Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
3030 Audley St, Houston, TX 77098, United States

Review №1

Great authentic food and a very good ambience inside. The staff was really helpful and kind. We celebrated a birthday and they helped us with our celebrations in the restaurant.Normally I judge an Ethiopian cuisine by its enjira and you won't be disappointed with a perfect balance of tanginess and fluff in their enjiras. I would recommend their vehetarian platter which gives a great combination of all the dishes and serves 2 people perfectly. A food space for parking outside and don't forget your masks if you are going any time soon.They are also open for reservations and both dine-in and takeout options are available at their place.

Review №2

First trying trying Ethiopian food. It was really good. Only complaint is samosas are pretty small considering they were $5 each.The food was different and really really good.

Review №3

I literally picked my apartment based on the location of this restaurant. I love the food, people, and service. I order it at least once a month and before COVID, I went every week. To everyone involved: thank you for blessing us with this cuisine - Praise YHWH

Review №4

Had my favorite dish Doro Wot. If you have tried this place, you need your as** whipped.. Great food, great service. Going back... forever!

Review №5

Food is AMAZING but the service was TERRIBLE! No water refills until we asked more than twice. Same with tea. Place was NOT busy so I'm not sure what the issue was. Maybe our white friends adopting an Ethiopian son might be viewed negatively but that's why we go there to celebrate his adoption. When we would visit their old location farther west, the service was great. Not sure why it has changed for the worse because the food is always great.

Review №6

This review is not based on their food. Why? Because we didn't get to eat anything. We got to the restaurant, waited like 10 min at the door to be seated. The waitresses kept looking at us but wouldn't even say anything. Finally one waitress came over and walked us to a table. We sat there for another 10 to 15 minutes. Same thing, waitresses walked by without saying a word. I noticed a couple customers trying to get their attention to order things. I mean it's kind of weird, I would at least expect them to bring by the menus and some water. But no. Finally, we decided to get up and leave, and one of the waitresses asked if we were leaving already....but she had no menus, no notepad to take any orders or anything. So we left. It smelled good, maybe they were understaffed but come on, at least pass the menus so we can start looking through it.

Review №7

Most delicious Ethiopian food made by Ethiopian staff. I love the great food and the service. They use masks and social distance the tables. Is a quiet setting and the restaurant has a lot of culturally traditional furniture. A true hidden gem in Houston!!

Review №8

Had been here on a weekday for dinner. The place was not crowded and social distancing was maintained inside the restaurant with limited seating. The restaurant followed appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions.The ambiance was great and aromatic!We ordered 2 vegetarian combination platters which were served with a side of injeras. All of the items were very flavorful and tasted like their description on the menu.Total value for money and delicious food in a nice ambiance.

Review №9

My first time trying Ethiopian food and it was a very enjoyable experience. The food was very good and flavorful with each dish having it's own unique flavors and textures. The portions are definitely made for sharing. The service was also very friendly and helpful. We'll definitely be back.

Review №10

One of the BEST & DELICIOUS food I have ever had. We had lamb, beef & vegetable dishes, every one of them were FANTASTIC with Great atmosphere & great service

Review №11

Absolutely excellent but make sure you're at the Audley location. The other one is AWFUL.I always get the Ethiopian coffee service, and it is delicious! Their kitfo and injera are always fresh and tasty.

Review №12

Everything is priced well except for the Samosa. Traditional beer and Honey Wine has limited availability. Set a little back from the road, easy to find. Atmosphere and food/ portion size is worth the visit. Don't be in a hurry if you come here.

Review №13

Food was good. I got the veggie combo. The Honey Wine even better!

Review №14

Best Ethiopian Food. Traditional ambience. Love to visit again and again. Food is so delicious.

Review №15

The most horrible customer service of any restaurant I've been to in my entire life. Waited 2 hours for my food. Asked for a drink 45 minutes later still no drink. Four door dash customers were served during this time. This place absolutely percent sucks

Review №16

Great experience! Amazing food and friendly service.

Review №17

This place is TRULY amazing and Authentic Ethiopian food .Tina , the owner is super kind with pure heart.

Review №18

Food exquisite. Environment is great for a nice relaxing meal out.

Review №19

I ordered takeout through UberEats. My order arrived as scheduled and warm.I got the green lentils (vegetarian) and goden tibs (beef). Both came packed with 'bonus' orders: the lentils came with side portions of kik alicha and yemmisir wot; the beef had a side salad and some sauce. A round of injera was placed in the takeout container under the food and another was packed on top. Everything was delicious: spicy, but well-balanced. The yemmisir wot was my favorite of the veggie dishes, but all were excellent. The beef put the meal over the top, especially in combination with the lentils and peas!The portions were more than generous: I stuffed myself and managed only about a third of the food. I am very, very pleased with my meal and will definitely get food from here again!

Review №20

Great for people of any diet type with an atmosphere booming with culture.

Review №21

Great example of Ethiopian food, super friendly staff.

Review №22

The food is excellent, and the ambience complements the experience.

Review №23

Excellent food and wonderful atmosphere. They need to hire more waitstaff, because right now staff is overwhelmed and service is slow.

Review №24

Love the atmosphere and the food. Servers are very friendly and attentive

Review №25

The food here is so, so good! Atmosphere is beautiful. The servers were very friendly and extremely kind and helpful when it came to sharing knowledge about the food and Ethiopia as a country. Try the house wine! Actually, try everything! It's delicious!

Review №26

Great food even better service

Review №27

Truly Ethiopian food and service. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try Ethiopian food.

Review №28

Delicious food in a beautiful place. Not much to look at outside but gorgeous interior. Everything we ate was flavorful and delicious. Highly recommend.

Review №29

Really good food! Service was great. I can't wait until COVID-19 goes away so we can get the full experience of eating in the restaurant.

Review №30

Delicious food! Best Ethiopian I've ever had and very friend workers. We will definitely return to support this wonderful authentic restaurant!

Review №31

Place is quite and calm. The food they serve us pretty different and quite unique, their way of representing food on a plate is traditionally unique. The way they present Ethiopian culture in a small restaurant is not only modern but classic as well. Now to the food, I had a "Doro wat" which is one of their most famous dish, it's a mixture of 3 or 4 different dishes. A bit expensive but worth spending. Waitstaff is very friendly and good with explaining food. Highly recommended.

Review №32

Absolutely stunning meal. Love the staff. The food felt really good. Someone must pray over it because it had such a divine taste!!! Mm!! I will certainly be a regular. Dont miss out on this experience if you're trying new things. You wont regret this place. My partner had the lamb which came out on a skillet (super fresh). I had the vegetarian plate. And everything was on point. The women are beautiful and graceful while serving.I highly recommend

Review №33

The food and people were great! Truly enjoyed my time here.

Review №34

My first time eating Ethiopian food and it really nice. My friend ordered us a large platter of everything. I'm not one to eat spicy foods but these were spiced to season.

Review №35

Variety sample plates are the best bet on trying out all the flavors of stews. Tef was super soft and went great with the wot

Review №36

Absolutely love this place. Our server was very friendly and attentive to our requests. Always a delicious and fun experience with the family. Be sure to bring an appetite. Also be sure to try the coffee.

Review №37

I was SO happy to learn they have a top notch Ethiopian restaurant in Houston!! The food at Blue Nile is tummy happiness!!! Thank you #condenast doe the suggestion!!

Review №38

First time to try Ethiopian food and enjoyed it! Afraid it was going to be too spicy but it was perfect! Food was delicious and great experience!

Review №39

I finally was able to eat some injera. I had been wanting to for a long time. It was so good..I had the chicken and stew with injera. The lady who helped me was very nice. I will be returning again and again. I highly recommend. Thanks Blue Nile.Angie

Review №40

I came here with a group and we tried one of the large platters that had many different dishes. Everything was delicious. I loved eating with my hands and using the injera (Ethiopian flat bread) to scoop up the food. If you haven't had Ethiopian food, I would highly recommend this place. Their hospitality was excellent. The Ethiopian tea was very good as well.

Review №41

Absolutely worth every dime. Get the family style where it's just one big platter and everyone digs in and put that fork down it will make you seem like a dweeb. Tear the bread in a bite sized piece and blanket the thing over any delicious option, grip and shovel that baby in your mouth. Lots of vegetarian options too.Highly recommend the honey wine, they use traditional glass cups and they are happy to show you how to sip it. It's really strong, like a good mead.

Review №42

What a fantastic place to get authentic Ethiopian food!The restaurant staff is fantastic here, they are incredibly welcoming and warm. They made our experience that much better, and the food was delicious and spiced perfectly!We had a buddy style meal, and finished off with the traditional buns ceremony. This is a great spot for traditional food and a traditional Ethiopian experience near Downtown Houston.Only downside of this place is the parking, there is not enough of it and it is a bit tight, but worth coming to the restaurant!

Review №43

Tasty Ethiopian cuisine. A fantastic find!

Review №44

Great food and staff!! Wonderful experience!

Review №45

Our first Ethiopian food experience ..... loved it ..... will come back again !!

Review №46

Good food and WORST service ever!

Review №47

Really unimpressed. Food took over 40 minutes to arrive. Community platter came out with very soggy injera - liquid just sloshing around on the tray.Food flavor was pretty good but the time we waited and the price we paid weren't worth it. Go somewhere else.

Review №48

Our 1st experience and it was superb. Both the food and service was fantastic. We tried the mix sampler because we couldn't decide what to get. I would definitely recommend and can't wait to return.

Review №49

Exactly what you look for in an Ethiopian restaurant. Flavorful, generous portions make for a great value. My partner and I share a veg sampler and it is plenty for both of us; we order from here regularly.

Review №50

Very friendly courteous staff, I very much enjoyed the decor and whatever incense they burned before opening it was exquisite. Food was delicious I enjoyed my experience very much.

Review №51

Food was great. Loved the Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Review №52

Ethiopian is a wonderful cuisine. The veggies are great with the teff based spongy bread and the meats are delicious. Wonderful owners that will remember you the next time you come. Go and give it a try - it is a staple for us and has been for many years.

Review №53

This hit the spot! Haven't had Ethiopian food in years... tastes exactly how my family makes it. Unfortunately, this rating is for the food. I would give the service a 3. The waiters are not very attentive but when you get their attention they are really nice.

Review №54

One star is for the food, however the service was non existent. Probably the worse I've experienced in Houston.One hour after seating the waitress came to take the order, another hour for dish to arrive, no water fill up...asked three times.Bill...? Forget asking another 3 times just go up and pay otherwise you'll never get out of there!

Review №55

If you are looking for a traditional resturant,cozy ,beautiful and delicious nile is just the right place

Review №56

This is truely very cleanest ethiopian restorant.i ate their kitfo amd was delicious.thany you for such nice service.

Review №57

The food was tasty and you get a ton of their sourdough bread. When I went it was pretty quiet inside. Good service too.

Review №58

Be open-minded and ready to experience the unique, healthy, acclaimed cuisine of East africa. Bring plenty of extra napkins and sanitizer as this is definitely a finger food unlike anything you've ever sampled. Be sure to let your server know of your dietary restrictions. Teff grains (sourdough-similar pancake-resembling bread their entrees are served on) are among the smallest in the world. They are high in fiber and highly addictive, but beware! The grains expand more than most, so you may weigh down your midsection quickly if you eat too fast. Pace yourself and embrace the culture!Keep in mind that Inner city rent (Upper Kirby near River Oaks) correlates to higher menu prices here. Not excessively so, but be prepared to spend around twenty dollars a person for a sampler entree/app & entree.I would highly recommend their samplers, as you are given ample portions to last 2-3 meals. If you're going with someone else, try splitting the veggie sampler or mixed; as both are plenty to get two people full.Restaurant and it's restrooms are both squeaky clean. Lots of Ethiopian artifacts, advertisements, artwork & adornments decorate the walls. They truly did a fantastic job decorating.Call ahead to get a Traditional Coffee Service. I highly recommend it for the cultural enrichment. It comes with freshly popped, red-and-blue kernel popcorn and very strong, very thick and unforgettable, quality coffee (Ethiopian beans, brewed Ethiopian style!)If you like Indian food, Mediterranean and middle eastern food; you'll love this dining experience! other world variantz withYour pallate will be in heaven!Great for business gatherings, birthdays,For a food a bit lighterAnd a taste more authenticTry Blue Nile with a friendYour palate will lift to heaven!

Review №59

Need better staff, service is horrible or should I say nonexistent

Review №60

First time eating Ethiopian food and it was delicious. This place is amazing, incredible food, great coffee, feels homey and the people there are very genuine and kind. Definitely worth checking out.

Review №61

We got the full veggie plate and full meat plate they put it on one plate. So so good Lifetime customer now. Everyone there was very very kind I think we spent 80 hot tea & tip included. Literally enough for 4 people food 1, us 0.

Review №62

Great food. Nice relaxing environment.

Review №63

This place has really nice Ambience and has good food.

Review №64

The service was terrible. We waited for over 40 minutes to get our food. The food itself was okay. No one came up to check up on us about the food and water, which was weird because the table next to us was asked if they wanted more water. When we ordered a drink, they forget about it THREE times. We told them when we were ordering food and they nodded as if they got it, but they just seemed to forget about it. When it came time for the check not only did they charge an extreme amount for gratuity, but they charged everything on the wrong card when it was supposed to be split. I will definitely think twice before going to this restaurant again.

Review №65

Very tasty food and great people who work here!

Review №66

Delicious and such great service. The staff was friendly. The chef/owner was humble and kind. A worthwhile stop to eat while visiting.

Review №67

The food was really good, customer service was ok nothing spectacular.

Review №68

The restaurant had a really nice vibe. I got the vegetarian combo and it was pretty good. I really enjoyed the flavors from this type of food, although I was not a fan of the squishy bread. Location was odd but parking was decent. It is definitely worth trying!

Review №69

Great service. Good food. Check them out. Kim's best friend works there.

Review №70

Excellent place, good atmosphere- I went there with family and friends - 5 of us - and ordered the sampler platter ($115) excellent choice and plentiful. Will not hesitate to go back there

Review №71

Really good food. Good servers and good service

Review №72

Very authentic Ethiopian food.I liked your service and test of food.keep it up.

Review №73

Excellent food, service & decorsQuality fresh ingredients, very flavorful & well spiced food. Will most definitely coming back!We ordered Vegetarian Combo & Chicken Tibs, perfect for sharing as family style. Their coffee is also to die for, rich, dark and full-bodied, simply YUMM! BTW, they make coffee to order so it's a fresh cup for just you EVERYTIME!

Review №74

Incredible. I would come back to Houston just to dine here again.This charming restaurant looks like it was once a single family house, and we definitely left with that same feeling you get after you just ate a huge meal your friend's mom served. My colleague and I were so happy when we left here, I can't overstate how wonderful this restaurant is!The owner (I think) made it her personal mission to ensure we had a great experience, even changing my omnivore coworker's order (with permission, of course). The coffee experience was really something else, I recommend it if you have time. Supper was delicious, excellent vegetarian options, and my colleague thoroughly enjoyed her lamb.Did I mention the service was out of this world? I've only ever experienced something like this twice before: once at a tiny Chinese restaurant in Seattle, and again at a Polish restaurant in Pasco. There's something about the "best friend's mom" experience that really appeals to me, I guess. If that sounds like something you'd like too, or you're just in the mood for a yummy Ethiopian meal, then you need to visit Blue Nile One.

Review №75

Love this place. nothing fancy and very authentic, great food and staff

Review №76

Great first time experience overall. Staff was very friendly and the food was delicious with portions that were comparable for the price. Ending the meal with a cup of coffee on a cold day was perfect as well. Very much enjoyed my visit as a whole and will be sure to stop by again at some point.

Review №77

The only genuine taste of ethiopia...I tried multiple times..they use good food butter and spices, the engera was healthy!

Review №78

Staff was wonderful!!! Very hospitable. It was my very first time and as we ordered coffee I was very impressed on how lengthy was the process in just making it. Wonderful food for sure, I definitely recommend the experience to anyone!!!!

Review №79

Food was fabulous! Service, not so much! I highly recommend this restaurant for their fabulous food, however, the server gave the vibe that she would rather be doing something other than working. It's the only reason I have a 4star rating. Otherwise, the restaurant was ok with a pleasant ambience.I lingered a few minutes after my meal and left with the impression that had I had a different service my experience here could have been very different.

Review №80

Was delightful experience, They have outstanding customer service, beautiful setup and delicious foods...

Review №81

Awesome vegetarian options. Pleasant and helpful staff. Good fun eating with our hands. The bread is delightful. Really tasty and interesting grub.

Review №82

Outstanding food and great service at this hidden gem! We always go when we are in the area!Our favorite is the vegetarian combo with the spicy chicken tibs.Highly recommend!

Review №83

Great food and hospitality. Will definitely visit again.

Review №84

Amazing vegan plate. Staff could not be more friendly . We loved everything about the place and food.

Review №85

Makes me want to travel to Ethiopia. Loved everything

Review №86

Lots of delicious vegan options. The gluten-free injera (100% teff) was very tasty. Our waitress was kind and helpful, very attentive. We enjoyed the ambiance and felt relaxed and not rushed. Highly recommend this place!

Review №87

My first experience with Ethiopian cuisine did not disappoint at Blue Nile. The vegetarian samosas were spicy and delicious. The meat samosas while not spicy were equally delicious and seasoned. Be prepared to wait as the food comes out fresh. The service was great and the waitress really took her time explaining the different dishes and helping us choose.

Review №88

The vegetarian combination was great. I enjoyed the local white cheese. However, the lamb stew side dish was disappointing because it was very chewey. Their special cermonial coffee was great. The decor was very pretty and inviting.

Review №89

Very delicious but watch out for the spiciness. Raw beef is amazing.

Review №90

Great flavors, personable service and reasonable prices. You have to experience the coffee ceremony! Love this place! Vintage Park needs a Blue Nile, just saying.

Review №91

Great costumer service, friendly staff and amazing food.

Review №92

The staff are very rude to their delivery drivers. As if they don't help generate income for your company! Learn to be kinder. 3rd time delivering food from this restaurant and I get treated the same every time.

Review №93

Great food, great service. Order the menu item called "Ethiopian Traditional Family Size" (the $110 item). Plenty to feed a party of four.

Review №94

Great food , friendly staff, and great variety of food

Review №95

Freshly cooked, well spiced authentic Ethiopian food. Ambient lighting, folk music and cultural decorations. We picked this restaurant for date night and loved it.You will pick two to three items from the menu. This will be presented to you on a big dish or platter. Definitely order coffee after the meal, it's freshly brewed.

Review №96

Absolutely amazing! Excellent service and delicious food. They have an unbelievable amount of vegan options. I have no complaints!!

Review №97

The first time eating at an Ethiopian restaurant Food was excellent and the food was present very aesthetically pleasing on the plate. From the Excellent customer service to the food. I recommend Blue Nile!!!

Review №98

An amazing experience, food was amazing

Review №99

Freaken Amazing. Go if you want to be taken away from the stress of the city and bring people to share with. It's an amazing vibe. The coffee ceremony is worth every penny and the food is delicious as Ethiopian always is. The ladies here are so genuine and nice, seriously a gem in Houston. I only regret I discovered it a month before I left Houston.

Review №100

Good and kind service with tasty food.

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  • Great tea selection:Yes
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  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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