3tee Shawarma
13974 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, United States
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The shawarma is tasty. I made a mistake with my first order by ordering spicy, couldn't tolerate the spiciness, just too spicy for my whole family, changed to mild/regular.I love visiting every week.

Review №2

Food was good, it's a small place so there's not so much space. It's very affordable. And they don't give you napkins when you order out, plus you have to wait a long time to get your food ready.

Review №3

I don't understand when 1 shawarma took 30 minutes to make. I miss when the wait time was literally 5-7 minutes. Ion know what y'all kitchen got going ok but do better. I'm starting to hate this place. Sadly.

Review №4

The peppered Pomo here is absolutely amazing. The Shawarma is also good.However the 3 star is because It's better to order via Uber eats. Calling them in advance for pick up is absolutely a waste of time. You will just be on the line indefinitely waiting for someone to pick up.

Review №5

The beef and chicken shawarma was divine

Review №6

Will eat there here soon!Was recommended by a family member. I try the chicken shawarma spicy it was very delicious!

Review №7

Wraps were a little more crunchy than I would have liked but inside ingredients were good. Extra spicy option was hella spicy which I absolutely loved!

Review №8

You can not lie, the food here is good but the awful service and wait time makes is not worth it.These people are so unprofessional it's sickening, I placed my order 4 hours before I came and still had to wait 30 minutes when I showed up.Staff is rude and careless.It is impossible to get them on the phone but again the food is really good.I hope someone opens up another one and runs them out of business.

Review №9

This was my worst experience ever. They put me on hold for over 10 minutes, then I had to wait 40 minutes for my order while I was sitting in the store. When I got up to ask them why it was taking so long, I found out my order had been sitting right there and it was cold. I was sitting right in the store and nobody called to say my order is ready. I was hungry when I ordered but the food took to long I lost my appetite. And this is not the first time they take forever to answer the phone and then they go ahead to put you on hold for over 10 minutes. That's really not right!

Review №10

This was my first visit. Everything was delicious, but make sure you can handle the the spice. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №11

Fish and fries were delicious. Recommended for your next visit

Review №12

Food is great wait time needs improvement..

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Review №14

Not what i expected. Wait time is outrageous. Food is not bad. Definitely more staff is needed.

Review №15

Good food, fresh and relatively timely. Love the option of mild or spicy sharwama and the fact that they have other food items to choose from. I'll definitely keep coming back!

Review №16

Best Nigerian customer service thus far, and food is great, hate the wait time tho.

Review №17

I'm always going back! Love the sharwama and there fact that I can pick if I want mild or spicy. I also love that they have other options like nkwobi. Price is not half bad and I don't mind waiting since I know that means my food is being made fresh. Overall, one of my favorite places to go.

Review №18

Me and my family love this place. The food is GREAT and affordable. One of my favorites is the chicken shawarma with that delicious sauce. There is a mild option but if you cannot handle spice very well, be cautious because it still has a kick. The only problem I have is that the service is slow. I'm so ready for my food I have trouble waiting more than 10-15 minutes for it.

Review №19

Customer service seemed good. The wait time was not too long

Review №20

Awesome customer experience and really nice good

Review №21

Honestly have never stepped foot in the establishment, but via delivery I must say this is one of the “best bang for your buck” food establishments in Houston! I mean if you're looking for a different type of shawarma that can pack some heat, look no further! You don't have to make it spicy, but the option is nice. I get the chicken and beef shawarma, personally, b. If you're feeling wild, get the sausage in there too; thank me later. I will continue devouring their shawarma as long as it keeps smacking! 5/5 would recommend

Review №22

Horrible customer service and never answer the phone

Review №23

Shawarma was DELICIOUS!!! Staff (Paula and Eva) were very pleasant. Thanks for the amazing service

Review №24

Beautiful environment, great staff, n very delicious cuisine!

Review №25

The customer servies here use to b good, i guess now they have more people coming in,they started haveing bad attitude towars their customers, today was a very bad experience for me have to work out of the store, after driving 30mins to get there hmmmmm

Review №26

The shawarmas taste okay but the customer service is horrible. This is the third time that I've ordered and the staff has just been standing around for a while before attending to me. The person at the front was clearly busy taking an order on the phone and the rest of the staff (about 4 of them) didn't think to help him out and attend to customers in line. There's a staff in particular named Funmi that just stays talking or distracting the people making the shawarmas by talking to them. Just because it's a Nigerian restaurant doesn't mean that good service can't be given. A smile, attention to customers, and good service can go a long way. Please do better so I can rate this place higher.

Review №27

Very bad customer service, my order was abandoned and I was there waiting for almost an hour.

Review №28

Requested to place an order over the phone since it was going to take over 30mins to get ready according to their kitchen. They said it wasn't possible to get the order going unless I give them my card information over the phone which I wasn't okay with. I requested to know if there were other payment options like online or otherwise, there was none. I ended up not ordering because their policy says it has to be paid yet your customer has no options made available for payment except to give you my card details over the phone. Great business tact you've got. Smh!

Review №29

I have been eating shawarma since over a year now from you guys, but after eating Todays order I am completely disappointed. Ist the price changed by adding a dollar to the price, then the Quality of the shawarma is completely reduced,too much vegetable, the portion of the meat inside is also reduced and even the sauce that's makes it enjoyable is also reduced, I felt like I was eating dry shawarma. I completely disappointed

Review №30

Excellent service

Review №31

I came here today for the first time and my order was supposed to be ready in 15mins but it took 30mins before I got my order. Well the shawarma was very good, and I will be back though.

Review №32

You will enjoy the sharwama. Though I asked for mild spicy and what I got was a little more than mild. Will go back

Review №33

Nice shawarma and cool packaging

Review №34

Really badly made sharwama.

Review №35

Just kind of slow when the owner isn't there but food is nice

Review №36

Food is made fresh very tasty.

Review №37

Wow! Love the shawarmas. But order ahead. They take their pretty time

Review №38

Horrible phone order service especially when paying cash upon pick up. Called and was on hold for 14:58 minutes just to be told I couldn't place an order for more than 1 item for cash payment when picking up. This is absurd and rudimentary.

Review №39

I cant believe nobody is wearing a face mask here ! None of the workers are wearing face mask! This is so unbelievable WOW IN THIS PANDEMIC SEASON NONE OF 3TEE EMPLOYEES ARE WEARING FACE MASK ! I did a video of the shop !

Review №40

Order ahead.Takes a good while for one shredded chicken shawarma DROWNING in thousand island dressing. Maybe ask for sauce on the side?

Review №41

They never pick up their phone. What's the point . You get there and sit for hours waiting for your food .

Review №42

The food was definitely good but it took forever before I could get my goat pepper soup and shawarma. I almost lost interest due to the wait.

Review №43

Excellent customers service great food

Review №44

The Sharwarma here is on point and it tastes just like one from back home. I come here every other week . Is gotten better since they started. They have more protein in it now. It's a delicacy to be tried at least once. You can have it either spicy or not spicy depending on how you like it.

Review №45

Awesome food made fresh

Review №46

The food was awesome. The service was excellent.

Review №47

Surely recommend you visit this place if you ever in H town

Review №48

Don't come here if you are on a time constraint. Was told the waiting time would be 15min at 1:18p. It is now 1:53p I am still waiting. BUT it is delicious

Review №49

It's a little restaurant with very limited seat but the food is fantastic. Shawarma is their signature product and they are good at it. The snail sauce is really tasty but can be quite hot if you are not used to hot food but i loved it. The Goat meat pepper soup came at a really affordable price, was really filling, spicy and hot. Perfect Justice! I didn't enjoy the beef Kebab. If some of the snail sauce were to be sprinkled on the kebab, it would be perfect. Overall, i'd rate it 5 stars.I see the potential to be a successful franchise if they play their card right.

Review №50

So good! Satisfied new customer here.

Review №51

Very nice food but service needs to be improved

Review №52

Best Nigerian restaurant with delicious shawarma, stick meat, grilled fish etc. You have to be there to understand.

Review №53

Neat place. Was somewhat cold for a cold evening. Order was delayed even after I placed my order before arriving. Food is always delicious. Courteous people. Highly recommended if not in a hurry.

Review №54

Great food

Review №55

This reminded me of growing up in Enugu. Well done

Review №56

Very good food, but have a very small space for a great food, that ppl love.

Review №57

It's a shame that once an owner of a restaurant start making some profit in their business the cut down the portion of their meal completely. I think putting fish head in a pepper soup should be at a customer's request. Not all customers eat fish head and it is very insulting to see half of a fish head in my pepper soup and your establishment thinks it's okay. Also paying $14.00 for a plat of pepper soup with two small fish as if I'm feeding a baby is very disrespectful. Please step your game back up if not you'll start losing your customers.

Review №58

Warning- this is not an Arabic/middle east shawarma place. It's an African shawarma with shredded meat, lots of mayo sauce, and slaw. Prep times are longer than expected.

Review №59

I went for the chicken shawarma wrap. I think they should change the name of this dish. I got a wrap with shredded chicken and a sauce that I could only describe as a "big Mac" sauce and cold slaw inside. It took an extremely long time to prepare"I'm not sure why" While waiting I decided to try the snails which immediately came out with the ding of a microwave I must say the sauce that they were in was delicious...and that's all. Over all ...I will not say I would return unless someone would recommend a verifiable good dish.

Review №60

The service was great. THE FOOD DELICIOUS. There is a long wait but worth every minute of it. Will definitely be back.

Review №61

This reminded me of shawarmas that i ate growing up. excellently made

Review №62

Nice place to be

Review №63

Affordable and very nice Sharwama...very delicious and they didn't waste time at all .my first time and it wouldnt be my last.will definitely come again.

Review №64

First Time Today ordering from 3Tees ... I ordered the Beef and Sausage Shawarma ... Absolutely Delicious ... I will be back again

Review №65

Always great shawarma (my fave is the chicken & sausage spicy), I always love the stick meat & the potato fries as well. Thanks for indulging my pregnancy cravings after hours and my guests from Nigeria. Not a fan of the Chapman I think the cucumbers should be cut in fresh as opposed to sitting in all day. Other than that, I'm a lifetime customer. The food and service is excellent.

Review №66

The sharwarma is very good. They just need to be more professional, especially when taking orders. Also,work on the speed of their service.

Review №67

Best Sharwama place in Texas!

Review №68

Good customer services and best meal

Review №69

I loved it! First time there, I got the chicken shawarma (spicy) and my husband got the beef shawarma (spicy). It was delicious, fries were great also. Check them out, we will definitely be back.

Review №70

It has good shawarma

Review №71

Very nice and sumptuous, finger licking.

Review №72

Friendly staffs and quality taste.

Review №73

I wanna make a 5 stars review. But my order take a long long time. However, the shawarma was delicious.

Review №74

Food is amazing and prepared to order.

Review №75

We have been ordering shawarmas for about a year now. Her services remain the same - perfect. They have cornered the market on absolutely delicious food. One of a kind in houston. I cater from there for all my events.

Review №76

Nice clean place

Review №77

In my personal experience... I would not come eat this again...NOT SAYING ITS BAD... I'm just saying that this is not what a person would want to call a "Shawarma" when someone say let's go get some shawarma... You would think you're going to a middle eastern looking place... If you never have a shawarma... Please go to a place like Gyro King or some where else... Brought my friend here for the first time... They almost beat me up for it

Review №78

It was amazing. The chicken and sausage is to kill for.

Review №79

The Shawarma is just as Authentic as ive always known them to be, the prices are fair and it's a quaint well managed establishment! Cheers

Review №80

I get foodgasm every single time I order from 3tees. Food and Customer service so good that all I wanna do for them is pray that God will prosper this business. You think the sharwama is good ? Try spicy noodles and chicken.

Review №81

Customer service YES, you want the best go there!

Review №82

Enjoyed it. Too cheap for the quality and quantity you get. The beef is a little tough for me but in all am a regular.

Review №83

Awesome spot for some light evening food.Has a Nigerian feel and welcoming environment

Review №84

Great sharwama, great place

Review №85

Quite disappointed, I drove all the way from Katy to buy sharwarma at this place. The lady said because they have many orders before mine, therefore I'll have to wait 25 minutes. I was only going to get 1 sharwarma, they could have quickly made just 1 for me. I presume she told me that because my order wasn't hundreds of dollars! Anyway, I'm disappointed and may never go back. I know how many people I have referred to this business, even my friends from outside Houston. How am I suppose to refer more people with what they did today? It is well!

Review №86

I just had a beef shawarma and a pepper soup goat meat. This is so good . I have been looking for a place to get a good shawarma but I just did. I will definitely go back there and it's just at 2mn away from my house..... so GOOD....

Review №87

After a year I came back and tried the Chicken and Sausage Cabbage. It was nice and spicy. The fries changed though :(Original Review-Wasnt impressed with the shawarma...( basically grilled chicken with thousand island and cabbage) .. Potato fries were good and staff was polite.

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Review №89

Best shawarma ever, and only place where good nigerian music are played

Review №90

Customer service was 0, I don't even wanna taste the shawarma no more. I got in, no hello, she couldn't even smile for a second, I asked her what types they had and she just pointed up n kept on frowning. She wasn't helpful at all, she probably doesn't like her job. My husband even tried his best to be nice to her cos he really kept on FROWNING AT US. Not going back there.

Review №91

Tasteful Shawarma...will visit again and again. Excellent service.

Review №92

Delay to pick up the food. But is delicious.

Review №93

The Shawarma tastes great! Not as good as the shawarma i've had in Nigeria but its pretty close

Review №94

Their shawarma is extremely tasty

Review №95

I have been coming to this restaurant for years now and their food has maintained the excellent quality I am accustomed to. My favorite shawarma is the combo with chicken, beef and turkey sausage. I also can't get enough of their potato fries. The peppered snail and kpomo is out of bounds! The peppersoup is ridiculously yummy. I recently moved away from Houston and when I came to visit, I had to get my fill and also travel back home with some of their stuff. Their customer service has been top notch since I have been visiting, they get to know you as a customer and even greet people by name when they walk in. All in all, I believe they have a great thing going here. I'm a believer and always have been. Kudos!!!

Review №96

Nice ambience, tasty recipes all the way

Review №97

Love the Shawarma. Will return for more.

Review №98

They have the best spicy chicken and beef shawarma! I also enjoy the spicy indomie and fried egg!

Review №99

Very Affordable.. tasty meat... excellent service...

Review №100

Love the service here and the food is awesome tried the zobo love it will def be stopping by

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