Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
2301 Zero St, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States
Review №1

I love their tasty blackened (naked) chicken tenders and their biscuits are to die for, fresh and full of flavor! I also like their dirty rice.

Review №2

Great chicken and staff. Place is clean and pretty well kept.

Review №3

I can not attest to the taste or quality of the food. I never got to receive my order. After 20 + minutes in the drive thru to get to the speaker to order. Then the attitude of the employees when placing my order. It became apparent this was not a place I needed to be giving my money. I canceled my order and went to Churchs Chicken who after I ordered was unable to take my card. God is telling me to eat less fried food. So a Wendy's Apple Pecan salad was an awesome dinner. ROTFLMAO

Review №4

Tried too order food asked for 16 piece meal all thighs told 20 too 30 minute wait then we said half spicy & half mild then told they don't got 8 spicy told too deal with it . Won't ever be back too this location again . They are just plain rude .

Review №5

My only complaint is that they need more variety and diet drinks for people that are diabetic

Review №6

Food was good just took almost 40 minutes to get it

Review №7

Chicken tastes like they use 100 year old grease and for some reason this popeyes in particular has the WORST macaroni and cheese. Tastes like it's been frozen for a long time and all the frostbite thawed out in it, no flavor whatsoever!

Review №8

Chicken strips were like rubber very thin, just warm like they had been cooked for a while and put under a heat light, it was a drive through order and didn't notice we didn't get the coleslaw we ordered, I won't be stopping there agian.

Review №9

I order ed a chicken sandwich large fry and a drink the fries was cold the chicken sandwich was somewhat hot the cashier told me to pull around on side of the building and he would bring out fresh fries waited there 30 minutes nobody came

Review №10

If I could give zero stars, the I would give them. I just went here and had a coupon through T-Mobile for a free chicken sandwhich and a free two piece chicken. They lady said that we still had to pay for it and we even showed her our online receipts where it showed that $0.00 was the amount that was due. She said that they won't ever have anything completely free. She said that we must have come in and used the coupons already. She said that she called her manager and finally said to go park and they would bring it to us. When they brought it to us, we didn't get all of our food. We just got the chicken sandwhich and they said that we weren't going to get the rest of it and to call corporate.

Review №11

They do tend to screw up my order a lot. Spicy Chicken Sandwich is really good

Review №12

We had the spicy chicken sandwich and 2 pc chicken combo. Both were amazing!!! They don't scrimp on the chicken. You get enough to fill you up. You won't regret it!

Review №13

Excellent food; very very slow service in the Drive-Thru

Review №14

Not only did they keep my 70 cents, got back home and they ripped me off for mashed potatoes and gravy. Tried calling them as soon as i realized my food was missing and the phone went straight to voice mail 5 times.

Review №15

7-16-2020 I ordered 2 3 piece leg meals with Cajun rice and Mac&chesse with 2 jalapeño peppers, 1 lemonade, 1dr pepper!! They got my order all screwed up!! I got home and open my order to find no jalapeño peppers, the drink was a sweet tea (DR.PEPPER IS WHAT I ORDERED)got red beans ( ORDERED CAJUN RICE) no spoon/spork.. when I called them it goes straight to voice mail!! I will not buy from Popeyes on zero no more they lost my business!! They suck with a bunch of drug addicted working there

Review №16

Great food friendly place worth it when it come to family gatherings to date night won't be disappointed

Review №17

The food is great service is more hit than miss having to pull forward to wait on an order is bad planning though the freshly cooked chicken is great. Initially they were very competitive now with KFC all but going away their prices have No consistency except going up in cost. I treated then a for cause of food quality, NOT cost.

Review №18

Good service great food.

Review №19

Nice staff and easy shopping

Review №20

Great spicy chicken and worth every penny

Review №21

Good hot food and friendly service

Review №22

They was super late with order and the girl was rude as well

Review №23

Great food and I have always gotten great service here.

Review №24

Hot and fast, once you get up to the ordering area

Review №25

Worse SERVICE ever...the person on the intercom would not pay attention to anything I said and after three times explaining it to them, still got my order wrong. When I called to talk to the manager, she was rude and didn't even apologize. Will not be going back to this store.

Review №26

Yummy beans and rice!

Review №27

Take out only. No restroom

Review №28

Ft Smith Ar late at night.. Food was great. They was getting ready to close and we ate inside, they was nice. No complaints.. Makes me want to go back just thinking about it!!!

Review №29

Our food was luke warm and tasted like it had been setting for quite some time. The chicken also had a lot of breading and very little chicken. The best thing was the biscuit.

Review №30

Love that chicken from popeye's. Especially the spicy strips! The service can be slow sometimes.

Review №31

This place is always pretty good. I visit once a year during thanksgiving with friends and this year I had that chicken sandwich. While not life changing or worth stabbing anyone over it was very good and beats chicfila which I think is always highly overrated.

Review №32

Fries were cold and nasty my biscuit was so hard I couldn't even bite it my chicken was horrible! Trying to order and look back in kitchen and they had soapy water all over the floor splashing it everywhere. Girl in the kitchen screaming saying they was out that it would be a cook time of 4 min she was very rude! Just a horrible experience! Waste of money I wont be back!!

Review №33

Food is great, IF you have the time. The drive thru is so narrow that you have no opportunity to get out of line and leave if you need to. Was here on my thirty minute lunch break tonight and started panicking as I approached twenty minutes in line. When I get to the window I see two teenage girls playing around(one girl untied the apron strings of the other, then tied it back while laughing as they both just stood there). At this point I have about five minutes until my break is over, still haven't received my order and the line is snaking around the store. The food really is good, but it's not worth losing your job over just because some kids don't take their jobs seriously. From now on, on lunch breaks I'll stick with fast food restaurants that actually run like fast food restaurants.

Review №34

I've never had a bad experience at a Popeyes. Download the app for the best deals. I was rather surprised how easy it is to order at the drive through and use a digital coupon. Unlike other stores that require you to order through the app to save here you only need to know how to open the app

Review №35

Best mac n cheese of all the fast food places. Love the biscuits, too!

Review №36

U deserve a zero for the lazy employee's of the year, worthless people made me an ex customer

Review №37

Chicken strips were AMAZING!! The red beans and rice and biscuits, excellent. The service was great as well, All in all a much better experience than last time I came here a year or so ago.

Review №38

Definitely one of the best Popeye's I've been to. Chicken tenders and Cajun fries were delicious. Service was good. Restaurant was clean.

Review №39

Crystal is the GM and is the rudest nastiest person ive ever had to deal with. She really knows how to escalate any small problem into a gaint ordeal instead of admitting fault and being a proper manager.

Review №40

It wasnt the best experience I have ever had. The chicken strips were so thin it was like jerky. I have eaten there in the past and it was better.

Review №41

Nice front counter employee. Friendly people. And clean building

Review №42

We went here on New Years Day to get an 8pc meal. We didn't add anything special to it. It was a mild 8pc with a side of mashed potatoes and 4 biscuits. On the menu board it said that for all of that it was $13.99. I didn't get a price at the speaker box, but when I pulled up to the window, they said it was $20 for my total. I asked the woman at the window why that was because on the menu board it said 13.99 for all of that, and she said "maybe it was because you got the combo meal." Didn't seem very confident on it. Then when I got my receipt back, it said the 8pc meal was $18.99.If you're gonna advertise a price on the menu board where it includes the side and the biscuits as part of it, you shouldn't be charging people extra for the sides. That, or make that clear at the menu board.I also tried to find a price online to see if the woman at the window was correct, but I have no way of doing so, so I have no idea how I would've figured that out unless she had told me, because that $18.99 was nowhere on the menu board.

Review №43

I really like this Popeyes. They usually have fresh when I order. My only complaint is for the night crew. They can be mildly disrespectful and they are usually out of an item on the menu.

Review №44

Employees were rude, food was fresh and good. I will go there again but only thru the drive thru.

Review №45

I have always gotten fresh, hot and great food from them. Something is changing though.The last couple of time going through the drive thru was have not gotten the correct orders and have to turn around and go back.They have a sign up saying we do not bag our chicken yet they are doing it now.Small things yes, but you go through the drive thru for a reason, time. Having to turn around and going back is not cool.

Review №46

Hey love Popeye's but they never put your food in a sack; that's a issue for me. They do have the best chicken in town.

Review №47

I LOVE Popeye's. Best chicken place EVER!!!!

Review №48

All the hype about the chicken sandwich is just that. Thought it would be crispy like everyone bragged about. Very soggy

Review №49

Love that chicken from Popeyes.

Review №50

Man all these negative comments must go here at the wrong time, I've never had a complaint. Well I think they have me Chicken breasts instead of strips one time, Biscuits are amazing, Fries and Chicken have always been served hot for me. Feel bad for those who gone at the wrong time however. I'd eat here everyday if I could, but I'd be bankrupt lol.

Review №51

Rude chicken was old and over cooked

Review №52

The chicken sandwich was good, but not worth committing murders good. Which is a shame.

Review №53

Love Popeyes Chicken. I always go thru the drive thru but workers are always friendly. Would have given them 5 stars but some of the prices are a little high.

Review №54

Three favorite things here are biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy, and their green beans. Great, now I am hungry!

Review №55

Spicy chicken strips with mashed potatoes as a dipping sauce. It doesn't get any better

Review №56

They have good Cajun Rice

Review №57

Great food! They know how to treat you, even when there's a crowd!

Review №58

Great fast service and good food.

Review №59

Love there fresh and hot chicken and red beans an rice

Review №60

Great atmosphere, great Cajun inspired food. Wonderful people always trying to make u happy and have a great experience.

Review №61

It was clean, the employee's were nice, my food was ready very quickly, and the food was delicious. It was a great experience.

Review №62

This place destroys me but I can't stop coming here. PS the ranch's amazing.

Review №63

Great chicken

Review №64

Chicken sandwich is as good as advertised

Review №65

Great chicken as always. A little busy in the drive thru. And I was disappointed that were out of the chicken sandwich, but still happy with my meal

Review №66

They were good and the employee's were nice but the forgot my 3 orders of mashed potatoes and also heard other customers complaining about their orders being messed up as well. Im giving them three stars because even tho they messed the order up they corrected it with kindness.

Review №67

They are friendly and have good chicken

Review №68

As I wait for my food, everybody in front of me had something wrong with their food, I check my receipt it's correctly rung up minus, I ordered 4 meals and had nobody with me but it got rang up as dine in. Also, they need to pay attention to their orders. Wasn't til I got back to work with everyone's food that I noticed they got 2 of the side items wrong. They need to calm down or get some people in there that actually care. None of the other Popeyes are like this.

Review №69

Usually this place is great tonight had to wait over 6 minutes and some of the staff was less than courteous

Review №70

The Spicy and Classic Chicken Sandwiches were definitely good, however, not worth stabbing someone to death over.

Review №71

Meh. The spicy chicken strips are decent, but not something I will crave in the future. The red beans and rice tasted ok, but I won't get it as a side dish again. The biscuit was dry and extra salty. The drive thru was slow.If family or friends really want to eat here I won't balk at them, but I won't suggest we eat here either.

Review №72

Misleading deals, unwilling to make it right.

Review №73

Finally tried the famous sandwich, must admit it was good

Review №74

The staff is friendly, the food is fresh and delicious!

Review №75

Chicken, good. Their chicken sandwich, sucks.

Review №76

Good food

Review №77

Horrible and slow service no chicken readily available. Whole time employees were more concerned about closing the store down at 8:30 instead of serving customers

Review №78

Popeyes is always good. Clean location close to Wal-Mart.

Review №79

I love the chicken. Very crispy and delicious.

Review №80

Food was freshly made and served hot. Service was excellent and the place was very clean.

Review №81

This is one of the best Popeye's we have been to. Their crispy chicken and Louisiana sides are hot and the service is fast. We go here whenever we go to Fort Smith.

Review №82

Good food a little pricey but worth it.

Review №83

Chicken ok service could be better.

Review №84

Popeyes is my go to fast food when I want chicken tenders and cajun fries.

Review №85

Always excellent service and food is amazing!!

Review №86

As good as my first taste of Popeye's from Metairie LA in the 70's

Review №87

Great service! Very professional staff.

Review №88

Would definitely not go back. I mean I know its fast food I dont except much but the service and food where horrible.

Review №89

Great taste and exceptional value.

Review №90

Popeyes is a family favorite from living in Louisiana, but this one store is below par unless you are there at straight up average mealtimes. Even after 1 on Sunday the chicken looks and tastes as if it was cooked and kept warm since early am. The orders are usually correct, but they cook and save it often til it is leftovers. It is a huge disappointment 8 out of ten trips. We consider it really good luck if it is fresh. Not sure what could change that management wise.

Review №91

I used to enjoy coming here until today . Who ever the drive thru cashier was today at opening was extremely flat out rude! I politely asked her to give me a moment so I can see what I was going to order . I literally had to tell her 3 times to hold on all she kept repeating was Can I take your order!! Like why work in customer service if you don't know how to have patience or know how to talk to the customers ? Horrible customer service!

Review №92

The spicy chicken sandwich was , customer service is always great too!

Review №93

Takes awhile to get food, like they take care of drive-up first.

Review №94

Best chicken around! And we're getting one in Van Buren soon!!

Review №95

The spicy chicken sandwich was fire!!!

Review №96

Excellent service. Good food.Highly recommend!!

Review №97

I love the Dollar Tree. We shop there quite a bit for snacks and tissue paper, bathroom supplies, cards and paper and pencil and pens etc... I love that store.

Review №98

The food itself was good but the drive-thru service was terrible. #1 it was pouring rain and there was only a small covering by menu & speaker. I asked for a minute to look at menu and then clearly told the order. No response!!I kept saying hello with no response all the time rain is pouring in the window.Finally I just pulled forward and called the restaurant direct. A very rude women came on and told me that they asked me 3 times for my order without response ( which isn't true ), and that they'd take my order at the window... then she hung up on me.When I got to the building and window, a young man repeated my order that I had said into speaker ( so they had heard my order and gave no response to it well as tell me they had asked 3 times... a lie )I corrected the order twice because they added several extra items to my order. A female rolled her eyes when I corrected it then I paid.We asked for several sauces which they didn't get correct. Then she gave me my order but didn't put the boxes in a bag which would have been a help especially in the pouring rain.I doubt I ever go back to this location again, although it's the closest to my house. Very very rude.

Review №99

We went to try the new sandwich, however they were out. It was super busy. We waited about 10 minutes to order and about another 10 minutes to get our food.

Review №100

Great food and always friendly.

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