Sonic Drive-In
3501 Massard Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States

Review №1

Classic Sonic footlong chili cheese dogs and some of the better fast food onion rings. Service at the speed of sound!

Review №2

Got a delicious strawberry & banana shake. Halloween decorations were so cute & festive. They were friendly even though I was confused about de pay with card at de stall feature.

Review №3

Every once in a while I get weird cravings. Sonic is where I go for a corn dog and onion rings. They also have good shakes. Be prepared for a days worth of caloric intake in a snack.

Review №4

Shi shi is the sweetest, always has a smile on her face, and kindness in her voice. Great hospitality

Review №5

Standard Sonic food. Helpful people and pretty quick.

Review №6

Getting where its my least favorite place, when it used to be the best. Burger was cold. Fries tasted like they had sat for a while.

Review №7

The drinks are okay when the order is given to me right. Nearly ever my slush I order has chocolate chips in it(?) though. The food is alright for a Sonic, the fried stuff tastes like the oil is over used sometimes. I order a lot of drinks from there and they're usually pretty fast and helpful when things go wrong.

Review №8

I have never been disappointed with this sconic... ever.

Review №9

So disappointed today. My order was delivered by an employee who wore her mask covering ONLY her chin.

Review №10

This location is great. Hot, fresh food every time with really fast service.

Review №11

Fresh and hot and served fast.

Review №12

Use some work on listening to what we order or look at ticket when making it

Review №13

Love all the drinks! My dogs love the jr. Cheeseburgers!

Review №14

I love the half price monthly items I get in the sonic app! I am a bit unhappy with when they have the popcorn chicken special for 99 cents in the app and the container that holds the chicken is less than half filled up with the popcorn chicken.

Review №15

Always great. Cherry coke, cherry limeadeslush. The best.

Review №16

Great! Their burgers never disappoint.

Review №17

Love the app. Pull up and get your order.

Review №18

Pretty quick service. Good drinks

Review №19

Great food quick service and really nice staff, they I always trying to help you if you have questions or not sure what to eat. They have a lot of and at a really good price. With happy hour and all the drinks options they're probably one of the best stops for your drinks. I also have some of the best burgers in town.

Review №20

If you come here prepare for subpar food and pray that someone other than Ty takes your order. He's been rude to me and other family members on several occasions. Condescension is never a good look, Ty.

Review №21

It was weat af

Review №22

Don't order food close to closing. You might just not get it all. Staff seemed too worried about leaving although I was there 30 minutes before closing time. Tried to go back, cars and lights on but no answer.

Review №23

I work at another sonic and i've never seen such awful service. i asked a carhop for extra ranch and marinara sauce and she told me to wait. they also messed up our food. i had to call in 3 times to get my food fixed. we made a drink order first since happy hour was ending and it took over 10 minutes to get our drinks. i'm still waiting on my food and it's been over 30 minutes.

Review №24

Couldn't get something a simple as Mayo only on a burger.

Review №25

This is the second review ive had to make for this location. 1- they NEVER get an order right. im a former barista so i know how it is to work in busy conditions so I understand it happens but its almost everytime i come here.2- Some of the girls are incredibly rude. giving attitude when i order and greeting me with “sonic,what do you need” when i try to order. Most are teens so ik they have attitude issues bc i was once a teen myself but thats not acceptable customer service :/

Review №26

Burger thrown together sloppily, barely warm. Spicy chicken slider literally BURNT!!!!!

Review №27

Girls hanging out with friends. Took 15 minutes to get my slush and I had to ask them where my order was. They didn't even know what I ordered. Will never go to this location again

Review №28

I stopped for a late lunch, but was a little disappointed by the almost stale bun, slightly overcooked patty, and greasy tots that tasted as if the oil used to fry them, hadn't been changed all day.

Review №29

I am addicted to there slushes.

Review №30

Speed of service will always depend on time of day, very busy during lunch and "Happy Hour", otherwise orders are out fast with decent service. Carhops are generally nice and helpful, though I had one employee recently who did not make change properly.

Review №31

Apparently the manager TY needs to learn some manners.... don't think we'll be stoping by there anymore!

Review №32

I like their slushes. A lot of times I get them on a daily basis.

Review №33

Awesome loved the mango limeade

Review №34

I like the ice but ask for easy. And the flavors .

Review №35

Good food. The carhop classic is cheap and filling. My son and I are here for less than $10.

Review №36

Honestly one of my favorite fast food places in Fort Smith. My orders are always prepared correctly, and they have THE BEST drink selection!

Review №37

Usually fast and accurate on the orders. Good value for your money. Happy hour really does make me happy

Review №38

Love there ocean water

Review №39

This sonic has the worst personal experience . !! Wouldn't accept app order then they didn't want to except payment by credit card at first

Review №40

Good baconater

Review №41

Mozzarella sticks and jumbo chicken over cooked.

Review №42

I absolutely love sonic and the service here was do friendly and fast and hot and delicious! Thx sonic!

Review №43

They're slushies are amazing and they have 1/2 priced shakes after 8 p.m! Which is always convenient for me because I am always driving by at the right time to get them! :)

Review №44

Onion rings were great

Review №45

Car hop very sweet. She was new... Tickled to get tip for just 1 milkshake. Milkshake could've been thicker but it was good.

Review №46

Have eaten there several times in the recent past and been very pleased with service, food and courtesy of staff. Had my food within what seemed like only 2 minutes and it was hot, fresh and exactly as I ordered! My favorite Sonic for a burger and fries!

Review №47

Best variety of drinks in town. And HAPPY HOUR!

Review №48

This Sonic has wonderful staff! I go here several times a week for my route 44 and enjoy the carhops very much. Very friendly.

Review №49

Slow service: ordered 4 drinks and the board said headed your way then, after 15 minutes, buzzed back in and finally got drinks.

Review №50

Good food and drinks

Review №51

Visited at the Massard Road location in Fort Smith Ar. It was the best burger I've had from Sonic in awhile. The onion rings were excellent.

Review №52

Waited forever for my order...then the popcorn chicken was hard like it was old greese or had been reheated!! YUCK!

Review №53

Can't seem to get my order correct food is usually good just WRONG

Review №54

Good food and fast service

Review №55

Because they have a variety of food and they have the best frozen strawberry lemonade and if you don't like it frozen they have it regular also and it is good

Review №56

Service and food is good I just wish they would put a sign up on which screens are working before pulling in. Everytime I pull in the screen isn't working and I have to back out and pull in to a different spot. They need better maintenance on their screens.

Review №57

I love this location.

Review №58

They dont get your order right an manager gets rude when comfront her about it

Review №59

Great food. Fast service. Friendly employees.

Review №60

Could you put waffle fries on the menu? I love waffle Fries . Fast food passed through your window to fill you up. The coffee is excellent however the cup lid is a bummer. The snap on lid for coffee makes the coffee taste horrible. Suggest you drink without plastic cup cover. Otherwise.... It's a sonic

Review №61

I love the drinks

Review №62

Quick service, good strawberry limeade. They accidentally upsized one of the drinks.

Review №63

Didn't give me enough food, but the girl was nice

Review №64

Great service! Food came out in a quick manner. Great carhop!

Review №65

Got some tasty Ice cream!

Review №66

They do have happy hour,check it out between certain hours of everyday.

Review №67

It was ok. Fast service.

Review №68

They are always always with a smile and kind words

Review №69


Review №70

We had a last min funeral, they were able to work my 3 dogs in. They are always polite and my dogs seem to like it there.

Review №71

Service was a little slow. Wasn't to bad though. Did was fresh and great

Review №72

Good and fast service.

Review №73

This sonic is by far the best one ive been to. the morning staff are usually very friendly and my order has not once been messed up. they are always polite when i order lunch foods at 6:30 in the morning. im always thankful that sonic allows customers to do that because i would nights and i really dont want breakfast foods for what is technically my dinner time.

Review №74

Great place for a Jr burger while I work through lunch

Review №75

Victoria the car hop was so nice

Review №76

Quick friendly service. Not quite accurate tho

Review №77

Love happy hour at Sonic! So many ice cream and shake options! Can we say hot fudge peanut butter shake!!

Review №78

I love their drink specials and I love their reeses blast!

Review №79

Great service, friendly staff and very fast!!

Review №80

Good people

Review №81

I absolutely love going to the two Sonics I use the most!!! Pocola,ok and Roger's and massard fort Smith arThey are kind caring attentive and sweet. Highly recommended!!!

Review №82

So far i haven't had a bad experience at a sonic

Review №83

Good drinks! With a smile

Review №84

I love HOT fries and pies!

Review №85


Review №86

Always love to happy hours and all the specials great

Review №87

When the man took my order I could not even understand what he said. I ordered a large coffee..... after ten minutes of waiting I had to leave for work. How can coffee take this long. I cannot imagine how long it would take to make a sandwich. Will never go back.

Review №88

Whenever you want to enjoy a frozen treat, Sonic has a ice cream for everyone! The only problem you'll have, is what to get! So many choices, you may find yourself taking more time than you planned on!

Review №89

They showed good detail to getting the order right but when you ask for extra sauces or well anything they get a bit of an attitude..gonna stick to going across town for better service.

Review №90

Slow but okay

Review №91

Super fast and shakes are well mixed with plenty of sweets!!

Review №92

My favorite place to eat!

Review №93

Showed up on a Saturday before 10 PM. And tried to order a bacon cheese burger and they said they didn't have any Bacon because they was closing very soon and they wouldn't be making any more till tomorrow morning. your web site says they are open till 12AM. But then I had to wait 8 minutes for them to cook a piece of chicken for a chicken sandwich.

Review №94

Service was slow and it wasn't even a full parking lot. The tator tots were so greasy they dripped grease from the bottom of the container all over me, my clothes, and my vehicle seat before I noticed it.

Review №95

My order came quickly and was just as expected.

Review №96

Friendly car hops and fast service.

Review №97

It's ok. Not keen on the food but ice cream is great. Fast, friendly service.

Review №98

Love cherry limeade

Review №99

Butterfinger blast !

Review №100

I just love this sonic the people who work here are kind and quick. The food is quite good and if a mistake is made they are fast and courteous in fixing the problem. I come here almost everyday for happy hour drinks for my family and we love it.

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  • Address:3501 Massard Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 479-452-0112
  • Chicken restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Ice cream shop
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10:30PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10:30PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11PM
  • Thursday:7AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–10:30PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10:30PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10:30PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:No
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
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