Hunan Garden
United States, Alabama, Hoover, Montgomery Hwy, 邮政编码: 35244

Review №1

I'm new to the area so I called first, rude answering. I should have opted out then, but I read other good reviews so I proceeded. When I received my food (Honey Chicken extra crispy) it was TERRIBLE. If I had a dog, I wouldn't have fed that mess to my dog! I know where to NOT eat.

Review №2

Frankly, I don't know why this place isn't more popular. I no longer live in the area, so anytime I come back to Birmingham I try to stop and have at least one meal at Hunan Garden because it's been so consistently good over the last two decades.Everything about this place is old school Chinese restaurant, from the décor to the worn booths, to the menu. Even the way the waitstaff acts around customers, it's a whole different vibe. It isn't chic, it isn't trendy and it sure isn't slick and modern. But it is really, really good food, and isn't that the most important thing?The last time I dined in, I tried the Hunan Combination, which has shrimp, chicken and pork in a sweet and spicy sauce. Think of General Tso's but with a lighter, brighter sauce and you get the idea. It was good, but not very spicy at all, and there were only a few shrimp in the entire dish. Everything was super tender, at least.My dining companions picked their usual favorites: Lemon Chicken and Mongolian Beef. The Lemon Chicken is almost like a citrus candy it's so sweet, and the breaded and fried chicken is tender, but with a crunchy crust. The Mongolian beef is a real standout thanks to the thin, crispy slices of beef. There's a deep umami flavor at work here that compliments the tang of the green onions.Sweet tea is always good and sweet and strong, too, which is nice. The servers might seem to be kind of aloof or even rude at first, but they open up quickly and are good with suggestions and advice. Drinks are quickly refilled and the overall dinner pace is usually on the slow side of efficient but good enough.After all these years, it remains my single favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere in the state of Alabama. The quality of the food, the flavor and the great prices charged are just an unbeatable combination, even if it is old and showing its age, and out of touch with the hipster diner ethic of today. That just makes it all the better in my book.

Review №3

Ordered takeout and got the beef lo-mein meal with an egg roll and was well-pleased with my purchase. It was fresh, warm, and I got a fairly large quantity of food for a reasonable price.

Review №4

The food is amazing!!! And now available on Doordash!! General tso chicken Mongolian beef and beef chop suey was amazing!!! We also had hot and sour soup and egg rolls!! I am usually disappointed with other places egg rolls but these were delicious!!

Review №5

House main with hot and Sore Soup delicious.

Review №6

Steamed dumplings, eggroll, and curry chicken. Delicious! Ready "To go" in 15 minutes.

Review №7

Chinese food, mmm, excellent. A preferred evening place. The bill was well within reason for the quality.

Review №8

One of my favorite Chinese spots. The food is always fresh and consistent.

Review №9

Delicious fried rice and the staff is very friendly!

Review №10

Went here at noon on a Monday, not crowded. Hot & Sour soup and egg roll were very good. Main dish- Garlic Chicken- was okay rice was eh and not hot. I might come again and try something else but if I never ate here again I wouldn't be upset.

Review №11

The chicken low mein and pork fried rice are incredible. Excellent and quick service. Appetizers were ok. Got spare ribs, crab rangoon, fried dumplings and chicken nuggets. Will definitely be back.

Review №12

Everytime I go here the service is great and the people are nice. The food is always tasty.

Review №13

I just ate food from here. Immediately got sick with food poisoning. I do believe food was not done. I will not be returning.

Review №14

The front was impressively clean, no harsh smells. Tina had great customer service including the other two workers there! You get a lot and it tastes GREAT!

Review №15

Excellent food!!!I think it's the best Chinese here in Birmingham, and they don't use any MSG either!Excellent service too!!

Review №16

Eat here atleast 1 a week love the lunch special and there hot and sour soup is perfect!

Review №17

One of my favorite local Chinese restaurants. Great food and large portions for a really low price.

Review №18

My bf and I just had dinner here for the first time. We were looking for good sit down Chinese food after my favorites closed in homewood and in hoover. So Google took us to Hunan Garden! Food was delicious, great servings and staff was pleasant. We even got free Chinese donuts at the end. Highly recommend.

Review №19

Great food and friendly service but the wait time was a little bit long. It was a crowded which I'm not sure they're used to. Food did come piping-hot and portions were very big, me and my friend could have split something. I'll definitely be back, I like this place. I think we just got them on a bad night.

Review №20

I've had better. The table was sticky and the plates need replacing. Next time...there won't be a next time.

Review №21

Super friendly and helpful service, and delicious food. We were served quickly and our server was attentive and informative

Review №22

Good Chinese local delivery. Hard to beat on 280. Try the Mongolian Beef. Nothing great about it, but good enough to eat when you want Chinese on 280 or need delivery.

Review №23

Consistently good food and the staff is always nice! The Hunan and House chicken are my favorites.

Review №24

Great customer service fast/fresh delicious food!!

Review №25

Good soup, food and egg rolls. Faster than most fast food establishments

Review №26

This is my go-to restaurant when I don't feel like cooking. Close to home and a good meal with vegetables. The prices care right for me. I usually eat half for dinner and save the rest for lunch.

Review №27

Hunan Garden has long been our favorite Chinese restaurant, bringing along our oldest child when he was a baby 25 years ago. Food is consistently good. Friendly staff.

Review №28

Good food

Review №29

Great food ,excellent customer service

Review №30

I love their Seafood spicy Hot and Sour soup.When I don't know what I want that's usually my go to pick.Service is always great.

Review №31

Good basic strip mall Chinese food. Consistent and good quality.

Review №32

Great food and service! Been a customer for over 20 years and will continue to be!

Review №33

Great food, lovely staff and reasonable price

Review №34

Excellent food and great atmosphere love the lunch and dinners

Review №35

My wife and I went here on our one month anniversary. We love Chinese food. First I spilled my water like a clutz but they were so nice and just changed us tables and cleaned up the mess. I felt so bad. The food was so good. Sesame chicken and general tsaos. Then they were real nice they brought us a complimentary desert. Then when they found out it's our anniversary they bought us fried icecream. We talked with them a while. They took our picture for us and when we left everyone told us goodbye in the whole restaurant. Just the sweetest place I've ever been to. Officially my favorite restaurant. The food is sooo good too. Bless them.

Review №36

It was really good. I went for lunch and you cannot beat the price for what you get. I got the pepper steak. It's come with soup and a egg roll

Review №37

Service was great! The food was mediocre.

Review №38

By far the best Chinese food to date. I would recommend anyone who is in the area to stop by, when if your not is worth the trip!!!

Review №39

This place is fantastic. Excellent service every single time, super friendly staff, and the food is super flavorful. Nice atmosphere in the restaurant itself, roomy, and their fried rice in particular is SO flavorful. Honestly the best tasting fried rice I've ever eaten. Again, everything else is great too but I had to specifically mention the rice. It has this 'smoky' taste to it that I love.

Review №40

Not my favorite. Cheap and mediocre food.

Review №41

Very good food and service

Review №42

Had Mandarin Chicken, hot/sour soup. It made me so sick. I have eaten there before but this is the first time it has made me sick. My husband had Sesame Chicken, he got sick also.

Review №43

The food and service were great. I went for lunch, and it was very affordable.

Review №44

I have been going to hunan garden for years and was always pleased with food and service. Ate there a few days ago and when I went to pay my bill, they had added $2.00 extra. I asked why....I had read the menu. All they would say was $2.00...change menu. It's fine to go up on prices but it should be reflected on the menu. Will NOT go back. That is no way to conduct business. The price should what is printed on the menu.

Review №45

Delicious food. I love it.

Review №46

Always has good food, but refills and service are always slow on Sundays. We usually have to wait 10 minutes to order food, and that's after the drinks are written.

Review №47

The staff was very friendly and personable. The waiter made several jokes and made the experience great. The food was pretty good, but the chicken was a little overcooked, and once the food came, we never saw our waiter again having to get another waitress whenever we needed something.

Review №48

Good food and decently priced

Review №49

Good stuffs: H&S soup, Mongolian shrimp, chicken + veg. They can make it spicy if you ask. Friendly & affordable.

Review №50

This place has been consistently awesome since I have been going about 24 years.

Review №51

Have been eating here for years. Great food and great service.

Review №52

Love this place. You can get a great lunch to-go or sit for less than $11.00 tip included. Mongolian anything or Sesame chicken is great. Fried tofu for the vegetarians is great, but make sure to ask for it extra crispy!

Review №53

If you are a couple then you need to get the happy dinner for two. It's $14.95 per person and you will get at least two meals out of it. Everything is tasty and there is plenty of it. You won't regret it.

Review №54

Excellent Chinese food. The ambiance makes you feel cared for. The sesame chicken is fantastic. Don't forget to ask for the pepper sauce. They are sit down dining only and no buffet but they get you in and out fast. Lunch orders are large and served with hot and sour soup and egg roll. Lunch is over at 2:30!

Review №55

Good food tho pretty nasty.feels just dirty.

Review №56

Forgot about this place. Solid food.

Review №57

I've picked up dinner here at least once a month, most times more, for 9 years now. I've never had anything I didn't like, always had fresh hot food with fresh ingredients.When ordering to go, always ask for the sauce on the side. You can toss your shrimp or chicken with the Mandarin or Hunan sauce when you get home so it's still crispy as you sit down to watch a movie. So, so very good.Highly recommend:- Mandarin Chicken or Shrimp if you order sauce on the side.- Orange Beef- Hot and Sour Seafood soup for two- Spring RollsGreat restaurant

Review №58

Food is ALWAYS good as well as the service!!! Could eat there 7 days/week.

Review №59

My favorite Chinese restaurant. Not a buffet but it is good food, good price, and a good portion size.

Review №60

I love this place and have for years. It's always good. Great service. I have never been disappointed

Review №61

My favorite place to go been eating here for over 8 years

Review №62

Decent food with good Sunday pricing.

Review №63

Love the food here.

Review №64

Bathroom was NASTY. I would have given 5 stars if not for the VERY NASTY restroom.

Review №65

Service was good. Food sucked! Dont eat the meat..or the rice..egg roll and egg drop soup was good but they're food quality has dropped horribly.

Review №66

Pretty good guantity for the price. I always leave with more than half of what I ate.

Review №67


Review №68

Fast and inexpensive lunch menu.

Review №69

Been there three times. The food is exceptional. Their moo shoo is the best! One of the best places in the Birmingham area. One con. is that some of their best food is only available for supper.

Review №70

Great hours, bad food. Not worth your money.

Review №71

Good food and good service

Review №72

Good food good price

Review №73

Food ok, expensive for what you get.

Review №74

The place to go for Chinese food!

Review №75

Excellent food! Great service!

Review №76

Great place to eat

Review №77

Quiet place. Not a lot of people.

Review №78

You don't know what you've got til you're gone! My husband and I moved to TN last year and this place puts all Chinese restaurants we've been to up here to shame! I miss their egg drop soup, crab Rangoon, and all our favorite entrees like the Mongolian Beef and sesame chicken. This place is on our list the next time we come back to Alabama.

Review №79

Sleays loved it but, no more. A big bite of Raw Chicken.... done

Review №80

I eat here regularly, as it has become my favorite Chinese restaurant. The food quality is as good as it gets. The restaurant's decor is nothing to write home about, but I can live with that with the quality of the food. The wait staff is polite and attentive, too.

Review №81

Wonderful family owned restaurant. Delicious food and incredible service!!

Review №82

Our experience was amazing, great food as well as great service.

Review №83

Delicious dishes

Review №84

The best Chinese between Birmingham and Atlanta.

Review №85

Fried rice excellent

Review №86

I Love Hunan Garden. I usually call it in and pick it up. It is Always still very hot when I get it home and Always Delicious!! Also Very affordable!! I Highly recommend Hunan's when that Chinese Crave hits!!

Review №87

The staff is always fun and the food is consistently good. Average Chinese food pricing for above average Chinese food taste.

Review №88

Love the Mongolian beef and the lo mein..Staff friendly and personable. Yummy fried dumplings and egg drop soup as well.

Review №89

Best Chinese food in town, lunch special is a great value. My favorites are hot and sour soup and chicken fried rice.

Review №90

Love eating here. Great food and friendly service

Review №91

Worst experience ever!! I ordered my food to go, got home only to find a big ball of hair in my Rice and it was wrapped around my shrimp. I called back up there to bring my food back the lady was so rude and she said bring it back and I will give you your money back. No apology or anything. Have not and will not go back!!

Review №92

Clean friendly Food delish!

Review №93

Hunan Garden is a great Chinese restaurant. I visit the location weekly.

Review №94

The hot and sour soup is the best I never had.

Review №95

Delicious and large portions

Review №96

My favorite Chinese food in town. Hot and sour supposed with tofu and really delish. My fav dish is the sesame chicken.

Review №97

Been going to this place 10 years

Review №98

Oh my God, I don't see how this place is still open! My husband & I have eaten there twice, once about 15 years ago when we first moved here, and again last year, just to see if it had changed. It hadn't. This is by far the WORST Asian food I've ever had, it is so gross, we couldn't even finish our food. And I'm pretty sure that I had an upset stomach later that evening after our dinner. We will NOT make the mistake of eating here again.

Review №99

Very good traditional American style Chinese food at reasonable prices.

Review №100

I always get Kung Pao Tofu and house soupI am not sure if cook has changed these are horrible and not anything close to what we got before - it's frustrating when you order what you have tried before hoping it would be the same and up with something else tasteless!

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