Taco Bell
4910 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

Review №1

Food is always great, the staff are always welcoming makes me feel very comfortable and I enjoy my meal even better when I'm comfortable. Thank you for you wonderful service.

Review №2

I am not a very great fan of taco Bell. We drove from Dallas to Fort Smith for the labor day weekend and we stayed at River Valley Inn. Opposite to it was this Taco Bell which was the favorite for my friends. We reached the lodge around 11PM and found it was open. We just got in and the ambience was good. A lady gave us a warm welcome and she took our order very patiently as there were 10 people in our group and confusions all around. So after a brief order time we just took seats. Then came a drunk guy who was making things ugly for everyone around. As soon as he started his unconscious raid there stepped in a POLICE OFFICER who said "hey what are you looking for?". The drunk man's adrenaline frightened him and he just sat on the floor right in front of the COP.Then came our Titan sized order which was very yummy. We wanted some ranch but the lady served us with all kinds of sauce which were so good. I thought taco Bell wasn't my place at the first, but after this visit it is one of my favorite place. The only thing I think they can change is, if they switch the all purpose flour to wheat flour tortilla. It will be very healthy and great in taste too.

Review №3

Great team!! Managment could improve in areas to help improve team performance and overall growth. absolutely loved working here!! Great ppl Good place and who doesnt love the menu items!!

Review №4

The best Taco Bell in town. The food is the same as all the rest but the people are friendly and they get your order right without having to wait very long. If you have a choice between this store and the one on Rogers Ave (and you do) go to the store on Towson.

Review №5

The new drive thru is horrible. I needed to see a menu and the girl held up a small menu that was attached to her. When I said I needed to see the big menu she said I still have to take your order. Didn't save time at time I'll go on Down the street. At fast food taco is taco .

Review №6

Asked for SOFT tacos. Got hard tacos. Not a fan of this taco bell.

Review №7

They gave me the wrong order an the food was cool employees wasn't wearing masks

Review №8

Polite & courteous people. Great crunchers.

Review №9

You can never go wrong with a good taco truck, taco Bell is the fourth best thing to find when you're hungry.

Review №10

This is the 2nd time in a row that they forgot my cinnamon twist. The food is ok for the price.

Review №11

Gave me extra mild sauce! Love the service and food.

Review №12

It was good when I ate it. But now, uhhh. Not so much.

Review №13

Food was some of the best I've had from taco bell.

Review №14

Drive-thru service moves quickly even during lunch!

Review №15

Get 4 tacos and 4 Five Layer Burritos for only $10 bucks!! Awesome deal for a hungry bunch.

Review №16

It seems to me that the evening shift has no pride in serving their food doesn't care if it goes to you like it supposed to or not

Review №17

Service was was quick at drive thru the woman was polite on the headset

Review №18

Hard and soft tacos sloppy made in evening time.

Review №19

If I could give this restaurant 0 stars I would apparently the cooks cant read an order board and if you go during the late hours you cant call and complain they won't answer the phone

Review №20

I was actually at Arby's. That place was easily a 10/10. But, this Taco Bell is pretty good.

Review №21

Polite staff, very friendly. Food was fresh, hot, & served in a timely manner. What's not to love? Happy customer

Review №22

My digestive system didn't like it if you know what I mean

Review №23

The line was long but the food was good

Review №24

Taco Bell just keeps getting worse....takes forever to get the order in right, food was sub par and extremely sloppy made. We git 3 of the $5 boxes every taco in it was broken in pieces food all over the outside of the shell as well as inside it...and ive never seen a worse made burrito in my life....literally one side of burrito was all beans then at the other end a small amout of everything else that was supposed to be in it. Honestly think you should shut your doors....use to be my favorite place to go now its my least favorite....would have have ANYTHING else. Waist of time and money not to mention THEY cant hardly even give you the right orser throught the stinking window....over all pathetic

Review №25

Fair price, good flavor

Review №26

Fast service, even on special requests

Review №27

Change the menu every other and why would you get rid of the double decker taco getting worse every time i go

Review №28

Great prices and great service

Review №29

This place is hit or miss. Only person at the drive thru and they hand me a watered down Baja blast and gave me the wrong order. How to mess up the only person at the drive thru order?????

Review №30

It was terrible, barely a tspoon of meat in tacos, broken shells, refried beans were cold

Review №31

Just left this Taco Bell. The only nice thing i can say is the person taking orders was cheery. The guy rudely handed our food to us on a tray. Never asked if we needed sauce or anything. My husband had NO chicken in his quesrito and i shared my mexican pizza. I thought they forget the meat all together but i had a bites worth..I dont think anyone wanted to work at that establishment.

Review №32

Friggin love taco bell. Do it...

Review №33

Order is constantly wrong , have ordered through the drive through and through app multiple times. Either the order has things missing or they don't make it right. Either they rush and don't take time to look at the order or they just don't care.

Review №34

Fast service very well made

Review №35

The only bad part about it is that we had to go though the drive thru. but it's not there fault

Review №36

I love their food

Review №37

If you're going to have someone rude working the drive thru, at least make sure your food is hot. I ordered 2 items and both were cold. The quesadilla was warm enough to eat. Thought about taking the 5 layer back, but the man at the window was so rude I just gave the 5 layer to my dog.

Review №38

Disgusting. I couldn't even fill a teaspoon with the tiniest amount of meat that was put onto my Chalupa. My Taco looked like it was squeezed with someone's hands.

Review №39

Really good survice and great food

Review №40

Eating in I was surprised to find the good was not. HOT, while it was not cool or cold it wasn't warm, the food just a lot warmer than room temp.

Review №41

This is my favorite place love the people and the food

Review №42

Andrew really has the spirit for taco bell He was working the drive thru doing an awesome job

Review №43

Great food!

Review №44

Speedy customer service the fastest in town.

Review №45

Love taco bell. This place varies on how well with food is. It really depends on who is working and what not but typically the food is good! Will go back.

Review №46

The kiosk is cool. Can customize your favorite items

Review №47

The Taco Supremes were missing meat :(

Review №48

Total non contact!

Review №49

Had my stomach cramping

Review №50

Well who ate Toca Bell; oh, I did.

Review №51

The cashier was very helpful with menu items and super friendly

Review №52

Nice staff, rarely mess up my order

Review №53

When we got our food it was all wrong! We didn't get our nachos and our food was cold! When we went back, the lady was verrry rude, and the manager angrily tossed food at us! We will NEVER be back!

Review №54

So good miss it so long time haven't eat taco bell

Review №55

Forgot the drink, bean burrito was cold, crunchy taco was smash, Mexican pizza kinda cold and broken up. All in all teach your cook to do a way better job.

Review №56

Removed any good food

Review №57

Didnt get order right

Review №58

The is one of the best Taco Bells in the area. They are always friendly to me and they are also very fast at getting my order to me.

Review №59

I went there at around 11:45 PM and they didn't put my sour cream in my bag, my tacos were crushed and to top it off, they didn't answer the phone when I tried to call them about it twice. I doubt that I will go back during that time ever again.

Review №60

Waited in line for 45 min but food was good and hot

Review №61

Good service

Review №62

They refuse to answer phones, as does the other Fort Smith, AR locations! Horrible customer service! I was callimg for 30 minutes just to be hung up on, instead of being answered!

Review №63

Usually fast and accurate but some days you get that one guy who always jacks up your order. Nothing walking in and correcting wont fix but its annoying sometimes. Still good though.

Review №64

Convenient and good food

Review №65

Its fast food. What can you expect?Place was clean and clerk was friendly and helpful.

Review №66

Great food and price

Review №67

As always they're service was spectacular

Review №68

Best Taco Bell in fort smith, Always get my order right & always hook it up on the sauces. Erica deserves all the raises you can give her! She goes above & beyond everytime.

Review №69

It's good food but for $3 more we could have went to Western sizzlin and 8 to our hearts content

Review №70

What taco place runs out of soft taco shells during a promotion. This one does actually was very rude about it day service is polite. Late nights after around 10 has no customer service skills.

Review №71

We like it at this location

Review №72

Great place to grab a quick bite for your lunch break.

Review №73

I prefer this bell over any of them !! Jeannie C. is so nice and courtious.. me and my husband usually come here late at night. The food is hot and fresh.. taco Bell on Grand isn't worth a red cent!!

Review №74

There is a young man that works there (didn't see him tonight.. But missed him)that is super nice and friendly... Appreciate him. Food was good.. Place clean.

Review №75

Cheap, fast, good, and friendly

Review №76

NO OTHER Taco Bell makes their food the same..

Review №77

Food was good. Service was fast. One of the best taco bells I've been to.

Review №78

Use to be faster and now they are taking the. XXL burrito from me...

Review №79

It was ok for quick breakfast

Review №80

Employees at fast food places need to work on their customer service skills. It's not just enough to throw the food in a bag and yell someone's name and then walk away from the tray before you can approach to say "thank you", not that it was deserved. Take some pride in your work. If you don't like it, find somewhere else but I promise you there is no shame at working for a fast food establishment. Putting 100% of yourself into something is a good thing.

Review №81

Bad food, bad pricing, bad service. Last 3 times I've visited, my entire order was wrong or there were items missing. If you have all day to wait in the lobby for them to actually ask what you're doing there go for it! Not me, not again.

Review №82

Towson Ave. Taco Bell is always out of Foods fresh fast service They are the best!

Review №83

Open late with quick service and hot meals

Review №84

I love there food, but just one thing could make it better, and that is to leave the advertising foods on the menu longer . soon as I try something there taking it off the menu again...just saying!!

Review №85

Whats not to love. $1 potato tacos are great!

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Review №87

Got home with the food and there was a living roach wrapped up in my daughter taco I called to inform them and the lady was rude and told me I was tryna scam them I didn't even want the money or a food replacement will never go to the taco Bell on Towson again

Review №88

It's taco bell, it's good but not great

Review №89

The girl at the window was awesome! My order was correct, as usual. No complaints!

Review №90

It's okay. Sometimes, you get good friendly service, some time not. Sometimes, you get fresh food and it's good. Sometimes it's not.

Review №91

I love there taco salads DELICIOUS

Review №92

Hot and good, glad drive up is open 24 hours

Review №93

I used to work here. Store on Towson is the best. Love these guys.

Review №94

Never fails

Review №95

There slow

Review №96

Good cheap dollar menu

Review №97

Everything you want In a Taco restaurant cheap prices good tacos.

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Review №99

The people here were very nice to accommodate my 3 1/2 yr old son he wanted a taco but but he only eats it a certain way. He wanted everything separate meat,cheese, shell,lettuce and tomato.

Review №100

It's a regular Taco Bell. It tastes like regular Taco Bell food. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The staff is friendly. They bathroom was a little dirty but I didn't catch anything so that's a plus! I wouldn't say that there wasn't anything memorable at this place to give it 5 stars. The town is small so if you are craving Taco Bell...well...this is really the only Taco Bell around. So enjoy!

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:4910 Towson Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-646-9623
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  • Delivery:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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