9625 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77036, United States

Review №1

Wonderful food, nice quaint restaurant tucked in a small shopping center. The owners are nice, friendly and very welcoming!! I am a black American and I felt right at home at this restaurant as I take a journey into a new cuisine and a new culture. I have visited many African restaurants and by far this the best food I've ever had!!

Review №2

Afrikiko Is one of the most authentic African restaurant in Houston. When I took a trip to Cape Town, I tried the eguise and okra with fufu. The seasoning in herbs of this dish is the duplicate almost the same. I have been coming to this place for over 10 years and it never changes the owners are very nice and consistent with the flavors. The husband and wife are the owners and they are like mom and dad to me.

Review №3

The food tasted amazing especially banku and Tilapia. Love love love it.Thank you for preparing and serving us delicious (authentic) Ghanaian food

Review №4

Didn't realize this was a Ghanaian restaurant. I thought it was Nigerian therefore I was expecting a different taste of food. The food was not bad, just not what I was expecting. However that's my fault for not knowing it wasn't a Nigerian based restaurant.

Review №5

One reason I love Houston, so many humble and unassuming establishments all over the city and Afrikiko is a perfect example of that! Offering up all kinds of traditional African dishes in a clean and cared for space. We tried the okra soup with goat and fufu. The flavor was beyond, like a much better gumbo.. eating it was slightly more tricky though! The ladies working there are so sweet and special and you can tell there is a lot of love and care in this establishment. I can't wait to go back and try some new dishes, Thank you Afrikiko!

Review №6

This is best African restaurant in the Houston area. They serve traditional meals that are served by real African cools with years of experience. Don't hesitate to try Egusi soup and goat meat. Thank me later.

Review №7

Im in my Goat pepper soup season. I could eat it every day now. This restaurants goat pepper soup was a little too gamey for my liking!

Review №8

I've been going there for more than 5 yrs love it

Review №9

Food is ready good. I recommend

Review №10

I love the food. The portions are plentiful. The flavors are a wonderful treat for the soul

Review №11

Beautiful place. Food is delicious

Review №12

The place was very dirty, people were pile up on top of each other like sardines. And the lady that handled my food didn't have any gloves on her hands. The drinks in the cooler was all over the place, in all I will never again eat at this place. Point Blank.

Review №13

Do yourself a favor and try this place. the bill won't shock you.

Review №14

Delicious food. Amazing and friendly service! And an excellent place for Ghanaian and other African dishes. This place is family owned and you can clearly perceive their delight when you're excited by your meal. I ordered waakye (rice & peas) with fried plantains and goat meat stew. That was absolutely delicious! One friend ordered banku and okro soup, and the other got beans and fried plantains (red red). Their meals were also attractively served, and they confirmed that they were tasty and flavorful too. Check this place out for a fantastic meal experience. And when in doubt, be sure to ask your server for suggestions.

Review №15

This place is so amazing that You really need to try their food to know how delicious it is. I can't describe it in words. Must try!

Review №16

Excellent Ghanaian food! Excellent service! We visit there again. Banku,fish,and pepper sauce is my favorite!

Review №17

The jollof rice I ordered was looks as if they've had it for days, then they reheated it.

Review №18

Some of my Peace Corps friends were craving some authentic Ghanaian food so we drove an hour to get there. The drive was worth it! Best Ghanaian food we have had outside of Ghana. Try the groundnut soup, light soup, and plantains...yum!

Review №19

Definitely not what it's cut out to be. If you're Nigerian, and used to Nigerian cooking, you may not like the food here.So many little quirks that would set one off. Otherwise, if you just need some African food, go at it.

Review №20

The peanut butter soup is really good here

Review №21

I love this restaurant! Food was great and the customer service was beyond great, making the entire experience awesome. This was my first time having african food and I am so glad I had it with Afrikiko! God bless this entity.

Review №22

Best west African food in townTheir peanut butter soup is

Review №23

Great food and very friendly staff. Excellent!

Review №24

I've been coming here for years!!! My favorite dish is the peanut soup.

Review №25

Friendly owners. I ordered to go. Food was fresh and still hot when i made it home. (East Houston 45min drive) I had vegetable soup w/ yam fu fu. Serving size excellent.

Review №26

Always the Best Food and Service!! Like Home !!

Review №27

I absolutely love this place. authentic flavors and friendly staff. very reasonably priced. I drive here from the Woodlands. they offer call in orders and to go as well. do yourself a favor and try the food here!!! the goat light soup is amazing and the fried plantains are fried to perfection every time!

Review №28

One of my favorite African restaurants!! The peanut butter soup is absolutely amazing, and so is the pepper soup. That's all I've tried so far. The food has nice heat, but it's not too spicy. Some African places spice the food to the point that I can't enjoy it. The food here is just right. You can tell that everything is made fresh. Honestly, it's simply delicious.

Review №29

Their meat pie was delicious. soooooso good.

Review №30

Always awesome. Its the best African food in Houston

Review №31

I stopped by because I was walking past their place to see the menu closely for future meals & I believe the cuisines are top notch... though at that time I wasn't there for a sit down. The server I spoke with also gave good impressions as he seemed grateful for my interest. Hope to be back around very soon for a delishous sit down. Thanks y'all!

Review №32

The food here is very good ... the owners are very kind .

Review №33

1st time here and service was good. Delicious Ghanaian food

Review №34

Taste like home. Taste so good, I called one of the staff Aunty. Lol. I slept so well after eating my soup. Can't wait to try everything else on the menu.

Review №35

Food is great...My favorite is the beef stew

Review №36

Place is a little hard to find and the looks suspect to say the least but once inside you'll thoroughly enjoy the food. Peanut butter soup with beef was delicious! Our table also had the two meat PB soup option with fish and beef and Jollo Rice with beef - both enjoyed. Fair warning for those unaccustomed, the fish does have bones.

Review №37

My first time! The food was hot and delicious!

Review №38

Very good and authentic West African cuisine. I eat here at least once a week.

Review №39

Good food, nice place and friendly people. I will recommend it for anyone looking good food.

Review №40

Very good

Review №41

A restaurant away from home. Best Ghanaian and African restaurant in Texas

Review №42

So I tried the waakye, well, if you like spicy food then yea, go for it. prices are moderate but I didn't enjoy the stew that came with the waakye that much. the fried fish was good though. the owner is very polite, top of the notch customer service, you can call and order your food before you arrive and it will be ready just as you requested.

Review №43

Excellent place . Friendly environment

Review №44

Great variety of delicious west african dishes. Owner is very courteous and welcoming. Never disappoints. Will definitely be back

Review №45

The food is good, customer service is also good. After this many years, they could do better with interiors

Review №46

Authentic food, great customer service and very casual atmosphere. However, the bathrooms were in real horrible condition.

Review №47

Its fine if you're someone who doesnt care about having a culinary experience. I'd would've rathered eaten noodles.

Review №48

Best (probably only) place to get authentic ghanaian food in houston.

Review №49

I liked it

Review №50

As for just my second exposure to west African cuisine, it was a wonderful experience. I arrived with some good rhythms playing that set the mood just right. The owner was a delightful and very helpful man. It can be intimidating for some people entering an ethnic restaurant and not knowing your way around the various plates, but this gentleman was very helpful, pleasant, and fun. The food was very enjoyable. Planning to go back soon!

Review №51

As an American woman this is the best African food I've ever had. My husband picks of from here often when he wants his traditional foods. Not really located in the best area but I think they need 2 or 3 of the restaurants so that everyone can be able to get some. The owners are warm and I think they're winning with this restaurant.

Review №52

Great food, good price, Great customer service and atmosphere.

Review №53

Service was good and friendly served in a timely manner...i had peanut butter soup with beef... Was expecting some vegetables in stew but was just meat and soup liquor...the meat was tender and seasoned well within soup...the liquor from soup was a lil too peanut buttery than I expected and had before

Review №54

The food here is really good. Though the atmosphere could be better, I really enjoyed my meal.

Review №55

For my first experience.. loved it!! Ladies was so nice to me. Will return

Review №56

I have been coming there for the kenkey and fish. My favorite there!

Review №57

Clean place. Great food.

Review №58

Amazing Food. I've been eating at Afrikiko for over 20 years, & no other African restaurant can compete. I give a 4 star because the soup portions are small for $15. Too pricey

Review №59

Very good place to eat and relyce

Review №60

Smell like flatulence

Review №61

The food was delicious and the people were very nice. I'll definitely be back

Review №62

Like the meal I had. Tender goat meat

Review №63

Love it.

Review №64

The best West African Cuisine (Ghanaian) in Houston!

Review №65

The food was great! I ordered egusi soup and pepper soup! Loved both... Will be back again soon. Very nice people as well, felt like i was sitting in my house.

Review №66

Good Ghanaian food. Impressive.

Review №67

What kind of restaurant is this? I had to quickly reverse and make a u-turn after seeing some wild guys at the front door. I don't recommend this place for anyone at all. It's not safe!

Review №68

Food was alright and the staff was helpful. A little pricy for what you get though.Biggest downfall was the smell in the establishment. I'm not afraid to try something new, but the smell managed to chase my friend back out to the car. Not like anything was rotting, but more like the exhaust vent hadn't been working in a couple weeks.

Review №69

I picked food up for a friend and was charged a different price from what was on the menu. I didn't care for the atmosphere around me and waited over 10 mins just to be acknowledged after I called to tell someone I was there and needed to order. Never again.

Review №70

If you want some really good authentic African food this is a small quaint restaurant where you can go get some wonderful African food the owner him and his wife work hard in this place and I respect them highly I will be back.

Review №71

Amazing customer service and food. Decor leaves much to be desired but don't let that turn you away. I had the fried plantain and beans which was delicious

Review №72

Great place to enjoy African food!

Review №73

I just love the place. Don't let the location and decor fool you. Authentic African dishes. Will recommend any day

Review №74

Very good food and the owners were helpful and nice! I tried the beans with goat meat and plantains on the side it was all very tasty and spicy. The person I went with had the okra soup which was also very good.I would recommend this place if you want to try something new and enjoy simple homemade meals.

Review №75

Tasty, authentic food from Ghana.

Review №76

I like going to Afrikiko anytime I want to eat my delicious Ghanaian meals and I don't have time to cook. Nana(the owner) and the wife are very welcoming.

Review №77

The reviews didn't reflect the quality that I expect . I did not like the atmosphere and don't recommend for families. It is not a professional gastronomy case. I felt that the reviews were misleading what you expect. I give two stars to this restaurant. However, I did not order food, maybe the food quality is good, but you may need a combination of everything to enjoy the food.

Review №78

Food was excellent and came on time. Has a very nice ambience..

Review №79

Delicious West African cuisine. The jollof rice is absolutely fantastic! The owners are very nice and friendly

Review №80

Best place to eat west African food Ghana. Period. Nice team .

Review №81

I wish there was a zero rating for this lousy restaurant. Very rude to customers. Tasteless food, almost fight with customers with her mouth as sharp as a rezorblade. This restaurant should be shut down for goodness sakes!!

Review №82

Good food but the price ic getting stip.

Review №83

Wonderful food and drink. Good people are always here to help you. If you are looking for the real deal you found it.

Review №84

Absolutely the best food away from home! You can not ask for better anywhere, Houston is lucky to have this piece of our culture to share in.The Food is GREAT, the service is Great, please come in and taste West Africa for yourself you won't be disappointed. Let them know that Banahene sent you!

Review №85

Great service.Love the food.

Review №86

Great Ghanaian food..!

Review №87

I live in Tomball I drive all the way for their food Love the food they make us feel at home ️

Review №88

I really liked their jolof.

Review №89

Great food. Waache was very good.

Review №90

The best place for African dishes good food good life

Review №91

The food was fresh and delicious. The customer service was awesome and those sister threw down on my egusi soup and fufu they have a customer for life

Review №92

The food was underwhelming in quality. Perhaps I expected more because of the amazing reviews, or maybe it was because I ordered my food to go, but I thought everything was just okay. Nothing bad but nothing outstanding.

Review №93

Don't understand the good reviews here unless I came at a wrong time. The food was absolutely horrible I ended up throwing it away. I ordered the egusi soup ( too dry and tasteless) Stew( tasteless) goat pepper soup ( goat meat still have hair attached to it, disgusting) The customer service is the only good thing about this place. Nice people.

Review №94

What a pleasant surprise this resto is. Your taste buds better be ready cos it all comes down to service and food. Both were excellent, and I will be back.

Review №95

Excellent food

Review №96

Excellent customer service. Good portions.

Review №97

One of the best

Review №98

If you want authentic Ghanaian food, this is the place. Very pleasant customer service.

Review №99

Great place to enjoy authentic west Africans dishes .

Review №100

I come here for other Ghanaian foods except Jollof rice which tastes better at a Nigerian restaurant. Nothing fancy....quite small...typical African restaurant! lol.

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