When Pigs Fly
21 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032, United States

Review №1

Love their Blueberry Raspberry Lemonade bread and was delighted that they were still selling it a couple of weeks ago, so I ordered 5 loaves to be delivered. That, by the way, is $50 worth of bread. I didn't care, I was excited.I didn't get it. Instead, they sent me $50 worth of Wild Blueberry Granola bread, which, I'm sure, is delicious, but I don't like granola bread and so wanted to send it back and get MY bread. I wrote to them twice, each three days apart.Crickets. Both times.It's a week later and the granola bread is stale. So now I'm stuck with $50 worth of stale bread that I never wanted in the first place, and I didn't get MY bread. Yeah, I'm upset. I think they just lost a customer.

Review №2

Always fresh bread, always free samples! Prices are amazing for the quality they are serving! Staff was over the top friendly! I do wish they sold half loaves though, I can never finish mine before it goes bad!

Review №3

The bread here is amongst the best sourdough you will ever find -- not the usual heavy dry tangy stuff that pretends to the crown but the actual OG moist funky goodness in more flavor combinations than most people can comprehend. Seriously, if you are in Freeport and you fail to avail yourself, the rest of your life will be a series of banal witless shrugs toward the inevitably of death and all without the redemption of sweet nutty toasty goodness.Really... it's that damn good.

Review №4

Awesome place for bread you won't find in a super market. A go-to whenever I'm in Freeport. They bake their bread fresh everyday and have a huge selection. A normals sourdough loaf is only $4 and prices vary on other kinds. Staff is friendly and there's lots of free samples

Review №5

Few things better than the smell of fresh baked goods in the morning. Please Put back that store bought white bread and grab yourself an artisan loaf. You will be glad you did! Place an order and support this wonderful local business

Review №6

Pigs Fly bread is by far the best bread I have ever eaten. One of the few places I can get good pumpernickel.

Review №7

Delicious as always! I have so many favorites but I was sad to hear they stopped making the big Pretzels..

Review №8

Live this place. It's the best bread you ever.had.

Review №9

Great bakery- everything fresh and delicious.

Review №10

4 people at a time due to Coronavirus. Breads are always good.

Review №11

Covid precautions in force, all usual breads available, parking nearby, not wheelchair accessible

Review №12

Great! Love the bread?

Review №13

Best balsamic vinegar ever.

Review №14

Best bread for miles!

Review №15

Outrageous choices of breads! A must see!

Review №16

The cashier at the store very rude and ugly

Review №17

So many samples! We stop in here to snack and buy fancy French toast bread. Great place!

Review №18

Love this place. I'm on a low carb diet, and they have the best low carb bread I've ever had.

Review №19

Six Grain & Pumpkin Seed Bread!!! YUMMY!!!

Review №20

Super delicious fresh bread. So many varieties it's hard to choose just one (so I usually get three :). They can cut it for you and have sooo many samples to taste. I always stop here when I'm in Freeport.

Review №21

Amazing breads! Pretzels and ciabatta were hits. Be sure to try the samples and get there early because they can sell out on busy days.

Review №22

Great breads always a stop when we are in Freeport.

Review №23

Many flavors of fresh bread to try including a liw carb whole wheat. I kept half on the counter and froze half.

Review №24

This place is amazing. Not my 1st time, won't be my last. A must when in Maine

Review №25

Visit this business every Thanksgiving. They make great bread, what can you say.

Review №26

Amazing bread and mostly great service! There is one employee that often refuses to cut our bread when any other staff member will, pretty frustrating.

Review №27

Fantastic lime blueberry jam. Friend loves their bread. Must be great because they were out of every kind I wanted.

Review №28

This cute little place has the best bread

Review №29

Stopped here when visiting my niece in Maine. Picked up several things. All of them were exceptionally good and fresh tasting. I wish there was one near me!

Review №30

Everything is delicious and they have the greatest concoction of breads, pastries and jams. I've never liked just eating bread but this place has made me hesitant on adding anything to it. When you're in town definitely stop by, you won't regret it.

Review №31

Best bread ever! Large variety of specialty flavors, baked fresh every day, also bottled dips and spreads. Get there early!

Review №32

Amazing bread. They also have lots of samples so you can pick your favorite. Mine was cranberry, blueberry and lemon

Review №33

Terrific products

Review №34

Oh those breads, so good! Everything is fresh and there are samples available.

Review №35

Best bakery around with super different mixtures like walnuts, orange, cinnamon etc. I miss their amazing breads and I bought 4 last week since they freeze well.

Review №36

This is the best artisan bread you've ever eaten! Plus the samples with condiments are amazing!!

Review №37

Excellent selection of delicious and non-typical fresh baked bread.

Review №38

Great bread as expected. Free samples of current selections.

Review №39

I love this bread. When I go I get a loaf of bread and a pretzel. This black cup holds 2 k-cups.

Review №40

Always have some interesting artisan breads. Today, Apple cinnamon bread and raspberry, blueberry with lemonade were our choices. Yum

Review №41

OMG! Love love love this place! Raisin walnut . Bought Apricot and Date bread. To die for

Review №42

Best sourdough bread, 9 grain and ciabatta breads! So fresh and delicious. We also LOVE the hot pepper jellies - old fashion and fire in the hole are favorites. The heath bar cookies are unbelievably delicious, along with blueberry lemon cookies. Wish they stayed open an hour later as I can never get there by the time they close during the week.

Review №43

Great bread in lots of interesting flavors with samples available. I may have tried all the different samples on offer! They will slice the loaves if you want.We always stop here when driving up to see friends in Maine.

Review №44

The selection was incredible 2 flavors are off the charts this is a "must go to" shop in Freeport.

Review №45

Wonderful bread. Lots of choices. I especially like the sourdough flavors.

Review №46

I love their breads. Period. Wonderfully different flavors, even chocolate.

Review №47

This is the best bread. I usually get rye, but also like the French peasant and Anadama. They have weird specialty breads, too, but I haven't really enjoyed those. They're more like cake. If I was looking for cake I might enjoy those other breads, but I come to Pigs Fly for bread because the bread is best.

Review №48

Very friendly staff, gave great suggestions for preserving bread as I am the only one in the house that east bread and won't be able to finish it all in a timely manner. Products are all fresh and fantastic!

Review №49

Wow! Talk about delicious bread; it is a meal. Truly a fantastic bread store.

Review №50

It's a huge mistake to be anywhere near one of their locations and not stop in for a fresh loaf of some yeasty, freshly made bread masterpiece. Absolutely an incredible bread destination.

Review №51

All kinds of yummy breads to choose from. An experience not to miss!

Review №52

Deeelicious bread, muffins, cookies. Offered a diverse and excellent selection of breads.

Review №53

Fresh baked goods, very helpful workers, good atmosphere win, win!

Review №54

The mango pineapple bread is so tasty!

Review №55

Great crusty bread in many fun combos!

Review №56

Great and the have free samples

Review №57

The bread taste very good. Great toast.

Review №58

Unbelievable selection of homemade breads. They're all delicious

Review №59

This place has some of the best breads I've ever had. You must try the pretzels. They have a sample table, showcasing their creations. Whenever we have guests coming to visit Maine, we grab a loaf to share with them. Great experiences

Review №60

Excellent fresh bread. All breads have ingredients listed and a great variety for those with soy allergies. Love it and gives me a break from having to bake my own all the time.

Review №61

Not much to say, there great yummy breads and delicious cookies. Always a go to.

Review №62

Disappointed today as our favorite bread was very dark, burnt looking. We usually take home 6 of the cranberry, toasted orange bread. Not today for me, but usually a great place to buy artisan bread. Two months later we have returned to the store and bought several of the hummus bread. Had them before, they are fabulous as a grilled cheese sandwich. We will always shop there when we are in town

Review №63

Wonderful breads in many flavors, both sweet and savory. Offer pretzels, muffins, and cookies. Also sell locally made butter and olive oil as well as jams, jelly, and maple syrup. I always bring bread home when I am in Freeport. This time we bought the blueberry lemonade bread and the spinach garlic onion bread.

Review №64

If you have never been here, you must go. Just delicious. Wonderful selection.

Review №65

The variety of high quality breads is outstanding. Nice samples with different dipping oils. I'd have given it a 4-star eating if the staff hadn't been so rude when asked if there's a bathroom.

Review №66

Love getting their breads! Always go in saying just one loaf and usually get

Review №67

Loved the fresh breads.

Review №68

One word to describe the place, DELICIOUS!

Review №69

The bread is cannot get just one

Review №70

Great breads and cookies.

Review №71

The Best breads I've ever eaten! Great selection, friendly people.

Review №72

The name of store is so adorable. Bread is really yummy and fresh.

Review №73

Love the samples. Feels inviting. Very family friendly.

Review №74

Love this bread it reminds me of the bread my grandmother baked.

Review №75

Definitely one of our favorite places. Delicious bread and spread. A must visit.

Review №76

Excellent bread!

Review №77

Awesome bread! Neat little shop.

Review №78

Great little store for awesome breads! Stop here every time I pass through town and am always impressed with the quality and reasonable prices. A worthwhile stop while in Freeport, and easy parking!

Review №79

Skillful bread bakery. Big variety, including honest whole wheat.

Review №80

Love the Ciabatta bread ♡

Review №81

This. Place. Is. Bread. Heaven!!! I love bread! All types of bread! And when you walk into this little bakery your surrounded by islands of the best breads you will ever have! I bought about 7 loaves of bread. They will slice the bread for you if you choose or you can leave it uncut! The variety of breads are one of a kind and they have a small selection of pastries. I highly recommend!

Review №82

Awesome fresh bread baked daily

Review №83

Fresh homemade breads, lots to choose from. Samples too!

Review №84

If you like breads this is the place to. All made fresh and so many flavors.

Review №85

How can this place not be 5️? Everything they make is fantastic. Prices are reasonable. Try the pretzels and sourdough. They also carry flavored butter that is amazing.

Review №86

Wide selection of breads, and now with their own pizza dough.

Review №87

Everything here is home made and a table of samples so you can try the breads before you buy. The breads we bought were very good.

Review №88

Love the variety and taste of their bread.

Review №89

Plenty of samples available and some delicious cookies and loafs

Review №90

The best bread I've had in my life, and a long drive from Augusta, worth the effort.

Review №91

Great bread

Review №92


Review №93

Great bread. SHOP THERE OFTEN.

Review №94

Good service nice people bread was good

Review №95

We stopped here because my grandson loves pigs..

Review №96

Great place to get neat bread.

Review №97

Love Pigs Fly bread! Freeport location is small & understocked but staff is friendly & kind.

Review №98

Absolutely fantastic!!

Review №99

A must stop and try their fresh baked bread, just incredible.

Review №100

Awesome fresh chocolate . Will visit again when I'm in Maine.

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