Jims Razorback Pizza
3501 Old Greenwood Rd Ste #17, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Review №1

This is the best pizza place I have EVER had! The sweet and spicy BBQ pulled pork paired with the chicken Alfredo was so delicious we refused to leave even a crumb of the their amazing pizza crust behind. Thank you so much for this experience, we wish you where closer to our home in Texas! ️

Review №2

Very good pizza and nice people! All the Razorbacks everywhere were neat! I had the hand tossed Super supreme pizza. One really nice thing about the pizza is the toppings nearly go to the edge of the pizza. After a coupon that meal was $13 and change before tip. Even without the coupon I feel my meal was a excellent value and the service was good. I definitely recommend giving them a try if you have not.

Review №3

Awesome place! I had the vegan pizza that was excellent and another person in our party had the pepperoni which they enjoyed immensely. The staff was friendly and quick.

Review №4

The pizza was very good! We were excited to see a little bit of home here when we saw that they use Wisconsin cheese! The salad bar was great also!

Review №5

My favorite pizza place in town. Variety of sizes and toppings and ALWAYS delicious!

Review №6

We had pizza delivered for a pool party, it was here in such a short time and also it was so yummy… My kids never eat and they ate 2 to 3 pieces each!They have a really great reward system too!!

Review №7

Im in town for a business trip and had a long day of work. I ordered Jim's Razorback Pizza for delivery, and it was super fast, hot, and delicious. The delivery person was very friendly too. I will definitely be ordering from here again when in town for work, and will be sure to tell my coworkers! Highly recommend.

Review №8

Pizza and cheese breadsticks were good! My son's Alfredo with the "crazy pasta" was also delicious. Staff is super friendly, courteous, and professional. Very clean inside as well! Priced super cheap for the amount of food, the taste, quality, and the overall environment. I'm not a Hog fan, but if you like the Razorbacks, you'll love the decor

Review №9

The best pizza on the planet!!!! This pizza is what makes the world go ‘round - but these people are what make the world a better place! Jim's Razorback Pizza is an awesome community partner-providing pizza to hospitals recently during the pandemic and also regularly donating to the Ronald McDonald Family Room!!! Thank you!!! Keep doing the right thing! ️

Review №10

A family friendly environment. I enjoyed the salad bar and could see a tv but it was not obnoxiously loud volume like most places these days. When I have a carry out, they offer me a free drink while I wait if it is still in the oven. Classic customer service and it is fun to look at all the local sports pictures. Also, get the Spanish pie on thin crust. It is different but great if you want to try something new.

Review №11

Some really amazing pizza I love the restaurant. It has a very unique setting with all the razorback merchandise throughout the restaurant. They have a great salad bar with so many things to choose from. And personally they have some of the best flavored pizza that I've tried so far in this town. Overall I would recommend it although it is a little pricier for my taste.

Review №12

Amazing! Second time here in this visit to Fort Smith... Both times got pasta and was really delicious... Hope to go there again to try the pizza... Nicest staff! Good prices and ambient. So hungry that forgot to take pictures... 100% recommended!!

Review №13

Oh goodness the cheeseburger pizza is a must try!

Review №14

Great service. The pizza would have been great, but I wasn't a fan of the cheese they use. Just me. Plus their salad bar is sadly lacking. It's great that they had Core's Arkansas Red available, though, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Review №15

Top notch service. Order was handled courteously over the phone and my delivery was at my door exactly at the time I requested! Food was top rate as usual, the veggie pizza is my favorite, but the BBQ chicken was also a favorite.

Review №16

I had a bad experience but the owner personally reached out to me and heard me out. What really stuck out to me was that he took the time to hear me out and LISTEN. I really appreciated that my experience was validated instead of just being shut down like it was originally.

Review №17

Absolutely the best pizza I've ever ate!!

Review №18

Expensive! Must have recently raised prices, don't know because I did not get a itemized receipt when it was delivered. Used to be our favorite but we will find someplace else to order from for now on. I can only assume that there was some HIDDEN fee for delivery that they did not tell me about. Then asked for a tip for the driver, who gets the delivery fee? I really hope it is the driver. I don't know what added cost comes with delivery. This was also a special that "saved" me $6.

Review №19

Love their mini pizza. Just the right size for a light lunch but satisfy a pizza craving.Pastas are super yummy too.Lovely and friendly staff.

Review №20

Ordered a pizza from here and used Waitr to have it delivered. After about an hour of the Waitr driver not showing up at Jim's to pick up my pizza, the owner of Jim's gave me a call and said it had been ready for over an hour and the Waitr driver was not answering his phone. After another 5 minutes, the owner of Jim's called me back and told me they would be making me a fresh pizza and delivering it themselves. About 5 minutes after this last call, I had two pizza delivered to my door. Great service and response from Jim's Razorback Pizza!!

Review №21

Friendly staff and good food. Vegan pizza is delightful.

Review №22

Went for lunch, decent prices, good service. Food was average, had the meatball sub. Unfortunately, the bun was soggy within minutes of getting it. Ate the inside of the sandwich, kind of blah, but not horrible. Salad bar was good. May try a pizza next time.

Review №23

The staff was friendly & the atmosphere is fun. I love it!

Review №24

I'll give 5 stars to any business that gives back to the community as much as this place does. Wes and the crew are too notch. They give pizza to all kinds of agencies that volunteer and take care of people. I doubt you'll be disappointed to have this food.

Review №25

The staff always friendly and we are always taken care of promptly. I also appreciate that the salad bar is always well stocked and clean! Jim's Razorback Pizza is our favorite go to!

Review №26

Service is friendly and prompt.Pizza is great, freah and multiple options.Salad bar is fantastic

Review №27

The BEST pizza you can find. Love the deep dish 1/2 Super Supreme & 1/2 Chicken Bacon Ranch is our favorite.

Review №28

This is the best Jim's Razorback Pizza we have been to! Their sauce is amazing and their gluten free crust is so good! They even said they are getting vegan cheese soon!Cassie was the best waitress! She was extremely friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back again!

Review №29

Love the food and the staff is amazing! They serve only the best and crispiest crust on their pizzas. The toppings are so tasty. The salad bar is constantly rotated and filled. Best place in town. The owner greets us by name too.

Review №30

Jim's has the best salad bar in town! Always fresh! And I love the whole wheat crust for my pizza. My all time favorite place to eat!

Review №31

Was in town for the week and was tired of the same pizza hut and dominos orders I place every week from a hotel so I looked up other pizza places. The pizza in the pictures looked pretty good so I was able to order online, have it delivered, and it tasted amazing. I love the cheese blends and it reminds me of Johnny's pizza out of Louisiana. I'm just passing through but if you want good pizza, you'll love this place.

Review №32

Friendly service, great food. The leftovers were even better.

Review №33

Clean, friendly and damn good food. It was a nice respite from a long trip.

Review №34

My husband and I go to Jim's for our date nights because their pizza is the best! We always have an awesome experience from the time we walk in the door to when we walk out. Their staff is so friendly, their service is great, and their pizza is our favorite! We always order more than we need just so we can take it home for lunch the next day.

Review №35

Excellent Food cute lil salad bar all you can eat. Simple quick service.Yummy!

Review №36

Very nice service and great food. Loved the vegan pizza and salad bar! Really good prices too!!

Review №37

Visiting from out of town. Ordered pizzas and wings for 3 kids and myself. Wow pleasantly surprised. Wings were so good it started a fight with the kids and I had to order more. Wish we had this in our neck of the woods. 5 stars

Review №38

My husband and I go to Jim's for our date nights because their pizza is the best! We always have an awesome experience from the time we walk in the door to when we walk out. Their staff is so friendly, their service is great, and their pizza is our favorite! We always order more than we need just so we can take it home for lunch the next day.

Review №39

Holy PIZZA!! Just placed an online order from here for the first time, got the cheese burger pizza and a side salad. Ranch. Pizza was crazy good, pickles? Hell yes. Ranch was awesome, guessing homemade but either way awesome!! “Side salad” is a very generous and delicious portion!! Loved it all!!

Review №40

Good food. Good meat. Good God let's eat!

Review №41

Way Over priced for the quality of food. Never again!!

Review №42

Outstanding neighborhood pizza restaurant. Quality ingredients good crust. Wes and staff friendly and trained to excel.

Review №43

Just ate here for the first time a few months ago and it instantly became my favorite pizza place in Fort Smith! I eat pizza at least twice a week and nobody does it like Jim's. They cook it to exactly the right temperature and it tastes amazing! The price is a bit higher than average, but you're getting quality over quantity here. Pepperoni and mushroom with their ranch is insane! Highly recommend.

Review №44

Pizza was awesome. Staff was friendly, highly recommend.

Review №45

Excellent pizza and service. I order delivery from here fairly frequently, quality is consistently high.

Review №46

Pizza! Where to start? Its never bad. Is it? While dining I enjoy the chance to do business with a locally owned establishment. I enjoy the I that they use on there pizza, they taste much more fresh than "store bought", the sauce has a taste that I have yet to find else where, robust, hearty, and leaning acidic more so than sweet, which I prefer personally. The only two things that seem to scare away that fifth star, are this. The restaurant seems to lack consistency 80 percent of the time everything is as you would expect but 20 percent it seems as though less effort is put into prep and service. Everyone has there days. I just feel that consistency is one of the most important qualities in the food industry so I have to grade it heavy. Also personally I like both think and thicker crust pizza. It depends on my mood and when done well each can be equally appetizing and enjoyable. I would prefer the things crust here to have more of a crisp and crunchy consistency, it tends to be pretty normally lacking structure and form. All in all I highly recommend for anyone wanting pizza outside of the commercial norm.

Review №47

Good food, nice salad bar. The people were very friendly.

Review №48

As always, excellent service, friendly staff, clean and well-stocked salad bar, and the BEST Pizza in town!

Review №49

Good pasta. But the middle was ice cold. And long wait time.

Review №50

Very good pizza the chicken bacon ranch pizza is delicious service is great and friendly

Review №51

We love coming to Razorback pizza. We always have great service, they have a great salad bar that's always fresh and we are always pleasantly welcomed when we come inside to dine in.

Review №52

Great food good service , that'll all you can ask for.

Review №53

Great food impeccable service! We brought our 5 kids with us for dinner and were totally impressed! Will definitely be back!

Review №54

Great pizza, good people.

Review №55

I love their cauliflower pizza! Well, all their pizza! But especially hog wild with ranch! Always great service and great food!

Review №56

Recently visited Jim's Razorback Pizza for Sunday lunch with friends. Service was great and the pizza and salad were excellent. Love all the salad bar choices. The pizza sauce is so good and the toppings were plentiful. Returned tonight for takeout and was more than satisfied with quality and service once again. Glad to have found a new favorite for pizza.

Review №57

They have good pizza there. The dessert and salad bar is impressive for a pizza place!

Review №58

My go to, small veggie, minus green bell pepper add green olives, never disappoints and Friendly staff always make me smile

Review №59

I absolutely love Jim's has to be my favorite pizza in this whole area great salad bar and the pizza is salty and greasy but I don't mean that in a negative way it's great!! The only down side is they are a bit pricey but for the taste I don't mind to much!

Review №60

The pizza was very good and the atmosphere is down home Arkansas. The dining area is filled with Razorback memorabilia and there are TVs with sports on.

Review №61

Great pizza and great service.

Review №62

May is birthday month for me. My wife and I decided to to use the gift coupon from Jim's Razorback Pizza on a free large deep pan pizza with our favorite pepperoni and Italian sausage toppings. It was outstanding along with the delicious offerings from the salad bar. Wes and the staff provide excellent hospitality. We are never disappointed with Razorback Pizza.

Review №63

Hands down the BEST gluten free pizza I have ever had! Great atmosphere. All around a great experience! We will definitely be back when we head this way again :)

Review №64

My favorite gluten free pizza place EVER...and I've been gluten free for over 10 years! Favorite pizza for my non-gluten free pizza family, too! The only recommendation would be for the salad bar (which has wonderful options on it) to use regular lettuce instead of completely shredded.

Review №65

Great food. Great staff. Just like always.

Review №66

Great pizza and friendly staff!

Review №67

Excellent pizza... And they have the rare whole wheat option for crust. Fast, friendly service as well.

Review №68

Nice little place with good pizza, they also have pasta and more. They serve vegetarian food as well as vegan food. The staff here are very friendly, courteous and listen very well. If you like beer with your pizza then you will be pleased to know that they have it and on Sundays too. It was delicious!

Review №69


Review №70

We always enjoy visiting Jim's Razorback Pizza when we are in Fort Smith! This trip we tried the cauliflower crust. It was great!

Review №71

Food was excellent! Salad bar had a good variety on it! The prices were extremely reasonable!

Review №72

They have very nice staff there and the food is fairly good. However the prices can be quite exorbitant for the taste. I subtract 1 * as the pricing is very high and I also subtract 1 * as they really need to work on adding a bit more variety to their menu. However I don't want to deter you from eating here it is good food and good service but there are some things that could be improved.

Review №73

Best salad bar in town and the pizza is always great!!

Review №74

They have the best salad bar in town.

Review №75

Awesome pizza and good variety on the garden bar.

Review №76

Love their pizza!

Review №77

Always an excellent meal. Quality service every time.

Review №78

Very good pizza place. Had some ingredients I have never seen on a menu, one of which is pastrami. I had a pastrami Pizza and it was excellent.

Review №79

Love razorback pizza, and their rewards is awesome, free pizza!

Review №80

10 minutes before closing they let me and my family in in order pizza and sit down and treat us like family best pizza place in Fort Smith.

Review №81

Delicious pizza and friendly service!

Review №82

This is one of the best pizza places around! We got pepperoni and bacon one pizza and half bell peppers and jalapenos on the other. They were both delicious!!

Review №83

Salad Bar is the Best in Fort Smith.Pizza is Great. Our Favorite Pizza Place.

Review №84

Love their pizza and amazing salad bar!!

Review №85

Great food and custom service. The chicken bacon ranch was delicious. Highly recommend.

Review №86

Hog wild pizza and large salad bar. Perfect combo

Review №87

Can't go wrong with Razorback pizza! Wonderful atmosphere for a quick lunch or evening outing. Salad bar is fresh and fully stocked. Great deals on dine-in items, or get a big pizza to go! Join their rewards program to receive a free large pizza. You'll get one each year on your birthday as well. WPS!

Review №88

Great pizza. My girlfriend and I really appreciate the gluten-free crust option!

Review №89

Good food, quick and friendly service. Great for weekday lunch!

Review №90

Very friendly costumer service, great food every time!

Review №91

Good pizza and great service staff! Love the coupons too

Review №92

Always, the best salad bar, pizza and friendly service!

Review №93

Definitely the best pizza in Fort Smith.Always good

Review №94

Awesome Pizza and they gave us a free drink while we waited. That is what a caring business does.

Review №95

Awesome salad bar, great pizza!

Review №96

Great food and prices are great too! Staff was very attentive!

Review №97

Good food, very friendly

Review №98

Best salad bar in town. Freshest pizza ever. Coming piping hot right out of the over. Made from fresh veggies. Great atmosphere also.

Review №99

Great food at a good price. Salad bar was nice and pizza was delicious. Got full on a personal sized pizza.

Review №100

Great pizza place. Good food & always friendly staff.

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