Finger Licking
9811 Bissonnet St suite n, Houston, TX 77036, United States
Finger Licking

Review №1

My mother introduced me to finger licking. We'd come here often to enjoy their food. I personally love their tilapia, rice with plantain. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The food is reasonably priced for all the time and effort it takes to make these foods. Very good.

Review №2

Egusi and Jollof rice had very good flavor. Would definitely come back. Reasonably priced too

Review №3

Terrible experience. I am beyond disappointed to even go into detail explaining my last ordeal. The thought of it weakens me. Where do we begin? Even the manager did not have 'oro re lenu'. I TIRE !

Review №4

These guys have no idea of customer service! I bought some scotch eggs from there today, they were probably yesterday's stock, because they were all cracked opened with exposed eggs. Since I was asked to buy from there, I did it anyway. I wanted to talk with the manager and there is none to listen to my complain.

Review №5

My friend and I wanted to try a African dish, it was our first time. The food was overcooked is the chicken was dry and the Jollof rice was scorched. My friend has the catfish and jollof rice I wasn't aware that fish had fat but, nonetheless her rice was also scorched (overcooked)

Review №6

The food is awesome, I've been coming here for years. The place is a bit unwelcoming, but the food makes up for it.

Review №7

I must confess these guys are the best in what they do, I just can't stop thinking about the food, I'm seriously not a food person, but these guys just got me, I'm sure going back there next week, they even do Uber eats deliveries, though I love to see it before I make my orders!!The staff knows the job!!

Review №8

Tasty - It was my first time trying African food

Review №9

My family and I have been coming to Finger Licking for years! The staff is so nice and wonderful and the food is delicious. They treat us like family.

Review №10

They practice social distancing and still manage offer great customer service.

Review №11

Very rude... the lady was not helpful...when I would asked to purchase something I was advised the size was not available. She then a similar size to someone else. When I asked for it she said it was done and I would have to wait 30 minutes. I wouldn't recommend this place to an enemy.

Review №12

Great AFRICAN Resturant Great Food Good Vibe and Atmospheric Elements

Review №13

Their egusi and stew is mouthwatering

Review №14

The was great, and staff was kind. No complaints.

Review №15

Tasty food and best Nigerian Food value on Uber eats!

Review №16

Nice and authentic Nigerian cuisines

Review №17

My boyfriend and I love to visit this place when we're in town. Quiet spot, and lots of food for the price!

Review №18

Although it's my favorite food, the customer service is. Horrible! I feel so abused when I go there which is ever other day. I just love the food. I've been going to this restaurant since I was 13

Review №19

Wasn't impressed with the food at all. The cow's foot was tough and the beef was not cut and was tough. Tasted as if it was microwaved.

Review №20

I love it here my mom do as well

Review №21

Man ...I'm addicted to Agusi Soup it's the best OMG!

Review №22

With finger licking I have always made the best choice to eat out ,I also love their new outlook

Review №23

The plantains were yummy, definitely overpriced though. The other food I ordered (soup), was a major disappointment.

Review №24

Thanks The food was very nice and good and it came on time but your billing is not right because brother has yam portage and goat meat when the bill came where was a bill for the yam portage and bill for goat meat that the yam portage don t come with any meat or fish and water should come with your food so bills for water remember that you can ate without water. About all your food and service is Very good and Nigerian And I am very proud of You please keep The flag flying. This my first in your Restaurant. God Bless And Give you the wisdom to do the Right Things Always. Thanks. Double Chief Austin Tam Dorgu .

Review №25

The food is good and fast but customer service is zero. They are rude. Also the price they charge is a few dollars more that what you see on the menu. They do not give you the correct change back. So if your change is $3.58, they will give you back $3.00 only then tell you they are out of change This happened 4 different times. The rest room is also not clean and smells bad

Review №26

Great. Place to eat

Review №27

Terrible blunt food with lots of palm oil that is not properly cooked. The service is also horrible.

Review №28

Love the food choices. Very impressed with the variety of things that they have.

Review №29

The food is great

Review №30

Dry Dry Dry beans..extra small portion old doodoo

Review №31

Awesome food from west Africa

Review №32

The food is Great,but the customer service is awful, the that work there and handle the customers are always upset and they treat the customers as if the are bothering them all the time..also the always put the food away 1 hour before they make sure you order at least one hour before they close, when you go to order about 30-45 mins before they close they will tell you they are closed..I have been eating here for the last 3 years and my experience has always been the same

Review №33

African food is good for you soul. Great food great prices friendly staff

Review №34

5star for the food- I love the taste and size of the portions, vegetables are always in excess.1 star for environment- the restaurant doesn't smell good, interior somewhat dark, bathroom not clean.3 star for customer service- waiters are ok, can do better.I give this place a 4 star rather than a 3star overall because of the good food.

Review №35

Food is good, customer service not as much

Review №36

The food was good but the service was poor. Some of the ladies serving at this restaurant need some attitude adjustment - they were just looking gloomy and irritable.

Review №37

Food was good but customer service could be better

Review №38

It was great day everything fresh the best I ever had since I've been going there. The best.......

Review №39

Their Veggies soup with all beef, and pound yam is so good, and the price is fair...

Review №40

Great Nigeria restaurant when you are near sugarland. Service and food were great.

Review №41

The food was little spicy but it was ok. And remember to clean your bathrooms very well

Review №42

Tried the food the first time it was good.I will go back.

Review №43

Food is ok but they really need to deep clean. This place is unkept and the windows are disgusting. They are very dirty. I would have never come back if I saw how nasty they were the first time.

Review №44

I think it's very help & informative how Finger licking restaurant has taken the time & initiative to post the Menu (itemized) Online for their customers.Catering Information for contact should also be available for parties/events.You're doing good.Thanks so Much.

Review №45

Bad customer service from manager to servers to the ladies behind the counter.A large group came to dine and there was only one server in the whole restaurant.Nigerian businesses, you can actually be excellent and world class. Improve, get better and let your customer service be good. It takes nothing from you. Employ capable hands not just cheap labor. Very bad experience

Review №46

Great African dishes cooked with the flavor of Western Nigeria in a classy American setting.

Review №47

Very good food and super spicy!!

Review №48

When coming in a very unwelcoming odors will grace you . I really don't know why I still went in after that odor. The young lady that served me and my friend needs training ! The servers were just having a full conversation and didn't even come to check on us if everything was okay or if we needed anything . We had to get up a couple times to get someone attention. By the way the restaurant wasn't busy at all (so I should have gotten a better service).The Finger licking management team need to do better by training their employees. My table was not cleaned I had to move myself. The food was okay but with all the things I just mentioned the food was just as bad.

Review №49

Well the jollof rice it was very good but the sugar was old and they gave it to us cold like it was just warmed up don't waste your money or time here

Review №50

A wonderful African cuisine experience

Review №51

Finger Licking is exactly what it says it is, Finger Licking yummy food!! For folks who grew up in West Africa, just walking in will take you back to a place of succulent scents and delicious home cooked fare. Service is fast, but keep in mind that you are not on American time, but rather relaxed and boisterous native time. Relax, drink a Guinness and sample the excellent choices of dishes offered. From MoiMoi to Egusi soup, from Melt in your mouth meat pies to Jollof rice and beef stew this place will satisfy your every urge. Be patient, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the deliciousness that makes this place a location to visit for hard to find authentic African food.

Review №52

Excellent African Meal Ready to Crossover to the Mainstream. We enjoyed our meal. Met an African American lady who obviously was a return patron. She said: the “cooking is good for your body”

Review №53

If I could leave zero star I would. The restaurant quality has been going down.The food I ate last week at this place sucks. The staffs need to be educated and learn what customer service is. Do not go here unless you do not have any other option.

Review №54

I went to this restaurant for my anniversary. I ordered the food got drinks then she came right out with the food. I said, oh wow, that was fast. I proceeded to eat the food and it was cold. I had plaintain and it wasn't fresh. If we are paying 50.00 for dinner, can it at least be fresh. I felt like I was eating leftovers..... Of and it was freezing inside. I ate with my coat on. I don't recommend anyone eat here.

Review №55

This restaurant simply needs some state visitors. This place in my thinking should either be upgraded by the owner(s) or be closed down by the city. The food is nasty and sometimes undercooked stew etc and stinking nasty environment in and out. The bathroom never have soap ,the reception is zero.I it should be renamed "Hell kitchen" !

Review №56

I came here for my own pleasure on myself i wanted to feel exotic licking experiences and i was really dissapointed in their choice for their name i wanted to get LICKED but i was the one licking the meat after this i pooped in the floor in their restroom for revenge

Review №57

You will be happy you did

Review №58

Great food good prices

Review №59

Environment isn't the most cleanest. The bathroom is very dirty! Costumer service could use some more basic training. The reason I'm even giving 2 starts is because of the fish! The fish is delicious. The past 3 times I've been...I usually have to wipe down the table, cause it's supper dusty. Waiter takes forever and they're usually not supper busy when I'm there.

Review №60

This is a very popular African restaurant that serves any kinds of food from Africa. It attracts a lot of people from Africa, African American, other blacks, whites, and others who have or wanting to experience African diet. They have space for meetings or large group dinning.

Review №61

Wonderful place and love the good food.

Review №62

Air conditioner was not working. Bad maintenance of the place.

Review №63

Bad and over night food amended and serive to people,. Really very bad especially their soups! Just watch it .

Review №64

I remember it was raining when I visited. It was a Sunday afternoon too ... I had jellof rice and grilled fish and a copy bottle of water. Nothing spectacular, just food. Music and laughs. If you're into that, show up. Enjoy

Review №65

One of the best vegetable soup in H town

Review №66

The Waitress that served me was a grown hefty woman who appears to be an amateur in the game. You don't hand a bill to the guest and hold it right there for him to sign and tip you; it's bad manners.You should instead drop the bill and thank him for coming; then pick up the signed bill later. Secondly, the food I ordered wasn't tasty at all and the appearance not convincing.There's a Nigerian food restaurant competition in Houston and they should up their game to win their customers confidence back.Finally, their charges are over the roof compared to a place like United Sisters; there's still room for improvement.

Review №67

Needs more professional staff, more training for their team . The lady that served me told me flat no when I requested for extra stew.

Review №68

Poor stew and tasteless meal.

Review №69

Nice place to enjoy your dinner. Delicious food, excellent service. Good place.

Review №70

Superb Nigerian dishes serving those around the Houston area

Review №71

Great food and better people

Review №72

Halfway through my meal i determined that nose boogers would be more nutritious and fulfilling for my hunger than this food and so i began ferociously devouring my nose fruit

Review №73

African restaurant with no air condition is a no no. I don't know why it's always hot in there. Y'all need to work on that. Food is alright and manageable. Nothing to die for. Some of y'all waiters/servers look like they hate their job. Work on that too.

Review №74

Food was way overcooked. I get the idea the slow stewed meats, I love the idea and the flavors but the meats were tough as a boot like they had been dried out prior to cooking or left to cook for days. I'm definitely a fan of African flavors but the atmosphere, presentation, food quality, and lack of available menu items just didn't do it for me.

Review №75

Very consistent in their cooking

Review №76

Food was great

Review №77

I suddenly had a craving for Nigerian food after more than a year. Finger licking was on my route to my next patient. It was my first time . Cos, I had read the reviews, I knew it was down to either good, bad or fair. The interior was definitely not a 5 star rating. Come on, I have gone to some very dirty bukas back in Nigeria to eat correct amala. Lol. So I was very ok with what I saw today. The food I ate pounded yam , okra and fish was very fresh and delicious. The service was good . Only one guy waiting on 6 or 7 of us, he did his best. I will go back there

Review №78

Staff is very formal but the food is good

Review №79

Lovely place, really good African food

Review №80

Happy. Meal. And. People.

Review №81

Nice place for authentic Nigerian dishes and quick eats

Review №82

Family and I had a great time. Great service and food was excellent. Accommodated our kids.

Review №83

I have not taken african food for awhile....the food is tasty and spicy,i enjoyed my meal.

Review №84

Get a good taste of African dishes...nice spot!

Review №85

During my visit, the server named -Shade was too rude for one to think of returning to the restaurant. She refused to wash her hand before serving. When corrected, she didn't take it kindly.

Review №86

The food was great! Very large portions for people who like that. I had to take half of the food home.

Review №87

Price is reasonable, bad area, prostitutes could be seen hustling, place seems abandoned, bad customer service. Didn't leave a tip, they didn't deserve any

Review №88

This is the very definition of the worst restaurant in the Greater Houston area ever. I placed an order which was ice cold. The warmer for the food doesn't work. The employees don't wear gloves while serving food. I wish a health inspector will close this place down. If I could give 0 stars I will.

Review №89

Good food. However, the ambiance is dull. Needs a face lift. Service is SLOW and uncoordinated.

Review №90

I like the meat pies, they were just a little too hot with jalapeno, but good if you like pepper. The sausage snack wraps were delicious, i ate for of them....

Review №91

They never have what I want prepared

Review №92

I would give them a rating of five, because their food is really good, but the restaurant has flies, and their service could use a lot of work. For four days now, they haven't had meatpies!

Review №93

Dirty environment, food taste old. Not fresh. Was very dissatisfied.

Review №94

Good Nigerian I have had in Houston.

Review №95

Very friendly service

Review №96

My second visit to finger licking left me dejected and sad. Between the trashy, dirty environment and the rude waiter, I honestly believe this restaurant no longer project Nigeria or Africa in a good light. They can definitely do better!

Review №97

Food was not great at all. This is so for most of the time. FL is loosing it's gloss. Waitress needs training and should learn to take feed backs as an improvement tool. Restroom is greatly under serviced.

Review №98

The edikaikong was made fresh,I enjoyed every bit of it

Review №99

Food ok...but there is a very strange odor that needs to be dealt with.

Review №100

Great authentic African food. The staff can have an attitude at times but who cares when the food is so good.

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  • Address:9811 Bissonnet St suite n, Houston, TX 77036, United States
  • Phone:+1 713-270-7070
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  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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  • Lunch reservations recommended:Yes
  • Dinner reservations recommended:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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