Genos Pizza By The Slice
7906 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

Wasn't very happy with the service I called ahead and they told me it would be 25 minutes for my single topping large pizza which I was okay with. Then after driving there and being on time they told me to go ahead and pull forward and park in the spot and wait I waited for another 25 minutes before they brought my pizza out once they brought my pizza out they didn't bring me any peppers or ranch like I had asked for so they had to go back in and get it for me which took another 5 minutes just to bring that out to me. I would be more understanding if they would have been busy or short staffed but for the 25 minutes I waited I watched them sit on the counter and talk.

Review №2

I paid and waited over 15 minutes to get a burnt sandwich. Thanks.

Review №3

Never have had trouble with these folks. Great place for a pizza night!

Review №4

I love the pizza and salad bar! They are always friendly and attentive to the customers!

Review №5

Good place to eat if your from out of town, or live around here. We're down here working and came across the place.Staff was very nice, price was decent, good salad bar, and filling pizza. I am a bit of a pizza connoisseur and that's why this is only a 4 not 5. Pizza is good, but not the best. It's worth eating more than once and differently a restaurant I would love to go back to but the taste of the pizza was a little off.

Review №6

I've been eating Geno's pizza since they opened the first store in central mall. It's really delicious pizza at a great price. I love the choice of just grabbing a slice or taking a whole pizza home for the family. Staff is always friendly.

Review №7

Oh gosh I just love Geno's. They have the best pizza in the whole world. The staff is just so friendly and always helpful. They give me ranch when I need it. When they mess up my order they are so kind and ready to help. I always come in and the place is neat. Staff members are never leaning or lazy, they are constantly doing something. Oh sweet Jesus their supreme So tasty. Oh this one time they I forget a slice and they ran it out to be as I was driving off. The salad bar is always clean and kept nice. It has the freshest veggies. Salad is never brown like some places... when I come through the drive thru they say hello and ask how my day is. They always tell me to have a wonderful day. Geno's is just my favorite place.

Review №8

I was losing faith in genos but the pizza tonight was WAY better from this location then the one in fianna. Will start ordering from this one1

Review №9

Overall, Geno's pizza that they serve is very good: served hot and fresh using quality ingredients. The place as a whole.. is another story. The main lights in the restaurant were not even on, giving the place a very outdated and unwell-kept (is that a word? It is now) environment. Needs a better set up for playing their music. Free refills? Hah you thought. Geno's needs to up their game with their environment and general service methods in store(or restaurant). I see that a update in the place and a bump in service quality along with better misc items, like music and plenty of warm lighting and a lively vibe, would instantly boost this restaurant's sales and reputation.

Review №10

Great food, great people, and the sweet tea is heavenly!!

Review №11

Best ranch dressing ever.

Review №12

This place is going down. Never the same pizza. Charging a pizza 4$ higher. Come on are NO papas or gusano!!

Review №13

Very good pizza! Had Supreme & it was delicious.

Review №14

Big pizza great salad

Review №15

Love it best pizza in town

Review №16

Always a good, fresh slice of pizza!

Review №17

All ways the best!

Review №18

Good pizza

Review №19

By far the best pizza I've ever had, I used to live here but now that I don't, whenever I come to visit family, this is my favorite thing to eat, the closest I've found to this great Pizza Place is Oklahoma's Stars and Stripes! Great pizza! Always worth a stop!

Review №20

Very good

Review №21

The pizza is great...most of the time. Sometimes they give me a slice so old the cheese looks like my grandma's skin. Dried up and wrinkly. I used to LOVE the brownies when they were gooey and chewy and a decent size. Now they're cold, hard, and 2 inches wide. Plus the price for a 2 inch cold rock solid brownie is nearly $2. Y'all slacking Geno's

Review №22

Pizza was every good my daughter enjoyed her ham and cheese sandwich

Review №23

I LOVE Genos

Review №24

Son loves personal sausage PIZZA

Review №25

The best pizza in the city! We love it! The pizza is great and the people who work here are outstanding! The owner is a great guy! You'll go for the'll go back for the service!! Enjoy!!

Review №26

My trip to geno's on 7/10/19 8ish was rather disappointing. Workers were too busy talking to each other and were rather rude. I got charged for extra ranch and didn't receive it or my reciept. The pizza was lazily cut. I had to use my own pizza cutter. That and I don't think it was cooked thoroughly as it was very floppy. Great tasting as always but disappointing.

Review №27

Made my son an i stomach hurt but i love s as salad

Review №28

Fabulous salad bar.... pizza is good too....

Review №29

Great salad bar, small but lots to offer.

Review №30

The best trash pizza on the planet.

Review №31

Always love Geno's. One of my favorite places to get pizza when I'm in Fort Smith.

Review №32

For what it is it has value

Review №33

Great food.

Review №34

It's pretty good place to eat pretty clean nice decent place just to hang out and visit with friends and family.

Review №35

Love their pizza, simple but very tasty. In my opinion they have the best salad bar in town. Lunch special is a great deal!

Review №36

I love the salad bar options here. The pizza is thin but is still tasty. This is a place that doesn't require you to dress up and the kids are always welcome.

Review №37

Our family loves the pizza here, but the culture is consistently terrible. The employees laugh and talk with one another but treat customers as though they are an inconvenience. They're tone and dispositions are rude every single time. Many times they won't look at you and say only the bare minimum. A smile, look in the eye, kind tone would go a long way for their customer service.

Review №38

Lobby was a mess. When I paid for lunch, the Cashier shorted my change by $20. When I told him, he did not apologize or anything. Just opened the drawer and handed me $20 like he knew he shorted me and didn't care. Food was blah - neither hot nor cold. I will not be back.

Review №39

I still love their pizza. Simple recipe and not too much sauce.

Review №40

I really like their Pizza is just different from what you can get in Boonville and taste better. But the green would you have to have them chop up the bell peppers Fort Smith just automatically does it

Review №41

Best salad bar in the area. Skillet pizza is great too!

Review №42

Food is great, but a couple of the girls that work there are very rude and seemed as if they were bothered to wait on me and my family.

Review №43

Great food, plenty of seating.

Review №44

Amazing salad bar and the pizza by the slice is always the family favorite!

Review №45

The pizza was good, staff were friendly! Place was super busy. A locals favorite!

Review №46

Cauliflower pizza is a better alternative to bad carbs that pizza has in it.

Review №47

Sometimes the pizza is a 5 but sometimes it is a 2. Needs to b warmer. They charge for ranch, there isnt any senior discount. The cups they use for their drinks is great

Review №48

The pizza was pretty bad but if you hungry and low on money a slice and water can fill up. Good customer service though.

Review №49

Food is good. But it is so cold in there u can barley eat and the employees they just lean on every thing eat in front you and drink. If you got time to lean you got time to clean

Review №50

Great friendly fast service. Pizza is always delicious and thos location always gets my order right and doesn't cross contaminate with the ingredients I'm allergic to!

Review №51

Sometimes you only want a couple of slices

Review №52

You can get better pizza at other places, but this place is still decent for the price. Although they charge for water cups?

Review №53

Staff was not dressed professionally, they spoke very loud to one another while not helping customers and for about 10-15 minutes there was music coming from the kitchen area tjat customers had to raise their voices to be heard by the person acrossed the table from them. All around unprofessional and if it were my business and walked in to find this behavior....(the front counter girl was wearing running short for heavens sake) people would mot have their job much longer!

Review №54

Decent pizza

Review №55

Geno's is my favorite pizza in town! Every location I've went to has been great. I highly recommend it.

Review №56

Always great friendly service. Our order is always filled quickly and with a smile.

Review №57

Quick place with good food to grab on my way home.

Review №58

Good thin pizza and friendly staff. Only complaint is sticky floors.

Review №59

We live Geno's a little too much!

Review №60

Good pizza, but don't expect anything more than terrible customer service. Orders are wrong most of the time because they're taken by a passive teenager that prefers to do literally anything else but serve customers.

Review №61

I went through the drive thru and ordered the Genos special, pepperoni pizza and spaghetti with a water. I received the pizza and drinks at the window and was asked to park at the front and wait for the rest of my order. I went to the front and parked. I waited about 5 minutes and a young Blonde girl came outside and handed me the spaghetti. I asked her if the salad that I ordered was in the bag and she told me that salad didn't come with the spaghetti. I told her I ordered the genos special and I didn't get it. She rudely told me that I would have to go back through the drive thru to get it because she didn't take my order. So I said no, I already went through the drive thru, could u bring it to me and then she yelled at me and said "NO I WON'T". So I turned my car off and went inside. I was walking to the counter and this girl was cleaning off a table and when I walked by her she raised up and bumped into me, I didn't say a word. She said don't u dare run into me! I asked for a manager and they told me she was the manager. Will be calling the GM tomorrow. This is the spaghetti she handed me.

Review №62

This is my favourite location now. De store in de mall isn't what it used to be back in de day before de food court. Geno's was always a lovely place to work & eat & a mom&pop pizza joint that is taking flight & my heart & love for pizza & de company has smiled at watching them grow. Yummy build your own salad bar here. WiFi & friendly service with a smile is a little old fashioned comfort to drop in once in a while. Clean restaurant & bathrooms. De pizza dough made in house from scratch & home made ranch dressing is so refreshing. De business was well organized & put together. Much to flatter.

Review №63

This is my favorite Geno's pizza location. It is always clean and the pizza and salad bar is always fresh.

Review №64

Good pizza at a good price. Clean pizzeria and friendly staff.

Review №65

Good pizza and well priced.

Review №66

Every time I come back home (I live in NC now) I head to Geno's and during each stay, I eat my weight in pizza! Always so good!

Review №67

Very good pizza and the salad bar was good as well at an affordable price

Review №68

Great food at a moderate price.

Review №69

The pizza was good and the people were friendly

Review №70

It was ok.

Review №71

My son loved it, me not so much.

Review №72

Very Professional and Friendly Staff

Review №73

The new cauliflower crust pizza is fantastic! I hope they keep it around.

Review №74

Very nice place to eat

Review №75

Love this pizza

Review №76

Great pizza and helpful staff.

Review №77

Best pizza by the slice option in Fort Smith!

Review №78

Best dang pizza! Mmhmm

Review №79

Best pizza ever!! Love the crust and ranch is lit!

Review №80

Good food

Review №81

First time eating here, will definitely return

Review №82

Awesome pizza

Review №83

Great pizza,great service!!!!!

Review №84


Review №85


Review №86

Bad service

Review №87

Love there pizza

Review №88

The ranch is amazing

Review №89

Great place

Review №90

Good pizza

Review №91

Really standoffish staff

Review №92

Yummy :) thin crust at its best!!

Review №93

Great pizzas

Review №94

Pulls up to window greeted with "What"

Review №95

Best salad bar in town

Review №96

Best Pizza and Salad Bar

Review №97

Great place for lunch or dinner!

Review №98

Awesome salad bar decent pizza

Review №99

Love it

Review №100

Low quality pizza high prices

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  • Address:7906 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
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  • Fireplace:Yes
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  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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