rapping is there on Friday and Saturday, free pool on Sundays

Review №66

Nice home town local bar!!

Review №67

Best burger in town

Review №68

The tables suck and the beer isn't very cold.

Review №69

If you play pool this is the right place for dose get really crowded

Review №70

Fun place to play pool.

Review №71

If you like pool and great food friendly people, shooters is the best saloon in town.

Review №72

I haven't been on inside but the food smell so good im so tempted to go in. .... Very convenient .... I stay across the street....

Review №73

Nice if you wanna grab a quick drink, play pool, or listen to a live band on the weekends. Kinda rough around the edges

Review №74

Home away from home. Been customer for years. Great service, music, and awesome burgers and nachos.

Review №75

It's some of the best pool players and people I ever met in life and charity is the coolest bartenders so tip her and she hook you up

Review №76

Good for shooting pool

Review №77

Great music, great staff, need to try the food.

Review №78

Like home away from home! Great staff and live music every weekend.

Review №79

Kinda boring the bad was no good

Review №80

Greatest place in Ft Smith shoot pool and the beer is ice cold. See Pam the bartender is friend.

Review №81

I've been working here for 18 years no matter what people say it is NOT a bad place. Have not ever had any major fights. Thank You.

Review №82

Fun place been around for ever

Review №83

Great pool n food. Super Kool place n people come together!!!

Review №84

They make me feel like family Everytime I walk in.Friendly atmosphere,and usuallya crowd of good people playing pool and,having fun.

Review №85

Best food I've ever had in any bar in ft. Smith, AR.

Review №86

Nice atmosphere of place to play pool and good music.

Review №87

This is my home bar I play in league for shooters, best bar in town ,its roomy very friendly waitresses and very good service, and fabulous hamburgers

Review №88

I performed in front of the people here they loved it.

Review №89

I love that they support live music, but the lighting and cleanliness could be better.

Review №90

This is a happy place . Great live music every weekend. Great service . Lots of pool , darts , plenty of sports on several fllat panel TVs. Best tme to go is when South Wind band is playing.

Review №91

Kool atmosphere good music great burgers

Review №92

Best bartenders in town friendly owners best food by far the make the hamburgers and fries fresh not frozen and the signature SLAP YA MAMA seasoning is there trade mark and its fantastic live bands and hip hop shows on the weekends

Review №93

Awsome burgers and fries, friendly atmosphere, and great people.

Review №94

Best price in town for cocktails, friendly servers, good music on jukebox.

Review №95

Makes a really good burger and fries.

Review №96

I love this bar! My kind of people. My kind of music. I don't go to the bar often.... but when I do....

Review №97

Because they have live music.. and you can play pool or sit and watch the game and it big enough for parties.

Review №98

Great staff..... All around GOOD people

Review №99

Best bartender is saturday & sunday(karon) very sweet. Tell her mud man sent you. Her hours: 10am to 6pm. Really.

Review №100

Cool place

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:2201 Grand Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 479-783-9413
  • Bar & grill
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–2AM
  • Tuesday:10AM–2AM
  • Wednesday:10AM–2AM
  • Thursday:10AM–2AM
  • Friday:10AM–2AM
  • Saturday:10AM–2AM
  • Sunday:10AM–2AM
Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Sports:Yes
Popular for
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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