Andreas Pizza - Grand Rapids
2014 Boston St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, United States

Review №1

I just tried this place for the first time...I was a little late picking it up but the employee that brought the food to my car was nice.The pizza was good and I really liked their bruschetta!

Review №2

Deluxe pizza was prob the worst I've had. Between the canned mushrooms and barely any cheese we won't get it again. On the other hand the chicken pesto pizza was really good and the pepperoni was solid as well. Delivery time was right on schedule. We will prob give them another try at some point.

Review №3

First time coming here, food was forty minutes late and there was a huge line. Would not recommend

Review №4

Pizza was pretty good A little greasy and I like that it's next to a liquor store, two birds one stone

Review №5

Ordered from here for the first time during the COVID time period. My pizza was ready really fast, was hot, and tasted great. And, during my short wait, I got to enjoy a rainbow. Perfect

Review №6

I'm am very sad to leave this review, but tonight was the last time we will order from Andrea's. Three years ago we moved into the area and we're so excited to hear a great pizza place was so close. The first time we ordered it was like fireworks in our mouths - the pizza was fantastic. Since then the taste and quality has declined. Tonight was an all time low. I don't know if the quality, or lack of, was due to being too busy, the fact that the pizza was a 'special, or just the norm. There was so little cheese on it, it was a good 2" from the edge. It appeared to be pre-cooked with just sauce and cheese only and then whatever toppings were ordered were thrown on and put back in a warmer. When it came home it wasn't even warm - we live within 2 miles. Part of the crust was wet and soggy. Frankly it was the worst pizza we have had, ever. We had just finished a huge project and we're so tired and hungry, otherwise we would have taken it back.

Review №7

Andrea's has a good reputation for premium pizza that is long standing and well deserved, BUT I must say we were disappointed in the VEGGIE. It was made as described, but had very little taste, and we wouldn't order that selection again. The Deluxe is the same price, but with more flavor. Andrea's opened when I was in high school in EGR. Still excellent pizza at decent prices. Good service and nice folks. Recommended.

Review №8

OUTSTANDING! Genuine thin (soft) crust NEW YORK style pizza! ...among many other wonderful meals. Thank you Mario ...your heart is obviously in your food. I'll be back soon!

Review №9

We got vegetarian pizza and a sausage pepperoni for the boys even though I've been meet free for a while that sausage pizza was so good

Review №10

Good pizza but not the greatest service. I just went for the first time and ordered one large pizza at 6:45 for pick-up and they said it would take 15 minutes. Showed up promptly at 7 and waited in my truck for a half hour until I went inside and they were just boxing my pie. Unfortunate and I know these things happen but they kept telling me it would be 5 more minutes. Just tell me straight that you forgot to put in my order next time if there ever is one. Best of luck.

Review №11

Our family go to. Always hot, always delicious, always greasy.

Review №12

Awesome pizza! Hard to find good pizza outside of Italy, but Andrea's Pizza is a gem. About as authentic as you can get. Very reasonably priced and very fresh! Definitely a must if you love pizza.

Review №13

Great pizza. Family owned and operated for more than 40 years.

Review №14

Fast friendly service.. Amazing food!!!

Review №15

This is our go-to pizza shop for all things pizza. Whether for new friends, visiting family, or just avoiding making a meal, we eat here. The sauce is amazing and the hand tossed crust is texturally perfect. They have a great variety of toppings to choose from, some interesting pizza selections, and all the standard favorites. They even have gluten free options. The take out and delivery experience is always pleasant. The owners and staff love what they do. There is no better stop than Andrea's.

Review №16

We have been ordering from Andreas for years! Nobody has better pizza sauce.Unfortunately, their customer service and delivery times have become the worst.This week when I called to check on our order that was between 20-25 minutes late, I was told to, "just be patient". No apology. Unacceptable. Took us an 85 minutes to get the pizza. Pizza delivery guy was great.

Review №17

I've been coming here for over 15 years. My parents would always get Andreas for us. It was our favorite spot. That continued for awhile for me but the last 4 years your pizza is just totally hit or miss. You guys have terrible service. Always have young kids working there that don't respect making pizzas or whatever it is. I've been checked out by a young guy before and I watched one of your employees eat a pepperoni while he was making a pizza. That's not okay. Your pizza is not the same as it used to be. Mario, Please please step your game back up.

Review №18

I'm a human lab test for quality ingredients. This place has them. Live a little and get a meatball calzone.

Review №19

Our new favorite pizza! Thin crust with sausage, green pepper, bacon, onion, mushroom, black olives with extra sauce! Soo good !

Review №20

I am a regular for pizza, subs and Calzone. In addition, I annually get party trays for my staff and you NEVER fail to exceed our expectations. Thank you for your commtiment to great food and for being so very generous to our local community, especially the Eastgate Neighboorhood!

Review №21

Greatest pizza in South East Grand Rapids.

Review №22

Great Sausage Sub!! Pizza is great too!

Review №23

In my opinion, it's honestly the best pizza in the city. My family adores the meat lovers.

Review №24

Pizza is pretty good, a good mix of true italian and american pizza, although rather pricy. The tiramisu is great!

Review №25

Our go to pizza place!! We love Andrea's!!

Review №26

Honestly some of the best local pizza Ive ever had. It's close to my house so it's convenient as well. Only ever had it delivered but it's always been worth every penny!

Review №27

Best pizza in GR, hands down.

Review №28

Great homemade pizza. Very cozy inside.

Review №29

Take out only.

Review №30

Great food. Smells like an old school pizzeria.

Review №31

The owners are very friendly and the pizza is great! I especially love the sausage they use. Their pizza is much better than any pizza chain but more traditional rather than more unique ingredients/combinations like Harmony House.

Review №32

Wonderful pizza. We liked the sauce. Little sweet but good. The crust has a good flavor. Fresh ingredients make for a good pie. Artichokes were really good. We rated it lower mainly due to too little dine-in seating. And the meat lovers pizza was overdone. They were going to remake it but we could not wait another 30 minutes. Not surprising, they are very busy on a Saturday evening. Still we plan to come again when we are next in town.

Review №33

Great as always!

Review №34

Always super good. Treat you like family

Review №35

Best pizza in the area, hands down

Review №36

The best pizzas and calzones in GR. The store can be really busy at times, so ordering ahead is suggested.

Review №37

Favorite pizza in the immediate area. Great staple of the neighborhood

Review №38

Simply the best!

Review №39

Best New York style pizza. Excellent sauce, best mozzarella!

Review №40

Fantastic Pizza. Wonderful Owners. Spotless clean.

Review №41

Definitely one of the best takeout pizza places in Grand Rapids. Their food tastes absolutely amazing. However, their customer service skills are lacking. Wait times are quite often longer than quoted for both carryout and delivery and there are only one or two deals, which makes for a pretty expensive pizza.

Review №42

As a first time patron in Grand Rapids, I am happy to say that we received fantastic service and phenomenal pizza for 25 people in a timely manner. Maybe the best pizza I've had.

Review №43

Great little local business. Whenever we don't want a chain like Little Caesars or Hungry Howies, we are guaranteed to eat here. It's all about quality not quantity which makes it better then fast food.

Review №44

The pizza is excellent, ingredients are fresh and plentiful. The staff (who I think we're the owners) were gracious, cheerful, courteous and accommodating. My family and I had a wonderful lunch.

Review №45

Good pizza but a little $$.

Review №46

Great home cooked Italian food. All should really try, extremely good and affordable.

Review №47

Many friends in Grand Rapids have recommended Andrea's, since I moved here 3 years ago. They were all right, and I should not have waited so long to try them out. The pizza is amazing. I highly advise you order one tonight. 5 stars.

Review №48

GF pizza. Best in town and cheaper than most.

Review №49

Good pizza - slightly greasier than you might expect, but I did order double cheese.

Review №50

Great pizza! If you live in the neighborhood you have to try it. Support local! Life is too short for chain pizza.

Review №51

Always friendly staff. This place has the best pizza sauce out of any restaurant out there. Carry out or delivery, you get the best pizza in the state.

Review №52

Terrific Pizza! Excellent ingredients! Timely preparation! Friendly service! Easy online ordering! Hands down, beats any from a Pizza chain. You've got to try it!

Review №53

Fantastic pizza. If you like great pizza, go there. Get a whole pizza or pizza by the slice. I can't say enough good about this place to do it justice.

Review №54

Pizza is always great but you never know if the pizza will be ready when expected or not. About half the time I end up waiting. If they could better time the pizza making I'd give five stars.

Review №55

Good pizza good prices very friendly family owned business love it

Review №56

Great little pizza place. Convenient and very accessible

Review №57

Big slices for not a bad price.

Review №58

Excellent pie. Awesome people. If you are in the Boston/Burton area for lunch please visit them. Pizza by the slice!

Review №59

Food was hot, great mom n pop shop.

Review №60

Once you soak up the puddles of grease with paper towel it's pretty good. Also order the pizza well done otherwise it's underdone imho.

Review №61

There Italian Sausage Sub is THE BEST EVER! The owners are great people!

Review №62

Fast and very friendly. The pizza is some of most underrated in GR. Outstanding pizza!

Review №63

I have been going here for years decided to pick up pizza for my birthday celebration. I ordered an hour in advance and arrived and they did not have the breadsticks that I ordered. Normally this would not have been a big deal but they didn't even apologize for the inconvenience. I was very disappointed probably will not return again.

Review №64

The best neighborhood pizzeria!

Review №65

The best, sauce, crust , super fresh toppings and cooked to perfection!

Review №66

Friendly staff, cool decor and decent pizza. Wasn't wowed but will more than likely return.

Review №67

Our go-to pizza place for over 45 years!

Review №68

The pizza was great & cheesy breadsticks were outstanding!

Review №69

For at least 15 years I've thought the pizza sauce was the best in town... consistently.

Review №70

I been an customer for this place for over 10 years and I love them. There always an wait when I go there but that just because they have the best pizzas and subs in the world. I'm thinking about going back again soon for one of there deluxe subs

Review №71

This place is terrible, I order a pizza at 520 called them back at 620. The got on the phone and said it's going to be another 20 minutes. No sorry came out of his month. That's why I live in Ohio.

Review №72

Food was great

Review №73

Best pizza in GR. Nothing exotic or pretentious just fresh pizzas and friendly local owners and staff.

Review №74

This pizza is literally a part of my genes! My mom waited until she finished her last slice before going to the hospital (to give birth to me). Mario is wonderful & always greeted me with the name "Baby Shackelford" whenever I visited. He also delivered my pizza to me after I had my 1st child. (Metro was still in the original location) I have since moved far away; but I have yet to eat another pizza that mildly compares to Andrea's!

Review №75

Great pizza great price good service. Sausage pizza done right

Review №76

Awesome pizza! Friendly staff, and very clean. Prices are reasonable.

Review №77

Best pizzeria I have ever been to. Been going here since I was a child and I will never stop loving their pizza.

Review №78

Unprofessional delivery driver used profanity in regard to the pizza order, and arrival time was off by a half hour. Management gave empty apologies on the driver's behalf, and offered nothing in reconciliation to a long time customer. Our friend group will no longer order food from Andreas.

Review №79

It's a little pricey...but has become my favorite pizza in town ...outstanding flavor

Review №80

This is one of our go-to's, consistently good, and ample with the toppings. Online ordering is easy and expected times given are almost always accurate. I've always picked up in store.

Review №81

Best pizza on town

Review №82

Mario and Rosie make a great pizza! Thank you for the many years of great pizza!!

Review №83

Great pizza drove a hour to get it and very happy.

Review №84

My favorite Pizza Place in Grand Rapids. Great service, Excellent Pizza, Fresh ingredients, Nice owners, Friendly Staff, Local gem. What more could you ask for !!!! :)

Review №85

This is consistently the best pizza in metropolitan Grand Rapids. They have been around since I can recall. Best sauce around. Highly recommended.

Review №86

Serving the best pizza for over forty years

Review №87

Best Authentic Pizza ever. Loved it as a kid and still do. Same original owners.

Review №88

The pizza was good but the delivery boy took too long. Pizza was cold and the frosting for the cinnamon sticks was watered down from condensation or it was just gross.

Review №89

Our first time here and we've already decided to go back again. The pizza is already on my list of top five favorite's.

Review №90

Lots of toppings, good sauce and crust my favorite local pizza.

Review №91

Have been enjoying Andreas since the late 70's. Always excellent pizza.

Review №92

Very good, sausage and ham is immaculate

Review №93

Great thin crust pizza at this long time family owned shop.

Review №94

Great Pizza for over 40 years now! You can't go wrong here.

Review №95

Great pizza, I also like supporting local business owners.

Review №96

Great Mom & Pop pizza joint, always great food

Review №97

The pizza was not bad but not great. Bought 6 pizzas and asked for about 15 paper plates and they said I had to pay $2 for them... Seriously??? I could get 50 "better quality" paper plates at Meijer for $2. To top it off they kept the pizza boxes that we were eating from to reuse when we were just asking them to throw them away. It's so close to our house but I don't know if I'll go back. If you're looking for a great pizza place Faro's on the corner of 28th street and East Paris is my recommendation.

Review №98

It was Delicious

Review №99

The spicy garlic pizza is one of my favorite anywhere. Worth the price!

Review №100

I have known mario and rose as a customer since 1977. Never had a bad pie and the meatball subs are very good. I live 60 miles away now near battle creek, but my parents still live in the area. 36 yrs as a customer and friend whenever i come up to visit my parents dinner is always an andreas pizza and my 8 yr old daughter loves it too.

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